Friday, 3 June 2016

EU Motorcycle registrations

Motorcycle registrations +7.9 percent in EU markets January - April 2016

The latest data released by ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles), the Brussels based international motorcycle industry trade association, shows that motorcycle registrations in the EU were up by +7.9 percent for the first four months of the year.

A total of 321,085 motorcycles were registered between January and April 2016, against 297,577 during the same period of 2015. Year-on-year motorcycle registrations increased in most key European markets, including Italy (68,482 units, +18.8%), Spain (41,753 units, +15.9%), the UK (37,134 units, +9.9%), Germany (62,980 units, +1.2%) and France (52,465 units, +0.4%).
A total of 408,362 powered two and three-wheelers were registered during the first four months of 2016 in the EU. This represents an increase of +4.7% compared to the 390,179 vehicles registered during the same period of 2015. 

Registrations performed positively in most key markets, including Italy (75,699 units, +16.7%), Spain (46,240 units, +14.5%), UK (39,738 units, +8.8%) and Germany (73,688 units, +0.6%). They decreased marginally in France (75,444 units, -0.1%).
A total of 87,277 mopeds were registered during the first four months of 2016 in the EU, whilst 92,602 had been registered during the same period of 2015. This represents a decrease of -5.8%. Moped registrations increased in the Netherlands (18,821 units, +0.8%), but decreased in Italy (7,217 units, -0.3%), France (22,979 units, -1.1%), Germany (10,688 units, -2.9%) and Poland (5,815 units, -32.8%).


Suzuki announces financial results for FY2015

Suzuki has announced its corporate financial results for its FY2015 (April 2015 to March 2016) with consolidated net sales increased by ¥165.2 billion (+5.5%) to ¥3,180.7 billion compared to the previous fiscal year. 

Japanese domestic net sales decreased by ¥46.7 billion (+4.3%) to ¥1,047.9 billion year-on-year owing to the impact of the increase in the light motor vehicle tax and decrease in OEM sales. Overseas net sales increased by ¥211.9 billion (+11.0%) to ¥2,132.8 billion year-on-year, mainly owing to the increase in the automobile sales in India.
In its motorcycle business, net sales decreased by ¥16.6 billion (-6.6%) to ¥233.9 billion year-on-year, mainly due to the decrease in demand in Indonesia, despite the positive sales contribution of the new road sportsbike GSX-S1000 and the Indian Gixxer. The operating loss of ¥0.7 billion in the previous fiscal year became an operating loss of ¥10.2 billion partly owing to quality-related expenses.
Consolidated motorcycle sales to Europe for the financial year to March 31st 2016 were 48,000 units, a +6.8 percent increase from 45,000 units in the prior financial year.
In North America the company is reporting 46,000 units sold against 43,000 in the prior year; in total Suzuki is reporting 1,496,000 units sold worldwide in 2015/2016 against 1,764,000 in 2014/2015, a decline of -15.2 percent, resulting in a -16.6 percent decline in sales revenue from its motorcycle operations.

BMW Motorrad

16th annual BMW Motorrad Days, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, July 1 - 3

The annual celebration of all things BMW Motorrad, BMW Motorrad Days – the world’s biggest BMW Motorrad meeting – will be held at the base of the Hausberg mountain in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany, from July 1st to 3rd 2016.

A packed programme will feature “lots of fun and something for every sports, touring and Enduro rider, for customising freaks and even visitors without a motorcycle license. During the day there is a packed motorcycle programme as well as the delightful beer garden for relaxing”.
In the evening live music and numerous parties will entertain visitors. Among the big names at the BMW Motorrad Days will be German actor Hannes Jaenicke, ice wheelie world record holder Robert Gull, Superbike rider Sabine Holbrook, the international GS Trophy winning team, as well as the international GS Trophy female team, comic artist Riccardo Burchielli and many more.
The Boxer Sprint will provide a great deal of live action where especially ambitious BMW Boxer motorcyclists drag-race over the traditional furlong distance (eighth of a mile). BMW 2 and 4-valve Boxers are eligible to enter and a jury selects a team of 16 racers from all applicants. The more outstanding the tuned or customised bike is, the higher the chances are of getting onto the starting grid.
Visitors can inspect all the unique custom bikes in detail in the Custom Village – accompanied by live Rockabilly music in the evening.
Visitors can also test-ride a wide selection of current BMW motorcycle models, and rides can include exploring the famous Zugspitze region around Garmisch, one of the most scenic regions in Germany, in full or half day tours as well as on panorama tours with local guides.
Those looking to experience off-road riding on their own BMW GS will be thrilled by the GS Try-Out Trophy 2016. Teams always set off together, the number of starting places is limited. The winner of the GS Try-Out Trophy will win an exclusive prize from BMW Motorrad.
Another exciting attraction also awaits slightly less ambitious Enduro enthusiasts: the offroad track at the base of the Hausberg, where experienced instructors show participants how much fun offroad riding can be. Under professional guidance, offroad enthusiasts can explore what a BMW Enduro is really capable of.
There will be a trade fair and exhibitor area, with up to 100 aftermarket parts and accessory and lifestyle exhibitors expected. Visitors can meet BMW Motorrad developers, engineers and test riders to get a close-up look into how BMW Motorrad developers work; on the Motorsport Track visitors can inspect the brand’s white and blue racing bikes and experience many BMW Motorrad motorsports riders live.

New registrations in Germany

Best first four months registrations in Germany since before the downturn

According to the latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Germany (IVM, Essen) new registrations there in April were +15.84 percent year-on-year at 18,303 units, and are therefore now running at +2.25 percent for the year-to-date (47,055 units).

This represents the best April sales month, and best first four month market performance in Germany in new motorcycle registration terms since before 2008.
In total PTW terms, April was +12.27 percent (24,675 PTW units in total) with the year-to-date +1.23 percent (62,558 units) – also the best market performance since before 2008.
The best-selling motorcycle in Germany so far in 2016 (January-April inclusive) was BMW’s R1200 GS (3,498 units), with Honda’s CRF 100 ‘Africa Twin’ second (1,470 units), Yamaha’s MT-07 third (1,368 units), Kawasaki’s Er-6n fourth (1.183 units), and BMW’s R nineT fifth (1,101 units).
Indeed, BMW have 6 of the top 10 best-sellers so far this year in Germany, and 10 of the top 20. KTM has 4 bikes in the top 20. Sportsbikes are the largest sector of the German market, taking 30.31 percent of new motorcycle registrations so far this year (14,262 units), but the Enduro sector is showing the strongest growth at +9.87 percent YTD (12,458 units).
Not surprisingly BMW is market share leader so far this year, taking 18.96 percent of new motorcycle registrations (11,859m units, which is +4.00 percent on their year-ago sales), with Yamaha second at 12.17 percent, Honda third with 12.11 percent, KTM forth with 9.79 percent of sales and Kawasaki fifth with 8.44 percent of new motorcycle sales so far this year.


Yamaha reports unit sales down for first quarter 2016 in Europe

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has announced its consolidated business results for the first quarter of its 2016 financial year (to March 31st 2016).

Net sales for Yamaha’s consolidated accounting period for the first quarter of the fiscal year ending December 31, 2016 were 382.9 billion yen, (a decrease of 6.8 billion yen or -1.7% compared with the same period of the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 32.3 billion yen (a decrease of 4.3 billion yen or -11.8%).
For developed markets, although the motorcycle business segment has returned to profitability, it has experienced a decrease in sales and income due to unit sales decreasing and the appreciating yen.
In the emerging markets motorcycle business segment, despite an increase in unit sales, there was a decrease in the sales amount due to the effects of emerging markets’ currency depreciation. Regarding operating income, due to the effect of increased sales of products in the higher price range and cost reductions etc. in each region, the effect of currency depreciation was absorbed.
Ordinary income was 28.1 billion yen (a decrease of 8.0 billion yen or -22.1% against the same period of the previous fiscal year), and net income for the quarter attributable to parent company shareholders was 20.7 billion yen (a decrease of 5.1 billion yen or -19.7%).
For the first three months consolidated accounting period, the U.S. dollar traded at 115 yen (an appreciation of 4 yen from the same period of the previous fiscal year), and the euro at 127 yen (an appreciation of 7 yen).
Net sales of motorcycle products overall were 229.8 billion yen (a decrease of 18.1 billion yen or 7.3% compared with the same period of the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 7.6 billion yen (a decrease of -4.0 billion yen or -34.6%).
For unit sales in developed markets, North America and Europe saw a decrease due to the effect of the launch timing of new products and planned reductions in distribution inventories. Unit sales in emerging markets such as India, Vietnam and the Philippines increased, but decreased in markets such as Indonesia and Brazil.
For net sales, there was a decrease in sales in developed markets due to the decrease in unit sales and the appreciating yen. In emerging markets, despite an increase in unit sales, there was a decrease in sales due to the effects of local currency depreciation.
For operating income, although developed markets have returned to profitability, there was a decrease in income due to a decrease in net sales and the appreciating yen. Regarding emerging markets, due to the effect of the product mix and cost reductions etc., the effect of currency depreciation etc. was absorbed.
Net sales in Yamaha’s Marine, Power Products, Industrial Machinery & Robot Products and business segments were up for the first quarter.
Regarding the anticipated consolidated business results for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2016, no updates have been made to the current forecasts that were announced with the previous fiscal year business results on February 9, 2016, namely 1,700.0 billion yen in net sales, 120.0 billion yen in operating income, 125.0 billion yen in ordinary income, and 80.0 billion yen in net income for the fiscal year attributable to parent company shareholders.

MV Agusta and Motul

MV Agusta and Motul in “wide-ranging global partnership”

MV Agusta has signed what it describes as a “wide-ranging global partnership with one of the world’s leading lubricant companies, Motul”.
The deal covers use of Motul’s products at all levels in the Italian marque’s factory, plus a first-fill and service fill for all MV Agusta motorcycles. In addition, many decades of competition experience from the lubricant experts will benefit carefully selected partners through “an all-encompassing racing collaboration in the Motul-sponsored FIM World Superbike Championship”.
Giovanni Castiglioni, MV Agusta President & CEO, spoke warmly of the newly agreed association: “I do not consider this a simple business partnership with a leading brand in the lubricants industry, but a tribute to the fundamental ingredient in the process of manufacturing our motorbikes, a completely hand-made process in which every gear is assembled entirely by hand. I am delighted that this ingredient has finally found its place of prominence with our new agreement”.
Marco Baraldi, Motul Italy General Manager, added: “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with a brand as iconic, legendary and prestigious as MV Agusta. High quality and performance are common denominators between our two companies, and we also share a real passion for racing. We have no doubt that this partnership will very quickly bear fruit both on track and through our distribution network”.

MV Agusta’s production facilities in Varese will use products from Motul Group’s industrial lubricants division, MotulTech. These high technology lubricants are developed and manufactured specifically for the lubrication of industrial equipment as well as for the machining and transformation of metals.
“The goal is to offer MV Agusta a comprehensive solution of top tier products for the entire production process, reflecting its “Casted, Drilled, Filled” concept”.
Motul’s products will be used in all MV Agusta bikes, including Motul 7100 100% synthetic engine oil, brake fluids and coolants.
The new racing partnership will include a joint venture in the Motul FIM World Superbike Championship with the MV Agusta Reparto Corse Team. All MV Agusta competition bikes have been using products from the Motul Factory Line range, especially the famous 300V lubricants, as well as Motul MC Care products.

Premier helmets

Premier Carbon Tour helmet


This new Pinlock and Bluetooth ready flip-up helmet with a full carbon shell and carbon chin bar weighs 1,550 g (+/- 50g) and comes with a free jet- kit, so it can be converted
into two carbon helmet styles for the price of one.
PMR S.r.l., Italy,

Gianni Falco

'Performance' and 'Urban' line footwear

The 2016 Gianni Falco range of boots for 2016 includes their 'Performance' and 'Urban' lines for men.

Urban Line 'BROS' shoe, CE-certified, D30 anti-shock material, "High-Tex" inner membrane, greased vintage style "Micro-Synth" upper

The new CE homologated technical MAXX EVO boot features the "Quick-Reel" mechanical closure system combined with anti-shock D3O material. The upper is made of "Micro-Synth" synthetic material with a "soft-touch" effect and a "High-Tex" lining membrane. The ankle area features a TPR external reinforcement, and the outsole has a differentiated compound with heel stabiliser for optimum grip on the footpegs.

Performance line 'MAXX EVO' boot, CE-certified, D30 anti-shock material, "Quick-Reel" mechanical closure system, "High-Tex" membrane, "Micro-Synth" upper

The new 'Urban' line BROS shoe is for short-range riders who also need a comfortable and fashionable shoe off the bike. Comparable to a classic ankle-top shoe, it is said to incorporate "all the comfort and safety features needed from a motorcycle boot", such as a synthetic vintage greased "Micro-Synth" upper, an inner "High-Tex" membrane and exclusively designed D30 anti-shock material. Available in dark brown in 41-46 EU sizing and with CE certification.