Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Rapid Bike

Fuel injection tuning for the CRF 1000

Best known for its race, sports and street bike applications, the advanced technology incorporated into Rapid Bike's tuning modules is just applicable to the very different performance demands and riding characteristics of adventure tour models.

Seen here installed and tested on an otherwise 100 percent stock CRF 1000, the Rapid Bike 'Racing' kit dyno results show Honda's adventure tourer taking advantage of both the injection and ignition re-mapping to secure a considerable improvement at lower and mid-range rpm with an additional 3hp, as well as an improved torque response.

The extended 1000 rpm are an extra feature obtained with both the 'Evo' and 'Racing' version modules that can also be achieved with the model-specific 'Exclusive' version that offers a simplified and cost-effective add-on kit.

The Rapid Bike technology driving all their add-on modules modulates the stock lambda signal to secure an automatic and constant adjustment of injection values without any of the limitations usually encountered with "closed-loop" systems or conflicts with the stock ECU’s maps - Rapid Bike modules effectively optimises  the engine performance constantly while the bike is being ridden.



Africa Twin parts from ABM

German parts and accessories manufacturer ABM has a combination of universal fit and model-specific components available for the new 'Africa Twin'.

They include a booster handlebar kit with shortCap handlebar ends in high tensile strength aluminium, which are available in a choice of finishes such as black or silver, with a sandblasted surface or a range of anodised colours.

The synto lever, or syntoEvo including adapter, is a six-position adjustable lever that can be tuned while riding, available in short or long style and a selection of anodised colours.
Their adjustable and innovative varioRiser kit for 28.6 mm original handlebars raises the handlebar up to about 15 mm and allows seamless adjustment of the handlebar position by 10 mm forwards or back.

The 'cube' brake fluid reservoir for the foot brake cylinder is available in various colours, has a capacity of 30 ml, a sight glass and comes with a model-specific holder in black.
Additionally a model-specific conversion kit is offered on a stock exchange basis. The original foot brake and gear lever and top and bottom lever are black anodised; new black anodised gear shift pegs that include high quality uniball joints are provided, with black anodised foot brake levers and passenger pegs also available.



Misano cartridge for Africa Twin

The R&D department at leading Italian suspension specialist Andreani has added this new fitment for Honda's 2016 Africa Twin to its popular Misano range of fork cartridge kits.

Developed with over 25 years of race experience and track success, this new Misano cartridge is designed specifically for the OEM forks with a 20 mm diameter piston and increased oil passages.
Adjustable in compression, rebound and spring preload, it features a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees excellent braking, turn performances and increased comfort.


Arrow Special Parts

Arrow and Giannelli Africa Twin options

Italian exhaust specialist Arrow has released a retro race full titanium system for the CRF 1000L based on the winning exhaust design used on the 1988 Dakar Honda.

Arrow’s Director of Business, Mauro Corgnoli, said that "When the release of the Africa Twin was announced we immediately knew we needed to recreate this classic exhaust. We feel this will satisfy both the style and performance needs of the passionate riders buying this bike. In particular, the titanium full system with Race-Tech silencer ensures you really will receive Dakar level performance, the ultimate in weight savings and a unique classic styling".

The titanium full system is fitted with a silencer designed with the end pipe extending from the back of the silencer - a retro touch straight from the 1980s.
The silencers developed for the 2016 Africa Twin are based on their proven light weight homologated Maxi-Race-Tech slip-ons and are available in brushed or 'dark' aluminium or titanium. They feature carbon end caps and fit either Arrow or the OE collectors. A CAT removal racing link pipe is available for off-road racers.
Also seen here, the Giannelli by Arrow oval aluminium silencer is also available in brushed or 'dark' aluminium, or in titanium with carbon end caps.



Africa Twin luggage and accessory options

Givi plans to release new accessory options for the new Honda 'Africa Twin' regularly this year, and the first include the model-specific side pannier holder seen here for their Trekker Outback aluminium cases. 

This sturdy 18 mm tubular frame adopts the tried and tested Monokey Cam-Side rapid release fitting system and the SR1144 bike-specific rear rack for Givi top cases from the Monokey or Monolock range.
The specific 03SKIT screw kit enables Givi sat-nav holders to be mounted to the Africa Twin, or alternatively specific sat-nav holders are available for Garmin and Tom Tom Rider.
The transparent D1144ST flyscreen is specifically designed to increase wind protection without hampering riding stability; at 60 x 35 cm (H x L) it is 14.5 cm higher than the stock item and uses the OE installation points.

The AF1144 Air-Flow windshield with adjustable spoiler gives tuneable protection from the wind that can be tailored to individual needs, a feature lacking on the standard factory Africa Twin windshield.
Additional upcoming new releases will include a pair of engine guards in 25 mm diameter tubular steel, in black painted or polished stainless steel finishes, to protect the lower and upper areas of the engine, with the upper one also protecting the sides flanking the radiator.

GIVI S.r.l.


K60 Scout approved for Africa Twin


German tyre specialist Heidenau has had its popular K60 Scout off-road tyre approved for the Africa Twin. Available as 90/90-21 and 150/70 B 18, the company says they have already undergone extensive testing and that the Scout is a durable and reliable all-round tyre that is ideally suited to the dual purpose use that most riders will buy the Africa Twin for. Test riders report convincing and very comfortable handling, excellent grip on different road surfaces, even in wet weather, and excellent straight line stability at high speeds. HEIDENAU, Germany,


LeoVince for Africa Twin

Italian exhaust specialist LeoVince has released versions for its popular LV One and Nero systems for Honda's new CFR 1000L Africa Twin.
The LV One Evo body is made from strong, impact resistant AISI 304 stainless steel, while its oval design with clear square lines gives the silencer a unique slim and compact shape. It is available in a sandblasted "titanium look" finish or with a carbon outer shell. 

The LV One Evo in impact resistant AISI 304 stainless steel

The stainless steel cup inlet is TIG welded to the muffler body; the end cap is made entirely of carbon and has an "asymmetric and aggressive" cut. This full carbon solution is said to give the exhaust "a touch of decisive style, providing greater resistance to high temperatures"; aesthetics are further optimised by the two clamps also being made entirely from carbon.
The Nero exhaust system has a stainless steel sleeve finished in a durable, high temperature tolerant ceramic and metallic black coating that is resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

The Nero exhaust system has a stainless steel sleeve finished in a durable, high temperature tolerant ceramic and metallic black coating that is resistant to mechanical and thermal stress

LeoVince says that the shape of the Nero silencer "is the result of a precision design study that combines style, finish and performance"; the robust and durable TIG welded stainless steel AISI 304 brackets make the Nero easy to mount - the carbon end cap is a similar style to the one seen on the LV One Evo system.
Both lines of exhausts feature a new carbon fibre cover, which the company says "gives the bike an even more aggressive and refined look".



Africa Twin gets the LighTech touch

These exclusive Italian made and designed steel and Ergal rearsets for the CRF1000L feature an adapter kit that has been CNC machined from solid 39NiCrMo4 steel (Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum4), a robust high tensile strength rust, impact and mechanical stress resistant material.

The footpegs are CNC machined from solid Ergal 7075 in 2 versions - cross/enduro or Supermotard. The ergonomic design increases the overall support base for the boot.
The cross/enduro version features an optimised mud drain area and the Supermotard version has integrated and interchangeable nylon sliders. They are available in a choice of orange, blue, black, red and green anodised finish.
The stainless steel pins increase the grip between the boot and the footpeg; the adaptor kits and the footpegs can be ordered separately offering dealers a versatile modular inventory programme.



CRF Africa Twin lowering kit

German forks to brakes and frames to wheels parts and accessory manufacturer MIZU has released a version of its popular "jack-up and lowering" kits for Honda's new Africa Twin.

Said to deliver "a totally new riding experience", all parts are manufactured at their factory in southern Germany and supplied with ABE parts certificate and mounting instructions.
Mizu offers fitments for a wide range of popular makes and model; these new versions are for BMW R1200 GS from 04/07, type R12, and the Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin from 2015, type SD04, for a lowering of 25 mm.