Friday, 12 October 2018

German motorcycle registrations

Germany: motorcycles +7.67% to August

The latest data from the IVM, the motorcycle trade association in Germany, shows motorcycle registrations in August at +20.87 percent (10,028 units), having been +2.28 percent (10,835 units) in July. Registrations for the year to August were +7.67 percent (92,402 percent).

In total PTW terms, August was +24.61 percent (15,855 units), having been +8.03 percent (16,533 units) in July and +11.68 percent (129,460 units) for the first eight months, as the moped and scooter/small displacement markets continue to recover in Germany.
The top selling model has been the BMW R 1200 GS (6,518 units YTD), followed by the Yamaha MT-07 (2,795), Kawasaki Z900 (2,785), Z 650 (2,467) and Honda CRF 1000 (2056).
With five models in the Top 20, BMW remains motorcycle market leader, though with a reduced share (-8.04%) of 21.19 percent/19,580 units. Kawasaki is second with a +25.9 percent increase in share to 12.38 percent/11,437 units YTD; Honda third (11.81%/10,917 units), KTM fourth (10.68%/9,868 units) and Yamaha fifth (10.43%/9,636 units).
All sectors of the German market are up except for the small Tourer and Luxury Tourer market; sportsbikes are top with 29.06% of the market (26,852 units YTD), followed by Naked style bikes with 28.12% of the market (25,986 units).

VOZZ Helmets

The revolutionary VOZZ rear opening helmet is coming to Europe

The Australian designed VOZZ RS 1.0 is described as “the most advanced motorcycle helmet in the marketplace”.

Unlike regular pull-on/pull-off helmets, the VOZZ is a full-face rear access, dual-locking helmet incorporating the Voztec system. The helmet is the only commercially available full-face helmet without a chinstrap - instead having a fully adjustable chin cup.
The VOZZ helmet design is “sleek, with a snug fit and aerodynamic shape that helps make it the best fitting helmet in the market today”. It comes in three shell sizes with six fractional fittings from XS to XXL and in eight solid colours. 

A primary feature of the VOZZ concept is the Safety Release System (SRS), developed to help medical staff in emergencies. “Allowing for the quick and safe removal of the front shell after impact, this is a world first for paramedics and is said to provide a safer alternative of removal, within a few minutes, without having to cut the helmet off and risk further damage to the neck, spine or head regions.

The RS 1.0 also offers increased peripheral vision, is fitted with an anti-fog visor and equipped with a dual locking security system. The design is said to give riders a “superior range of head movement” compared to conventional helmet designs, with buffeting dramatically reduced and directional visor stability.
The 3-point locking system delivers static positioning on the head; ergonomic fitment reduces fatigue; easy rear-access eliminates ear folding, and the RS 1.0 can easily be put on or taken off, even while wearing gloves.



OptiMate SOLAR, getting the Drag Specialties motorcycles ‘ready to ride’ at Sturgis! 

TecMate’s advanced OptiMate brand Solar battery charging tools have been gaining traction in the market place rapidly since their introduction. At this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the United States the company was set up with Drag Specialties / Parts Unlimited - the company’s exclusive North American distributor.

Though there primarily to help the sales team promote the OptiMate range, with some sales of the Solar chargers being made - especially to people who had transported their bikes in closed trailers - one classic opportunity to showcase their Solar products came with the show bikes that TecMate’s distributor uses at events within the USA.
These bikes don’t get ridden very often and subsequently their batteries are not always charged well enough to fire the engine up or demonstrate the installed accessories, especially the electronics and lights. 

TecMate CEO/CTO Martin Human takes up the story: “We mounted an OptiMate Solar 20W (TM522-2) and OptiMate Solar 40W (TM523-4) kit to portable A frame displays and put them to work saving, charging and then maintaining those show bike batteries that had become “needy” - making sure the bikes provided continuous service throughout the duration of the Rally.
“The OptiMate Solar line features a smart charger-monitor that provides battery status information around the clock - when it is charging the battery during the day and when the battery is at rest overnight. You can even switch the charger-controller from battery to battery to check battery condition, see which battery needs charging most, before you hook up the solar panel.
“Once hooked up and the panel receives sun, the Solar Charge light blinks confirming solar power is being delivered, and one of the three battery status lights indicate charge progress. When night falls, or if the smart charger-monitor senses no solar power is being delivered, it changes into a battery monitor with one of the three charge status blinks, indicating battery status.”

Martin says the 10W TM522-1 kit (12V 0.8A max.) and 20W TM522-2 kit (12V 1.6A max.) are “ideal for all powersports vehicles” but that if you need to rescue a battery faster, the 40W TM523-4 (12V 3.3A) is the charger of choice.
“No one cares about their battery until it’s dead. But that might be more frequent than necessary if the vehicle is stored far from AC power, as was the case at Sturgis. With OptiMate Solar you don’t have to change your mindset though.
“Here in Europe we know that can be a big problem when touring, when vacationing, especially off-roading and adventure touring, and at the races - which are often in remote areas where power supply access isn’t guaranteed. Provided there is sunshine, with Optimate Solar you are never without power - just connect and forget, no more battery problems”!



First heated glove with laminated Outdry

New from Macna, the Neutron glove is “not your average winter glove”, says the Netherlands based company, “but a heated winter glove with an Outdry membrane”.
Instead of being a “loose” layer, the waterproof Outdry membrane is laminated to the outer layer of the glove, meaning that “the glove can't suck itself full of water. It is a common problem with a lot of so-called waterproof gloves, that the waterproofing is used in such a way that it cannot prevent accumulation.

“Our technique eliminates that problem - there is no space for water to accumulate in. Simple. Problem solved. It also means that, in the wet, the glove can keep more of the warmth generated by the electric heating system in the hands, which in turn allows the electric heating system to work more efficiently”.

The 7.6V battery is tucked into the cuff, and the controller can be set to 3 different settings and can last 4 hours before it needs a recharge.
The glove has hard external knuckle and finger protection, a 30 degree buckle (on the ergonomic cuff strap), ‘Ergothumb’ (the finger and thumb part consist of one piece of leather, so no pressing seams), Side Eye (reflective elements), screencleaner (integrated mini rain wiper for the visor) and ‘Touchtip’, a conductive fingertip for smartphone/navigation control.



Micro S DF Dark, Bullet 1000 RB and Atto DF

Prolific German lights designer Kellermann has updated its popular micro 1000 DF Bullet Light as an even smaller 3-in-1 light with tinted glass.
The micro S DF Dark is an “extremely compact” combination rear light that means “all three functions almost disappear at the rear of the motorcycle”, for the company’s cleanest custom install yet.
The micro 1000 family of LEDs is one of the really traditional ranges of indicators from Kellermann and have been installed on different kinds of motorcycle models for more than 15 years. The new micro S DF Dark “represents the trend to even more compact motorcycle lights”.

Micro S DF Dark “extremely compact” combination rear light

“The new micro S DF Dark is really super small, it would even fit six times into the larger micro 1000. This allows an extreme compact and individual design of the tail of the bike with the complete electronics housed in the high-quality casing.”
Also seen here, the stronger new Bullet 1000 RB combination rear and brake light with a 3-year warranty “presents a distinctive rear and brake light in classic bullet design”.

Bullet 1000 RB combination rear and brake light

To date the Kellermann Bullet range already has included options with indicators (Extreme), indicators and position lights (PL) and 3-in-1 combinations with indicator, rear and brake light (DF), but not a rear and brake combination before.
The range of new options it gives bike designers for redesigning the tail of the motorcycle now include being able to combine the distinctive new Bullet 1000 RB with the Bullet 1000 or their super compact Atto indicators.
Finally, the Atto DF three-way combination light is as small and powerful as they come. Indeed, the company says that it is the smallest street legal motorcycle combination indicator-rear-brake light in the world, combining indicator function with rear/brake light.

The Atto DF three-way combination light is as small and powerful as they come

Kellermann CEO Dr. Stefan W√∂ste says: “The Atto DF offers unbelievable illuminating power - typical for all Kellermann products. But behind it, is a real hidden masterpiece. The sought after 3-in-1 function in such a minimalistic casing allows for an ultra-clean custom solution.
“But, of course, street safety always comes first for Kellermann - the DF visually almost disappears on the bike, but once it kicks into action, it has relentless illuminating power in indicator, rear or brake light function.”
All three can be plugged directly into the 12 volt net and feature Kellermann’s proprietary EXtranz (Extreme Optical Transparency) technology. They come with Kellermann’s high power LED technology, long life protection guard and are IC operated at 330 kHz. The result is “sensational illuminating power and minimal size at the same time”.


Sifam Group

Lightweight, high-power ELECTHIUM Lithium batteries

Based near Nice in southern France, the Sifam Group (founded in 1994 by Pierre Manuel) has a lithium battery range available for dealers. 

The innovative technical properties of the battery are said to make it a “very high quality product with an exceptional weight/power ratio”. SIFAM says that ELECTHIUM “delivers some 30 percent more power compared to traditional batteries”.
The ELECTHIUM lithium can replace any starter battery and fits all motorcycles, without modifying the wiring. The light weight – approximately one-third the weight of an equivalent conventional lead-acid battery – makes it ideal for sportsbike (race and street) use.
SIFAM is one of the largest France based distributors with a wide range of famous name and own brand hard parts available from its 3,900 sq m headquarters warehouse.


Dot4 Distribution

‘Resurgence’ riding jeans and customisable ‘Qwart’ helmets

Dot4 Distribution is a fast growing UK based European-wide distributor of contemporary motorcycle apparel that offers a range of exclusive brands of contemporary designs for emerging new generations of consumers.
“Our objective is to introduce European bikers to new and exciting lines of motorcycle clothing which offer the highest levels of protection and comfort on and off the bike,” says CEO Stefan Barnes. “The clothing we distribute is technically innovative and offers the latest styling and technology”.

Stefan Barnes, CEO, Dot4 Distribution: “Our objective is to introduce European bikers to new and exciting lines of motorcycle clothing which offer the highest levels of protection and comfort”

Stefan’s programme includes Resurgence Gear, with the New Wave single layer protective jeans described as “the world’s first motorcycle jeans to use the revolutionary new PEKEV Ultra single layer denim fabric”.
“It has taken a lot of development and is a product completely unique within the motorcycle jeans sector,” said Stefan. At its core is the industry’s strongest abrasion resistant thread, PEKEV, developed by Resurgence Gear in 2013 and the holder of the highest rated CE EN13595 Level II abrasion resistant jeans accreditation.
The thread is sheathed in high-quality indigo-dyed cotton and then woven into denim fabric, with a little elastane for comfort and stretch. Tested to the CE EN13595 Level 1 certification, Stefan says “it recorded a staggering Level II rated abrasion resistance of 11 seconds”.

The design includes hip and knee armour pockets with height adjustment, which will take the included D3O T5 Evo X CE knee and hip pads and is “classic taper-cut - wide enough for all thigh sizes and to fit over motorcycle boots, but narrow enough to look cool and ride safe”.
Five years in design and development, the new Qwart is said to be the world’s first customisable helmet. “Adaptable and stylish, the Qwart Lab is based in south-west France, one of Europe’s most vibrant custom bike and cafe racer communities. Its founder and chief designer, Xavier Marigo, wanted to create a helmet that reflected the motorcycle lifestyle.”
Built to deliver “optimum protection, the Qwart ‘Phoenix’ is a 1,190 g full-face, certified to ECE2205. It is made in a 100 percent carbon fibre shell with suede or leather lining options and a variety of colour choices”.
It is available matt or gloss painted and in two versions – ‘Slick’ without visor and ‘Std’ with visor. The interior has a dual-density EPS lining and the chin guard is built with three-layer protection construction - carbon fibre, a shock absorbing void and soft PU material.
Qwart's modular design makes it easy to customise the helmet as the seasons change, or to reflect the rider’s changing tastes and requirements, and just like an art print, Qwart helmets are individually shipped with a certificate of authenticity dated and signed by the designer.
Additional product lines available to dealers from DOT4 Distribution include “Crave for the Ride” denim Kevlar riding shirts, “Oily Rag” retro style casual wear and legendary “Garibaldi” leather and wax cotton jackets.