Thursday, 12 March 2015


Product-mix sees Piaggio return to profit in 2014

A higher price-point product mix in the 546,500 vehicles it shipped in 2014 (down from 555,600 in 2013) has helped troubled Italian giant Piaggio show a net profit of €16.1m in 2014, from a net loss of €6.5m in 2013.
Consolidated net sales for its full January to December 2014 financial year were broadly flat (€1,213.3m from €1,212.5m in 2013 with Ebitda up at €159.3M (13.1 percent) from €146.8M in 2013 (12.1 percent).
Gross margin was up to €364.7m from €357.5m in 2013, with net sales margin up to 30.1 percent from 29.5 percent.
The company says that after paying no shareholder dividend at all in 2013 it plans to pay €0.072 this year.

Piaggio say they have maintained their "leadership of the European Two Wheeler market, with an overall share of 16.1 percent and a 24.8 percent share of the scooter segment".
In the United States the company says it took 21 percent of the scooter market in 2013, and that it has had particular success with Vespa models, seeing a 1.3 percent increase in worldwide Vespa brand revenues, with revenue from Piaggio Mp3 three-wheel scooter increasing by 29.3 percent.
Piaggio say that "performance was particularly strong in the fourth quarter of 2014 with significant growth in results (compared with the fourth quarter of 2013) in absolute terms and as a a percentage of revenues".
In the fourth quarter of 2014, the Piaggio Group reported consolidated net sales of €282.5 million (+9.7 percent on the fourth quarter of 2013) with revenue improvements in all regions where it operates.
The company reports EBITDA of €24.0 million (+84 percent on the fourth quarter of 2013) and an industrial gross margin of €77.2 million (+15 percent on the fourth quarter of 2013).

Piaggio board of directors Chairman Roberto Colaninno

Net financial debt at 31 December 2014 was €492.8 million, compared with €475.6 million at 31 December 2013. "The increase of approximately €17.2 million arose largely from the investment programme and the negative effect of working capital, chiefly due to the delayed reimbursement of value-added tax and custom duties in the fourth quarter of 2014".
Shareholders' equity at 31 December 2014 was €413.1 million, an increase of approximately €21.0 million from the figure at 31 December 2013.
Piaggio Group capital expenditure in 2014 amounted to €94.9 million (+8.3 percent on 2013), while R&D expenditure was €46.3 million, substantively in line with 2013. The Piaggio Group continues to employ some 7,500 people.


Aventuro Carbon touring helmet

TOURATECH's new Aventuro Carbon helmet exploits the experience the company has gained with its Compañero range of motorcycle suits to create a multi-functional, adventure, riding and touring solution.
The modular design makes it a cross helmet, a universal enduro helmet and a comfortable full-face helmet all-in-one, with a design that can be completely and easily transformed without tools. 

The aerodynamically optimised shell is made from a high-strength carbon fibre laminate that meets both the European ECE 22.05 standard and US DOT specification.
Features include an emergency cheek pad release system, extra large opening (designed with spectacle wearers), and anatomically shaped interior. Ventilation is by five adjustable and closable inlets on the chin, forehead and top of the head, and four outlets on the cheeks and neck, with optimised air channels in the foam lining for maximum heat dissipation. 

The flove-friendly design, including the anti-fog coated visor, sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic inner lining (with Coolmax), removable and washable pads, leather trim, reflective strip, detachable wind guard, extra long chin strap, double D-ring closure and goggle strap holder on the back add up to a package of details that heavy-duty off-roaders and long-distance tourers will appreciate.
Replaceable side covers alow installation of accessories such as cameras or quick-release straps and recesses by the ears make it as easy as possible to use state-of-the-art communication systems.

Niedereschach, GERMANT
Tel: +49 (0) 7728 92790


VStream screens for water-cooled R1200RT

ZTECHNIK has announced the availability of its VStream windscreens for use on the new water-cooled BMW R1200RT. Two heights are offered; 64.8cm and 72.4cm.

The new screen, which is designed to replace the stock screen (that is manufactured by ZTechnik’s parent company National Cycle for BMW), has a patented design to provide long-distance touring comfort. The VStream gets its name from its unique shape and the dimensional contours molded into the screen.
VStream windscreens are made from Quantum hardcoated polycarbonate, which is claimed to give 30 times more scratch resistance and 20 times greater crack and impact resistance than other aftermarket windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic or aircraft plastic. All ZTechnik windscreens are protected with a three-year warranty against breakage.

Maywood, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 708 343 0400


Power Kits 860cc for BMW R45 and R65

SIEBENROCK has released Power Kits for the BMW R45 and R65, and with a fabulous 860 ccm, these "small" BMW bikes become true cornering monsters.

The R65 boasts some 20% more power and a maximum torque of 75 Nm at 4,200 rpm. Even more drastic is the gain on the R45: it already reaches its maximum torque of 70 Nm at 2,500 rpm, and with 30% more power, it puts a big smile on the faces of even the toughest riders of big motorcycles.
Like all power kits from Siebenrock, the new Power Kit 860cc has the true and tested and wear resistant hard chrome liners (Nikasil) and high quality forged pistons. Available from March 2015.

Wendlingen, GERMANY
Tel. +49 (0)7024 468840


KVenture touring luggage

KAPPA's KVenture aluminium cases come in a 37 litre sidecase version and a 42 litre topcase.

The maximum load for the cases are 10 kg, the profiled aluminium is 1.5mm thick, featuring polymer edges and internal reinforcements. Measurements for the 42l case are 40.9 x 32.3 x 45.4cm (LxHxD) and for the 37l case it is 49.5 x 38.7 x 24.6cm. The top case has a Monokey mounting kit and security lock, and the side case can be mounted on tubular sidecase holders KL and KLR. Fitting is enabled through quarter turn screws.

In addition there is also a waterproof 15 litre cargo bag that has a Roll Top and zip in tarpaulin silver and black.

Barbariga (BS), ITALY

HP Corse

Three Hydro by HP Corse

HP CORSE has released its Three Hydro exhaust, a system designed for use on MV Agusta’s three-cylinder models. 

Available in a choice of satin stainless steel or black finishes, the new system features a reversed pre-muffler and three hydro-formed pipes. There is also the option of a collector without a catalytic convertor for increased performance. 

Canaletti di Budrio (BO), ITALY
Tel: +39 051 802334

Free Spirits

Free Spirits parts for Triumphs

ITALIAN aftermarket parts specialist Free Spirits offers an extensive range of parts for modern Triumph models, including the Scrambler
Among them is their electronic fuel controller uses third generation Dobeck Tfi technology that is programmed by means of three top-face push buttons.

Free Spirits also offers high flow air cleaner kits for the Scrambler (and Bonneville, Thruxton, America and Speedmaster models) which feature a lightweight, high strength 180-degree for optimum air-flow positioning, and a fuel controller that can be calibrated for the increased air-flow. A powder coated metal battery box is offered for when the original air box is replaced by the conical air filter.
Free Spirits has also designed a new 2-into-2 performance exhaust system made from 1mm stainless steel and an aluminium sprocket cover that can be used in conjunction with their final drive belt conversion.
Created to reduce the loss of power between transmission and the rear wheel and eliminate routine maintenance (such as cleaning and greasing a chain), the belt conversion fits Thruxton and Scrambler models and includes a 65-pawl alloy steel pulley, 29-pawl nickel plate pinion and 132-pawl belt to provide the same drive ratio as the original chain drive.

Free Spirits' belt tensioner keeps a constant but light tension on the belt throughout the swingarm’s movement, reducing stress and shock loads to improve belt life and reduce stress on the wheel and gearbox output bearings.
The Free Spirits crash pad dissipates impact energy across a large area; a 3mm thick aluminium cover for the front and bottom of the chassis and engine is also available.
For the front of the bike, Free Spirits has a fork kit that includes longer legs for improved sliding and a 63mm increased height, a new spring, and a new larger wheel axle with spacer and new wheel bearing. Red anodised aluminium preload caps are available to replace the original fork tube plugs and special 32mm anti-scratch socket is included to aid fitting. An additional central Allen head bolt is used to facilitate maintenance and oil change without the need to remove the fork tube plugs.
Free Spirits also make CNC machined billet triple trees to fit Triumph’s Scrambler Thruxton and most Bonneville models. They will accept the original risers or Free Spirits’ own fat bar risers for 28.5mm diameter handlebars.

Rear suspension options include alloy forward riser blocks, to reduce excessive shock absorber progression and lightly increase stiffness, and high performance 40mm longer Bitubo rear shock absorbers, with a micrometric metal ring for spring preload, rebound and compression adjustment.
Four-piston Brembo caliper kits includes a CNC machined aluminium mounting bracket and fully floating Newfren front brake rotor with Ergal aluminium hub and centres.
Another brake option offered by Free Spirits are adjustable and articulated levers made by Bolcato Racing with micrometric screws to adjust lever distance, and a pivoted lever that folds away upwards, to reduce chance of breakage in case of a crash.

Carrè (VI), ITALY
Tel: +39 0445 390437


CUBE hydraulic reservoir

ABM now has its CUBE aftermarket reservoir in production for use with both brake and clutch levers. The CNC machined CUBE has a capacity of 30ml and can be rotated through 360 degrees and has a 90-degree outlet.

The CUBE is available in a choice of five different colours and made with a satin anodized finish.
Due to its multiple mounting options, the CUBE can be used to replace the standard rear brake master cylinder on many bike models. As with all ABM parts, the CUBE was developed and made in Germany.

Breisach, GERMANY
Tel: +49 (0)7667 9446 12