Thursday, 24 September 2015


European Parliament tells EU Commission that future transport policies and regulations must "stimulate and facilitate the use" of PTWs

On September 10th 2015 the European Parliament adopted Wim van de Camp’s "Report on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport: taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility". 

In the report motorcycles are seen as a way to "solve the problems in urban transport by tackling congestion and parking problems" as well as providing a solution for "small logistics". The report also states that the specific design and arising benefits of these vehicles should be "adequately taken into account and reflected in EU transport legislation and guidelines".

In Mr Van de Camp’s report the implementation of the White Paper on Transport (launched by the European Commission in 2011) is evaluated with recommendations given for the next years.

Although this report has no legislative characteristics itself, it will be a reference on which "many regulations in the wide area of transport" will be based on a moving forward basis. In it motorcycles are clearly identified as having a valuable transport policy contribution to make.

This means that using motorcycles should be "stimulated and facilitated". Also that motorcycles and other powered two-wheelers should be considered when new roads are designed and existing ones maintained or redesigned.

The European Parliament also calls for actions to reduce accidents among vulnerable road users, in particular users of two-wheeled vehicles, pedestrians in urban environments and older drivers. It also calls for better design and better maintenance of all roads in the whole of Europe.

FEMA’s General Secretary Dolf Willigers said: "This is the first time that the European Parliament [officially and formally] recognizes the importance of motorcycles for transport. We have been saying for a long time that motorcycles are part of the solution for urban congestion, environment and parking problems. 

FEMA Secretary General Dolf Willigers says: "We are very pleased with Wim van de Camp's report and its adoption by the European Parliament. Now we hope that the European Commission will do something with it and take adequate action"

"The use of motorcycles should be stimulated and facilitated. In cities like Rome and Paris there would be enormous problems if anybody who now uses a motorcycle or scooter would go by public transport or, even worse, by car. Therefore we are very glad with the report from Wim van de Camp and its adoption by the European Parliament.

Wim Van de Camp's report on the implementation of the EU Commission's 2011 White Paper on Transport officially and formally places policies that "stimulate and facilitate the use of PTWs" on the European transport policy and regulatory agenda

"We hope that the European Commission will do something with it and take adequate action".
The full text of the "Report on the implementation of the 2011 White Paper on Transport: taking stock and the way forward towards sustainable mobility" can be found here.

German motorcycle registrations

German motorcycle registrations +6.77 percent for first eight months

The latest data released by the German motorcycle industry trade association (IVM) shows new motorcycle registrations up by +12.99 percent (7,621 units) for August 2015 and +6.77 percent (88,047 units) for the year-to-date.

That was the best August market performance in Germany, in new motorcycle registration terms, since 2012 and the best for the first eight months of the year for a decade, confirming the return to pre-recessionary levels in Germany reported in the last edition of International Dealer News.
In total PTW terms August was +15.61 percent in Germany (12,912 units - the best August market performance for at least 10 years), and the market is +7.28 percent (126,307 units), also the best performance for the first 8 months of the year for a decade or more.
Motorcycle registrations in Germany in July were +13.66 percent (12,912 units); total PTW registrations +15.27 percent (17,329 units).

UK motorcycle market

UK market +15.85 percent for the eight months to August

The latest data from the motorcycle industry trade association in the UK (MCIA) shows August new motorcycle registrations up by +18.17 percent (7,135 units - the best August figure for more than 10 years) and for the year-to-date up by +15.85 percent (74,113 units - also the best first eight month UK market performance for a decade).

In total PTW terms the UK market is also convincingly now back to pre-recessionary levels with August +13.91 percent (7,951 units) and the year-to-date +13.17 percent (80,189 units).
Scooter style mopeds and other small cc units are -11.8 percent for the year-to-date at 6,076 units.
The fastest growing sector of the UK market in styling terms this year has been 'Naked' bikes, +30.4 percent at 21,783 units; with Adventure Sport models showing +24.3 percent growth (11,960 units). Trail/Enduro models are + 12.2 percent (3,652 units YTD), Supersport models are + 12.1 percent YTD (9,867 units), custom style machines are +11.5 percent (6,599 units), but in a market realignment trend being seen elsewhere in Europe, Sport/Touring machines are -5.1 percent for the YTD in the UK with traditional Touring models -12.9 percent.
Machines between 651 and 1,000cc are +27.2 percent YTD (18,732 units), and 14,822 units over 1,000 cc were sold in the first eight months of the year (14,882 units). The biggest market sector is the 51 - 125 cc band, which is +14.3 percent YTD at 29,087 units out of the 80,189 total.
Honda has the #1 market share in the UK (1,228 units) with Yamaha second (1,030 units), and Lexmoto third (644 units) followed by Suzuki, Triumph, Kawasaki, Piaggio, BMW, Harley-Davidson and KTM 10th.


Italian designed Scrambler accessories

ITALIAN parts and accessory specialist Barracuda is the latest designer to offer upgrades for the Ducati Scrambler.

Barracuda offer a wide range of universal fit accessories, such as these handlebar levers, as well as model-specific components, and for the Ducati Scrambler these include a number/license plate kit, rear fender and windshield as seen here.
Founded in 2002 by Alessandro Giardina, Barracuda is essentially a design company, shipping products for most popular makes and models worldwide from its 1,000 sqm facility in Florence, Italy.

Manufacturing is at selected partner factories in Italy and Taiwan - factories where OE parts and components are already made, guaranteeing the quality that Giardina insists on for the Barracuda brand. He says that at least fifty percent of the Barracuda line is made in Italy, but that 100 percent of the designs are pure Italian from their Florence studios.
"All our designs are protected, with registered E-marks, and we work on the basis of delivering stylishly enhanced, ergonomically well thought-out and precision-manufactured parts solutions in the highest quality materials for the application.
"We aim to operate at the top-end of the market with many new concepts. Our 'YOUDesign" programme is one where the buyer is able to customise the finished look with different insert colours and other optional details. Our ALUX project is aimed at delivering the absolutely best available quality right at the very top-end of the parts and components market. Our "SKIN" concept is a project that delivers the most essential design elements of a part, with top design features and improvements in style and function terms, but at a price that is very competitive with the kind of poorer designed mass produced items that have ruined dealer margins and rider expectations".


Draggin Jeans

CE hoody

Draggin Jeans has expanded its range of protective clothing to include a hooded sweatshirt. The new Roo Hoody has CE armour and is lined with Roomoto (Draggin’s own abrasion-resistant fabric), in key areas on the inside.

Constructed using DuPont Kevlar, Roomoto is said to be proven to be highly abrasion resistant, yet soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic. In addition, the Roo Hoody also features Draggin's removable ‘Dffuse’ CE-approved armour at the elbows, shoulders and back.
Features also include an adjustable and removable hood and glove-friendly thumb holes in the cuffs.


Gilles Tooling

Trackday footpegs

Gilles Tooling has worked with Keith Code's California Superbike School to produce a new design of sportbike trackday-friendly footpegs. 

The patented design includes sloped ends to allow the rider more comfort while hanging off the bike and a wide and rounded top surface to offer a large contact area and the best possible grip. 

The mounting system used for the pegs allows for rotation around 15 steps for exact rider alignment. The new pegs have been designed to work with Gilles Tooling’s turning joints and fit on stock rearsets on approximately 250 different motorcycle models.


K&N Engineering

Intake system for Yamaha VXS950 Bolt

K&N offers stock replacement and high-performance custom open element air cleaner assemblies for the 2014 Yamaha Star XVS950 and XVS950R.

The custom air cleaner unit includes a solid mounted backing plate, with integrated velocity stacks and an improved air flow and custom oversized K&N performance air filter specifically designed to fit the Bolt intake. The kit also has a black powder coated billet aluminium top plate that features CNC machined contrast-cut reliefs.
K&N’s air cleaner is said to be dyno proven to increase horsepower and torque on an otherwise stock ‘14 Yamaha Bolt XVS950, with tests showing an additional 7.14 horsepower at 5,313rpm and 4.81lb-ft of torque at 4,581rpm.



Titanium silencer

MIVV is now offering a titanium exhaust for both air- and liquid-cooled BMW R 1200GS models with the MIVV is offering a titanium exhaust for both air- and liquid-cooled BMW R 1200GS models with the introduction of its Gs Titanium Edition. 

Based upon the design of the existing stainless steel Speed Edge silencer, the Gs Titanium Edition has a claimed weight of just 2.4kg. Included with the version for the ’13-’15 1200GS is a carbon fibre heat shield. 



Polini 50 & 125cc street and race performance upgrades

ITALIAN specialist Polini continues to improve the line-up of small cc performance race and street options available for dealers.
Their new Evolution 2 kit for the 125cc Vespa Primavera ET3 for track use by those running in the 135cc Vespa category features cylinders that work in the original and developed muffler-friendly turned orientation favoured by many in race applications.
Featuring rotary valve induction, the kit can be fitted to all 125cc Vespa models using a crankshaft with OE measurements or the Polini balanced solid-block milled con-rod crankshaft with the original 51mm stroke.

Polini's race-only Evolution-2 kit cast cylinder has a Nickel-Siliceous coated liner and gives Vespa's 125cc engine a 135cc displacement with stock 51mm stroke and 58mm bore. The gravity cast light alloy piston has two chromed cast iron rings; the head is a one-piece cast design with cooling fins

The Nickel-Siliceous coated lined cast aluminium cylinder has a 58mm bore for a 135cc displacement. There are 6 race-style transfer ports, two chromed cast iron piston rings for the gravity, cast light alloy piston and a cooling-finned one-piece cast aluminium cylinder head.

Polini's Maxi Hi Speed Variator for Honda Forza 125s features many design and performance refinements that reduce service costs and improve durability; can be adapted for SH 125-150 applications

Polini's award-winning Maxi Hi Speed Variator is now available in a version for the Honda Forza 125 that can be adapted for SH 125-150 applications which features many new design improvements.
Among them are a new polishing treatment to further reduce roller sliding surface friction; a case-hardened chromed nickel-steel tempered and ground bush and a large internal grease reservoir with springed-pin distribution. A compression spring is available that is said to be 10 percent less hard than the OE item for increased starting rpms.
Polini say that these changes produce reliable, constant and consistent performance without engine efficiency roller calibration and reduce service costs and improve durability. 

CP carburettor of Vespa 50 rigid connection, supplied with air-box with upgraded intake

Also seen here Polini's CP carburettors for Vespa 50cc 16.16 manifold rigid connection, which are 100 percent made in Italy, being designed, developed and produced by the company at its Bergamo factory.
Using a clamp, they are supplied with air-box with upgraded 17.5 mm diameter intake and a short inlet pipe with an exclusive concentric design and a geometry that is said to optimise air flow.



AquaAir and AiRider

THE AiRider suit from Rukka is made from soft, air-permeable Cordura AFT knitware - the wide mesh of the weave allows air circulation and breathability.

Highly abrasion resistant Cordura AFT elbow reinforcements and CE-certified progressive impact energy absorbing Rukka D3O Air joint protectors are said to provide passive safety and a rear sleeve mean the jacket can be upgraded with an optional back protector.
Additional features include magnet collar closure, upper arm fit adjustment and pockets/storage space.
AiRider trousers are cut in a casual five-pocket denim style with Keprotec Antiglide trim at the seat; inside the Rukka AirCushion system is said to provide efficient climate management; an all-round waist zipper matches the trousers to the AiRider jacket.
Rukka say that their AquaAir overall, also seen here and available in black or blue, is the first one-piece Gore-Tex suit the company has made - a Gore-Tex membrane provides breathable weather protection. Additional features include pre-shaped sleeves and legs, a high collar in elastic Gore-Tex, adjustable belt and Keprotec Antiglide trim at the seat.