Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Husqvarna unit sales +32 percent in 2015

Following KTM's reporting of its Group sales numbers details have been released showing another good year for their Husqvarna brand - 2015 saw record breaking unit sales and turnover for a second year running.

Introduction of new range of 2016 Motocross models in USA

Continuing to pursue its strategy of growth, Husqvarna Motorcycles ended 2015 with +32% more bikes sold (21,513 units) compared to the previous 12-month period (16,337 in 2014), which resulted in a +41% increase in annual turnover.


Among the milestones achieved was the introduction of what the company describes as a "revolutionary 2016 Husqvarna motocross line-up", which has already been available since last September. Husqvarna say that the North American market (USA and Canada) had a significant growth and played a main role in their overall success.


During the last twelve months Husqvarna Motorcycles returned to the street and dual-purpose motorcycle sectors with the launch of the 701 SUPERMOTO and 701 ENDURO. "With both models already warmly received we remain committed to further expanding our street model range while additionally strengthening our position as a key player in the off-road segment".


Brembo acts against counterfeiters 

Italian brake specialist Brembo, a Tier One supplier to Harley-Davidson, has acted to protect its brand and customers from counterfeiting by dispatching high performance and racing brake parts with an anti-counterfeiting scratch card and quality control sheet.
The card is contained in a sealed wallet inside the box - the customer is able to reveal a 6-digit code which can be entered online, along with the card number, part type and country of purchase - allowing the customer to see immediately if the part is genuine.
By entering additional information the customer can download a certificate of authenticity. If the website determines that the part is counterfeit, the customer has to provide the information that Brembo will need to launch an investigation.
Products included in the scheme at this stage are brake calipers, brake discs, brake and clutch master cylinders and brake levers. www.brembo.com


Yamaha aims for 270 new model launches in all its operating markets in the next three years

In December Yamaha announced that it had formulated a new medium-term management plan for the three-year period from 2016.

The plan builds on the targets of the current (2013-2015 "improving corporate value by achieving sustainable growth") plan and is designed to "increase the earning power of existing businesses, to increase growth investment and stock dividends while securing a more stable financial foundation".

prioritise "communicating high brand power"

Based on this, Yamaha says it is embarking on a new mission of "further new growth from net sales of 2 trillion yen and an operating income ratio standard of 10%" by 2018, aiming to evolve into a "unique company that continues to achieve dynamic milestones".
Among its management strategy objectives Yamaha will seek to put itself in a position to "launch 270 new models" of various kinds in the period concerned.
The key strategies for its motorcycle business will be to "Move towards highly-efficient business management" and to " promote the building of a stable profit structure through high management efficiency and product competitiveness regardless of unit volume".

aim to establish "a unique brand in each aspect of the line-up from commuter to super-sport models
In its developed markets (Europe and North America) Yamaha say that priority will be given to "Communicating high brand power, achieving stable profit through structural reform" and "establishing a unique brand in each aspect of the line-up from commuter to super-sport models" with "sales network policies that respond to customer tastes, and advancing customer development on the theme of "from tangibles to intangibles".

"sales network policies that respond to customer tastes"

The key financial strategies call for increasing the earning power (marginal profit, investment efficiency, and business efficiency) of existing businesses, and generating new growth from a stable financial foundation; increasing investment and stock dividends; aiming for an equity ratio of 42.5%, with a return on earnings (ROE) of 15%, and income per share of 300 yen or more; increasing the efficiency of existing businesses and investing 130.0 billion yen in new growth strategies; increasing the dividend payout ratio from the previous "20% or more" to "30% and expansion of its financing business, especially in North America, aiming for a receivable balance of 300.0 billion yen.

Bonamici Racing

Electronic shifter

Bonamici Racing in Italy has developed this new electronic shifter system, controlled by a micro-processor which senses the gear change. The case is machined from solid aluminium and anodised black, the LCD display is protected by a PMMA panel with aluminium buttons. The sensor cover can be anodised in various colours. Each kit includes model-specific wiring plug-in for each bike. Bonamici, Italy; www.bonamiciracing.it


Houston Amo II jacket

This black and white leather jacket is a new colour option for one of Furygan's best selling CE approved products.
The main external material is 1.4 mm full grain leather and features include Furygan's "Skin Protect" lining, approved by their R&D (Motion Lab) to reinforce leather products against tearing and abrasion.
It comes with D30 homologated protectors for elbows, shoulders and back (1621-2 level 1 central back type homologated back protector fitted as standard), which are said to offer full protection without restricting comfort and freedom of movement. The back protector pocket is compatible with the "Full Back" type level 2 D30 back protector, available as an added option. Areas exposed to abrasion in a crash are reinforced with triple stitching.
The jacket has a touring fit with optimal wind protection thanks to a longer back and removable thermal padded lining with aluminium inserts for maximum protection against the cold. The waterproof treated leather construction has two elastic belt-mounted connecting zips, four pockets, waist adjusters and high tenacity BiStretch inserts.


Mitas Moto

Terra Force-R

Czech tyre manufacturer Mitas has introduced the Terra Force-R, a new radial dual purpose tyre, and new off-road tread patterns for rally (E-12 and E-13), trials (ET-01 X-PRO) and flat-track (FT-18).

The Terra Force-R is an "excellent choice for riders of adventure motorcycles”, said Ksenija Bitenc, Managing Director for Mitas Moto.
A radial dual purpose tyre with a more street oriented tread pattern, the Terra Force-R is said to offer "excellent traction on wet or dry roads and outstanding performance on light off-road surfaces. Special emphasis is made on durability and stable performance of the tyre through its entire lifetime. With optimised block design, Terra Force-R ensures great straight-line stability".
The E-12 (front) and E-13 (rear) tread patterns are said to be designed for extreme motorcycle rally riding, such as the Dakar. At the moment the front tyre is available in 90/90-21 and rear tyre in 140/80-18 – and Mitas says that both tyres were successfully tested in the extra hard conditions of North Africa's deserts.

The ET-01 X-PRO is a new version rear trials racing tyre. A new construction of carcass and use of extra soft tread compound is said to give excellent grip and riding properties in a wide range of terrains.
The FT-18 is a new tread pattern for professional Flat Tracking. It is available in 27x7-19 4PR (front) and 27.5x7.5-19 4PR (rear) in two versions - MH for middle to hard tracks (red stripe) and MS for middle to soft tracks (green stripe). A 120/70-17 NHS is available for small motorcycles.


Scorpion Exhaust

Updated 'Serket' parallel slip-on


British exhaust manufacturer Scorpion's Serket parallel slip-on exhaust has now been upgraded to fit OE panniers on Suzuki's GSX 1250 FA . Available in brushed stainless steel, carbon fibre and satin titanium, silencer sleeve finishes feature a "unique precision formed 6-facet profile and an Aerospace derived multi-composite Claw Contoured" outlet, tempered/fused sleeve seam with compression coined ends, and GP style double spring mounts.

Also seen here, their 'Serket' tapered silencer for the Ducati Scrambler is available in brushed stainless steel, carbon fibre and satin titanium. The company says that "as well as increased performance and a smoother power curve, a huge weight saving of up to 4.6 kg is made over the standard exhaust".



Touratech 'Competition Line' sportsbike suspension kits

The new 'Competition Line' suspension range from Touratech is designed to "provide ambitious amateur racers with the equipment they need for fast lap times".
The company says that their ready-to-fit complete kits for forks and shock absorbers bring road-going superbike suspension systems "up to a winning standard", and that in the future the aim is for the range to offer options for all the major supersports models.
"Our Competition Line is designed to appeal to ambitious racers who want the perfect suspension so they can squeeze every last drop of performance out of their bike", says Lars W├╝rdemann, Head of Suspension at Touratech.
Kits for the BMW S 1000 RR and Suzuki GSX-R 1000 are already at an advanced stage of development. For the BMW, there will be both a mechanically adjustable variant and an electronic version of the suspension kit for bikes with factory-fitted DDS. "Ever since our revolutionarily simple solution with 'Plug & Travel' components for BMW's ESA and DDA models in the Adventure segment, it has been a standard feature of Touratech Suspension products that customers do not need to make any improvised modifications – all the original plug connectors are retained and used", W├╝rdemann says.

Touratech's Jo Glaser, suspension Product Manager, left, with Tom Glazemakers of Tractive Suspension, development partners for the Touratech suspension programme

Having successfully tested components on a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 at the Sachsenring racing circuit, Touratech Suspension has taken an important step towards expanding the range of 'Competition Line' suspension kits to include Japanese superbikes. "Our fork cartridges work on the 'closed cartridge' principle, delivering a massive improvement in performance, especially on the Japanese super sportsbikes with their big-piston forks.
"You simply swap out the original standard fork internals and fit the cartridges. Because their internal friction is substantially lower, the handling feels more precise. In addition, three parameters – spring preload, compression and rebound damping (each on one side of the fork) – have a far wider range of adjustment than the factory product. The damping performance remains constant over a much longer period of time".