Thursday, 1 September 2016


TecMate new product blitz continues

Internationally respected battery charger, maintenance system and accessory manufacturer TecMate has already unveiled several new products this year. Now their “innovation blitz” continues with a whole range of new products and updates to established top-sellers due for unveiling at this year’s INTERMOT Expo at Cologne, Germany, in October, many of which are already available.

Their popular and powerful OptiMate 6 and 7 Select now features a unique touch sensor button that allows 14.4 or 14.7V charge voltage selection to set up multi-step, temperature compensated charging for guaranteed power delivery from modern AGM batteries. The 13.6V DC power supply supports the battery during extended troubleshooting, with a number of software updates provided to ensure operational stability.

The most powerful product in the state-of-the-art OptiMate Lithium line-up, the OptiMate LFP Select delivers an Ampmatic controlled charge of 9.5A at 12.8V or 7.5A at 16V for those racers who want to squeeze every drop of power from their ignition system.
The OptiMate MONITOR O-126 fits the standard cigar/auto sockets that are found on KTM, Yamaha and Harley-Davidson motorcycles and many ATVs. The 4 LED smart monitor indicates battery status during storage and confirms vehicle charging system operation while the engine is running.

Martin Human, TecMate’s CEO, says: “As a company that designs all our own products, we know that new introductions and continuous improvement is essential in keeping us ahead of the game. We have over the years introduced many new concepts into powersport, some of which have become the ‘go to’ products in their sector. It’s not only my opinion, ask our customers, including those who co-brand our OptiMate products”!


UK motorcycle registrations

UK motorcycle registrations +6.94 percent for January – July

The latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in the UK (MCIA) shows that new motorcycle registrations for July were down a little, by -0.91 percent (10,620 units), but are still running at +6.94 percent for the first seven months of 2016 (71,623 units - the best for the January through July period in the UK since before 2009).

New moped registrations were down by -21.76 percent on low volume in July (719 units) and down by -7.57 percent for the year-to-date (4,862 units so far in 2016).
Total PTW registrations were -2.61 percent in July (10,979 units), but are +5.88 percent for the year-to-date (76,979, also the highest first seven-month market performance in the UK since before 2009).
The Trail/Enduro, Scooter, Custom and Adventure Sports markets continue to be the strongest growing sectors of the UK market so far this year, at +14.5 percent (3,799 units), +11.4 percent (15,151 units), +9.6 percent (6,456 units) and +9.2 percent (12,049 units) respectively.
The small displacement scooter market is -8.1 percent for the YTD (4,440 units). The largest market in the UK so far for this year are ‘Naked’ style bikes (21,317 units, +8.2 percent), but the traditionally strong UK Supersports market is -4.4 percent YTD at 8,524 units.
The highest selling motorcycle model in the UK in July was Yamaha’s MT-10 (255 units); market share leader in July was Yamaha (1,838 units), followed by Honda (1,686 units), Lexmoto (1,086 units), Triumph (759 units) and Kawasaki (619 units); BMW was sixth with 596 units sold in the UK in July.

Australian motorcycle sales

Australian motorcycle sales +3.5 percent January – June 2016

The Australian motorcycle and ATV market grew strongly in the first half of 2016, with the latest sales figures from the FCAI Motorcycle Group (the motorcycle industry trade association in Australia) revealing a +3.5 per cent increase over the same period last year.

The ongoing appeal of ATV and SxS (Side by Side) vehicles, specifically for farm and agricultural use but also recreationally, was strongly evident with 11,164 of these four-wheeled vehicles sold, +3.6 per cent more than in the first half of 2015.
The hugely diversified motorcycle market, with its myriad of models from cruisers to café racers, super-motards to motorcrossers, maintained strong momentum overall. The off-road motorcycle market rose +4.3 per cent over the first six months of 2016, while the road bike market increased +4.4 per cent. The only decline was in the scooter market, which fell -11 per cent compared with the same period last year.
Japan’s Big Four of motorcycle manufacturers maintained their strong overall market presence. Honda was the leading volume manufacturer again (with 23.2 percent of the market), followed by Yamaha (with 20.1 percent), and Kawasaki (10.1 percent). Suzuki and Harley-Davidson had an 8.9 percent share each.
The Chief Executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tony Weber, said that the diversity of models, affordability, and the ability of manufacturers to produce machines to cater for such a wide range of applications were key ingredients to the market’s continued growth.
“Road bikes accounted for almost half of the new motorcycle market, holding a 43.4 percent share. Off-road motorcycles accounted for 31.2 per cent, ATVs for 21.2 percent and scooters for the remaining 4.2 percent.”
Harley-Davidson was again the top seller in the road motorcycle market, selling 20.4 percent of the 22,921 road motorcycles sold between January and June 2016; followed closely by Honda, which sold 19.6 percent, Yamaha third with 15.4 percent, Kawasaki (11.5 percent) and BMW (7.3).
Yamaha maintained its lead in the off-road motorcycle market, selling 29 percent of the 16,492 motorcycles sold. It was followed by Honda (24.9 percent), KTM (16.3), Kawasaki (12.5) and Suzuki (11.3).
Honda led the ATV segment with a 28.8 percent share, followed by Polaris (24.4 percent), Yamaha (19.1), BRP (11.3) and Suzuki (10.6).
In a declining scooter market, Piaggio continued its sales lead with a 23.4 percent share of the total 2,205 units sold. Vespa came in second with 21.7 percent, Honda third (19.4 percent), Aprilia (9.4) and Suzuki (9.1).

Parts Europe

ICON ‘Airmada’

New from Parts Europe, the ICON ‘Airmada’ is a fully featured full-face helmet, made in four different low profile injection moulded polycarbonate shell sizes with a five-size energy absorbing dual density, long, oval headform EPS liner.

Weighing in at between 1,530 and 1,660 g, the ‘Airmada’ is light for its class and features include several proprietary ICON developments such as the recessed twin-channel SuperVent system, which has been refined for the ‘Airmada’ to offer even more adjustable ventilation and exhaust porting across the helmet. The new Ventral Primary intake improves the cooling airflow, with effort and attention to detail invested into the ergonomics and function of venting controls that are designed and positioned to make adjustments while riding quick and easy.

Further features include a fully removable, washable Hydradry moisture wicking interior and a redesigned shield system that offers improved visibility, plus a new ProLock rapid release shield removal system that allows the fog-free ICON Optics shield to be changed in a fraction of a second. This “cutting-edge system” allows selection of the right shield for the conditions, all of which produce an “unrivalled distortion-free line of sight”.
The Airmada meets D.O.T. FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), SAI AS1698 (Australia) and PSC (Japan) helmet safety standards.



SKF kits reduce friction and power loss, prolong bearing life

Italian distributor INNTECK is celebrating a great victory for their sponsored rider, Giacomo Redondi of the Honda Red Moto World Enduro Team, who has already won the EJ class of the Enduro World Championship – with nearly half the season still to go.

His bike, a RED-MOTO CRF450R, is equipped with a special version of the Rekluse automatic clutch distributed by INNTECK, the CoreEXP Torq Drive. This special version of the product will be released next year. American manufacturer Rekluse has always been respected for developing and testing leading technologies, and this is a “further demonstration of how their technologies perform with the best riders and teams in the world and under the most severe conditions”, says INNTECK Director Maurizio Prati.
Redondi’s CRF450R Enduro also benefited from products made in Sweden by SKF - products such as a removable mud scraper kit to reduce fork seal contamination, fork seal kits developed to achieve superior sealing performance and a wheel seal kit to reduce friction, increase service intervals and prolong bearing life.

The SKF fork mud scraper kit effectively cleans dried mud from the stanchion, providing enhanced water and dirt protection, reducing wear on the fork seals, and delivering reduced and consistent friction, which extends their life and performance. Easily installed “in field” without fork or wheel removal, it has been developed to withstand heavy contamination and operate with a long stroke and at high speed.

SKF fork seal kits offer a low friction fork seal solution, which improves feel and comfort while increasing the rideability through better dirt exclusion – friction is reduced by over 20 percent.

SKF wheel seal kits are a low friction wheel seal solution withstanding harsh conditions, increasing the life of the bearing through increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and power loss.


Industrias Galfer

Oversize brake kit for R1200 GS LC

Spanish manufacturer Industrias Galfer has launched a new oversize front brake kit to improve braking performance of the popular BMW R 1200 GS LC (2013 and later).

The new brake kit increases the size of the front disc from 305mm to 320mm, increasing the braking power and cooling features. “If we add this to the great performance of the Galfer sintered brake pads, the new kit provides an unbeatable braking, especially in high-powered motorcycles like the BMW R 1200 GS LC”, the company says.

The kit includes the renowned laser-cut, high-carbon stainless steel Galfer “Wave Disc”, a patented design which is said to reduce the weight by up to 25% (compared with the original round discs), sinter brake pads and the brackets for the caliper.
This user-friendly kit allows replacing of the original discs and pads without modifications and includes everything needed to adapt the OE caliper.



Technical T-shirt

Hevik has introduced a new technical T-Shirt design that incorporates the brand’s base layer technology “to give the optimal level of insulation and breathability for your skin”.
Made from a fibre mix of 90% Dryarn with added Resistex Carbon and Elastan, and featuring seamless technology, Hevik say “we assure you that your skin will feel the difference, especially when riding for hours or if racing your sportsbike in summer with a leather racing suit”.
Dryarn is an extremely lightweight, high-performance microfibre that is said to be more insulating than wool, with an elevated breathability factor. It regulates the flow of perspiration, wicking away moisture and heat and keeping the skin dry. At the same time its low thermal conductivity gives better insulation from the external climate and works to insulate from external factors while dissipating internal heat.
Resistex Carbon is obtained by uniting textile yarn with a continuous filament of conductive material based on active carbon. It is 100% natural and does not contain chemicals. “In our T-shirt it helps to dissipate static electricity, protects against UV rays, adds an anti-bacterial effect and accelerates evaporation of perspiration”.
Elastan is a polyurethane synthetic fibre used to provide elasticity to fabrics.

HEVIK S.r.l.


MT-10 options

LeoVince has developed a new line of exhaust systems for the Yamaha MT-10, the ‘Factory’ S. The exhaust is available with either a stainless steel or a carbon fibre sleeve, both featuring “an aggressive sound and style”.

In the stainless steel version the AISI 304 stainless steel muffler body with TIG welding is tapered with square lines and comes in different lengths, depending on the application.
In the carbon fibre version the muffler body is entirely made in twill HS–12K carbon fibre with a matt finishing.
The company says that the effect is that of “a massive but elegant exhaust system, perfect for installation on a vehicle that wants to stand out in looks and style”.
The muffler is equipped with an aerodynamic inlet with dual spring attachment, to improve anchorage to the pipework. At the rear, the muffler has a carbon end cap with a dual asymmetric cut, outwards and downwards, which determines the right and left version, further customising the bike.
The exhaust pipe is fixed to the frame via a carbon fibre clamp equipped with a rubber vibration damping element; for the new Yamaha MT-10 a specific 100% carbon fibre heat shield is also provided.

The stainless steel version has “an outstanding feature in the logo: the laser etched LeoVince logo emerges from a footprint carved in the muffler body. This background creates a touch of original style by tattooing the steel with the LeoVince signature.
“In the carbon version, LeoVince stands out with a brilliant, high temperature die-cut aluminium sticker, which breaks the dark tones of the carbon fibre”.
For the new Yamaha MT-10 a kat eliminator mid-pipe is also available, exclusively for racing use, which is compatible with both LeoVince and original exhausts.