Friday, 14 July 2017

Blackstone TEK

BST celebrates 15 years as carbon fibre wheel pioneer

Leading carbon fibre wheel manufacturer Blackstone TEK (BST) of Johannesburg in South Africa is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Founded in 2002 by Gary Turner and Terry Annecke, the company almost single-handedly created the volume production carbon wheels market, and as such has had quite an influence on the race and custom motorcycle industries. 

The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 2003, audited by the German TUV and JWL and DOT E certified, and BST is indeed the only OEM certified supplier of carbon fibre wheels in the world and the biggest aftermarket supplier.
The winner of multiple international awards, BST has over 25,000 wheels in the market worldwide, offers four different styles of wheels in sizes ranging from 12” to 23” and offers over 200 individual fitments for 20 different manufacturers.

Gary Turner and Terry Annecke started Blackstone Tec in 2002

BST’s latest success has been with Ducati’s new 1299 Superleggera, said to be the first ever factory bike to be equipped with carbon fibre wheels, with BST’s design and technology saving 26% weight at the front and 44% at the rear.

“To lighten the load by 3.1 lbs and provide a reduction in rolling resistance, Ducati forsakes aluminium wheels for BST carbon fibre wheels to enhance the performance of this superb superbike,” says Gary Turner.
“A traditional metal wheel manufacturer uses one wheel per test – our wheels are engineered to withstand four tests - cornering fatigue, radial fatigue, torsional fatigue and impact testing - all using the same one wheel,” Gary explained.
BST employ some 50 plus people at their 4,800 sq m (approx. 51,500 sq ft) facility and have exported their wheels “to just about everywhere in the world, including Kazakhstan…basically everywhere that has a motorcycle community.”
Finally, BST says: “Contact us this July for more information on specials and promotions for our 15th birthday.”


Suzuki unit sales down by -6.2 percent for 2016-2017 fiscal

Suzuki has announced that on a Group basis its motorcycle sales in Europe for its financial year 2016-2017 (the period ended March 31st 2017) were down by -6.2 percent at 45,000 units, with the final quarter (the first three months of 2017 down by -28.1 percent at 7,000 units.

However, the company is forecasting +18.1 percent growth for 2017-2018 at 53,000 units.
North American unit sales were down by -30 percent for the 12 month period at 32,000 units and down by -44.9 percent at 7,000 units for the first three months of 2017.
Asian sales were -8.1 percent for the year at 1,039,000 units, but +5.3 percent (278,000 units) for the first three months of 2017. Domestic Japanese sales were +24.1 percent at 17,000 units for the first three months of 2017, and +1.5 percent for the full financial year at 62,000 units.
Total worldwide sales (including ATVs) were -0.3 percent for the period January to March 2017 at 351,000 units (4,000 ATVs) and -8.9 percent at 1,367,000 units (18,000 ATVs) for the full financial year.

MIW oil filters

MIW micropore filtration technology

Developed in Shizuoka, Japan, for use with OEM applications and as aftermarket performance replacements, MIW oil filters use a “Multi Stage Filtration” process to ensure the removal of all hazardous particles and impurities from the engine oil. MIW designs also incorporate an oil pressure stabiliser system to provide a smooth flow of cleaner and more refined oil to the engine. 

“MIW oil filters are produced with a vision to provide the highest standards required by modern motorcycles. The chosen method of filtration is resin impregnated micropore paper, using a high-grade cotton linter fibre, to give unparalleled durability during filtration.”

The cotton linter element is composed of fibre strands of varying thicknesses, with thicker strands on the outer wall of the filter, to catch larger metallic particles and thinner strands inside them, making up the inner wall “to catch even the smallest particles.” This multi-strand microscopic fibre technology is said to “provide superb porosity for oil flow, even after contamination.”
Also known as ‘Meiwa’, the MIW brand has been a leader in filter technology from the early 1970s and one of the “world’s most appreciated oil and air filter product lines for motorcycles. Today MIW is set to become stronger than ever with a new range of oil and air filtration products for all popular makes and models of motorcycles.
“To choose MIW as your filtration partner is to choose one of the most experienced brands in the filtration market.”


Cross-Center International

Swedish made MX and street bike spokes available worldwide

Swedish motocross specialist Cross-Center International are looking for distributors for what owner Torbjörn Bergh says is the “largest assortment of motocross spoke sets in the world.”

Manufactured in-house by Cross-Center, all their spokes are made of Swedish stainless material with all coloured nipples made of aluminium and anodised. “We have a wide range of different spoke nipples in terms of material choices such as steel, brass and aluminium, in terms of size options and in terms of different surface treatments such as brass or aluminium only, zinc, nickel plated or anodised.
“Through the years we have bought and tested all the other spokes we can find on the market and know that ours are definitely made from the strongest stainless material available. Not only is ours the largest assortment available for motocross applications, but we also make spokes for off-road, street bikes and vintage bikes.
“If we do not have the spokes a distributor or dealer needs, then simple – we make them to order, and they will meet or exceed OE specifications in just the same way all our spokes do.

“All our spokes are made as exact as possible to OEM specifications and are sold as replacement spokes. Some spokes may have a different length, bend or angle, but when assembled they will fit the wheel perfectly.

Torbjörn Bergh: “Our motocross spokes are tested to be the strongest available
on the international market”

“Our steel spoke wire has a tensile strength of 1450 Nm and a yield strength of 1350 Nm, and we include nickel plated steel spoke nipples in the price of a spoke or spoke set. All we need to know is the rim size that the spoke set fit, the length and diameter of the spokes in the set, how many spokes there are in the set, where each spoke should be on the wheel (right, left, inner or outer), what kind of nipple is required (there are extensive options on our website) and, as a reference, the OEM article number that is being replaced.”
Cross-Center also offers natural or anodised colour finished hubs and rims and a big selection of motocross brake discs.




New ‘LV Pro’ and ceramic matt ‘Black Edition’ finish options

Exhaust specialist LeoVince has added to its new products for 2017 with two new ‘LV Pro’ options joining the GP Duals and Classic Racer designs presented at EICMA 2016.

LV Pro full carbon
LV Pro “Titanium Look”

The options are AISI 304 stainless steel with a sandblasted “Titanium Look” finish with carbon fibre end cap, and lightweight full carbon, which are “the result of our research into the best materials and craftsmanship”, says Marketing Manager Stefano Patelli. “It sports a new aggressive and racing look with its "Shark Cut" end cap, which, combined with the small size of the slip-on, enhances the aesthetics of the bike”.
Applications include selected Euro 3 Yamaha models such as the MT-25/03 and YZF R25/R3, and Euro 4 models such as the Ducati Multistrada 1200s D/Air and the Kawasaki Z900.

GP Style

LeoVince’s new ‘Black Edition’ matt finish is a temperature resistant ceramic coating. 


 LeoVince’s new ‘Black Edition’ is a matt black finish made using a highly temperature resistant ceramic painting process.
Patelli explains that “all our ‘Black Edition’ exhausts are entirely handmade and TIG welded with the best AISI 304 stainless steel. The attention to detail in the construction of unique products has always been central to the LeoVince DNA”.
The finish is available for several of LeoVince’s designs, such as their fully EU compliant torque and horsepower-improving ‘GP Style’ pipes, CE approved ‘GranTurismo’ stainless steel heat shield equipped silencer and link pipe exhausts, CE approved ‘TT’ top of the range scooter exhausts and CE approved ‘X-Fight’ silencers for a wide range of makes and model.


Pyramid Plastics

New KTM 1290 Superduke R and GT hugger

British bodywork and accessories specialist Pyramid Plastics have just launched a brand-new replacement hugger design for KTM’s 1290 Superduke R and GT. Available in a sleek Hydro-Dipped Carbon Look finish, it is available with their exclusive hugger extension in matt black for those wanting extra protection at the rear of the bike. 

This simple to install hugger is mounted in exactly the same way as the OEM item, and keeps the rear brake lines safely housed within the chain guard as standard.
Pyramid’s new Hydro-Dipped Carbon Look finish “really stands out and sets the bike apart from the rest”, says Export Sales Manager Adam Bowser. “We ship worldwide, so this and any product from our huge line is available direct from us in the UK. The hugger extension itself is also available separately, and is designed specifically to fit the OEM hugger”.


National Cycle

Polycarbonate VStreams for
KTM adventure models

National Cycle has just released four new VStream windscreens in three sizes and tints for KTM’s 2014-16 1050 Adventure, 2017 1090 Adventure/R and 2014-16 1190 Adventure/R models. 

Three sizes mean “there is a perfectly sized windscreen for almost every rider. All will offer improved wind protection and riding comfort compared to other aftermarket windscreens”, says CEO Barry Willey.
VStream gets its name from its unique patented shape - the advanced 'V' profile and dimensional contours push the wind vortex out and away from the rider's helmet, resulting in less turbulence and noise.

These VStream windscreens are made from tough FMR hardcoated polycarbonate. This high quality material, along with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, provides “outstanding clarity and strength characteristics unmatched by any windscreen maker worldwide. Optically, the VStream windscreen is clear with virtually no distortion”.
Willey says that FMR hardcoated VStream polycarbonate windscreens are 3 times more scratch resistant and 20 times more crack/impact resistant than other aftermarket windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic or "aircraft plastic". All polycarbonate windscreens from National Cycle are protected by a 3-year warranty against breakage.


Twin Air

Foam filter protection for ‘Africa Twin’

Dutch foam filter technology specialist Twin Air has released a new pre-oiled foam dual-stage air filter application for Honda’s CRF1000L ‘Africa Twin’.

Twin Air General Manager Pieter Does explained that “with adventure bikes, indeed with all off-road riding, dirt in the air cleaner is a major problem. Our new foam air filter media solution gives the bike improved performance and better and more reliable protection, ensuring that the power is there when it is needed.
“Our new Twin Air filters for adventure bikes are dyno and field tested by three-time Motocross World Champion David Thorpe [seen here]. These new filters give the ‘Africa Twin’ almost two more horsepower at peak performance – everyone can see the dyno test results for themselves at our website.

“The Honda ‘Africa Twin’ uses two air filters – one each on the left and right side of the bike. Our new Twin Air solution offers two filter frames, including pre-oiled air filters. The air filters are easy to remove – simply by opening the filter frames – and can be cleaned and reused many times or replaced without buying another complete kit.”