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Italian new motorcycle registrations

Italy: New motorcycle registrations +11.53 percent YTD

According to the latest data released by ANCMA (the Milan based motorcycle industry trade association for Italy), the Italian motorcycle market is bucking the trend seen in much of Europe, with new motorcycle registrations up by +6.72 percent in November (at 3,130 units) despite the Euro 3 issue, and were +34.59 percent in October, +13.40 percent in September and +35.14 percent in August 2017.

They are running at +11.53 percent for the year-to-date at 80,619 units YTD.
Allowing for mopeds and low cc scooters, overall PTW registrations in Italy were +4.18 percent in November (8,401 units), having been +22.59 percent in October (13,909 units), -0.51 percent (16,371 units) in September and +13.49 percent (11,729 units) in August 2017.
They are running at +7.78 percent for the year to date at 199,637 units.
Scooter sales in Italy are +5.37 percent for the period January to November at 119,018 units. Honda’s SH 150/300/125 variants are the top-sellers (30,018 units YTD between them); followed by Piaggio’s Beverly 300 ABS (7,236 units), Yamaha XMax 300 (5,224 units) and the Kymco Agility 125 R16 (4,308 units).
For 2016 motorcycle registrations in Italy were +21.49 percent at 75,936 units, a third straight year of growth; total PTW registrations were +13.26 percent for the full year at 193,814 units - also a third straight year of growth (the Italian market having fallen to a low of 153,933 total PTW registrations in 2013). Scooter registrations were +117.88 percent for 2016 at 117,814 units.


Back again - Bultaco signing dealers for new breed of crossover bikes

The legendary Spanish off-road motorcycle brand Bultaco has a storied place in motorcycle history. From humble beginnings by the ex Montesa race team under the ownership of former senior Montesa Director Francesc ‘Paco’ Bulto, the company was established as a direct response to Montesa’s decision to pull out of racing.

Brinco R

Alberto (Urban Moto-Bike)

From 1959 the company made mostly air-cooled two-stroke singles in Barcelona until the factory closed for a second and final time in 1983.
The first model was the 125cc Tralla 101 in 1959, and with long distance speed records in the 1960s, World Championships in the 1970s, including eight consecutive World Trials Championships thanks to Sammy Miller’s help in developing their lightweight two-strokes to counter the four-stroke dominance in trails riding up to that point, Bultaco built a huge fan base in Europe, the USA and elsewhere – their best known model being the Sherpa T.
The name made a comeback in the 1990s, when Marc Tessier bought the rights and sold Bultaco branded bikes built at his Sherco factory in France before retiring the name in 2001. Since then the rights to the brand lay dormant.

 “robust off-road and urban-proof chassis configurations”

However, in 2010 a consortium led by Jorge Bonilla (as General Manager and VP Sales & Marketing) consolidated ownership of the rights to form a new Bultaco company, and after securing phase one capital of 20m euro, announced its comeback in London in 2014.
However, in 2010 an entrepreneurial team including first-rate international professionals, with whom Jorge Bonilla (current General Manager and VP Sales & Marketing) founded an engineering firm specialising in mechanical and electronic design, focused on developing its own patents. Three years later they consolidated the ownership of the rights to form a new Bultaco company, Bultaco Motors S.L., then, on May 17th 2014, Bultaco celebrated an emotional event in London to announce its return to the international motorcycle market.

Bultaco General Manager/Sales & Marketing VP Jorge Bonilla: “We are opening up an entirely new niche”

Headquartered in Madrid, the company has established a 2,000 sqm production facility where some 30 plus staff (out of a total company-wide team of 50 people, 20 of whom are engineers) started series production of a new range of the Moto-Bikes, Bultaco Brinco, in November 2015. The company has now sold over 2,000 bikes, mostly in Spain, UK and Benelux.

“we are targeting 1,000 sales outlets by 2021”

With financing of a stage II business plan also now secured and 116 dealerships (“Points of Sale”) already established in 24 countries, the new Bultaco company made its expo debut at EICMA this year, showcasing its growing range and successfully meeting new importers and distributors from right across Europe.
The new range includes two models, Brinco (off-road) and Albero (urban), in six versions, that demonstrate the same ground-breaking concept: the Moto-Bike. As Jorge describes it, the Moto-Bike sits between conventional motorcycles and bicycles in what he describes as “an entirely new class and sector of the market that is being defined, developed and established by our bikes and engineering. A hybrid solution getting the most out of both the motorcycles and bicycles.”

That new class features robust off-road and urban-proof chassis configurations with wheels, components and lithium-ion batteries that can “deliver many years of tough riding. Having proven our designs off road, the most demanding of markets, we are now ‘going downtown’ with the launch of the ‘Albero’, our second planned series production model.”
These new models are set to tap into the market’s zeitgeist at a time when mainstream motorcycle dealers are looking for entry level opportunities to get into light urban mobility, and when an entirely new generation of dealerships are opening up, shops catering specifically to the fast-growing new generation of urban riders.
“Our business model is to appoint importers to manage national distribution and brand support, but also to work directly with shops until we have found the best solutions on a market by market basis. However, we are taking it slowly, this is a serious long-term project, so we are not going to rush into relationships that can’t stand the test of time. We are looking for the right partners, not just any partners”, said Jorge when IDN met with him at EICMA.

“we can produce up to 25,000 bikes a year”

Price-points start at around 3,300 euro for the entry level Brinco R-B (net of taxes etc.), with registration and regulatory requirements generally quite light, depending on the market and the speed rating. Jorge says that the bikes have “class leading range and charge times” and “sufficient charge cycles so that most people will have replaced the bike before they feel the need to replace the battery.”
With an initial stocking commit that depends on the models, market and opportunity, Jorge says their business plan targets having some 1,000 sales outlets right across Europe by 2021.

With an initially cautious approach, production capacity shouldn’t be a problem. “Right now, we are just running one shift and one production line and can produce some 6,300 bikes a year on that basis. We can expand production to three shifts if we need to do so, and have the space for a second production line that we can eventually tool for new models and special editions for particular markets or even specific retailers.
“What we have tried to do is to be as faithful as possible to the spirit and values of the original brand, honouring the heritage and recognising the passions of the brand’s legions of enthusiasts.
“However, faced with a contemporary market much changed from where that heritage lived, we see our responsibility as creating a new chapter in the Bultaco story, based on the same design and engineering excellence, but anticipating where the demand and opportunities lie as we head towards the mid-21st century”.

New registrations in Germany

Germany: Motorcycles at -8.45 percent for the first 11 months

The latest statistics released by the German motorcycle industry trade association (IVM), for the period to the end of November 2017, are still affected by the year-ago rush to pre-register unsold 2016 Euro 3 inventory before the December 31 2016 deadline.
In motorcycle registration terms, the market was down by -22.46 percent on low volumes in November (2,527 units) having been down by -14.18 percent in October and -22.46 percent in September.

New registrations in Germany are running at -8.45 percent for the 11 months of the year to date, but allowing for the Euro 3 pre-registrations and other factors affecting dealer inventory and unit sales for 2017, the market is, in all probability, broadly ‘flat’ for 2017 so far, in the region between -2.5 and +2.5 percent in motorcycle sales terms.
Though heavily incentivised units, the Euro 3 models that were pre-registered in the final quarter of 2016 will still have been “new” machines as far as consumers were concerned and will have been sold during the first half of this year, artificially reducing the apparent market performance. The pre-registrations pushed the German 2016 statistics to show an artificially high +15.01 percent for the year, German new motorcycle registrations have been +5.59 percent and +10.75 percent for 2015 and 2014 respectively.
As is usual these days, BMW’s R 1200 GS continues its inexorable march towards global domination having sold 8,236 units YTD, leaving Yamaha’s MT-07 eating its dust in second with 3,459 units sold, followed by the Kawasaki Z 650 (2,635 units), Honda’s CRF 1000 ‘Africa Twin’ (2,534 units) and Kawasaki’s Z 900 (2,184 units).
With 7 models in the top 20 selling list it is again no surprise that BMW is motorcycle and total PTW market share leader so far this year in Germany, with 24,269 motorcycle units sold for a 24.55 percent increased market share. Honda is second (12,529 units sold for a 12.67 percent market share), with Yamaha third (10,759 units sold for a 10.88 percent market share) followed by Kawasaki, KTM, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Triumph, Suzuki and Husqvarna tenth.

EICMA 2017 review part 4

PBR Sprockets: Alessandro Palladino, President. The Bologna based sprockets specialist was among the sponsors who are celebrating 23-year-old Kiara Fontanesi’s 5th women’s MX World Championship in six years in 2017. Recent new products include C45T steel sprockets for Ducati models that offer the company’s dealers an alternative price-point to its Ergal alloy designs. The company says they feature the same quality control and precision CNC-machining, with an advanced induction tempering treatment ensuring improved reliability and increased durability;


SW-Motech: Recent new products from the Rauschenberg, Germany based manufacturer include its retro styled ‘Legend Gear’ luggage line for cruisers, additions to its TRAX ADV case system, luggage and protection options for the Ducati Scrambler and accessories for the BMW R1200GS;


Euro Racing: The Italian Yoshimura, K-Tech, Marolo Test, Carrillo and CP Pistons distributor’s own brand technical parts programme includes the AVIO 760 battery starter, racing clip-ons, electric starter and EVO 3 push-pull throttle;


Premier Helmets: Recent new products from the Italian manufacturer include the MX ‘retro’, which is described as “bringing 21st century manufacturing, materials and safety standards to a 1970s style shell shape (and other components) with graphics that recall the earliest days of MX racing. The external shell is moulded using DCA fibre, composed of carbon, Dyneema and aramidic fibre mixed with epoxy resin - a mix that “contributes to creating the strong but comfortable structure of the ECE 22-05 homologated MX”;


Yuasa: Theo den Hoed, Motorcycle Batteries Product Manager. It is always interesting to be reminded about the history of the market’s “majors”, and while the 2004 merger between Yuasa and GS Battery still feels like recent news to motorcycle industry “lifers”, the long-term history of both is being celebrated now as “100 Years of History” with “200 Years of Experience”. Japan Storage Battery and Yuasa Corporation, the predecessors of today’s GS Yuasa, are celebrating their 100th anniversaries in 2017 and 2018 - established in 1917 and 1918 respectively. That heritage now finds expression in a global corporation of 38 operating sites in 17 countries with 15,000 employees;

SHAD: The Barcelona based luggage manufacturer is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Founded and still owned by Jaume Xicola, and now operated by his son Jaume Xicola Serrano Jr, (seen here on the right with Bernat Font, Marketing Manager), SHAD has won multiple awards for its designs and respect for the quality of its manufacturing. In the 25 years since the business started with its original first 22 litre top case, more than 1,500 products have been developed. “Design and innovation have been the main values for SHAD,” said Jaume Xicola Jr. “With the development of new solutions for motorcycles and the registration of our own patents, three in the last three years alone, we have constantly focussed on R&D, and that commitment to design and technology was recognised this year with our international 2017 Red Dot Award for the SH58X and SH59X ‘Expandable Concept’. In addition to its 28,000 sq m Barcelona facility, where it employs some 190 personnel, the company has an extensive commercial network. It currently offers over 500 fitting kits and also has two production centres in China (Shanghai) and Indonesia (Jakarta), which allow it to give local supply and support to the company’s international operations – over half of its sales are in Europe, but Xicola says its Asian business is growing rapidly and that they sell in 80 countries in total. As well as selling to the replacement and retro-fit aftermarket through the SHAD trademark, parent company NAD SL is an OE supplier to many leading motorcycle manufacturers, including Yamaha, Honda, BMW, KTM, Piaggio and Kymco;


Newfren: Based near Turin, the company says its recently updated range of brake pads has 20 different compound options available to “guarantee the right quality, efficiency and performance for all braking needs”, offering its distributors and dealers access to a comprehensive range with coverage for most popular makes and models of on and off-road motorcycles and scooters; 

Termignoni: Founded in 1969 by Luigi Termignoni, race pedigree is etched into the legendary Italian exhaust manufacturer’s DNA. “The R&D department and facilities that designs and creates the racing products for MotoGP, Moto2 and SBK is the same that designs and develops our aftermarket systems, meaning that our distributors and their dealers have access to the same no compromise search for knowledge and quality in the street legal and performance exhausts they can sell that we are able to bring to the track for many of the world’s leading race teams”;

UK motorcycle registrations

UK motorcycle registrations
-15.47 percent YTD

The latest data released by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) in the UK show new motorcycle registrations in November down by -18.64 percent (5,725 units), having been -13.65 percent in October (6,686 units), -24.04 percent (11,276 units) in September and -18.54 percent in August.

On a year to date basis the UK market is -15.47 percent (92,016 units).
Moped sales were -6.04 percent on low volumes in November and are running at -18.91 percent year-to-date (6,415 units).
In total PTW terms the UK was down -17.74 percent in November (6,238 units in total) and running at -15.70 percent YTD (98,431 units).
However, as elsewhere in Europe the statistics are misleading, due to the Euro 3 inventory pre-registration issue. British Dealer News recently reported MCIA CEO Tony Campbell as saying that when the Euro 3/Euro 4 impacts are taken in to consideration then he thinks the real picture for the UK market this year will be ‘flat’, if not slightly up on 2016, at around 107,000 to 110,000 units. That unit estimate now looks a little on the high side.
‘Naked’ style bikes remain the most popular in the UK at 29,275 units YTD, which is relative growth compared to other styles of bike, at -10.2 percent in a motorcycle market that is said to be down by down -15.47 percent overall. Adventure Sport Models (17,556 units YTD, the second most popular style of motorcycle in the UK) are up by +1.7 percent as they take sales from elsewhere. The UK scooter market has seen sales drop by -29.1 percent YTD (17,632 units) and the historically dominant Supersport market is down -26.0 percent (9,057 units YTD).
Honda was overall market share leader in November (motorcycles and scooters), having sold 1,129 units, followed by Yamaha (822), KTM (432) and Triumph (396).
The MCIA reports that the total number of road registered motorcycles in use has continued to grow with the latest available figures putting the number of “regular users of PTWs” at 1.445 million units in total, a nine-year high.
In 2016 UK motorcycle registrations were + 13.52 percent (118,990 units), a fifth straight year of growth for the UK market and the best annual market performance since before 2008. In total PTW terms the UK market was +11.86 percent for 2016 at 127,702 units - a third straight year of growth and also the highest annual market performance since before 2008.


USB chargers and the art of ergonomics

In an era in which creature comforts and rider conveniences are at a premium, why is it that the positioning of a 12V power socket is often an afterthought for many motorcycle manufacturers? For TecMate, delivering powerful and reliable USB chargers that fit well and are positioned conveniently, and won’t kill the motorcycle battery, are major considerations. 

The most recent offering, the OptiMate USB O-115, is a great fit for Triumph and Ducati Multistrada Enduro models. The popular O-105 90° dual 3300mA USB charger has been designed to fit BMWs and other motorcycles that have their 12V power socket fitted on a side panel or on the side of the motorcycle.
The new O-115 in-line (or 180°) version came about when TecMate realised that the position of the 12V socket on Triumph Tiger 800 motorcycles (for example), tucked into the centre of the steering assembly next to the ignition key socket, limits space for a plugged in USB charger and cables – it simply isn’t ergonomic, increasing the chances that it catches or touches the steering bar assembly when turned hard right during parking lot manoeuvres. 

Enter the O-115 in-line, with the USB charger body moving the USB sockets and inserted cables out of the way. Sometimes it is the small things that make the big difference! It’s also the perfect solution on motorcycles such as the Ducati Multistrada Enduro, which has its 12V power socket tightly tucked into a corner on the front dash.
The O-115 delivers 3300mA of USB charging power through two sockets lined with a unique weatherproof seal and cap system – TecMate say that you can plug in any USB cable and the connection is rendered instantly waterproof. The microprocessor-controlled motorcycle battery protection senses if the motorcycle has been parked, allowing up to 3 hours of charging before shutting down, or, if it senses the motorcycle battery is down to 50% charge, it shuts down immediately.
TecMate CEO/CTO Martin Human described the USB charger strategy by saying “we cannot control where the motorcycle companies decide to put their power sockets, but we can give their customers a USB charger that delivers a user-friendly solution that speaks to the real world circumstances in which they do their miles. This thinking has brought about a number of innovative solutions, and we have more to come.”



F20K hydraulic fork cartridge kit
Conventional and inverted suspension choices

Italian suspension specialist Matris is offering a hydraulic fork cartridge kit that completely replaces all the existing fork internals in conventional front fork set-ups.
The F20K is a D.20 mm hydraulic cartridge, with a 12 mm piston rod in aluminium alloy, with anti-friction lapping and oxidation surface treatment.

Fitted with a hydraulic flow control dedicated shim stack, the anti-cavitation billet aluminium, surface anodised, CNC-machined quad valves are configured in an asymmetrical system – with compression adjustment in one leg, rebound in the other, and spring preload in both legs.
It will fit on all original forks equipped with original adjustable or non-adjustable cartridges without modifications for a fully serviceable, fully reversible installation.
The fork kit is supplied with a set-up specific fluid and a set of linear springs in Si-Cr alloy steel, available in different rates, specifically for different bike models and the rider’s weight for a totally custom suspension install.
Also seen here for inverted (USD/upside down) forks, the F43SP is a complete pressurised fork (for the most popular 600 and 1000cc models) that is equipped with Matris’ internal F25 sealed and pressurised cartridge system.

F43SP pressurised fork
Available in standard chromed, gold (TIN/Titanium Nitride treatment) or full black (DLC/Diamond Like Carbon treatment), the 43 mm chromed steel inner tube installs in a 50/54 or 50/55 mm black oxide treated aluminium alloy outer tube with a fork lower CNC-machined from a solid billet of aluminium alloy with 100 or 108 mm radial caliper bracket.
Features include compression, rebound and spring preload adjustment, with “Speed Sensitive System” damping that responds to the damping speed of the advanced hydraulic sealed and pressurised cartridge.



Race-bred LeoVince LV-10

The LV-10 is a slip-on that Italian exhaust specialist LeoVince developed in collaboration with Moto2 and Moto3 teams and “comes directly from our experience in MotoGP and SBK racing”.

“We designed an exhaust system with extremely compact dimensions to grant maximum weight reduction, the best performance and the unmistakable LeoVince racing sound,” says LeoVince’s Stefano Patelli.
The LV-10 is manufactured entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, the LV-10 body sports a matt titanium look finish and a laser-etched LeoVince logo.

“For those who love the dark tones, we also developed the ‘LV-10 Black Edition’ with its matt black finish. The rear stainless steel mesh embellishes the sandblasted end cap to give it an extreme racing look”.
Internally, a high thermal resistance (900 °C) fibreglass wool is applied with the use of a single proprietary and volumised yarn, to allow the sound-absorbing material to expand freely without the fibres losing integrity - this is said to greatly increase durability. It comes with a precision laser-cut bracket.
Currently available for ZX-10R Ninja (low and high mount), Z-900, YZF 1000 R1, MT-10 models and Ducati’s Scrambler 800 ‘Desert Sled’.


Monday, 18 December 2017

MCF - Airoh


‘Executive’ modular/crossover
helmet with P/J approvals

The Airoh ‘Executive’ helmet “has redefined the features of the full-face helmet as it can transform into a jet and a full-face thanks to the P/J double homologation, offering safety without compromises”.

Airoh says that while the chin guard of all the other modular helmets it has seen on the market has to be taken off and then put into a bag, with the ‘Executive’ the rider just has to press two glove-friendly side buttons to swivel their patented chin bar (“CHS” - Chin Guard Holder System) and house it on the back of the shell, without interference with airflow. 

The equally ergonomic, retractable Pinlock equipped sun visor is also easily operated, flows effortlessly in eight positions and features button-free control from the middle.
The company says that the HRT (Highly Resistant Thermoplastic) ‘Executive’ shell was tested for three months in several different weather and environmental conditions, and “the results were outstanding” with it “fitting very well, the comfortable lining not compromised by the twin-modes of the helmet and with the visor offering an exceptional view”.
The ‘Executive’ “represents an innovative variation in the modular/crossover helmet segment and stands out for comfort, great manufacturing details, good aerodynamics and its usability”.


MCF - Stylmartin

‘Matrix’ touring boot

At EICMA Stylmartin unveiled this new leather touring boot, specifically created for long-range touring and on/off-road use, with a black anodised metal toecap and screw kit for easy attachment to the outer sole.

The snug fitting PPE certified  ‘Matrix’ is waterproof with “an excellent level of protection”. It has a charcoal grey two-tone effect leather upper, stitched to a Vibram sole, with an anatomic and exchangeable footbed. 

The boot is closed using two adjustable, self-blocking levers, assisted by an upper hook and eye adjustment. Other features include a waterproof and breathable lining, armour on both sides of the ankle and a protective strip for the shin and calf bone. The brand logo is heat-printed, and the boot complies with the EN 13634:2015 European standard.

MCF - Davida

Davida KOURA full-face – modern standards, retro styling, multiple approvals

British helmet specialist Davida has followed up on last year’s well received and extensively updated V3 ‘Speedster’ half shell helmet with another step in the direction of worldwide approvals for its designs and a first entry into the full-face market.
New for 2018, the Davida ‘KOURA’ is a retro inspired, high performance helmet, clearly identifiable as having the characteristic and popular Davida DNA, with an exceptionally low profile and a “strikingly bold styling that will be impossible to ignore on the streets and the track,” says Managing Director David Fiddaman.

Certified to ECER22-05 and shortly to be followed by DOT FMVS 281 & ACU Gold, the new Davida KOURA will be available in early 2018 in both road and race versions.
Davida's first full-face helmet is a result of the enhancement of their technical team with the very best expertise of Italian MotoGP and F1 racing helmet designers who delivered the smallest-profile road-legal Davida Speedster V3 in 2016.
“The intensification of this collaboration, utilising access to the latest helmet design technology and expertise, has created another stunning, high quality, modern Davida safety product. 
“Integrating the clean contours and compact proportions of the 70s and 80s full-face designs, together with key race-bred features, we have achieved an uncompromising fusion of innovative design, exceptional ergonomics and superior comfort that is as authentic in its aesthetics as it is in its advanced technology.
“Achieving road safety standards is the start of our design process, it's not the finishing line. We always work to extend the design boundaries above and beyond conventions, and consumer and industry reaction at EICMA, in the heartland of style, was exceptional. 
“Introducing a full-face helmet marks a new era for us. The Davida KOURA delivers everything you'd demand from a high-performance motorcycle helmet together with the level of quality and integrity Davida helmets are known for: compact and close fitting, exceptional ergonomics, high quality paintwork, supremely luxurious interiors and unrivalled fit and product durability - it's beautiful, yet aggressive”.

Featuring an advanced 'orbital laminated' GPR composite shell construction for exceptional strength, or even lighter, stronger T700 grade racing carbon fibre, the shell shape is designed to give optimal weight-balanced ergonomic performance.
Gradually sculptured upwards from front to rear to eliminate clothing interference, six chin air vents provide airflow to a superior optic grade 3 mm ECER22-05 approved F1 performance level anti-scratch, anti-fog visor, with clear and smoke tint replacements available, and optional 3 mm superior optic grade tear-off enabled visors offered for race track or road.

Additional features include secure visor lockdown and easy-release mechanism, multi-density EPS shock absorption liners, additional cheek pad inserts for closer optimal customised fitting. It is supplied with a removable, washable, fast drying, anti-bacterial fabric liner that is interchangeable with aftermarket leather liner kits in five colours.
Secured using traditional webbing strap and a double-D ring, KOURA is available in the Davida 20 core colour range as standard, in two shell sizes, two EPS liner sizes and six different comfort liners in six helmet sizes from XS (54) to XXL (61).


MCF - TMV (Techno Motor Veghel)

TMV distributes Canadian FXR MX gear

Founded in 1996 in Canada by MX racer turned powersports dealer Milt Reimer, the fast growing FXR apparel range is imported into Europe by specialist off-road distributor TMV (Techno Motor Veghel) in the Netherlands.

REVO off-road

Their 2018 MX gear range features jerseys, pants, gloves, helmets, boots and goggles. Three ranges are offered: the ‘MISSION’ collection, the ‘CLUTCH Prime’ collection, FXR’s entry level programme, and the ‘REVO’ line (seen here), their top-of-the range premium gear programme, described as “putting the rider first, with a focus on ergonomic fit and ultra-light weight performance.”
The REVO off-road line “takes our industry-leading fit and performance and brings it into the off-road market, using our tested lightweight performance fabrics with an ultra-clean design”. The REVO jersey is a slim fit, lightweight polyester-spandex mesh “for superior air flow and comfort, along with proprietary moisture-wicking yarns that provide quick-dry performance.”
The REVO pants use the same tailored approach, with innovative 4-way stretch poly/span lightweight fabric thigh panels and 600D fabric leg construction. “This gives even the most demanding riders the benefits of ultra-light weight and durability all in one.”
The ‘MISSION’ line is FXR’s mid-level gear line – “with a focus on performance fit and durability”, while the entry level ‘CLUTCH Prime’ collection is designed “with performance and value in mind.”


Reimer says that “from the get go, our vision was to provide MX and motocross riders with premium high-performance gear. Whether you are on the podium at the X-games or a weekend warrior, FXR has the gear that will help you perform at your best.”

MCF - Hevik

Updated ‘Portland’ urban jacket

Described as featuring a “timeless cut”, the two-layer ‘Portland’ urban jacket by Hevik is now offered in an additional colourway (Navy Blue), with the whole range now having “optimised fabric thickness” and further detail improvements such as an improved feel and comfort outer “wax cotton” layer.

‘Portland’ is a double-layer urban jacket with a fixed waterproof membrane and detachable thermal layer that can easily be worn for most of the year. The outer shell is made of cotton soaked in paraffin based wax. It has an array of front pockets and closes using a full-length zip, with wind stopping button-down flap.
Adjustments can be made by waist and cuff straps. The standard issue includes CE-approved protectors (Level 1) for shoulders and elbows and is back protector ready. Colourways are navy blue, black and grey in sizes from S to XXXL.


MCF - Rainers

‘Snake’ racing gloves

New from Rainers in Spain, these cow’s leather ‘Snake’ racing and sports gloves feature TPU protectors on the knuckles and scaphoid bones to protect these exposed areas. 

High-resistance Superfabric ensures protection, and a 250 g Kevlar sheet has been included to guarantee top protection on the upper and inside parts, along with Coolmax fabric to allow perspiration absorption on the inner hand.


Thursday, 14 December 2017


Sustainable motorcycling
in Europe

ACEM, the Brussels based international motorcycle trade association, has announced January 24th 2018 as the date for its next one-day conference.
Under the theme of “Sustainable motorcycling in Europe” it will address how policy-makers, civil society and the motorcycle sector can work together to promote policies that improve the sustainability of Europe’s transport system whilst protecting skilled jobs in Europe.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include motorcycling in cities, traffic congestion and local environmental policies; regulation 168/2013 on type-approval of L-category vehicles and environmental standards; engine efficiency and electrification of transport; pollutant emissions (HC, NOx, PM); GEAR 2030 and the future of the automotive sector in Europe and the latest market trends.
The venue will be the Renaissance Hotel (19, Rue du Parnasse, Brussels), and proceedings will commence at 11:00 a.m. with keynote speeches, a panel discussion and Q&A session from 11:30 – 13:00, followed by a light lunch and networking opportunity.
The keynote speakers will be Stefan Pierer, ACEM President and CEO of KTM AG and, it is hoped, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, European Commissioner for internal market and entrepreneurship and SMEs.
It is expected that the scheduled panellists will include Bernd Lange, Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Committee on international trade; Greg Archer, Transport and Environment, Director for clean vehicles; Silvio Manicardi, International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) Europe, Second Deputy President; Joanna Szychowska, European Commission, DG GROW, Head of the automotive unit (TBC); Eddy Liegeois, European Commission, DG MOVE, Head of the road transport unit (TBC); Erwin Segers, ACEM - Chair of the Technical and regulatory affairs committee, and Antonio Perlot, ACEM Secretary General.
Further information is available from Manuel Ordonez de Barraicua, ACEM communications manager (E.; Tel +32 (0) 496 52 65 17; participation should be confirmed online at


Touratech confirms new ownership

German adventure touring specialist Touratech has announced that an investor has been found for the motorcycle accessories manufacturer.

The insolvency administrator Dr. Dirk Pehl from Schultze & Braun signed a purchase agreement for Touratech on December 10, 2018. Though still subject to several conditions, which must be met before the acquisition will be finalised, the agreement is due to enter into force on 1st January 2018.
The details of the conditions and the purchase price were agreed under confidentia¬lity. The contract stipulates that almost all the employees and the Niedereschach premises will be taken over.

“The acquisition is a very good solution for Touratech”, said Dr. Pehl, who has been supervising the ongoing management and trading of the company since it entered administration.
“We have found the ideal partner. The Touratech employees, who have done an excellent job over the past few weeks, can look to the future with confidence and I want to thank the customers for their incredible loyalty.”
The buyer is Happich GmbH, based in Wuppertal, Germany. Hap¬pich is a divison of Pelzer Swiss Holding AG and is a leading interior designer and accessory manufacturer for commercial and special vehicles.
Happich will continue the previous business model of Touratech and preserve both the location and the jobs on site. “Touratech complements our previous product portfolio perfect¬ly“, explained Managing Director Marc Pelzer. “I am looking forward to this new task.”
Touratech had filed for insolvency on 10th August - the reason being the late commissioning of the new 8,000 sq m facility Touratech had built in order to meet the continued growth in demand the company was facing. The move also involved difficulties with logistics and manufacturing - the resulting production losses and supply difficulties eventually led to insolvency.

UK motorcycle registrations

UK motorcycle registrations -15.3%

The latest data released by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) in the UK shows new motorcycle registrations in September down by -13.65 percent (6,686 units), following -18.54 percent in August and -24.04 percent in September (11,276 units). On a year to date basis, the UK market is -15.25 percent (86,291 units).

Moped sales were -17.39 percent in October and are running at -19.86 percent year-to-date (5,902 units). In total PTW terms the UK was down -13.99 percent in October (7,332 units in total) and running at -15.56 percent YTD (92,193 units).
However, as elsewhere in Europe, the statistics are misleading due to the Euro 3 inventory pre-registration issue. British Dealer News recently reported MCIA CEO Tony Campbell as saying that when the Euro 3/Euro 4 impacts are taken into consideration, then he thinks the real picture for the UK market this year will be ‘flat’, if not slightly up on 2016, at around 107,000 to 110,000 units.
‘Naked’ style bikes remain the most popular in the UK (27,631 units YTD), which is relative growth compared to other styles of bikes at -10.0 percent in a motorcycle market that is down -15.25 percent overall), followed by Adventure Sport models (16,510 units YTD, up by +1.4 percent). The UK scooter market has seen sales drop by -28.8 percent YTD (16,270 units) and the historically dominant Supersport market is down -25.8 percent (8,589 units YTD).
Honda was overall market share leader in October (motorcycles and scooters), having sold 1,554 units, followed by Yamaha (1,003), BMW (522) and Triumph (504).
The MCIA reports that the total number of road registered motorcycles in use has continued to grow, with the latest available figures putting the number of “regular users of PTWs” at 1.445 million units in total, a nine-year high.

EICMA 2017 review part 3

Heidenau: By repute the world’s first ever scooter-specific tyre maker, the new sport-style tread K 80 SR is a medium compound tyre “for outstanding grip, even at low operating temperatures with a wider tread area to increase mileage, performance and feedback;


Airsal: Earlier this year the Spanish small cc motorcycle, scooter and moped engine, cylinder, piston and engine heads manufacturer launched a new range of off-road cylinders for leading brands such as KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Gas Gas. Founded in 1986, Airsal manufactures some 15,000 to 16,000 cylinders a month at its 3,000 sq m Centelles, Barcelona facility and exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. Made in aluminium with Scanimet interior coating - an extremely hard, durable and heat resistant, high performance nickel silicon carbide (carborundum) proprietary technology - the new cylinder line “will include a huge range of 250cc 4-stroke models and 2-stroke options. We plan to be offering more than 30 different off-road engine cylinder options within the next 2-3 years,” says Export Sales Manager Frank Gili. In the more immediate future, the company plans to launch adaptable cylinders for KTM SX50 and SX65 for 2018;


Supersprox: Seen here (insert), the HRC world rally team meeting with Director General DJ Maughfling for a 2018 Dakar sprockets briefing. Recent new products from the European manufactured sprocket brand of choice for more than 60 World Champions of various disciplines (including 11 Dakar Rally victories – a real sprocket killer!) include a new range of sprockets for Ducati motorcycles. With a claimed weight reduction compared to the OEM steel sprocket of over 30%, Supersprox ‘Stealth’ racing sprockets have steel teeth for long life and an aluminium core for light weight. The inventor of aluminium and aluminium and steel combination sprockets is currently working with HRC, KTM, Yamaha and Husqvarna factory teams to develop their latest idea of a sprocket that will help extend chain life by more than 40%. “Although this may sound like an exaggeration, we are closer than you may imagine,” says DJ Maughfling, whose father Roger founded the company in the 1950s. “The goal is to keep riding affordable for our clients,” says DJ. With its ‘Stealth’ sprockets featuring steel teeth that last up to three times longer than aluminium, and aluminium cores that are 70 percent lighter than steel, if anyone has the credentials to back up ambitions such as these, Supersprox certainly does. DJ says that the company has openings for importers/distributors in certain markets;


Paaschburg & Wunderlich: The Hamburg, Germany, distributor and parts designer is well known internationally for own brand parts programmes such as Highsider and Shin Yo lights, covers, mirrors, electrical components and accessories and Takkoni exhausts;


Blackstone TEK: Terry Annecke, Operations and Marketing Director. The South Africa based carbon wheel specialist has had a huge response to its new ‘Black Mamba’ interchangeable 7-spoke rear wheel, and to judge by the crowds at the company’s EICMA booth, looks set to repeat the success with the new split spoke design;


Ilmberger: Latest news from the specialist German carbon fibre parts manufacturer includes styling parts and accessories for the BMW R nineT . So far Ilmberger has completed 12 model-specific parts, with options such as “a street fairing as well as an exclusive version for racing, which works well on the race track, but is also a great basis for customising the bike, as customers often install very small lights. With our race fairing, we pave the way for all fans of the racing look,” says Julius Ilmberger, Managing Director. Core to the carbon for the R nineT ‘Racer’ is the engine spoiler – “a direct adaption from racing, which also looks quite impressive on the street version.” The full line-up includes a belly pan, cover behind the headlight, fairing holder, front fender, tank vent holder, pillion seat cover (with or without holders), rear splash guard, rear undertray (without number plate holder), side covers at the seat (left and right), silencer protector (rear) and complete top fairing in choice of race or street style;


Modeka International: The German apparel specialist celebrated its 70th anniversary last year with the launch of a CE-equipped ‘jubilee’ retro leather jacket called 'August 70' in honour of August Oberkoenig, who founded the company in 1946;


Kappa: Experienced in manufacturing motorcycle accessories for over 50 years, Kappa has introduced new features across all its ranges including helmets, soft bags, hard cases and smart accessories. These include the new jet helmet KV28 which comes in 11 colours and features a double shell, the K-Venture and Garda suitcase in "black line", the unusual "Racer Range" of soft bags which is suitable for urban use and travel on all types of motorcycle, and the KS410 universal trolley base for the Monokey range of topcases: