Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Italian motorcycle registrations

Italy: Motorcycle registrations +9.83% January - August

The latest data released by ANCMA, the motorcycle industry trade association in Italy, shows the Italian market continuing to grow. Having been broadly ‘flat’ in June (-0.70 percent, 10,752 units), then up by +12.45 percent in July (10,196 units), August saw growth of +5.15 percent at 4,510 units (compared to 4,289 in August 2017).  Registrations are up +9.83 percent for the year-to-date at 72,964 units.

In total PTW terms, the Italian market was +2.10 percent in August with 11,976 units registered (having been +8.87 percent/26,382 units in July and -5.89 percent/27,496 units in June), which was the best August since 2011. The total for the YTD is running at +4.88 percent (168.736 units in total, compared to 160,884 last year).
Scooter registrations were 95,772 units for the period (+1.40 percent, compared to 94,448 last year). The top selling scooters are Honda’s SH 150/300/125, selling 22,063 units between then.
The top selling motorcycle YTD in Italy was the BMW R 1200 GS (3,180 units sold), followed by Honda’s ‘Africa Twin’ (2,859 units), the Yamaha ‘Tracer’ 900 (2,180 units), the R 1200 GS Adventure (1,941 units) and the Benelli TRK502 / 502X (1,671).
The 251-500 cc market remains the strongest overall with 45,568 units sold (representing +12.70 percent growth). The biggest motorcycle growth sector by volume in Italy changed from 251-500 cc to the under 125 cc market for the year to date; sales increased by +13.82 percent to 42,901 units. Sales of motorcycles over 1000 cc are also up by +5.80 percent (19,277 units YTD).


Updated OptiMate O-SAE connection system

First launched a decade ago, TecMate’s versatile OptiMate O-SAE connection system was modelled on, and is still able to connect with, the standard SAE 2-pin connection system used by many manufacturers.
The O-SAE’s interchangeable in-line and end cap seals allows the creation of a custom cable system from the various cables available in the range, with the important benefit of reliable and consistent protection against penetration by water, dust or grime.
The most important and most popular cable in the range, the O-01 weatherproof battery lead, sports an end cap sealing system that protects the connector when not in use, providing good sealing against any incoming O-SAE connector from an OptiMate battery charger or an OptiMate USB charger. The principle is simple - when the opposite O-SAE connector is plugged in, the connection is rendered weatherproof.
TecMate CEO Martin Human says that “it’s a great connection system, but as a motorcycle rider it has always bothered me that even our battery lead can flap about in the wind when riding, and at worst, maybe even catch in a moving part of the motorcycle. Fortunately, we figured out a solution.”
Enter Version 2 of the O-SAE connector, with built in mounting slots that allow for quick and easy securement to a strut or other cable or tube on the motorcycle, using a Velcro strap or zip-tie. 

The OptiMate Cable O-01 weatherproof battery cable is made with -40°C/°F rated 0.82 mm2 (18AWG) cable able to carry 7 amps of current and is protected by a 15 A fuse. The moulded M6 / 1/4” ringlets are perfectly sized for powersports batteries. This battery cable is available in consumer packaging as a single unit (O-01) or as a 4-pack (O-01x4). Trade / dealer options are available - a jar of O-01x20 and a box of O-01x100. Both trade / dealer options come with a ‘OptiMate READY’ hang tag that is clearly visible in a showroom, creating a visual value opportunity for the salesperson to equip the rider with an OptiMate battery charger that will guarantee that battery will work when it should.
The OptiMate Cable O-11 is the ‘bigger brother’, made with 1.32 mm2 (16AWG) cable had has M8 / 5/16” ringlets that fit the batteries of the latest craze in power sport, the Side x Side 4-wheeler. 


UFO Plast

‘Siachen’ cooling vest

With the aim of not giving up security and preserving the highest level of comfort, the UFO Plast developed ‘Siachen’ evaporative cooling vest reduces thermal stress and fatigue without using chemicals or preventive refrigeration, ensuring a pleasant feeling of coolness and better performance.

Featuring INUTEQ-DRY technology, the gilet does not moisten or get wet, is comfortable, lightweight, fully fashioned and can be worn under other clothes.
Very simple to use by simply inserting 0.5 litre of fresh water into the opening on the back, closing it again, draining the water so that it is channelled in all the internal parts and expels any excess before wearing it. In this way it provides up to 15C/59F cooling relief below ambient temperature.
The INUTEQ-DRY cooling products are designed to be worn in an environment with an ambient temperature that is not extreme and perform best in low to medium humidity. The level of airflow on the body determines the cooling effect and a cooling duration that can last up to three days. Once the cooling effect is finished, just insert new fresh water into the vest. The UFO Plast ‘Siachen’ vest is very easy to use and re-use and, for proper cleaning, has antibacterial properties and is machine washable.



Galfer “redefines the solid Disc Wave WLL” for Enduro rear brakes

Spanish brake pad and disc manufacturer Galfer says it has “redefined the solid disc wave concept for Enduro” with its WLL brake discs line for Enduro rear wheels.

New manufacturing and finishing treatments, greater thicknesses of the disc and a larger braking surface are said to “enhance heat dissipation, ensure longer brake life and higher performance - in short, everything the most demanding Enduro riders need from their rear brakes, especially when riding under the most extreme water and mud conditions”.
The new Galfer Disc Wave WLL has been tested for a year by several teams competing in the World Enduro Championship and are currently used under the most extreme conditions by many world champions, including Steve Holcombe (Beta Factory) and Eero Remes (TM Racing), in combination with Galfer’s G1396 sintered brake pads.
The new WLL line is available for all Enduro brands and models of KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Beta, Husqvarna, Sherco, Suzuki, TM and Gas Gas.



V37 hard side case

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, GIVI’s new Monokey side case has many new features, including a modern, sleek design, a striking central insert and a storage capacity able to accommodate the majority of modular helmets currently on the market.

The V37 evolved from the V35, GIVI’s most popular hard side case. The V37’s design features a central insert reminiscent of an arrow, painted in opaque silver or with a carbon look finish. These finishes match the stripes or inserts of most of GIVI’s top cases.
Features include a 37 litre internal storage capacity, a Monokey side four-point fixing system compatible with the GIVI PLX and PLXR frames, strengthened and passing the most stringent resistance tests. The upper part of the case has two rotating hooks that clip onto the tubular frame and the central nose; the lower part has two slides that accommodate the mushroom-shaped dome screws on the tubular frame. The ergonomic design allows pillion passengers to better position their legs.
The V37 is sold in pairs, can store loads of up to 10 kg and is supplied with a security lock as standard. Size is 325 x 385 x 570 mm (L x H x D) and comes with red or smoked retro reflectors.



Off-road levers

Accessories specialist Puig has launched its Motocross range, a new line of specific products for off-road models, with these off-road levers.

The success of Puig's levers 2.0 has led to the development of a specific off-road lever for motocross motorcycles, which feature an exclusive design and have been developed to adapt to all riding situations, with a longer left lever to operate the clutch with four fingers and a shorter right lever to use with three fingers. Made of aluminium and available in black, they have a pivot design to swing forward, preventing the possibility of deformation or breakage in the event of a crash. The levers are also adjustable.
Puig supplies the off-road levers with the necessary hardware for installation.



New SWAP’s U.S. MX style helmet

French distributor Sifam wants to welcome you to the world of Motocross in the USA with more new colourways of the SWAP’S Industry California S818 cross helmet: “It will not leave anyone indifferent, its design, its shape and its colours come directly from the highest championships in the world: the US Motocross and Supercross”.

In addition to being an authentic U.S. design, Sifam says it is also a hi-tech, feature-rich combination of contemporary materials, ergonomics and safety.
Those features include colour matching interiors, a wide opening for improved vision and all types of goggles (including their own colour matching “Gogglecross” goggles), multiple ventilation channels with five front entries and three rear extraction ports for optimal airflow, double D closure and a removable, antibacterial and washable interior.
Made in ABS (polycarbonate) with height-adjustable visor, it is available in seven different colourways, weighing in at 1,420 gr (+/- 50 g), the S818 is a “price point” product that is currently available to dealers “at a very attractive price”.
Sifam is particularly looking for new dealers in England, Germany and Benelux - enquiries can be sent to Sales Manager Joao Ramos.



Exan X-Black/Evo and X-GP

Now available for the Hypermotard 939 from Italian exhaust specialist EXAN are the X-Black, X-Black Evo and X-GP.

The X-Black has an “aggressive line” with a carbon end cap and a “racing character” in conical and oval and clear or black satin Inox steel, carbon and titanium. Both shapes and materials are said to produce an “extremely light” exhaust, with the X-Black guaranteeing a weight saving compared to the original exhaust.
The X-Black Evo comes in steel and black steel, with a “beautiful trapezoidal” end piece in carbon. The conical shape is said to “guarantee rigidity and weight saving” compared to the OE exhaust, with "extraordinary power delivery in all power bands and at any speed".

The X-GP is round with a classic end piece in choice of clear or black Inox steel, titanium and carbon. The company says that it is “strong but light, has a "vintage" feel and augments the agility of the Hypermotard – especially in a bend - with enhanced engine performance at medium and high revs”.