Thursday, 27 September 2018

Spanish motorcycle registrations

Spain: motorcycles +16.10 percent to August

The latest data from ANESDOR, the motorcycle industry trade association in Spain, shows motorcycle registrations +13.36 percent for August (12,013 units), having been +13.37 percent (17,408 units) for July. They are +16.10 percent for the eight months to August (108,649 units) - the best first eight-month market performance in Spain since before 2009.

Moped registrations are still soft at -24.97 percent YTD (9,591 units), leaving YTD total PTW registrations at +11.17 percent (118,240 units).
Honda is market share leader with 21,844 units sold for a 20.1% market share. Yamaha is second (17,710 units/16.3% share); Kymco third (10,928 units/10.1% share), followed by Piaggio, Sym, BMW, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM.

Comment by Editor, Robin Bradley

IDN forecasts “+7.0 percent motorcycle growth” for 2018

The October/November edition of IDN includes the most recent ACEM EU new motorcycle registrations data (January to June 2018) and the latest national statistics from most of the market’s primary trade associations (January to August 2018).
Apart from registration anomalies such as the Euro 3 panic that gripped the industry at the end of 2016, generally, by August each year, some 80 percent of the annual sales of new motorcycles, mopeds and scooters have taken place, so the speculation about annual market performance starts to look a lot more reliable.
My ‘guesstimate’ in the last edition, made before the half year ACEM data had been released, that growth in registrations for the period January to June 2018 would be greater than +5.5 percent (IDN June/July) has proven to be correct. Indeed, I was on the low side, I was conservative in my forecasting.
As reported in this month’s front cover story, ACEM data shows that 564,851 motorcycles were sold in the EU in January to June 2018, growth of +7.2 percent compared to the 526,889 sold in the first six months of 2017.
Based on the available data to August (extrapolated ACEM/June data for France), it now looks like we can make a quite accurate forecast for 2018. IDN forecasts that 2018 will see a minimum +6.0 percent growth for the full 12 months of 2018, which equates to approximately 54,800 extra motorcycles sold in the (currently!) 28 member countries of the EU for a 968,500 annual total.
In fact, if some of the present trend data continues, growth could well be as high as 8.5 percent for the full year 2018 - an extra 77,500 motorcycles compared to 2017.
However, in all likelihood the eventual outcome will be somewhere between the low and the high forecasts - at around 6.5 to 7.5 percent. Based on what we are seeing in the detail of the data we have access to (which is by no means as current or as complete as would be needed for a super accurate forecast), I am prepared to go with 7.0 percent growth for the 2018 full year - an extra 63,900 motorcycles compared to ACEM’s 2017 figure, for a 2018 full year forecast of 977,600 new motorcycle registrations.
To fully understand what this growth means though, we need to go back to where this most recent cycle started - in 2013, with ACEM data showing that after the years of decline the market bottomed out that year at 748,529 EU motorcycle registrations.
The following year (2014) saw a return to growth (+7.29 percent, 803,122 units), followed by a further +10.99 percent growth in 2015 (891,369 units). Then came the statistical anomalies. The Euro 3 pre-registrations fuelled a spike of +13.27 percent apparent “growth” to 1,009,678 units for 2016.
In fact, somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 of those motorcycles never actually went anywhere, least of all into the hands of an enthusiastic buyer and onto the roads of Europe.

 ‘fifth year of growth?’

That theoretical 2016 figure subsequently saw an equally theoretical decline of -9.53 percent in 2017, with new registrations recorded at 913,445 units - up on the 2015 figure, but woefully short of the 2016 number.
Based on the exclusive research we published earlier this year (IDN February/March), a “real” figure for 2016 was more likely to be in the region of 949,600 registrations for a +6.54 percent growth over 2015 - a result that confirmed that the rate of growth had started to slow down. That slowdown in growth rate continued through 2017 at +2.50 percent for registrations of around 973,500 units by the end of last year, when the figures are adjusted for the Euro 3 inventory that was sold in early 2017, but which fell outside the scope of that year’s registration data.
If we were close to being right in our calculations (a plus or minus two percent statistical error would still have resulted in a slowing of the rate of growth), then the +7.0 percent forecast (+63,900 units) we are making on the ACEM data would still be valid in the ACEM data context, but rather than growth to 977,600 units by the end of 2018, we could be looking at in the region of only 4,000 or so additional units over the real 2017 performance after all.
Rather than a recovery from a 2017 decline, instead we’d be looking at a fifth straight year of growth, but by such a small percentage compared to the “real world” 2.5 percent growth seen in 2017 that the market this year would, essentially, be flat - no growth at all worth celebrating.
Either way, it would take a massive leap forward in consumer demand for new motorcycles for us to see a genuine figure of over 1m sales for the year and a best EU market performance since before 2010. If we are right about the 2018 outcome, then such a moment could still be some time off and we may, in fact, be about to see a genuine (no statistical) decline in new motorcycle registrations in 2019 - and who knows, maybe beyond that too.
For now, though, we can at least hope that the prospects for the upcoming INTERMOT, EICMA and other shows, and for the year ahead, are better than at any time in the past decade - they should be, but it is clearly is misleading to try to put a number on the feelgood factor.


Rick Atkinson, Motoz CEO,
started experimenting with
off-road tyre designs
some 20 years ago
Motoz to serve wholesale and dealer partners from German warehouse

Fast growing, award-winning Australian designed Motoz off-road, enduro and MX tyres have been on the market for around 10 years, and the word about their quality has been spreading steadily among professional and amateur racers and their teams.
The company has now announced that it is to start warehousing inventory here in Europe, in Germany, and is looking to add regional wholesale and dealer partners.

Founded in 2006 by former Australian Hyosung importer and lifelong rider Rick Atkinson, Motoz already has established distribution relationships in Spain (Soloson Imports), the UK (Adventure Spec), Poland (Ollek) and Iceland - the ultimate off-road tyre proving ground.
With its new German held inventory, Rick is using INTERMOT to start appointing partners elsewhere in Europe and sell either dealer direct or, in some areas, to dealers and race teams through regional wholesalers, all of whom will be able to draw down inventory within 24 or 48 hours to most of Europe from a third party warehouse and logistics specialists' inventory being held between Frankfurt and Hanover in central Germany via a dedicated B2B website.

 Tractionator Adventure, "world class performance for the serious adventure rider,
designed to handle the toughest terrain"

Described as "the world's most technically advanced adventure tyres", Rick, an automotive engineer by training, developed Motoz in collaboration with Thai Sin Rubber out of frustration at the lack of choice of "really good, purpose designed tyres on the market".
Rick says his moment of realisation about the difference good tyres make came when he swapped out the worn out tyres on his TM 250 Suzuki (a pre RM 2-stroker) for a pair of Nitto tyres. "Being an inexperienced kid, I was just amazed at the difference that they made, and from that moment on I guess I was on a mission to find the best dirt bike tyres available.

Xtreme Hybrid, the "most aggressive DOT tyre in the Hybrid range, suited to extreme conditions" 

"The problem was that there really wasn't that much choice back then. Those that were around were generally hard to get, or expensive, or while okay, could have been so much better. I first started trying out different tread patterns, compounds and carcasses in the late 1990s - around eight years before I finally started Motoz, and constant testing and refining ever since has resulted in a range that people have become desperate to get their hands on.
"I guess you could say it's a classic case of taking 20 years to become an overnight success"!
The Motoz range runs from 'Tractionator' Adventure tyres, to 'MounXain' off/on road hybrids, Enduro tyres, including applications specifically designed for European conditions, and the 'Terrapactor' MX tyres for soft and mid-track conditions.
At the heart of the Motoz tyre technology is a heavy duty construction with reinforced sidewalls for increased dependability in harsh conditions and to reduce punctures.

Tractionator Enduro I/T - "offers proven grip, durability over long distances in a wide variety of terrain and punishing conditions"

The tread is manufactured as blocks that 'self-protect' for longer wear in a unique tread configuration that maximises drive to utilise more of the available horsepower. As Rick says, "people spend huge sums on tuning their engines, reducing weight and improving chassis and suspension performance, but unless all that power can get to the ground through a tyre that is designed for the purpose, much of the investment is wasted.
"Riders the world over report that the difference they feel with Motoz tyres is immediate and unprecedented".
The "progressive grooving" in the tread makes for predictable cornering and the increased tread depth that the construction technique delivers adds to the performance in loose gravel and technical terrain.
Motoz uses a hybrid natural/synthetic compound with Silica for wet and winter grip that is "self-sharpening" for maximum traction, even when the tyre is worn. "Our designers were pioneers in 3D tyre design, enabling optimum simulation and analysis. The 'Tractionator' Adventure, for example, has been fine-tuned to increase traction and on-road stability while increasing off-road traction at higher inflation pressures," Rick says.

Terrapactor S/T - lightweight MX competition series for sport terrain

"The MounXain Hybrid has been designed to climb like a trials tyre whilst handling corners, downhill braking, creek crossings, sand and rocks like a regular off-road tyre. The secret is in the Motoz 'Concave and Lock' system for trials-like grip with reinforced sidewalls for off-road use at lower inflation."
The Enduro range includes the new Euro Enduro 6, an FIM Enduro Soft for 10 percent road and 90 percent off-road use through to an off-road desert for hard terrain and Enduro Intermediate for 25 percent road and 75 percent off-road.
The 'Terrapactor' S/T and I/T offers a choice of options with race proven tread design, tremendous start bite, lightweight construction and rigid flex zones in the carcass to keep the tread pattern planted.


LighTech adjustable rear sets

As show seasons go, this will be a big year for leading Italian parts and accessory manufacturer LighTech (based near Venice).

The company is to exhibit at both INTERMOT (Hall 8, stand C045) and EICMA as it seeks to capitalise on the growth in demand it has been seeing in recent years for its stylish, high quality replacement and upgrade parts for the most popular current models.

Seen here, their adjustable rear sets are machined from billet aluminium 7075-T6, described by export sales manager Michele Balboni as "the most suitable for this type of application - many competitors use cheaper aluminium such as like 6082 or lower, but we believe that the strength of our superior materials is as important as its light weight.
"The main support of our rear sets is a one-piece engineered from 7075 billet aluminium to guarantee exceptional rigidity and ensure safety and performance for all riding conditions. Machining from a monoblock piece produces a part that is more resistant, stronger, looks better, and has a better feeling for all riders.

"It is more complicated to manufacture and therefore more expensive, but we believe it is essential to make the best possible components - that is why all plates, levers and supports are machined by us in-house at our state-of-the-art CNC facility. We do not 'buy in' and assemble with inferior 'third party' components".
The levers work on high quality bearings that guarantee "perfect and excellent resistance mechanisms" even during the most extreme demands on the track and road.
"All this to get the best feeling for the rider with accuracy when making rapid gear changes while moving in the saddle".

Export sales manager Michele Balboni: "Materials are central to the precision and quality we achieve with our product designs"

LighTech rear sets are manufactured with footrest supports anodised in different colours, with lightweight but strong magnesium heel guards incorporating the LighTech logo.
Designed using the 'Track System', a technology unique to LightTech, it is possible to adjust the position of the footrest quickly and accurately. The adjustment is made by sliding the footrest support on two tracks on different levels to a maximum of eight positions.
"Unscrew only one bolt, and you can quickly and easily adjust the position or change the footpeg after a crash during a high-speed race, an endurance race or during a track day. It is also possible to adjust the toepeg's position of the shift and brake lever with an easy sliding design".
LighTech offers three versions for each Track System rear set - standard, folding and R-version. Depending on the bike they can be ordered with standard or reverse shifting, or with a specific additional kit to convert from standard to reverse shifting.
LighTech was founded by Fabrizio Furlan in 1997 as an extension of his family's specialist metalwork business, which means it can draw on three decades of precision manufacturing experience and an ISO 9001 accreditation backed by a reputation for quality and innovation that has its origins on the race track, having worked closely with elite teams in the WSB, 125GP and 250GP championships.
The company's 2,500 dealers can choose from over 7,000 Ergal products, available in six different colourways, over 400 titanium products and a host of other accessories.



Colour-matched Stealth sprockets for Ducati models

Sprocket specialist Supersprox can claim to have been the first manufacturer to make dual material sprockets, inventing the concept 18 years ago and patenting the connection method in 2001. 

It has been quietly developing the range ever since, for off-road and street machines, and now has more than 3,500 different items in the range. In recent years Ducati sprockets have become important to Supersprox, and the significant weight savings offered by their Stealth sprocket for Ducati applications have made it a top-seller.
An example is the difference between the 1.1 kg OEM Multistrada steel sprocket and the 780 g Supersprox-Stealth - a 30 percent weight saving. But its popularity isn't only because of the weight reduction, the Stealth sprocket life is considerably extended compared to the OEM item. 

Its steel teeth construction offers reduced sprocket wear, and in turn this helps to also increase the wear life of the chain. The central part of the sprocket is made from 7075-T651 black anodised aluminium, giving a significant reduction in rotational mass. This is a big advantage over aftermarket aluminium sprockets - and Supersprox says that its Stealth can last three times longer than one with all aluminium parts.
However, aluminium 7075-T651 is very difficult to anodise, especially when the thickness of the part is greater than 10 mm - some parts of the Supersprox sprocket core are up to 25 mm. The Supersprox solution to maintain a high-quality optical presentation, without compromising on the technical characteristics, has been to remove 1 mm of the aluminium core and make a separate 1 mm disc.
That 1 mm disc can be anodised to a high quality standard, and the dealer has a modular stocking opportunity where each single (all black) sprocket can be model/manufacturer colour-matched from a choice of four anodised coloured discs.



AERO-GP lever protector from Barkbusters

Barkbusters, a leading motorcycle handguard specialist, has announced the release of its new state- of-the-art, aerodynamically designed AERO-GP lever guards - "conceived with safety in mind, but created to be beautiful when fitted to your machine," says Robert Veljanoski, Barkbusters' General Manager. 

"The innovative design will complement the look of today's street bike aesthetics while providing the essential protection needed to prevent accidental activation of the brake or clutch lever during close quarters racing on the track.
"For street riders the same safety elements are evident for those riding in large groups, tight spaces and during lane filtering on congested urban roads".
The AERO-GP is compatible with most makes and models, including fully-faired sports bikes, tourers and scooters. Each pack contains the aerodynamic GP styled lever protector, which features innovative design with hi-tech nylon composite construction for rigidity and strength.
They mount to a single point on the handlebar end. The included fitment will suit 6 mm or 8 mm internal thread handlebars and they feature a unique locking system for hollow handlebars.

The adjustable reach means a perfect fit and they are sold with an additional aerofoil included - "the sleek functional Aerofoil can be fitted for increased wind protection or removed in seconds for compact sporty style.
"Since we launched our STORM handguard ranges for street bikes back in 2008, we've seen demand explode. With so many riders now enjoying the thrill of racing and track days, we have found a unique way to offer a stylish and functional solution to their safety requirements for lever protection.
"With the added design features and adaption for further aerofoil protection, we have now brought this solution to the style-conscious street rider in our latest release, AERO-GP!"



High-tech heated apparel by Keis

Keis Apparel, a leading UK heated clothing brand, has been advancing the creation of heated motorcycle clothing for over 10 years, using the very latest micro carbon fibre heat generation technology. 
Now it is starting to make its class-leading range of advanced product designs available to distributors and their dealers in continental Europe.
Last year saw a test introduction to France, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark, where the Keis brand's leading combination of technology and materials was well received by winter riders. Designed in the UK, specifically for European riding conditions, the Keis Apparel programme includes a range of heated jackets, vests, ladies' bodywarmers, gloves (armoured and inner gloves), heated trousers and boot insoles.
Keis uses "micro carbon fibre technology" and the very latest heat generating technology to deliver Far Infra-Red Radiation - the kind that bright sunlight transmits, even on cold days. This provides reliable, even and strategically positioned heating in a garment that is so reliable it can even be washed. Heating is provided by micro carbon fibre panels, which deliver an even spread of heat around the chest, kidneys, arms and collar. Carbon panels are not only thinner and more flexible than traditional wired elements, they are also more reliable, so they are covered by a lifetime warranty, for complete peace of mind.

The majority of garments can be powered either from the motorcycle's electrical system via the supplied wiring loom that connects to the motorcycle's battery, or from either of the Keis 2600mAh and 5200mAh portable batteries - both feature a USB power output that can be used to power any Keis garment or any USB device (cell/Handy, camera etc.).
Keis will be at INTERMOT (Hall 6, A/070) with several new garments, including all-new, PPE directive EN 13594:2015 certified, G501 premium heated gloves and their B501W premium ladies' heated bodywarmer, designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic styling.



Venhill update 'Powerhose-Plus' Dealer Kits

British motorcycle control specialists Venhill has expanded its popular 'Powerhose-Plus' Dealer Kits to offer more choices of applications and colours.

There are now three kits available: with black fittings, chrome fittings and a stainless steel kit - each comes with a choice of clear, carbon and black hose options.
Ideal for professional and enthusiast workshops alike, each kit is housed in a handy and durable toolbox and comes complete with 30 assorted hoses, ranging from 150 mm to 725 mm in length, plus a selection of needed fittings to cover a wide range of motorcycles, quads, scooters and special applications custom installs. Additional fittings, hoses and banjos can be purchased separately as required.
Venhill manufacture their 'Powerhose-Plus' lines in their UK factory, and each one features a DuPont Teflon core, which offers much higher resistance to heat than cheaper alternatives. This prevents softening, expansion and loss of shape, and delivers a consistent internal diameter and smooth bore for efficient fluid flow.
Venhill use marine-grade stainless steel braid to wrap around the core, to prevent further pressure expansion, and this is covered with a PVC jacket to protect against damage. Threaded swivel fittings allow the hose to be positioned with zero twist for an easy and reliable fit.
All Venhill braided brake lines are built to exceed DOT and TÜV requirements, and every hose that leaves the Venhill factory is pressure tested to 1500 psi.


TDR Industries

TDR International at INTERMOT

Founded in 2000 and headed up in Europe by former Hyperpro executive Jan Belder, TDR Industries is a leading Asian motorcycle and component business, with facilities spread across multiple Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Taiwan.
The company will be exhibiting at INTERMOT this year and is seeking new distribution and dealer partners, initially for a range of components for the Yamaha NMAX, XMAX and Honda PCX models.

The TDR product line is focussed on R&D, manufacturing and distribution of tuning, handling, style and maintenance products such as various sizes of ceramic cylinders, twin iridium spark plugs, camshafts, continuously variable transmissions (CVT), springs and clutch sets, roller weights, pulley sets, stainless steel air filters, gear ratios, brake pads, discs and hoses, handgrips and more.

"TDR has a proven record and exceptional reputation," says Belder. "We deliver high quality and high performance motorcycle components in the South East Asian market, and we are pleased to announce that we are now starting to take our journey further into the European market this year. 

"We believe that we are able to provide the best solutions for the motorcycles that dealers are working on. We are starting with a large range of products for a specific range of bikes, rather than a small range for a high number of models.
"That way we can become a model-specific service and tuning partner in depth for dealers and roll the programme out for other models in the coming months and years."



Do you want to win a 'loaded' G 310 GS?

Wunderlich project bikes are always of interest (the company will be unveiling another new one at INTERMOT) and, in a new twist, the company will raffle one of its existing showbikes at INTERMOT this year - a G 310 GS. The coveted entry-level enduro is an exhibition and press bike, which is fully equipped with high-quality Wunderlich components.

The machine is said to be worth more than 8,000 euro and "whether for riding it off road or in the urban jungle, the winner will be extremely well equipped for all possible adventures," explained Managing Director Frank Hoffmann. "We're also hoping to appeal to and inspire young customers with this lightweight motorbike, but we're not excluding anyone from the raffle!" You can take part in the prize draw during INTERMOT at the Wunderlich stand (B 19) in Hall 6. The prize draw will take place in the afternoon of Sunday, 7 October.

Meanwhile, back at the day job, Wunderlich has a slew of new accessories available for selected models, such as wider hand protectors for the latest BMW GS models and the S 1000 XR. Offering significantly more protection, the new hand protector extender is made from highly durable, scratch and breakage-resistant ABS plastic, increasing the very small original hand protectors, multiplying their efficiency.

Also seen here, Wunderlich's new seats for the R nineT are built for long distance comfort and durability. Made in Germany and available in three colourway choices and as one-piece, rider or passenger seats for all R nineT models except the Racer, they have a foam core with a special material structure and a new contour, as well as a brand-new shell and sweat-reducing, grippy cover material. 

Wunderlich's 'Varios' adjustable footrest system is based on a 'Vario' joint that mounts to the footrest bracket in place of the factory footrest. An adapter measuring 23 mm, 30 mm or 50 mm long is mounted on it for 360 degrees of adjustment in eight different increments; the adapter incorporates the footrest, available with optional vibration reducing rubber footrest insert. All parts are made in Germany from high-strength aluminium and silver or black anodised.