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INTERMOT celebrates 50 years as part of the motorcycle industry at Cologne

This year sees the ninth biennial staging of INTERMOT following the German motorcycle industry trade associations’ decision to establish it as a new alternate expo to IFMA at Munich in 1998.

This will be the fifth time that the Cologne international exhibition centre (Koelnmesse) will have staged INTERMOT since the 2006 decision to bring the new show back to the German motorcycle industry’s spiritual home (in exhibition terms) at Cologne – the city where IFMA was first staged in 1964.

With the German motorcycle market now showing strong signs of growth (+10.45 percent for the first six months of this year – see reports elsewhere in this edition) following the market stabilisation predicted by ACEM at their INTERMOT 2012 presentation, reports suggest that exhibitor booth sales and advance visitor ticket sales are running ahead of comparative figures for this stage two years ago.
With further enhancements to the package of business-friendly initiatives for dealers and international trade visitors of all kinds (for the first time Wednesday, October 1st will be a dealer, international trade visitor and premium invited guest ‘preview’ day), expectations are of the strongest trade attendance since the recession started to seriously hit the market in 2009.
Koelnmesse’s INTERMOT Project Manager Ingo Riedeberger told IDN that “the trade visitor day offers exhibitors and visitors the unique opportunity to completely focus on trade and business for one full day.
“It enables exhibitors and trade visitors to precisely plan activities and to deploy staff effectively during the fair. It also provides a platform for more in-depth exchange with other visiting experts as well as the opportunity to fully concentrate on business”.
There will be no outside event programme on the trade visitor day – the event programme will get underway on Thursday October 2nd, the first of the four days when INTERMOT is open to all consumers.
The initiatives for dealers again include the popular ‘Dealer Card’ and the business centre and dealer lounge located between halls 4 and 5 – where exhibit space for vendors looking exclusively to make B2B contacts is also available in the adjacent Business District.

Advance contact making and trade visitor schedule planning can be enhanced by using INTERMOT’s ‘Matchmaking365’ service – a free of charge online tool that allows trade visitors to request appointments with the vendors they wish to meet.

Dealer Cards offer significant savings on the standard box office and ticket shop visitor prices and are available on a one day, two day or full show ticket basis.

The Dealer Lounge will again be the venue for IDN’s popular International Night trade visitor Meet & Greet business reception at 18:30 on Wednesday, October 1st.
Following an “Intellectual Property Memorandum” signed between Koelnmesse and Chinese business partners in 2007, INTERMOT has been at the forefront of exhibition initiatives to fight against product piracy and the preservation of intellectual property rights.

The memorandum obliges the signatories to take concrete measures to promote the protection of intellectual property at the international trade fairs at which their Chinese exhibitor customers buy booths.

This will be the fourth time that INTERMOT has offered its exhibitors access to a range of advisory and enforcement services during the show, and exhibitors can download a “No Copy! – Originals Only!” brochure from the INTERMOT website in advance of the show and will have access to the programme’s Action Centre at Koelnmesse during the show.

INTERMOT was among the first international motorcycle industry exhibitions to pioneer showcasing of alternative fuels, and in particular of environmentally friendly and sustainable transport solutions. This year sees INTERMOT continue to champion the cause of electric-driven bikes with its increasing prestigious and popular ‘e-motion: Sustainable in Motion – Electromobility live’ presentation. ‘E-motion’ will showcase “the latest trends and innovations of the industry in pedelecs and e-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorcycles” in a series of indoor exhibits and outdoor live action demonstrations and test ride opportunities.

Project Manager Ingo Riedeberger commented that “we started E-motion in 2010, and the high visitor numbers engaging with the exhibits and the outdoor e-scooter and e-bike action shows that the subject is fashionable and an increasingly important contributor to industry growth and urban mobility”.

A new feature at INTERMOT this year is the debut there of the acclaimed AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building. Established in the United States in 2004 and hosted for many years at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the AMD World Championship came to Europe for the first time last year when it was the centre piece of the first BIG BIKE EUROPE expo at Essen, Germany.

This 11th annual AMD World Championship will be the centre-piece of INTERMOT’s Hall 10 custom motorcycle industry action. The acclaimed and unique competition class structure includes the agenda-setting FreeStyle class, from which the competitor-chosen World Champion will emerge, a Street Performance class for bikes where the customisation and modification emphasis is on street-able performance, a ‘Retro-Mod’ class for older bikes of any platform, the Modified Harley-Davidson class and, for the first time, an all new Cafe Racer class.
The AMD World Championship is a unique kind of custom bike show. It is open to professional and ‘privateer’ customisers, and the peer-group-review competitor judging system delivers a genuine design and engineering showcase in which innovation and craftsmanship are honoured by the winner’s fellow customisers.
The AMD World Championship opens for Press Preview on Tuesday September 30th, Trade and Premium visitors on Wednesday October 1st, and public attendance from Thursday October 2nd with the awards ceremony closing the event at 5:00 pm on Sunday October 5th.

Lauge Jensen Engineering

First EURO 4 compliant aftermarket engine

BIG news for special project builders and customisers - the availability of the first EURO 4 compliant aftermarket engine.
Lauge Jensen Engineering in Denmark have teamed up with noted American aftermarket engine and performance parts specialists S&S Cycle of Wisconsin to unveil a line of 111" fuel injected 'Sleipner' engines at INTERMOT. 

The engine is now ready to ship and available straight away for builders, customisers and volume manufacturers for the 2015 custom build season.
With testing and development work undertaken both at S&S' own facility at Viola, Wisconsin, and at TÜV Automotive in Pfungstadt, Germany, the much more stringent EURO 4 regulations involve running the engine for at least 1,000km (the efficiency of catalytic converters declines with use) and rolling road simulation of various riding situations and engine behaviors.
Uffe Lauge Jensen, who established his own custom bike building company in 2008, told us that in addition to complete bikes (bespoke and volume production), the plan was to offer the engine that he needed to develop also to custom bike builders and manufacturers in Europe for one-off and volume use.
The latest news is that his sister company, Lauge Jensen Engineering, is now ready to start marketing the engine and plans to give the programme its public debut in Europe at the AMD World Championship at INTERMOT (September 29th - October 5th), under the 'Sleipner' motor brand. Norse mythology has it that Sleipner was Odin's immensely powerful and fast eight-legged horse!

The EURO 4 regulations come into effect on January 1st 2016, and Uffe told IDN that "being the first with EURO 4 may not be a primary concern for some customers, but it will give owners the reassurance that their bike is future-proof, and ahead of the rest in terms of its low emissions output".
Lauge Jensen designed its own catalytic converter exhaust system for the project, which Uffe says was "calibrated specifically to the cat/chassis set-up. As builders and volume producers start planning already for bikes that will need to be road legal in 2016, this is the time for customisers to start planning for this next stage in Europe's regulations.
"As v-twin performance market leaders, S&S are the obvious and best manufacturer for us to have partnered with on this project, and their reputation, experience and expertise means that custom bike builders, and those planning series production, can be assured that their customers will be compliant straight away".
Speaking about their collaboration with Lauge Jensen, S&S said that they were
"uniquely positioned to support our customer and help develop a package that is not only efficient and clean, but retains the character and sound that riders want from an air-cooled v-twin".
Uffe Lauge Jensen went on to say “the new '1-eleven Squarehead' Sleipner motor is mean, lean and green!
"At first, meeting the restrictions of the EURO 4 regulations impacted drastically on the power and noise characteristics, but by careful development of the internals and fuel injection software, the package we have created restored the 'feel' and sound as well as delivering a powerful result, enjoyable riding experience, and improved fuel consumption".

Tecmate International

Tecmate - 20 years of innovation

CONGRATULATIONS to Tecmate, the battery charging and maintenance specialist, who, in a market defined by massive changes in technology, enters this season's major shows celebrating its 20th anniversary.

It all started with BatteryMate, which has now gone on to become the industry-standard lead-acid battery workshop testing, recovery and charging tool

Indeed, it was the evolution of battery technology that gave the company its start in 1994. Firmly grounded in engineering solutions, research and design, Martin Human, who is now CEO of the multi-national company, was behind the engineering ideas that lead to the development of the first and what has since gone on to become the industry-standard BatteryMate, the first Lead-Acid battery workshop testing, recovery and charging tool.
Quickly followed by the widely acclaimed OptiMate concept, it was the then new generation of maintenance-free batteries that gave the company the opportunity to revolutionise the way that motorcycle dealers and riders could optimise the power output, reliability and durability that was now becoming available to them.

The company has since gone on to develop several very successful electronic diagnostic tools, including the popular VacuumMate, which facilitates the synchronising of multiple-carburettor engines.However, in an industry where standing still is not an option, recently TecMate has led the field in continuing to embrace the rapid development in the battery industry, listing the first CAN-bus compatible chargers, the first automatic current charger (able to handle any battery between 3Ah and 240 Ah automatically), the first dedicated Lithium charger, and the first automatic 6V/12V charger among their innovations.
This year's new microprocessor-controlled Optimate 3 is 33 percent more powerful, available in single, dual and 4-gear configurations, rated from 2Ah to 24Ah capacity, features automatic desulphation, has a fully automatic 5-stage programme control and comes with a 2 year warranty

Among a large number of innovative products that TecMate is bringing to the market, the USB Charger (O-100) protects the vehicle's battery from discharging

Speaking to IDN before INTERMOT, Martin Human told us "We are not stopping there. It is our past successes that have brought us market leadership, but our dealers and their customers rely on us to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the technology and opportunities that are evolving. We are still developing new solutions and tailored accessories such as weather-protected battery leads to powerful and safe USB chargers, right through to several new products that will be revealed at INTERMOT and unveiled by our distributors in the coming weeks".Still owned by its founders, Martin Human went on to say that Tecmate "has proven itself to be an established, solid partner that is dedicated to the industry and working at the leading edge of battery technology". 

TecMate CEO and CTO Martin Human says "Tecmate has proven itself to be an established, solid partner that is dedicated to the industry and working at the leading edge of battery technology"


Indicators with position lights

KELLERMANN has developed a line of indicators that incorporate LED position lights to increase rider safety by making the motorcycle more visible. 

Kellermann claims its position lights are one of the strongest in the market and a real alternative to daytime headlights. It is offering three LED indicators with position lights; the established BL 1000 PL and the micro 1000 PL and micro rhombus PL.
All indicators and position light options are available in black and chrome.

Tel: +49 (0)241 938 080

Comment by Editor Robin Bradley

Motorcycle sales growth running ahead of wider economic growth forecasts

IT may sound like a paradox to say so, but the recovery we are seeing in the motorcycle market in Europe this year is simultaneously strong and weak.

It is weak because in most European markets the wider economic growth forecasts on which wealth expectations are based are still marginal (with the exception of the UK).
However, the recovery we are seeing in our market can only be described as "strong", as in most key European markets motorcycle sales growth is running well ahead of wider economic expectations in percentage terms.
This is a "good thing" of course, but it does suggest two possible concerns.
First, that we don't yet know the underlying state-of-health of the public's post-recession view of life on two wheels, as at this stage we are clearly benefitting from built up existing demand, rather than genuine industry expansion in demographic terms.
Second, it has to be accepted that while the wider economic recovery remains in the zero growth to 1.5 or 2.0 percent region, then some fragility remains, with the risk of those wider economic issues yet coming back to spoil the party.
In Germany market deterioration levelled off over the past two years, and there has been some small growth since - for the first six months of this year new motorcycle registrations are up by 10 percent, total PTW registrations up by 9 percent.
That is a good number, for sure, but it somewhat disguises what clearly is still a large degree of market volatility. Germany enjoyed a spectacularly good month in March, being up nearly 15 percent on what are usually its highest monthly volumes of the year.
In percentage terms January and February also saw spectacular growth in Germany, but on very low volumes, and June was up over 9 percent. So far this year it would appear that Germany has registered some 66,000 new motorcycles, compared to around 60,000 in 2013 and around 59,000 for the first six months of 2011 and 2012.

So, given that the last year before the full force of recessionary pressures hit the industry (2008) saw some 80,000 motorcycles sold in Germany, while there is still a giant hole in dealer new unit revenues there (everywhere!), we can at least now say that the market is following the classic stability followed by growth pattern - as anticipated by ACEM at their presentation at INTERMOT in October 2012.
Elsewhere the picture is less defined - as reported in this edition of International Dealer News the UK is doing well, and Spain continues to see rebound. Other major markets are either stable, modestly up (France and Italy for example), or have seen the rate of market decline slow down.
Clearly, if the wider economic performance in Europe is robust, then it is not yet filtering through into discretionary leisure spending on products such as motorcycles in all markets. However, define "robust" - "fragile" or "unproven”, still appear to be the operative words where macro-economics are concerned.
Although the UK economy appears to be "pulling up trees" as it powers past three percent annual growth forecasts (according to the IMF), it lags behind the overall global growth rate prediction. Worse, most Euro Zone markets (and the United States) are still forecast to see annual growth of only around the one to two percent mark, at best, and at those levels it doesn't take much in macro-economic, geo-political or regional/local terms to reverse trends.
The most recent data released by Brussels based motorcycle industry association ACEM shows cumulative PTW sales in the EU up by 3.5 percent (at 675,630 units) for the first six months of the year, with each month of the year so far having posted at least some kind of growth.
Moped/small cc unit sales for the first six months are off, at -8.5 percent for the first six months, but motorcycle sales, which deliver two thirds or more of market turnover in cash terms, are said to be up 8.8 percent for the first six months, at 493,378 units.
ACEM's data shows year-on-year motorcycles sales in key markets performing well. They have Spain at +20.8 percent; the UK at +13.1 percent; Germany at +9.9 percent; France at +6.9 percent; +4.4 percent in Italy.
So we have growth. Hurrah! Do we have increasing popularity in the overall concept of life on two wheels? Well, that is something that we won't know for years, or until some of the manufacturers are able to release demographic data telling us whether they are selling to returnees or new adopters.
My guess is that it is a mixed picture. Clearly there is low hanging residual, delayed spend demand to be picked up in the dealerships as wallet book strings loosen. Howeve,r common sense also dictates that some sales must be going to people, or whatever age group, who, for whatever reason, are drawn to a PTW message that has had considerable creativity and effort invested into it by the trade associations.
The recent and coming crop of new manufacturer products are also adding to the momentum by addressing the "un-biked" and young, especially young, urban social media generation consumers for whom the traditional values associated with motorcycling are outdated.
With the emphasis increasingly on ride character, the ownership experience and the individual, the market is becoming better at facing a future in which consumers will value style, convenience, economy and reliability.

International Night, October 1st, 18:30 hrs

With INTERMOT set to celebrate Cologne's 50th anniversary as the international motorcycle industry's primary business forum with a range of initiatives that look forward as much as they celebrate our past, expect some unexpected and imaginative new launches, pre-production prototypes and design concepts when it opens its doors to the trade on the dealer and industry preview day on Wednesday October 1st.
Oh, and don't forget - all IDN readers are invited to join us at the Business Centre between Halls 4 and 5 from 18:30 hrs on Wednesday 1st October for our now traditional and popular International Night industry reception.

Team Metisse

Metisse KTM CR690

WHEN Horst Edler, the owner of Team Metisse, decided he wanted to create a café racer, he knew he wanted to use a big single as the basis, and in order to achieve this he chose a KTM Duke 690. 

Once the build was complete Edler assembled the body parts he used to build the bike into a kit to allow other KTM owners to recreate his café racer. In addition to the kit, which fits KTM Duke and KTM Duke R models, Team Metisse also offers 50mm lowering kits and clip-on handlebars. 

Leiferde, GERMANY
Tel: +49 5373 9240780


BMW R1200GS LC parts from ZTechnik

ZTECHNIK has two sizes of its VStream windshield available for the BMW water-cooled R1200GS and a headlight guard for the same model.
The Touring size VStream windscreen, which gets its name from its unique shape and dimensional contours, is wider and taller than stock. The patented ‘V’ profile is said to help keep wind off the rider’s upper body and helmet. The sport size is reshaped in contour but similar in height to the OEM screen and available in dark tint or clear.

Both styles are made from FMR hard-coated polycarbonate. Optically the VStream windscreen is clear with virtually no distortion, and Ztechnik claims its screens are 30 times more scratch resistant and have 20 times greater crack and impact resistance than other aftermarket windscreens on the market made from commonly used acrylic.
ZTechnik’s polycarbonate headlight guards for the BMW water-cooled R1200GS have been designed to protect the bike’s expensive headlight arrangement. Made from 3mm polycarbonate that is given a Quantum hardcoating, which is said to make it 30 times more scratch resistant than competitive guards made with acrylic or uncoated polycarbonate.

The ZTechnik headlight guard follows the contours of the headlight frame and attaches with marine-grade Velcro. It is said to not reflect light back towards the windscreen creating glare, and is easily removed for cleaning of the headlight lens or the guard itself.


Maywood, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 708 343 0400

Bonamici Racing

Rearsets for MT-09

BONAMICI Racing is now producing adjustable rearsets for the Yamaha MT-09.
Machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminium, the rearsets are adjustable in six different positions. Bearings are used throughout to eliminate friction, and there is a spring to assist return of the rear brake lever.

The Bonamici rearsets can be used with a regular or reverse shift pattern, and are available in a black anodised finish with the option to personalise them with extra colours and many other options.

Magliano Sabina (RI), ITALY
Tel: +39 0744 919939

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Motorcycle sales figures

Motorcycle sales still positive, but signs of market weakening

ACCORDING to data released by ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles) in early September, the EU saw sales of 779,588 PTWs during the first seven months of 2014 - an increase of 1.5 percent over the same period in 2013. 
ACEM say that "most of the largest European markets performed positively, with sales increasing in Spain (+17.5 percent), UK (+11.6 percent) and Germany (+2.6 percent). Sales grew by 0.6 percent in France, and went down by 0.3 percent in Italy".
In terms of motorcycle sales, the news is even better, with the first seven months of this year up by 7.4 percent compared to the same period in 2013 - 559,937 units.
Year-on-year sales increased in key European markets including Spain (+21.6 percent), UK (+13.4 percent), Germany (+8.3 percent), France (+5.6 percent) and Italy (+2.7 percent).
With ACEM's own research showing that nearly three quarters of industry revenues are accounted for by larger displacement machines, it would appear that the market is benefitting from delayed spending, but some observers are suggesting that with nearly a year's worth of increased monthly motorcycle sales in most major markets, the industry may now also be seeing the first evidence of a genuine long-term return to growth.  
However, with structural motorcycle industry issues such as licensing and training still a major concern, and youth unemployment still unacceptably high throughout the EU, the 11 percent decline seen across Europe in moped sales for the year to date (219,661 units) suggests that any such optimism may still be premature.
Moped registrations have fallen by -17 percent in Germany so far this year, -15.8 percent in Italy, -7.5 percent in France, -6.9 percent in Spain and -2.9 percent in the UK, resurrecting pre-recessionary fears that the motorcycle industry's demographic and access issues have not gone away.

More recent country-specific data is becoming available from some of the national motorcycle industry trade associations that are part of ACEM. For example, August data released by the MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Association) show UK new motorcycle registrations up by 7.4 percent (6,038 units, up from 5,620 in August 2013), meaning that the United Kingdom has seen monthly growth in all except for two of the last 16 months.
For the eight months of 2014 so far, sales in the UK are up by 12.53 percent, at 63,974 units (up from 56,849 in the year ago period), the best sales performance that the UK has seen at this stage of the year since 2009.
In total PTW terms, the UK was up by 6.7 percent in August, and at 78,680 units is up by 10.9 percent for the year to date - also the best level seen since 2009.
In Spain, ANESDOR has reported that while August PTW total registrations were only up by 3.6 percent, motorcycle registrations were up by 4.5 percent, confirming that even in such a badly hit market such as Spain, higher price displacement machines are returning to growth more strongly than small displacement units.

ANESDOR's data puts Spain's total PTW sales for the first eight months of 2014 at 15.3 percent up over the January-August period of last year, with motorcycle sales for the same period up by 18.4 percent (74,132 units).
So far, all eight months of this year have seen substantial growth compared to the corresponding months of 2013.
In additional good news to emerge from Spain, ANESDOR reports that motorcycle accident rates have decreased significantly in recent months, and done so at a higher rate than for other vehicle types.
Motorcycle fatalities were down by 18 percent during July and August (compared to 2013) despite a 3 percent increase in the total number of trips made.

At 6,537 units the latest data from the IVM (Industrie-Verband Motorrad), the German motorcycle industry association, puts August motorcycle sales there down by -2.5 percent. This is only the second time since September last year that like for like sales have been down in Germany (-3.8 percent in April) and the market remains up by 8.4 percent (82,514 units) for the first eight months of the year, meaning that it is fairly certain that Germany will see full year growth - for at least the fourth consecutive year and may well beat the 86,000 registrations seen in 2009.
In total PTW terms, Germany was down by -5.0 percent in August (11,169 units) but remains up by 6.3 percent for the year to date at 117,738 units.
In other news from Germany, BMW announced that its total sales for the first eight months of the year were up by 7.6 percent (90,226 units) despite being down by -1.6 percent in August.
Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing, said that "eight months into the year we are doing very well. 90,226 vehicles sold between January and August is a new record for this period. We remain firmly on course to set a new all-time sales high for the entire year of 2014".

The news from Italy remains mixed, with the positive trends seen in the spring appearing to soften, as we head into the second half of the year.
At 122,152 units, total PTW new registrations over 50cc are 1.4 percent up for the first eight months of the year compared to 2013, with scooters (77,699 units) at -0.04 percent, but motorcycles (44,453 units) at +4.1 percent.
However, July saw total PTWs dip by -5.1 percent compared to July 2013, and for August they are down by -16.5 percent at 7,210 units.
The best performing motorcycle sector in Italy are "Naked" style machines, which at 15,174 account for some 35 percent of new motorcycle sales in Italy, up by nearly 20 percent over the first eight months of 2013.
Enduro models (14,796 units/+6.3 percent) are the second strongest market sector, with sales of sportbikes, Supermotard models, tourers, customs, trial bikes and others only accounting for one third of a market that remains historically associated with high performance street bikes.
Indeed, although low in volume at around 10 percent of the total market (4,818 units), custom style motorcycles have been the third largest sector in Italy for the first eight months of the year so far, with touring models the fourth largest (3,898 units).
The top three selling PTWs in Italy so far this year have been Honda's SH 125, 150, and 300 models, with the BMW R 1200 GS the top selling Enduro model, and Yamaha's MT-07 and 09s the top selling "Naked" style bikes.
By way of background, last year’s total PTW registrations in Italy were 153,863 units for the full year, which was down from 206,522 in 2012. The second quarter of 2014 (at 59,219 units) is just some 251 units less than the second quarter of 2013, but to put it in context, the second quarter in year 2000 was worth 219,867 units on its own, on the way to recording 524,619 units for the full year. Quarterly and annual new PTW registrations have tumbled ever since.

In terms of Japanese motorcycle manufacturer exports to Europe, the growth seen ever since October last year, and in particular the huge percentage increase seen during June, has sustained through July - Japanese 250cc+ unit shipments to their dealers in Europe were up by 59.7 percent in July at 9,534 units.
For the first seven months of this year, Japanese manufacturer exports to Europe are up by 23.4 percent at 93,846 units for the year to date.
In total PTW terms, import units from the Japanese manufacturers were up by 73.2 percent in July, and are running at 22.8 percent up for the year to date (102,268 units).

Matchless returns

Matchless set for return to motorcycle manufacturing

HISTORIC British motorcycle brand Matchless Motorcycles, which was formed in 1899, is set to return to producing bikes with the launch of the Model X Reloaded.

Matchless, which ceased production in 1966 when the brand was purchased by Norton Villiers, is now owned by the Malenotti family, who resurrected the name in 2012 with the launch of the clothing line ‘Matchless London’, managed by Michele Malenotti.
At the forthcoming 2014 EICMA exhibition Matchless will celebrate its 115th anniversary by presenting the Model X Reloaded, a design inspired by the company’s original Model X produced over 80 years ago. 

This new model has been designed by Franco Malenotti along with the Matchless design team. Malenotti has previously collaborated with manufacturers such as Honda, Morini, Ducati, Bimota, KTM and Aprilia, drawing historical models such as the 1000 Laverda Jota, the 1000 Laverda RGS and Morini 500 turbo amongst many others.
He has also designed various accessories and clothing, collaborating with Shoei, Oakley, JT Racing, Millet, Lewis Leather, Dainese and finally Belstaff, where he was creative director from the early ‘90s until 2011. 

Malenotti has based the Model X Reloaded around an S&S X-Wedge V-twin engine with a capacity of 1,916cc. This is being housed in a frame that integrates the oil tank and has a pull system rear suspension matched to a ‘Castle’ type fork with hydraulic shocks.
The bike will roll on spoked wheels created in co-operation with Borrani; the front will be a 16in, and a 17in is being used at the rear.
To cater for rider comfort, the suspended seat can be height adjusted from 740mm to 800mm, the handlebars are adjustable for height and angle, and the foot controls can be set in one of two positions.

Gulf Bike Week

Gulf Bike Week

GULF Bike Week is returning for 2014 and will take place from 30th October - 1st November at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.
The event, which is now backed by the Discovery Channel, will feature a new ‘Live Action Arena’ hosting bike stunts, bike start-up battles and a custom motorcycle show. There are also two music stages with 15 bands playing 31 sets over the three days.

Manufacturers who will be exhibiting at the event include Indian, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield, Aprilia, BMW, Suzuki, Triumph, Ducati, Vespa, Yamaha, Honda, Victory and Harley-Davidson.


Tesla heated winter gloves

UNDER new management, Orina BW GmbH will now concentrate on sports gloves, the core product that has made the Orina brand known worldwide since 1982. The new collection focuses on motorcycle gloves with many different features and designs.

For winter Orina has developed their Tesla heated gloves, which provide riders with a new micro-carbon fibre heating system that is rust-proof and flexible.
The special carbon fibre also ensures fast and equal distribution of infrared heat on the cuff in addition to the fingers, with no waiting period. The system has three heat levels that range from 40 deg C to 60 deg C. The energy source is a rechargeable 12V Lithium battery (sold separately), which can last up to 240 minutes. Low battery level is indicated when a switch located on the cuff starts to blink.

The Soratex outer shell material is said to be light but robust, and the AquaDry membrane ensures that the glove is comfortable, waterproof, windproof and breathable. It has knuckle and thenar protectors and padding at the fingers for additional protection. Fluorescent inserts between the fingers and Interlite reflecting materials on the cuff improves visibility. 


Eschweiler, GERMANY

Tel. +49 (0)2403 99960


Riviera V2+

CABERG’S Riviera V2+ is a retro-styled, open-faced helmet designed with urban riders in mind. Unlike many open-face helmets, the Riviera V2+ has the additional benefit of integrated double anti-scratch visors (clear main and a smoked sun inner).
The new helmet from Caberg features internal air circulation, a removable liner, rain protection rims, a micrometric buckle and a quick release visor system. Additionally, the Riviera V2+ is ‘Just Speak’ wireless communication enabled, with a Bluetooth kit available as an option. 

Caberg is making the Riviera V2+ available in a choice of black and white Wave, Italia, America finishes and in sizes XXS-XXL.

Azzano S. Paolo (BG), ITALY
Tel: +39 035 4203611

'International Night' 2014

'International Night' to be staged on INTERMOT's Trade Visitor Day

THIS year's INTERMOT will see the return of IDN’s popular 'International Night', from 18:30 to 20:00 pm on Wednesday October 1st at the Dealer Lounge Business Centre of the Koelnmesse exhibition centre.
The show is open to the media on Tuesday September 30th, with Wednesday October 1st being a Trade Day, and Thursday October 2nd to Sunday October 5th open for all visitors.
Since the move to Cologne from Munich in 2006, this is the first time that INTERMOT has promoted a specific Trade Visitor Day, with consumers only able to gain access by invitation.

To get your invitation to the free of charge IDN International Night at INTERMOT
(18:30 hours Wednesday Oct 1st) just email Sara Viney  (

Promoted by International Dealer News, and hosted by INTERMOT and the show's sponsors, International Night is unique - the only 'meet & greet' business reception specifically for industry professionals (of all kinds) and unique in the motorcycle industry.
The 'Cologne' Show has always been regarded as the world's primary international motorcycle industry expo, and with the backing of International Dealer News this is your opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry in a relaxed environment as the show closes (at 18:00 hours) on the Trade Visitor special day.
In 2012, INTERMOT underlined its position as “the most significant motorcycle industry international business platform” with the number of visitors increasing to 55,000 – with a record proportion of those trade visitors (43 percent) being from outside Germany and an 8 percent increase in the number of countries represented.
That year also saw the introduction of the Business District, which was developed to bring together a number of expo initiatives that had been developed for trade visitors in prior years.

This year it is once again located between halls 4 and 5, with the Dealer Lounge as the central meeting point.
In addition to International Dealer News the business district is being supported by other motorcycle industry trade magazines in Europe such as World of Bike and Bike und Business in Germany, British Dealer News in the UK, L’Officiel in France, Moto Dealer News (Italy) and Moto Taller (Spain).
The business district provides exclusive exhibition space for vendors who only want to meet other professionals in the international motorcycle industry and provides facilities for all kinds for professional visitors to be able to make meeting appointments away from the exhibition booths.
Additional trade initiatives operated by INTERMOT include the Dealer Card, which provides show access privileges and the online Matchmaking365 service, which is an expo visit experience optimiser – it enables trade visitors to gain an overview of the suppliers of selected product groups in the run-up to the fair, establish valuable business contacts and place targeted requests.
Matchmaking365 is a free of charge, time-saving service that helps trade visitors maximise the benefits of their visit.
This year sees the international motorcycle industry celebrate the 50th anniversary of its expo involvement with the city of Cologne, and highlights and a timeline from past shows will be showcased along with an “old timer” exhibition.


LeoVince Underbody for MT-09

LEOVINCE has developed its Underbody full exhaust system for the Yamaha MT-09.
The system, which mounts underneath the bike, features an end cap designed to direct gases away from the bike and is protected by carbon, which is said to offer a barrier effect against the radiated heat of the tyre. 

Made from AISI 304 stainless steel, the Underbody is claimed to be 3kg lighter than the stock system it replaces, is homologated and equipped with a removable dB-killer. The diameters of the pipes (designed with balanced header manifolds) and the silencer have been developed with the aim to ensure a perfect calibration with the engine with no further modifications needed once installed. 

Monticello d'Alba (CN), ITALY
Tel: +39 0173 465 111


‘Predator’ belt

ZANDONÀ’s Predator belt has been designed to offer protection to motocross and off-road riders by providing them with lumbar support to prevent, or decrease, the backache typical among those types of riders. 

The belt is composed of a very transpiring material where a nitrile support is fixed, and closure is by a double elastic regulation system.
Zandonà’s Italian made Predator belt is available in black in sizes XS – XL. 

Caerano di San Marco, ITALY
Tel: +39 0423 569135