Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Vertex Pistons

Vertex Pistons wins again

This has been a very good year for Vertex Pistons of Italy - always a favoured choice of leading race teams 2016 has seen the company add to their impressively long list of race credentials.

In MXGP Vertex 'Racer's Choice' forged pistons have bee the product of choice for Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha riders, with Yamaha's Romain Febvre scooping the World Championship using their F1 inspired high resistance treated alloy racing profile special coating external treatment pistons.
He finished ahead of Honda HRC riders Gautier Paulin and Evgeny Bobryshev, also racing with Vertex pistons and who were also part of the impressively successful French Motocross of Nations team.
In EMX250 the title was taken by Vertex 'Racer's Choice' pistons equipped Dutchman Nick Kouwenberg of the Honda JTech team; in the Supermoto World championship Thomas Chareyre (first) and Ivan Lazzarini (second) raced with Vertex; in the Enduro World championship Eero Remes (E1) and Ales Salvini (Honda, E2) also benefitted from the experience and expertise goes into all Vertex OE, race, and replacement and aftermarket-retro-fit off-road and street piston.



'Mini' luggage from Givi

New luggage options from Italian specialist Givi include this new compact tank bag with rapid attach/detach fitting system. Suitable for naked and sports bikes, it adds 3 litres of storage and turns into a convenient carry-bag.

The tank lock system eliminates straps and magnets by attaching securely to a fuel tank ring. The bag is released by a red lever located on the base of the ring. The model-specific rings are sold separately.
Made in Guzy Nylon 600D with PU inserts, the MINI features reflective inserts, rain cover in fluorescent material, handle and shoulder strap.

Also seen here is a new glove-friendly design twin compartment XL soft leg bag with adjustable leg and waist straps for convenient accessory storage and access. Made from durable Polyester 600D PVC, silver inserts in reflective fabric enhance night time visibility.



HC1 radial cylinder


German manufacturer Magura has added to its award-winning HCT family of brake and clutch control products with this new HC1 radial cylinder featuring their patented performance-improving HCT system. Incorporating "the latest technical know-how, ideal ergonomics and first class quality", it is said to be ideal for Superbike, Supermoto and street sportsbike models. Magura is using their patented Hard Core Technology (HCT) in the design - a system that was previously only available with their race and custom application parts. The HC1 cylinder for brake and clutch applications is ABS compatible and due to its compact size, angle and advanced ergonomic design, the pump is easy to install.
Magura, Germany; www.magura.com


VStream+ windshield options for the S1000XR

BMW parts and windshield specialist ZTechnik (manufactured in the USA by National Cycle) is offering these new VStream+ performance windshield designs for BMW’s Sport Adventure S1000XR.

ZTechnik VStream+ windshields hard coated Lexan polycarbonate are said to be 200% stronger than conventional materials

Left to right: low, dark tint - mid size, light tint - tall, clear 

The shape and contour are modelled and tested to reduce turbulence in National Cycle's state-of-the-art in-house R&D department. The VStream+ is named for its unique patented "V" shape, and the + indicates that a highly engineered and perfectly manufactured mount bracket is included in the kit.


VStream windshields are effective because the patented "V" shape and three-dimensional contours of the windscreen help quiet the ride by pushing the vortex out and away from the side of the rider's head, reducing wind noise. The smooth-radiused edges on all ZTechnik windshields add to the good aerodynamics achieved by the advanced design.
The custom bracket of the VStream+ assures a tight and secure installation and fit on a model the company says has "a weak factory provision for mounting an effective windscreen".
Made from hard-coated Lexan polycarbonate to provide outstanding durability and optical clarity, ZTechnik windshields are 200% stronger than windshields made from acrylic or the "air craft" material commonly used in the motorcycle industry; which is why the company backs these windshields with a 3-year warranty against breakage. 

ZTechnik by National Cycle


Multi-purpose Xtrace

New for the 2016 season, the new Caberg full-face is "conceived for riders who are passionate about street enduro motorbikes, but is also ideal for off-roading", according to the Italian company.

It can be used either in its full configuration, with peak and visor, or with tool-free reconfiguration, without either the peak or the visor. Offered in two polycarbonate outer shell sizes for best fit options, it is equipped with Caberg's DVT (Double Visor Tech) system - the easy to use integrated anti-scratch treated sunshade visor allows the rider to tune the optics in conjunction with the anti-scratch treated Pinlock lens-ready outer clear visor.

Three wide, glove-friendly air vents deliver fresh airflow onto the inside of the visor from the chinguard vent and through the internal channel system from the two upper vents, with discharge through a rear vent.
The breathable fabric lining, under-chin windstop and breath guard are removable and washable. ECE 22.05 homologated, the helmet is available in solid matt black and white and a graphic LUX version with matt black.


BC Battery Controller

Versatile BMW CAN‐Bus charger

Italian manufacturer Forelettronica/BC Battery Controller has a new version of its multi-platform battery charger available to work through the CAN-Bus system on current BMW models.

The "smart and automatic" BC charger is said to be the only battery charger on the market that is able to charge lead‐acid and Lithium batteries.  Equipped with two separate charging algorithms for lead (traditional, sealed or gel) and Lithium batteries, it is compatible with all 12V batteries on motorcycles and scooters.
The new K900 Evo, which will debut at EICMA, offers the user the option to select among different charging programmes, according to the type of battery, and has two additional programmes, "Lead‐Acid CAN‐Bus" and "Lithium CAN‐Bus" that allow it to connect directly to the 12V standard socket of CAN‐Bus system BMWs, whatever the battery onboard may be.

The company says the K900 Evo can stay always connected to the battery, even in case of long periods in which the motorcycle is not used, or be wall mounted. An LED bar indicates the selected programme, the charging cycle and any operating anomalies.




'Marshall' unisex technical sneaker

New from Stylmartin in Italy, the Marshall full grain leather unisex year-round sneaker can be worn on and off the bike, is a structured casual with protection that is made based on a technology that Stylmartin calls "assembly", which is said delivers better support for the foot and a comfortable fit of the upper - the insole and the sole are assembled together inside a last, with specific quality features.

Features include an anatomical, removable, breathable and micro-perforated inner sole, and a rubber outer sole with drawings designed to increase its anti-slip grip. The external leather has water-repellent treatment and the inside features a waterproof and breathable lining.

PU protectors on both sides of the ankles and a leather gear protector classify this sneaker as technical footwear, certified as PPE category 1.




New BMW clutch features Para-Aramid fibres

One of Europe's largest and oldest brake and friction product manufacturers, Newfren was founded by Alessandro Barbero in the 1950s.

Now owned and operated by his son Valter Barbero, the company uses selected manufacturing partners and manufacturers at its CiriƩ factory, near Turin, Italy, is a 6,000 sq m (65,000 sq ft) hi-tech facility on a 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) site where new production lines produce brake shoes, pads, backing plates, clutch plates and components, brake discs and brake assemblies.
Central to Newfren's success has been the investment in materials research, and the new "oil resistant" dry clutch discs seen here continue that tradition.
Newfren is a major OE supplier as well as offering dealers access to a large replacement aftermarket brake and clutch component programme. One of their latest product additions is these new clutches specified for BMWs from the 1970s onwards.
Newfren say the main feature is the new friction material - composed of Para-Aramid synthetic fibres that are noted for their outstanding strength to weight properties, excellent wear characteristics and resistance to organic solvents - delivering a higher friction coefficient and better resistance to high temperatures.
Newfren say that this new material prevents glazing and maintains the operating temperature characteristics when clutches overheat and provides safe, reliable and consistent operation "even in the presence of oil - which means better torque and improved durability".




Schuberth Air & Acoustics Lab produces new E1 combination modular helmet

July this year saw the formal opening of Schuberth's new climate testing and aerodynamics/ aeroacoustics wind tunnel equipped design and engineering centre at Magdeburg in Germany.

Schuberth's 12m long wind tunnel at their new Magdeburg R&D centre can generate wind speeds of up to 190km/h

Schuberth was the world’s first helmet manufacturer to use its own wind tunnel for the development of motorcycle helmets, and having expanded their Braunschweig facility to capacity over the past three decades, this latest upgrade brings all their research and development activities together under one roof for the first time.
At the time CEO Jan-Christian Becker said that "it is only logical to integrate our wind tunnel into the state-of-the-art Magdeburg plant. In the spirit of keeping distances short and communication flowing, development and production belong under one and the same roof".
When specifying the new facility the company used the occasion to further modernise the installation and add a climate testing facility. "We have of course already done some research into the influence of the air temperature and humidity on the climate within the helmet in the past and gained useful insights", explained Dr. Thomas Hagemeier, Head of the new Schuberth Air & Acoustics Lab. "But the new climate testing facility allows us to conduct systematic and simultaneous research and development of all criteria relevant to the comfort and active safety of our helmets".
The wind tunnel is 12 metres long, with 120 kW of engine power and a 1.6 metre axial flow fan that allows it to generate wind speeds of up to 190 km/h. The measuring station can be extended from 1.5 to 3.9 metres, allowing the company to test motorbikes and Formula-1 racing cars.
In motorcycle helmet terms one of the first new products to benefit from the investment is their new E1 combination touring flip-up and off-road riding design. Described by the company as "the first specialised helmet for riders of travel enduros and adventure bikes", the glove-friendly chin bar is easily unlocked and flipped, along with the visor and the peak.

The visor is scratch-resistant and free of distortions, provides UV protection and is equipped with a tool-free, easy-change anti-fog screen. For glare protection, there is an easily deployed lower edge lever operated scratch-resistant sun visor with integral 80% tint.
Schuberth says that the wind tunnel research has resulted in a design that is suitable for use at high speeds with low aerodynamic drag. A spoiler ensures that the helmet does not create lift, and the aerodynamic shape is also said to make it very quiet. The peak has three different positions to adjust it to different requirements of off-road and street use. A complex system of ducts in the inner shell and three independently controlled ventilation circuits deliver advanced ventilation.
The external glass fibre shell is reinforced by the thermosetting matrix manufacturing technique, and the inner EPS has different degrees of hardness. Safety is further enhanced by the Anti-Roll-Off-System (A.R.O.S.). The removable, washable and quick drying anti-bacterial, breathable interior trim is certified to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.
The E1 features two pre-installed antennas for optimum Bluetooth and FM radio reception, even at high speed. These antennas are prepared for installation of the optional SRC-System, which is fully integrated into the helmet for wireless communication with the pillion and other riders, as well as hands-free smartphone talking, listening to music and GPS use. The helmet is expected to be available in the spring of 2016.


Forcefield Body Armour

Replacement armour exceeds OE specs

Forcefield say their new Level 1 and Level 2 'Isolator Armour' is designed to make the fitment of armour safer in original equipment (OE) riding gear.
Known for high performing body armour built for the aftermarket, Forcefield say they have been "researching and perfecting the correct materials to ensure the finest armour fit for OE use", and that "form, function and high performance have all been taken into account".

With added memory properties, high density formulations and "innovative design shapes" the company says that a range has been created that is the slimmest on the market, while passing the very latest CE standards with the Isolator CE2 limb armour passing at ambient, wet and extreme cold and hot temperatures. "These are super soft to touch and wear, yet have incredible protective strength", says Forcefield's Matthew Dawson.
"These new products maintain the standards and properties that the Forcefield brand has become known for. The material is wonderfully strong, breathable and heat reactive". The armour range in both CE 1 and CE2 versions comprises of back, shoulder, elbow/knee, hip and knee protectors.
Isolator Level 1 (grey) is aimed at garments where "low profile is a priority, these are super thin, lightweight and pass the CE tests at Level 1. Isolator Level 2 (yellow) is aimed at the higher-end of the OE market where only the highest specification armour will do. Passing the CE 2 test with ease, nothing else comes close to the protective standards we are achieving, yet it is lighter and thinner than most CE1 armours".


Gilles Tooling

Multistrada ergonomics

Luxembourg based manufacturer Gilles Tooling's RCT gear and brake lever kit is said to be "the perfect mix of high-end design and functionality. With their red and titanium coloured accents, they look great in any colour combination on the Multistrada".
Noted for attention to detail and ergonomics, Gilles Tooling’s design features an adjustable toe piece that lets the lever adapt to every kind of rider; a rolling toe piece on the gearshift lever makes smoother shifting gears; and an ultra-grip toe piece on the brake lever to ensure a safe and positive braking feel. The gearshift can be customised to reduce gear-change travel with change points pre-set by using the company’s turning joints system and the ergonomic touring footpegs.

Their "Maximum Performance Lever" (MPL) is described as a "design triumph" with optimum handle length and shape for all applications. Double ball bearings instead of plain bearing bushings are said to deliver superior precision and response. The lever length can be tuned with a smooth, precise adjuster, and the length of the brake lever can even be adjusted while riding, using an optional remote control.
The MPL clutch lever has a special feature for converting the Bowden-Cable mounts, so both the lever ratio and response of Bowden-Cable clutches can be adjusted. The coloured inserts on the lever ends can be changed on request.

Also seen here Gilles Tooling’s new 2D.GT adjustable handlebar risers for the Multistrada allow height and reach adjustment of the handlebar and give a completely new geometry and ergonomics appearance and options to the fixed-position OEM set-up, both in height and in reach. They are for use with the factory handlebars where a height of up to 24mm can be reached.




Two-piece performance chain guard

Polisport’s performance chain guard was developed and refined for off-road use, and the Portuguese manufacturer says that it will "withstand all the rigors of extreme riding". 

Made in two components - the outer shell and the wear pad – the extra long design increases the efficiency of chain-guide feeding and installation is easy as the chain does not have to be removed. The outer shell is tough and impact resistant, while the wear pad is produced in a special compound to endure the long periods of use it is subjected to. All parts are replaceable and the outer guard and wear pad are sold separately or as pairs; all hardware included - available in black or brand colours.
Polisport, Portugal; www.polisport.com

Monday, 16 November 2015

National Cycle

The world's best selling universal windshields just got better

Said to be the world's best selling windshields, National Cycle has announced upgrades to its Street Shield and Deflector Screen programmes with an all-new line of the universal windshields with a "a clean, minimalist look and the best materials on the market, and reduced prices".

Their original 2-point QuickSet mount Deflector Screen was first introduced in 1980 and quickly established itself as a top-seller. Described as defining the concept of a "universal windshield” when screens were far from universal, National Cycle followed them up with their Street Shield, a larger screen with a 4-point QuickSet mounting system.
Now the Chicago based manufacturer has upgraded both lines from the high impact acrylic that had sold so well to offer even better strength, durability and protection using their exclusive Quantum hard-coated polycarbonate for "state-of-the-art scratch resistance at no increase in price".

Like the originals, they will mount to thousands of motorcycles from sportsbikes and dual purpose to naked style bikes and big v-twins. They are backed by National Cycle's market leading 3-year warranty against breakage.



All-year technical shirt and pants

New from Hevik, these all-year use long sleeve technical shirts and pants are made using static-, bacteria- and micro organism resistant Dryarn and high-tech Resistex Carbon yarn. 

This seamless technology makes them stress-resistant with excellent body-shape fit for freedom of movement and muscle compression. The high level of insulation and breathability of the materials maintains the body temperature and transfers moisture to the outer layer of the fabric, allowing the natural thermoregulation of body temperature without excessive cooling in low temperatures or strong winds.

Also seen here, the 'Mimetic' jet helmet is an open-face featuring trendy camouflage graphics and contemporary styling for urban riders. Made in a matt finish from thermoplastic resin, it has been developed for ease of use and durability to withstand heavy duty daily city use. Features include a rapid micrometric release system, a removable anti-allergic fabric inner lining and an anti-scratch visor.



R3 frame slider kits

Italian manufacturer LighTech has added to its extensive range with new frame protection kits for Yamaha's R3.
These frame sliders help protect the frame in the event of a slide and provide excellent crash protection, made of shatter-resistant Delrin pucks to comply with World Superbike regulations.
Features include an innovative shape and design, a light magnesium support and internal bush, a special polymer (nylon and fiberglass compound) that was tested during WSS and WSTK Championships; the internal soft ring is 60-shores resistant.
The kit contains two frame sliders, two white shock absorber rings (also available in blue, red, green and black) and a complete mounting kit, and LighTech recommend using medium Loctite with the bolts. Said to be easy to install with minimal tools, drilling of the fairings is not required with this model.


Andreani Group

Andreani suspension tools programme

Well known for their suspension cartridge kits and technician training courses, Italian specialist Andreani Group also has one of the widest ranges of workshop equipment and tools available for suspension tuning and service - many of them designed in-house by Giuseppe Andreani, based on his ten years of World Motocross Championship race experience and over 15 years in business as one of Europe's "go-to" race and street suspension experts.

Their SP4 vacuum pump is an automatic tool to vacuum and fill all shocks, automatically, with easy-to-use software, and easy-to-use process control display on the front of the pump. Provided with two identical tanks, to select the kind of oil that can be used for the filling process, the capacity of the tanks allows work on the largest shock absorbers, including car shocks.
It is designed with a convenient large tool compartment built-in on the top, is light and easy to carry with side handles and is available in two motor configurations - 110V and 220V.

The SP2 vacuum pump is designed for vacuuming shocks using switches on the front of the machine. The process occurs manually by driving the appropriate hydraulic controls. The machine has two manometers - the first one to verify the oil pressure; the second one to verify the vacuum inside the shock absorber (Vacuometer).
This version is also provided with two identical capacity tanks to use two different kinds of oil or to keep one for the used oil without having to open the shock absorber.

Also seen here, Andreani's electronic spring tester has been developed to accurately calculate spring rates - an indispensible machine for workshops or technicians tuning shock absorbers or forks. The measurement process is very straightforward, with all necessary components provided and a reliability and precision of measurement that Andreani say "places this machine at the top of the line when it comes to high quality suspension servicing and tuning essentials".

The specialist suspension-tuner tool box offered by the company is furnished with spring press, PDS recharge device, and complete tool set to work on suspension and shim boxes. Available in off-road, street and universal versions.


Rapid Bike

Rapid Bike versatile universal or model-specific tuning module systems

Well known internationally as a leading "go-to" source for high-tech solutions dedicated to electronically managed engines, it is about ten years now since Dimsport entered the motorcycle market with a complete range of electronic add-on modules under the Rapid Bike brand.

The Rapid Bike modules connect directly to the injectors - they can manage up to eight injectors and up to two lambda sensors, and perform all the other functions of a contemporary engine management plug-in, but without the need of any additional/secondary modules or tuning accessories

Rapid Bike's technology is specifically designed to improve the bike’s handling and performance especially in mid/low rpm (the so-called closed loop area) where the latest gas emissions legislation is forcing the adoption of very lean air/fuel mixture. At the heart of this technology is an innovative management of the stock lambda sensor signal that allows fuel adjustments throughout the entire rpm range while maintaining full compatibility with the OEM ECU engine management system.

This means the benefits of improved fuelling delivered by the unit will not be detected as a mistake requiring further corrections; the final result being a reliable, predictable and consistent injection management system.

 The software of both Evo and Racing modules perform 'dynamic' injection map adjustments, adapting to what is happening to the bike and engine, responding to and calibrating for the tuning status of the bike while it is being ridden or raced

By connecting directly to the injectors, carburetion values can be modified throughout the entire engine power delivery curve without any of the limitations typical of the so-called closed loop area. This special feature is possible thanks to the management of the stock lambda sensor signal, which in turn allows an exclusive auto-adaptive feature to adjust fuel delivery while the bike is being ridden. Rather than a pre-calibrated set of fixed values, the injection map becomes a dynamic tool that can adapt to what is happening to the bike and to the engine - adapting for things such as the impacts on readings of changing weather conditions, driving style, loads and other variables that can alter the tuning status of any bike. On twin cylinder engines equipped with double lambda sensors it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-injection remapping set for each cylinder.

The Racing version delivers extra features such as ignition map adjustments, engine and launch control, engine braking management and pit lane limiter
The EVO and Racing module kits are available in lower cost single model-specific 'Exclusive' configurations

The Rapid Bike EVO module (along with the Racing module) can be reprogrammed unlimited times to be installed on different bike models, while the wiring harness is specific to the bike application. In this way the dealer/distributor's stocking investment decreases considerably as the designed kit can be assembled to order from a reduced component inventory

Rapid Bike 'Evo' and FIM Pro-Race approved 'Racing' add-on modules manage up to 8 injectors and up to 2 lambda oxygen sensors, and perform all the other functions expected of a contemporary engine management plug-in but without the need of any additional/secondary modules or tuning accessories.
The firmware of both Evo and Racing modules can be re-programmed unlimited times to be installed on different bike models, while the wiring harness is specific for the bike application. In this way the dealer/distributor’s stocking investment decreases considerably as the desired kit can be assembled to order from a reduced component inventory.
Both modules perform injection map adjustments, while the Racing version also performs ignition map adjustments and has additional features typical of race-track integrated into the module - features such as traction and launch control,  engine braking management and pit lane limiter. New YOUTUNE controller in conjunction with the Evo module also makes engine braking management and rpm control available (to maintain a constant and consistent cruising speed). 

The glove-friendly YouTune introduced in January 2015 is a new handlebar mounted device directly connected to Evo and Racing add-on modules, allowing the rider to interact with the modules’ features and change a number of parameters in real time, without need of any additional software or laptop connections

Both modules share the same wiring harness and can manage up to 2 stock lambda sensors, and both have pre-set injection and ignition maps and are therefore ready for installation (detailed instructions provided with every kit).
The racing module reads and also modulates the crankshaft (pick-up) sensor signal, therefore they control what can be considered "the engine clock" in order to secure a very fast and accurate calibration start-point for adjusting the ignition timing (and managing the launch and traction control with installation of new YOUTUNE controller).
With a load sensor cell installed Rapid Bike Evo and Racing add-on modules can operate quick shifting, and multiple maps can be managed when the optional handlebar switch is installed. Both modules can also raise rev and speed limiter in a number of selected applications.
All other Rapid Bike accessories plug directly to the wiring harness without the need for any additional modules such as, for example, the electronic quick-shifter sensor, which is a load sensor cell working both ways ("push or pull"). 
Rapid Bike Evo and Racing are also available as an "Exclusive" kit for a selected range of applications with the purpose to offer a simpler, lower priced version that cannot be reprogrammed and installed on different bike models.




SKF seal technology reduces suspension friction

Italian/US distributor and technical parts specialist InnTeck is offering dealers throughout Europe and US access to a wide range of motorcycle components and special parts from SKF.

Among new products being shown at EICMA is an SKF floating piston that replaces the standard gas to oil separator in the reservoir of selected non bladder-style OEM and aftermarket replacement shock absorbers (for example Ohlins TTX and WP 52mm shocks for KTM, Husqvarna applications).
The OEM separator is normally built with a rigid plastic or metal body that is surrounded with a thick O-ring, sealing it into the reservoir body. This type of design causes significant friction against vertical movement of the separator, making it difficult for the shock to react to small high frequency bump absorption.
The SKF floating piston is designed to replace the OEM separator without having to replace the OEM reservoir design. Made using special SKF low friction compound, it features two sealing-lips tight against the reservoir walls for "perfect seal and separation between oil and gas" - the central portion of the piston membrane is designed with a level of flexibility.
A reservoir equipped with a floating piston allows for increased reactivity of the shock in absorbing high frequency small bumps and in following the oil transfers from/to the body from/to the reservoir. The flexible centre membrane starts deforming first, anticipating the complete piston movement, thus enhancing the shock reactivity to small bump absorption.
Also seen here is an SKF glide kit for the new Showa SFF-Air TAC forks. In their original configuration (like a lot of forks) these Showa forks are vulnerable to heat build-up from friction in the internal air cartridge spring.

This kit, which includes SKF special seals and special replacement parts jointly developed with InnTeck, replaces the original cartridge rod seals and air divider piston seals in the Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki versions of the SFF-Air-TAC.
The InnTeck kit uses replacement SKF seals that create less drag/friction, less stick/slip and improve sealing, using an SKF special compound tailored seal design to replace 2 or 3 seals with 1 cartridge seal, therefore eliminating up to two points of seal drag and wear.
The result is reduced friction and virtually eliminated stick/slip. The rider will immediately feel better small-bump absorption during braking and needs less braking effort - the drastically reduced friction also allows for improved damping, making the forks more responsive to their clicker settings.
The kit can be complemented with SKF fork seals for further reductions in friction - available for all the most common brands of fork on the market. Made from highly oil, acid and abrasion resistant special NBR compound (Nitrile butadiene rubber), SKF fork seals feature a double spring design, making them suitable for use on both air and oil spring fork cartridges, integrated sealing functions to prevent oil/air migration and a metal insert to create the ideal seal contact pattern to the shaft and housing.
Compatible with a wide range of OEM and aftermarket suspension fluids.



LeoVince Honda options

Italian exhaust specialist LeoVince is offering several solutions from its range of exhaust options for Honda models right across the displacement bands.
For the Honda CBR 1000 RR (2013-2015) their EVO II approved performance exhaust, described as "one of the most sought after LeoVince products", is said to be an "optimal mix of design, finish and performance - a road-legal product of style".
The Factory R developed for the CBR 1000 has a 100 percent titanium body, with TIG welded AISI 304 stainless steel connectors. The front part of the muffler is composed of an aerodynamic pipe, while the rear is in carbon with dual asymmetric cuts and fixed to the frame with rubber vibration-damping equipped carbon fibre clamp, fitted with a rubber vibration damping element; also available in titanium finish.
Their LV ONE systems are an "an optimal combination of style and quality and an ideal solution for high performance and durability".

The oval-shaped exhaust system is made entirely of TIG welded AISI 304 stainless steel. The end cap is made of high performance technopolymer, producing a light muffler that is resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses. The manifolds are in TIG welded AISI 304 stainless steel. The outer surface has a sandblasted effect with a "titanium look" for a "touch of attitude and elegance", and the mounting bracket is in carbon.
LeoVince say their LV ONE EVO II approved manifold and muffler geometry "aims to improve the torque and maximum power within the parameters set by European legislation."
Also available for selected models (such as 2013-2015 Honda CBR 300s) the LeoVince NERO exhaust system ("a modern and aggressive design) is a muffler with a casing in AISI 304 stainless steel finished with a black ceramic-based paint, a material that provides excellent resistance to high temperatures. 

The body of the muffler has TIG welded brackets, allowing easy assembly and ensuring "a more stable and durable installation, resistant to thermal and mechanical stresses." The asymmetrically cut exhaust outlet is made entirely of carbon fibre.
The mufflers in the NERO range are all EVO II approved with removable dB killer.

LeoVince LV ONE and NERO exhausts are also available for the 2015 Honda Forza 125.