Thursday, 14 April 2016

EU motorcycle registrations

EU motorcycle registrations +18.9 percent for first two months of 2016

The latest EU-wide new motorcycle registration statistics released by ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles), the Brussels based international motorcycle industry trade association, show new PTW (powered-two- and three-wheeler) registrations continuing to grow during January and February at +11.5% (129,387 units).

Registrations performed positively in Italy (27,933 units, +26%), Spain (19,665 units, +24.4%), UK (10,669 units, +18.3%), but decreased in Germany (13,799 units, - 4.7%).
However, cumulative motorcycle registrations grew by 18.9% during the first two months of 2016 on a year-on-year basis. A total of 99,363 motorcycles were registered between January and February 2016, against 83,573 during the same period of 2015.
Year-on-year motorcycle registrations increased in most key European markets, including Italy (24,954 units, +29.5%), Spain (17,763 units, +29.1%), UK (9,641 units, 20.5%), Germany (12,709 units, +11%) and France (18,547 units, +4.4%).
A total of 30,024 mopeds were registered during the first two months of 2016 in the EU, whilst 32,514 had been registered during the same period of 2015. This represents a decrease of -7.7%. 

'mild weather has been boosting sales'

Registrations increased in some of the key markets such as the Netherlands (7,813 units, +7.2%) and Italy (2,979 units, +2.3%); but they continued to decrease in Spain (1,902 units, -7.1%) and France (9,687 units, -1.3%).
These results are based on information available to ACEM as at 7 April 2016. At that time registration data for some EU markets, such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Slovakia, Greece and Germany,  was either not available, or not fully available, or not fully tabulated yet.
However, the positive trend from the end of 2015 is confirmed. Total combined motorcycle and moped registrations increased by 5.6% in EU markets in 2015, to 1,210,534 units, with motorcycle registrations driving growth at +10.3 percent (885,018 units).
If EU growth overall is running in the region of 10 percent or more so far this year, then a projection of total motorcycle registrations for 2016 in the region of 1 million units for the first time in several years is not out of the question, with total PTW registrations likely to push the 1.3 million mark. 
Commenting in February, when the 2015 full-year data was released, ACEM Secretary General Antonio Perlot had said that "we will still need to wait until July 2016 to assess whether this is a real recovery, but the sector seems to have regained momentum", and that momentum appears to be continuing.
However, the mild weather has no doubt been boosting sales, and it will be some months before we know if some of the sales transactions seen so far are ones that are simply taking place earlier, or if riding-friendly conditions can give the market a genuine boost this year.
Perlot went on to say that "the sector still faces a delicate situation in Europe. The 1.21 million vehicles that were registered in 2015 are still less than half the registration levels we saw before the economic crisis; some 2.43 million units were registered in 2007, so while the return to growth seen since the summer of 2013 is to be welcomed, of course, there is still a long way to go before we know just how robust the long-term trend looks".

Italian motorcycle registrations

Italian motorcycle registrations +27.83 percent for first three months of 2016

The latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Italy (ANCMA, Milan) shows new motorcycle registrations there for the first three months of the year up substantially at +27.83 percent (20,998 units) compared to the first quarter of 2015.

In total PTW terms March was reported as being +17.12 percent (19,468 units), with the Italian market +23.91 percent for the first three months of 2016 at 44,333 units.
Scooter sales in Italy were +20.58 percent for the first three months of 2016 at 23,335 units.
For the full year 2015 new motorcycle registrations in Italy were up by +14.36 percent on 62,449 units - compared to 54,607 units in 2014.
The top selling motorcycle in Italy in March remained the BMW R 1200 GS (511 units March 2016, 3,222 units January - December 2015), followed by Yamaha's MT-09 Tracer (444 units in March, 2,618 units in 2015), with Honda's new CRF 1000L 'Africa Twin' the third best seller in Italy in March at 399 units.
Honda's NC 750 X was next with 330 units sold in March, followed by the Ducati Scrambler 800 (278 units in Italy in March, 2,476 units in 2015), BMW’s R 1200 GS Adventure (242 units in Italy in March, 2,006 units in 2015), and Yamaha's MT-07 sold 207 units in Italy in March.
The top selling scooter in Italy in March was Piaggio's Beverly 300 (643 units).
Of the high volume sectors, Enduro bikes reported the strongest growth in Italy for the first three months of 2016 at +43.11 percent (7,960 units), followed by Naked style bikes (+23.59 percent, 7,178 units).
The strongest growth in motorcycle displacement terms comes in the 751-1000cc market in Italy (+46.59 percent, 6,825 units) in the first three months of the year.

Parts Europe

Win a trip to
the Senior TT

Parts Europe has teamed up with Dunlop to give one lucky dealer a fabulous prize this summer - an expenses paid trip to see the Isle of Man Senior TT Race on June 10th 2016.
The raffle for the prize has been running from 7th March and goes through to 29th April. Every order of special Dunlop packages from Parts Europe is one raffle ticket. The more you sell, the bigger is the chance to win!
The trip starts on 9th of June, travelling back on 10th of June. The prize includes flights, accommodation, entry to the Dunlop VIP Village, dinner, access to the paddock, and a couch tour on the TT track with commentary by TT legend Milky Quayle. 

This raffle is for Parts Europe dealers only, but every dealer can sign up at Parts Europe to become one of their dealers "and benefit from our large inventory, fast shipping and low free-freight-limits", according to the company. Signing up is easy, it takes only a few minutes to fill in all facts online at 

In other Parts Europe news, the company has released its ICON apparel spring catalogue. Regarded as a cult brand in the United States, the company says that this new collection "is packed with new products. Known for its contemporary cutting-edge designs and cool looks, ICON is now a firm favourite here in Europe too".

The range includes new helmets like the 'Alliance GT', new jackets such as the ICON 'Motorhead 2', and new textile apparel such as the waterproof ICON 'Wireform' – described as a "three-season jacket for a stunning price". For the retro oriented rider there is the new 'Retrograde' that "honours the past while remaining fully fitted for the future", and for adventure riders ICON has developed a new 'Raiden' line, which "provides mobility and durability in its very own way". The new ICON jackets come with a full protector kit, including back protector.

UK motorcycle registrations

UK motorcycle registrations +8.49 percent YTD

The latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in the UK (MCIA) shows that new motorcycle registrations for March 2016 were +1.89 percent, at 15,664 units, in a month shortened by Easter; at 25,314 units registrations in the UK are +8.49 percent for the year-to-date.

In total PTW terms March was +1.39 percent (16,509 units), and the total PTW market for the year-to-date in the UK is running at +7.67 percent (27,186 units). Total moped sales in the UK were down by -2.35 percent at 1,872 units for the first three months of the year.
The 'Naked' style (+3.9 percent/6,583 units YTD) is the largest motorcycle sector by style so far in 2016, with the custom market (+19.1 percent) the fastest growing sector so far this year in the UK (2,231 units YTD); the Adventure Sport market in the UK is +17.3 percent YTD at 4,729 units, with scooters +11.7 percent at 7,551 units YTD.
In displacement terms, as elsewhere in Europe, the largest sector in the UK is the 'middleweight' 651 - 1000cc market, which was +13.7 percent for the first three months of 2016.
Honda were market share leaders in the UK in March, selling 3,008 units; followed by Yamaha (1,060 units), BMW (1,688 units), then Triumph, Kawasaki, Lexmoto, Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, KTM and Piaggio. The highest selling motorcycle of greater than 125cc in the UK in March was Honda's new 'Africa Twin' again (431 units); the highest +1000cc bike was BMW’s R 1200 GS Adventure (264 units).
Triumph's Bonneville Street Twin (246 units) was the highest selling 'Naked' style bike, with the Kawasaki ZX10 R Ninja (174 units) and Z1000 SX (155 units) the highest selling Supersport and Sport/Tour models respectively.
The UK 'bike park' is now said to stand at 1.2 million units - a figure that has remained largely static since 2011; 34,600 people passed the motorcycle rider test in the UK in 2014/15 - which is some 4,000 more than in the previous 12 months. The MCIA says that some 4.6 billion km (2.8 billion miles) were ridden on two wheels on the roads of the UK in 2014 - a figure that has remained largely static since 2011.
UK motorcycle registrations were +15.59 percent for 2015 at 104,813 units.


Ducati Scrambler "Custom Rumble" - the five finalists

Ducati's "Custom Rumble" dealer competition for customised Scrambler specials has now reached the stage where five final contestants have been chosen by the public. 

One for each continent, the five will now go forward to compete at this year's 'World Ducati Week' in Italy in July, where a special jury of experts, composed of designers, motorcyclists and customisers, will decide on the winner.
The Ducati dealers who decided to take up the challenge started work on their bikes as long ago as September last year, with online social media voting getting underway in late October and continuing until January.
The five finalists are 'Iron lungs', produced by Warsaw Liberty Moto (Poland) in collaboration with two "customisers"; 'Ice Track Pro', coming from Canadian creative workshop Bow Cycle North; 'Scrambobber' Made in Thailand by Ducati Vibhavadi; 'ScramblArabia' built by Wheels of Arabia from Bahrain, and 'Scramblegale' created by the Canberra Motorcycle Centre, the Ducati dealer in the Australian capital.


1 - Iron lungs, co-built by Warsaw Liberty Moto, 86 Gear Motorcycles & Pawel Swanski (Poland)

2 - Ice Track Pro, built by Bow Cycle North (Canada)

3 - Scrambobber, built by Ducati Vibhavadi (Thailand)

4 - ScramblArabia, built by Wheels of Arabia (Bahrain)

5 - Scramblegale, built by Canberra Motorcycle Center (Australia)


'Drift' tri-composite full-face

The 'Drift' double-D ring full-face, first seen in IDN last year as a full carbon shell, is also offered in a tri-composite fibre shell construction (carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass), which is said to have been "developed for the most demanding touring riders". It is equipped with an integrated DVT sunshade visor (Double Visor Tech) that permits riding in all light conditions with maximum safety.

The quick release visor mechanism with double spring movement allows visor self-adjustment to guarantee a close contact of the transparent anti-scratch visor with the window beading - meaning it is not necessary to manually adjust it in order to avoid water or air coming in. The left-side lever stops the position of the visor 5mm from the window beading to avoid or eliminate fogging; when lifted, the lever locks the visor to avoid sudden opening during a ride or fall.

An adjustable Max Vision Pinlock lens further helps avoid fogging, and the integrated anti-scratch sunshade visor is easily manoeuvrable with a lateral lever. Ventilation is guaranteed by three wide, glove-friendly air vents. The lower vent on the chin guard drives air directly to the inner side of the visor to avoid misting, while the vent on top channels fresh air inside the helmet through numerous air grooves towards the rear vent.
The removable and washable lining is made with hypoallergenic and transpiring fabrics; the design is communication system ready, the weight of the tri-composite shell is 1,350 (+/-50g), with the full carbon version at 1,250 (+/-50g).



Versys 650 exhaust options

A solid, medium weight bike, convincingly restyled, more versatile than in the past and, with the right aftermarket components, its “DNA” can be tweaked for improvement. So MIVV created several complete and dedicated 2 into1 exhaust systems.

With the 2015 version of the Kawasaki Versys 650 rapidly garnering respect as a convincing all-rounder, Italian exhaust manufacturer MIVV is offering a selection of model-specific versions of its popular OVAL and SUONO products for the "crossover" profile of the 650's growing customer base (with options for the Versys 1000 too).
The line-up includes five complete 2 into 1 system combinations that use the two ranges of silencers - each silencer with a wide range of finish options resulting in what is probably the most versatile and broad-based selection of options available from any one single exhaust manufacturer.

The MIVV OVAL is offered in standard INOX or in carbon and titanium with their unique carbon end cap design, featuring vented slits for heat dissipation and a high-tech look.
The SUONO is available in their standard INOX configuration, and in black finished steel - a very popular look with naked style and sportsbike riders. The main body is steel, with a black brushed-style finish (called "Black satin", achieved through a proprietary galvanising process) that is capped-off by inlet and outlet caps and by a carbon band.
The Black Steel version shares the same technical characteristics as the SUONO, such as sound, weight savings, materials and components.



GSX luggage options

Seen here, SW-MOTECH's Rearbag and Blaze Panniers can be combined to provide up to 78-litres of touring storage space on Suzuki's popular GSX-S1000 and GSX-S1000F. Blaze Panniers use a clever 'Quick-Lock' rail mounting system, which clamps to the footrest hangers and keeps the load stable, secure and away from the wheel without extra straps or bungee chords.

The rails can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete clamps behind. The panniers are made from high quality 1680 Ballistic-Nylon, and feature a stiffened construction to maintain their shape - they expand from 28 to 42-litre capacity (per pair), and come complete with waterproof inner bags, reflective detailing and an optional cable lock.
The Rearbag offers 24-litre standard capacity, expandable to 36-litres - large enough to hold a full-face helmet. For additional carrying capacity, SW-MOTECH's Quick-Lock Evo tank ring system is also available for Suzukis - once fitted, it serves as a secure mounting base for 2.5 to 22-litre tank bags (12V charging accessory options available). A full range of touring add-ons and accessories is also available.
Available internationally from SW-MOTECH distributors, including Motohaus Powersports (, who represent the company in the UK.