Thursday, 16 June 2016


Hyperpro take it higher

Dutch suspension specialist Hyperpro has developed a full suspension range for the Honda Africa Twin, with a rising rate spring fitting for the OEM shock, which increase the height of the bike by 2 cm.

Rising rate spring raises the CRF1000L by 20mm

Hyperpro's Jan Belder told IDN that "by doing this we managed to configure the bike to deliver better handling, with a more stable ride and use the range and capacity of the stock shock absorber to achieve an improved, optimised, correct suspension setting - one that will allow the rider to fully enjoy the potential of Honda's design".
Hyperpro also offers a lowering option by changing the spring set, which means the seat height can be lowered by 25mm.

Hyperpro 'StreetBox' package for road users

To go the next stage and fully upgrade the suspension of the Africa Twin, Hyperpro is also offering a fully adjustable type 461 shock, a type 460 emulsion shock, and for commuters and those who will use the Africa Twin on-road as much or even more than off-road a Hyperpro 'Streetbox' package, containing a front fork spring set, front fork oil and the type 460 emulsion shock.

Spring set lowers the rear height by 25mm

Hyperpro ships worldwide to its international network of distributors and develops, designs, tests, and makes their products in-house at their headquarters in The Netherlands. 


TFX Suspension Technology

TFX allows dealers to optimise the stock suspension compromise

TFX Suspension Technology in the Netherlands was founded in 2010 by Hans-Dieter Fischer and Alex Meijs. Hans-Dieter Fischer has his suspension roots in Dutch suspension manufacturer Technoflex which closed down in 2009.

Advanced piggyback shock
Emulsion shock

TFX is a completely new and separate business, and while it offers servicing for Technoflex products, in the five years since they have completely altered the designs and manufacturing technology, improving durability and performance and introducing a modular design and assembly principle.
This allows the company to build every shock absorber or front-end product ordered by their dealers precisely for the model concerned, and specifically for the weight, riding style and load characteristics of each individual customer's motorcycle and their riding habits - urban, touring, off-road or racing.
All TFX shock absorbers can therefore be retrofitted with the latest features and improvements, sold with a 5-year guarantee, and built to install without modifications to the bike. This also allows them to offer a custom suspension service, with shocks and springs of any length, and setting and adjustment options in any combination.
This is why, for example, they have been able to jump into the new 'Africa Twin' so quickly, indeed Hans-Dieter told IDN that "for us responding to new model launches is no problem. We had application packages developed within days of Ducati's launch of the Scrambler and the appearance in showrooms of Yamaha's new bikes. Our dealers know that they can contact us straight away if they want to upgrade the suspension on new models as soon as they are launched, and if they want to improve the handling and performance of any customer's new or pre-owned bike".
For the 'Africa Twin', TFX is able to offer a choice of replacement shock absorbers, springs, front fork springs and hydraulic pre-load adjustment.
Their "entry-level" shock absorber is the gas charged single tube TFX 140 emulsion shock, which is available with or without a separation piston (depending on the model) and features adjustable rebound damping, which stiffens compression and rebound simultaneously.

Front fork springs

Like all their range, it is made from heavy-duty materials for strength and durability in all circumstances - urban cycle or long-distance touring. Two preload adjustment rings mean it can be tuned to the riding circumstances - solo, two-up, luggage - and a low-friction seal that is supported by a Teflon back-up ring. This ensures that the seal doesn't deform, and eliminates the static friction on the shaft, which leads to better performance, durability and stability.
Hans-Dieter Fischer says: "These are some of the best quality OE replacement shocks available on the market today, and we work hard to continue developing them, so they stay that way".
The TFX 142 is an advanced piggyback shock that offers adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping, a remote fluid reservoir, adjustable rebound damping, superior floating piston technology and low-friction seals, "which all adds up to a highly refined shock that can be tuned with precision to meet the riding style and handling characteristics", says Hans-Dieter.

Shock absorber springs

They come in different styles depending on the kind of top mount needed for the motorcycle - 'Pisol', where the reservoir comes straight out of the back, 'Quer,' where the reservoir can be placed left or right and 'Straight' where it goes straight down, with a top mount completely CNC manufactured from 7075 aerospace grade aluminium alloy. "This shock absorber is for the rider who wants high performance, durability, control and refined tuning options. It is an ideal choice for racing, off-road riding or extended trips".
TFX offer a wide range of high quality fork and shock springs for road and motocross applications. Their progressive and linear front fork springs are manufactured from "the highest quality materials to provide a spring that will match the rider's requirements. They can be soft enough at the start of travel to absorb small road bumps and provide a more ‘comfortable’ ride, yet still offer the firmness at the end of the trip to handle the big bumps and potholes, major loading under braking and prevent bottoming out.
"For road racing, TFX springs can help you brake later, get on the gas sooner and increase your lean angle by maintaining cornering clearance and preventing excessive dive under braking. At the same time it can help maintain proper chassis geometry under acceleration, increasing confidence levels at the limits of traction.
"For the street riders, TFX springs are vital to tailor the machine to the exact weight, riding style and preferred riding conditions, delivering a stable, compliant ride, improving cornering clearance, and reducing dive, squat and bottoming. In many cases, using the proper, stiffer springs (front and rear) actually improves ride quality while it takes handling to the next level of performance".

Pre-load adjuster

"Next to the tyres, proper suspension choices are the most important decision a rider can make for safety, performance and enjoyment and, especially with dual purpose bikes such as the new 'Africa Twin', the stock suspension set-ups are a compromise - we have the technology and versatility to allow dealers to offer optimised suspension set-ups for every one of their riders".
TFX also offers one of the most advanced suspension technology programmes available in Europe for Quads and ATVs (and side cars), so working with MX models/off-roaders and adventure sports models such as the 'Africa Twin' is core competency that is driven and made possible by their modular all-purpose customised shock manufacturing concept.



Titanium Slip-On Line

Akrapovic has released a version of its double-flow hexagonal titanium Slip-On Line muffler exhaust specially for the Honda CRF1000L.

Constructed from lightweight, durable titanium alloy with a robust carbon fibre clamp, this EC/ECE type-approved exhaust is said to "provide a performance increase at lower and higher revs – where an adventure bike needs it most – and deliver a smoother and improved ride".
Akrapovic say their sound engineers have created a deeper, more enriching sound for the Slip-On Line, which uses the best characteristics of the Honda’s 270° twin-cylinder engine. A simple plug-and-play easy installation, with no remapping required.


GPR Italia

Homologated slip-ons

GPR Italia is offering a wide range of slip-on options for the CRF1000L, available with different silencer shapes for modern or classic styling, in a choice of materials and colours.

The range includes their 'Albus', a white ceramic finished line, the 'Furore' line, GPR's best sellers, and their new GP EVO in Black Titanium - described as offering great looks and the best weight savings.
GPR claim that all the exhausts in their catalogue are fully homologated, road legal and covered by a 2-year warranty.
GPR also say their slip-ons will give weight savings of up to 3.5 kg compared to the original designs and power increases of up to 5hp at 4500 rpm with the homologated slip-on, and up to 10hp with the addition of their racing front header - indeed their 2-into1 header can be installed with other brands of slip-ons, including the originals.
GPR’s products are manufactured in-house at their Milan factory and sent to dealers and importers throughout Europe and worldwide.

G.P.R. ITALIA S.r.l.


Remus 'Okami' slip-on


Seen here in carbon finish, Austrian exhaust manufacturer REMUS has its hex-style 'Okami' slip-on muffler available for the CRF 1000L. Fully approved and road legal, it is also available with a polished or black stainless or titanium sleeve, with weight savings and power/torque gains in all cases. Furthermore, a complete de-cat header is currently being developed. REMUS, Austria,


Barkbusters handguard options for the Africa Twin

Leading hand and lever protection specialist Barkbusters has extended its two-point mounted bike-specific range to Honda’s new CRF1000L Africa Twin, providing what it says are "the only true adventure handguard solutions on the market".

Said to meet the increasing demand for both impact and weather protection desired by today’s riders, features include hardened aluminium backbones and specially engineered mounting hardware for "perfect and secure fitting".
This handguard can be combined with several of  Barkbusters' extensive range of handguard covers, such as the JET handguard cover, which provides moderate weather protection in a large choice of colours; their VPS handguard cover, which gives the largest choice of colours while providing excellent weather protection with its variable height wind deflector; the STORM handguard cover, which is described as providing superior protection from the elements as the large aerodynamic plastic cover is designed to channel wind and rain away from the rider’s hands; and their CARBON handguard cover, which offers functional style to complement modern bikes and bikes with existing carbon fibre features.
Barkbusters say their handguard design and engineering technology "perfect complements the Africa Twin’s true adventure spirit", and that with over 30 years of experience in "manufacturing the world’s strongest handguards, Barkbusters will give you the piece of mind and confidence that you have protection for your controls, levers and hands".



High capacity top case for Africa Twin

Spanish luggage manufacturer NAD SA, a 2015 Red Dot design award winner, has its popular high-capacity SH48 top case available with a new model-specific rack fitting system for the Africa Twin.

Said to be the lightest top case in its category at 3.7kg, it is made from robust, durable, reinforced polypropylene and measures 331mm high by 456mm deep by 607mm wide - large enough to hold two helmets.
It is available in titanium or dark grey with cover options and with stop light and double backrest options, has a glove-friendly locking design and a retractable and automatic handle.


Spark by Vecchi

Spark 'Dakar' Africa Twin slip-ons and full systems

Italian manufacturer Vecchi Srl has released updated Spark exhaust brand systems for the Africa Twin - a new version of its homologated 'Dakar' slip-on with removable db killer and a racing full system.

The full system has been developed so as to maximise performance at medium-low rpm and is said to deliver a power increase of 4.5 hp/5.000 rpm compared to the original, without any other modifications. Available with a stainless steel collector and choice of titanium or 'dark' silencer for a reduction from the 7.8 kg original weight to 4.8 kg.
Their 'Dakar' slip-on is available in stainless steel, titanium or carbon - with the 'Dark' silencer reducing the stock weight of 4.8 kg to 2.9 kg - a near 40 percent weight saving.
The homologated slip-on with dB killer is said to produce 1 hp of extra power; 2.3 hp without the dB killer.



SW-MOTECH protection and luggage mounts

Protection and luggage options for the CRF 1000L from German specialist SW-MOTECH include a 5mm replacement for the thin original 2.5 mm Honda skid plate and an extremely strong 5mm bottom engine guard.

Ready for adventure –QUICK-LOCK side carriers for Trax ADV/aluminium cases or other brands. TraX Adventure 1.5mm aluminium cases in 37 litre capacity for the right side and 45 litres on the left; top case also available with Alu-Rack and top case brand adapter plate system

The centre stand is made from heavy-duty steel and offers safe stand, easy handling and improved ground clearance. An additional mounted engine guard extension for the centre stand provides complete rear linkage protection while riding

Manufactured in aluminium, the oversized contoured skid plate is said to provide a sliding surface and robust protection for the engine block, header and other exhaust components. 

Made from high-grade aluminium, the robust chain guard extension protects the length of the chain between driver and pillion footrest that is not covered by the original chain guard

The extremely strong engine guard features a 5 mm aluminium bottom structure and offers complete protection of the engine block. Built with precision-manufactured mounts that fit directly into the existing frame mount, creating a robust connection that distributes the forces not only to the mounting points, but also to the bike’s steel frame in case of ground contact

Crash bar in ultra-strong steel tubing with durable alloy components. Designed to protect the engine while remaining close to the bike and maximising ground clearance. Three mounting points on the frame and cross-connection of both crash bars distribute any impact evenly throughout the bars

Also seen here are crash bars, Quick-Lock side carriers for most popular aluminium cases, including their own Trax ADV line, an aluminium chain guard extension, heavy duty high ground clearance centre stand and additional mounted engine guard extension for the centre stand that provides complete rear linkage protection.



Touratech Africa Twin options

German adventure sports accessory and performance specialist Touratech were quick off the mark with a customised Africa Twin sporting a selection of their product fitments on their booth at EICMA in November last year.

In fact Touratech has more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing accessories for the Africa Twin.
Special custom parts for the "reborn cult bike" include tried-and-tested Touratech pannier systems in various sizes and styles, a topcase and rack, an aluminium luggage rack, GPS mounting adapter, Touratech 'Works' brand long-distance footpegs and a handlebar riser that is said to significantly ease the strain on the shoulders and wrists.
Stainless steel crash bars and engine crash bar, side stand base extension, hand protectors, headlight protector, auxiliary lights and the robust 'Expedition' branded engine guard, extensive soft luggage solutions and a selection from Touratech's range of seat options complete the package; headlight protectors, windshields, auxiliary lights also available.