Wednesday, 22 June 2016


International Night
INTERMOT 5th October
18:00 hrs, Dealer Lounge

International Dealer News is pleased to announce that it is again collaborating with INTERMOT to present the “International Night” business networking reception at 18:00 hrs on the Trade Day, Wednesday October 5th.

An established and popular opportunity for exhibitors to meet with their importer/distributors and key dealers, it will be staged, as usual, at the Dealer Lounge Business Centre of the Koelnmesse exhibition centre, in the Business District off the main boulevard between halls 4 and 5.
The show is open to the media on Tuesday October 4th, with Wednesday October 5th being the International Trade Day, and will be open to all visitors Thursday October 6th to Sunday October 9th.
Since the move to Cologne from Munich in 2006, this will be the second time that INTERMOT has promoted a specific International Trade Visitor Day, and with 2014 having been judged a success, this is now set to be a permanent feature of the INTERMOT schedule, with consumers only able to gain access on the Trade Day by exhibitor invitation.

Promoted by International Dealer News, and hosted by INTERMOT and the show’s sponsors, International Night is unique in the international motorcycle industry - the only ‘meet & greet’ business reception specifically for international industry professionals of all kinds.
The ‘Cologne’ Show has always been regarded as the world’s primary international motorcycle industry expo, and with the backing of International Dealer News and worldwide exhibitor and trade visitor footprint that is expected to reach at least 68 international markets and over 55,000 trade visitors in total (43 percent of them from outside Germany), this is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from the industry in a relaxed environment as the show closes (at 18:00 hours) on the special Trade Visitor day.
In addition to International Dealer News, the Business District is being supported by other motorcycle industry trade magazines in Europe - such as World of Bike and Bike und Business in Germany, British Dealer News in the UK, L’Officiel in France, Moto Dealer News (Italy) and Moto Taller (Spain).

The Business District provides exclusive exhibition space for vendors who only want to meet other professionals in the international motorcycle industry, and provides facilities of all kinds for professional visitors, such as being able to make meeting appointments away from the exhibition booths.
Additional trade initiatives operated by INTERMOT include the Dealer Card, which provides show access privileges, and the online Matchmaking365 service, which is an expo visit experience optimiser – it enables trade visitors to gain an overview of the suppliers of selected product groups in the run-up to the fair, establish valuable business contacts and place targeted meeting requests.

Spanish motorcycle registrations

New motorcycle registrations +13.38 percent in Spain through May

According to the latest data released by the motorcycle trade association in Spain (ANESDOR), the motorcycle market there was up by +5.65 percent in May (13,394 units – the highest month so far in 2016), and is up by +13.38 percent for the first five months of the year (55,528 units so far – the best first five months’ performance since before 2009).

Moped sales in Spain were up in May at +19.40 percent (1,514 units) and are now +6.63 percent for the year-to-date (5,995 units). In total PTW terms May was +5.07 percent (15,448 units), and the Spanish market is +11.93 percent year-to-date (61,527 units – also the best first five months since before 2009).
The top selling motorcycle so far this year in Spain is Kawasaki’s Z 800 (1,214 units, taking 2.2 percent of sales), but overall Honda is market share leader so far this year in Spain (9,416 units, 17.0 percent market share), followed by Yamaha (8,250 units, 14.9 percent share), Kymco (6,561 units, 11.8 percent share), Piaggio (4,836 units, 8.7 percent share) and Kawasaki (3,588 units in total for a 6.5 percent market share).
ANESDOR Secretary General Jose Maria Riano said that “the market continues to grow apace, and 55,528 units registered in the first five months of the year show that the motorcycle is the means of transport chosen by more and more citizens for medium and long-distance commutes, especially in urban areas”.


Updated Magura website


German parts specialist Magura has a radically updated, platform-optimised new website – featuring a dynamic, contemporary fresh new look and enhanced functionality such as 3D 360 degree renderings of their products, integrated Tech Centre and more.

Parts Europe

Parts Europe off-road catalogue

Parts Europe has released its 1,200 page off-road catalogue featuring “everything the dirt bike enthusiast will need for the track”. Part of the world’s largest parts and accessory distribution group, their truly international reach is demonstrated by some of the new products it is crammed with, such as the new American made Cycra range, innovative handlebar solutions by Neken of France and stylish graphic kits from Blackbird Racing in Italy.


Touratech sign exclusive deal for Ortlieb waterproof luggage

Touratech has become the sole distributor of the German made Ortlieb range of waterproof luggage.

Now being marketed exclusively under the “Touratech Waterproof made by Ortlieb” name, the full range of Ortlieb rack packs, saddlebags and tankbags will be available through Touratech’s worldwide distributor network.
Established in 1982 in Bavaria, Ortlieb Sportartikel GmbH is well known for high-quality outdoor equipment. Their products are used in a wide range of markets wherever waterproofing is essential.

Touratech say they are working closely with Ortlieb to leverage their design experience, especially with adventure touring products in combination with Ortlieb’s waterproofing and manufacturing expertise to further optimise the range for motorcycle applications.
“I am delighted that we can offer this additional range of products under the Touratech brand. ‘Touratech Waterproof made by Ortlieb’ is precisely tailored to motorcyclists’ requirements”, says Touratech Sales Manager Martin Wickert. “We see obvious advantages in partnering exclusively with market leader Ortlieb in this segment, and pooling the knowledge of both firms is in the interests of our customers”.
Ortlieb employs 170 people and offers a range of more than 500 individual items. All waterproof original Ortlieb products are manufactured using a high-frequency welding process directly at the company’s headquarters in Heilbronn.

Japanese made motorcycle exports

Japanese made motorcycle exports to Europe up over 21 percent for the first four months of 2016

The latest data released by JAMA, the automotive trade association that includes representation of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers among its membership, shows exports of 250cc+ Japanese made motorcycles to Europe up by +45.19 percent in April at around 18,500 units, as the manufacturers exploit shorter manufacturing cycles to respond to market demand.

So far in 2016 (the first four months) Japanese manufacturer exports to Europe are up by +21.63 percent, at 81,651 units – the best first four months they have had since 2010.
In total PTW terms, Europe was +41.58 percent for the Japanese manufacturers in April (19,682 units) with the year-to-date +20.95 percent (85,754 units).
Japanese manufacturer exports to the United States were +10.53 percent in April (6,032 units) and are running at -0.57 percent for the year-to-date (34,036 units).
In total global export terms, Japanese made 250+cc units selling to all export markets were +24.97 percent in April (29,842 units) and are +6.21 percent year-to-date (143,261 units). In total PTW terms, April exports were +14.79 percent and are running at +5.53 percent for the year-to-date (177,333 units).
The increasing number of units being made by the Japanese manufacturers elsewhere in Asia, the US and South/Central America goes some way to explaining the data, though the majority of higher value larger displacement machines, especially those being exported to Europe, are still made in Japan.
While the volume of larger cc manufacturing taking place in wholly Japanese owned and affiliate/partnership operated factories outside Japan is on the rise, their overseas factories are still primarily engaged in making and selling scooters and smaller capacity units in 'emerging' markets (where import tariffs are high) and in making ATV/UTV units - especially in the United States, where demand for such machines is strongest.

International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association

Stephan Schaller takes over as IMMA President

The International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (IMMA) has elected Mr Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad since 2012, as its new President.

Schaller, who has also been President of Brussels based European motorcycle industry association ACEM (Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles) since 2013, succeeds Mr Paul Jones from the United States Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (USMMA), who was the IMMA President from May 2014 to May 2016.
The decision was taken by IMMA’s General Assembly hosted by the Federation of Asian Motorcycle Industries (FAMI) and the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (IMIA) in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, on May 18th.
Schaller, who has been a Vice-President of IMMA for the past two years, will hold the IMMA presidency for a period of two years, from May 2016 to May 2018.
Upon accepting the appointment Mr Schaller said: “It is a privilege and an honour to take over the IMMA presidency. On behalf of all members, I thank Paul Jones for his leadership as President over the last two years. During my mandate, I will continue strengthening IMMA’s role as the trusted global voice of motorcycle manufacturers”.
IMMA represents “the combined skills and interests of the powered two- and three-wheeler manufacturing industry at the global level. IMMA members include regional and national industry associations representing the industry in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, South-East Asia and the United States”.

Polish registrations

Polish registrations down in April

According to the latest statistics released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Poland (PZPM), the number of new motorcycles registered there in April was down by -4.29 percent at 3,411 units, with the year-to-date -6.75 percent at 7,144 units.
Excepting for last year, this is still the best April and first four months YTD polish new motorcycle registrations market performance since before 2006, and further confirms the long-term trend in Poland towards more expensive, higher displacement (and new) machines.
New mopeds were -20.72 percent in March (2,865 units) and are -32.84 percent (5,809 units) YTD, making the total of new PTWs YTD in Poland 12,953 units (-20.58 percent – April was -12.57 percent at 6,276 units) – the lowest April and YTD total PTW figures in Poland since before 2011.
However, that is only part of the story where the Polish market is concerned. Poland is an important market for used vehicles - used motorcycles imported into Poland and first registered there were up marginally in April at +0.73 percent (8,320 units), but are down on a YTD basis at -8.02 percent for the first four months of 2016 at 19,651 units.
Used mopeds were also down YTD in Poland (-23.49 percent), making the total of used PTWs receiving a first registration there -61.90 percent YTD (9,511 units); putting the combined total of new and used motorcycles about flat at -0.79 percent for April (11,731 units) and -7.68 percent YTD (26,795 units), with the total number of new and used PTWs -14.33 percent for the first four months of the year at 35,360 units YTD.
Although comparisons with Europe's other major markets are not precise, as this is the only market where imported used vehicles are recorded in such numbers, they are units that are being registered in Poland for the first time (rather than domestic re-sale units), so on this basis 125,455 units registered there in 2015 made Poland Europe's 5th largest total PTW market behind France, Italy, Germany and Spain (when these Polish trade association statistics are compared to ACEM's reporting for new units in the EU).


Versatile custom screens from Givi

Italian manufacturer Givi recently launched two new screens (the 100AL/ALB and the A800N), which form a "bond" to the round headlights, allowing custom specialists to install them on specials or cafe racers with ad-hoc mounting kits for the available installation points.

The 100AL/ALB model (seen here) is made by deep drawing, meaning its concave shape is achieved by placing a 2 mm thick aluminium sheet into a forming die and pressing it with a punch. Compared to the traditional bending technique, this technology is said to enable different surfaces (3D effect) to be created with absolute precision (and removing the need to apply the classic and much hated rubber trim).
The screen is available in two finishes - 100AL is finely brushed and anodised to withstand weathering and embellished with a gilded plate with embossed Givi logo, fixed by two stainless steel rivets; the 100ALB is black anodised with a silver Givi logo plate.
The screen attaches to the bike using a model-specific kit. Givi say they have already prepared kits for the BMW nine T, Triumph Bonneville 865 and Yamaha XSR700; however, other kits will be released during the year. A custom bike builder wanting to install this screen could easily fabricate a kit which anchors it to the two stainless steel plates riveted to the rear.
Despite the size (20.5 cm height x 26.5 cm width) the 100AL/ALB is said to provide respectable aerodynamic protection, deflecting airflow above the head of the rider (height and riding position permitting).
The A800N model is moved by well designed fairings and has a fibreglass structure that surrounds the headlight to which it is attached and a low, angled smoked screen, which is cut horizontally along the top. Givi says it is a perfect match for classic or modern bikes - a mounting kit for the BMW nine T is already available with additional kits planned. Provided the headlight will fit the 195 mm diameter aperture, custom builders can easily adapt it to the front end of bikes, using the existing anchoring points on the inside of the fairing.

GIVI S.r.l.


‘Factory S’ mufflers

The new Factory S line of mufflers from LeoVince is available in two different materials, with a stainless steel or carbon fibre sleeve, both featuring an “aggressive sound and style”.

The TIG-welded stainless steel AISI 304 muffler body is tapered with square lines and comes in different lengths, depending on the application.
“The effect is that of a massive but elegant exhaust system, perfect for installation on a vehicle that wants to stand out in looks and style”, says the Italian specialist.
The muffler is equipped with an aerodynamic inlet with dual spring attachments for secure attachment to the header pipes.

At the rear, the muffler has a carbon end cap with a dual asymmetric cut (outwards and down facing), which determines the right and left-hand side versions.
The exhaust pipe is fixed to the frame with a rubber isolation mount carbon fibre clamp; the stainless steel version has a laser engraved LeoVince logo with a high temperature die-cut aluminium logo on the carbon fibre version.
The header pipes and silencer have been developed specifically for each model, with the design priority placed firmly on improving the torque and generating maximum power within the legal limits.