Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Dual purpose CanBus-enabled Wunderlich OptiMate-4

German BMW performance, parts and accessory specialist Wunderlich has teamed up with OptiMate to offer this feature-rich CanBus-enabled OptiMate-4 dual battery charger for all on-board power systems and all batteries up to 50 Ah.

With automatic programmes for diagnosis, recovery, charging and continuous maintenance, all relevant information about the respective mode and the battery status is displayed via an ergonomic, easy read LED display.
The advanced OptiMate system completely controls the CanBus, even without the ignition switched on, and runs control tests and diagnostics before and after charging. Once full charge is reached, the OptiMate switches to continuous maintenance, increasing the average battery lifespan potential by up to 400 percent.
The charger saves even deeply discharged batteries with less than 0.5 V current, and its dual-purpose programming means it can easily be switched from CanBus to conventional on-board power systems.
Sold with a 3-year guarantee, the quick couplings and housing are weatherproof, and it includes a DIN plug for the on-board socket, as well as a clip set and a long mains and charging cable (approx. 2 metres each).