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Q1 PTW registrations in EU markets -3.3 percent as anticipated Euro 3 inventory pre-registration impact shows up in industry statistics

The latest data released by ACEM, the Brussels based international motorcycle industry trade association, shows combined registrations of motorcycles and mopeds in the EU (all PTWs – Powered Two-Wheelers) reaching 254,487 units during the first quarter of 2017, representing a decrease of -3.3% compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

France has been the strongest market since the beginning of the year, with registrations reaching 51,164 units (+3.35% compared to Q1 2016), whilst registrations in Italy went up by +1.11% (50,230 units). This contrasts with the situation in the other large European markets such as Germany (42,525 units, -6.05%), Spain (28,851 units, -8.93%) and the UK (23,313 units, -14.9%).
Commenting on the latest figures, Antonio Perlot, Secretary General of ACEM, said: “The slowdown in the motorcycle and moped markets is the result of the final transition to the new Euro 4 standard. A large number of Euro 3 vehicles were registered in late 2016, which explains why fewer mopeds and motorcycles are being registered in the beginning of 2017”. 

ACEM Secretary General Antonio Perlot: “The slowdown in the motorcycle and moped markets is the result of the final transition to the new Euro 4 standard”

“We expect the market to regain positive momentum over the coming months, particularly thanks to the launch of the new models and the beginning of the motorcycle riding season. As a matter of fact, some of the largest European markets have already surpassed Q1 2016 registration levels”.
In motorcycle terms, registrations in the EU reached 193,097 units during Q1 2017 (-5.9% compared to Q1 2016). The Italian motorcycle market is currently the largest in Europe with 45,433 units registered in Q1 2017 (+1.71% compared to the same quarter of the previous year). Motorcycle registrations remained stable in France (33,884 units, +0.45%) and decreased in Germany (35,401 units, -7.12%), Spain (24,898 vehicles, -12.7%) and the UK (21,874 units, -14.28%).
Registrations of mopeds in the EU increased by +5.9% (61,390 units), led by strong growth in the two largest European markets, namely France (17,280 units, +9.5%) and the Netherlands (13,863 units, +6.47%). Moped figures remained stable in Germany (7,214 units, -0.32%) and decreased in Italy (4,797 units, -4.23%).
Total registrations of electric mopeds, motorcycles and quadricycles reached 5,447 units during Q1 2017, an increase of +31.5% compared to Q1 2016.
A total of 3,859 electric mopeds and 787 electric motorcycles were registered in Europe (+62% and +35.5% respectively), whilst figures for electric quadricycles went down from 1,178 to 801 (-32%) over the same period.
Commenting on the growth in electric vehicle sales, Antonio Perlot said that “the launch of new electric models to the market confirms that our sector continues to make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of Europe’s transport systems.
“The growth of registrations of electric vehicles in the EU reflects both the increasing interest from public authorities in electromobility, and the proliferation of shared vehicle schemes across Europe”.
“At the same time, our sector still needs a consistent approach to incentives – fiscal and otherwise – for electric vehicles, as well as a greater investment in the charging network. Although some European governments have launched subsidies to incentivise sales of electric vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles are not always eligible for these schemes”.
“This situation, which creates an unequal playing field between our sector and other means of transport, should be addressed by European and national authorities”.
Research by IDN estimates that some 40,000 motorcycles may have been unsold Euro 3 machines that were pre-registered before the December 31st cut-off; some 24,000 of which were sold from showroom floors in the first quarter of 2017, often on heavily incentivised package deals – enough for EU-wide Q1 new zero-mileage motorcycle sales to have been modestly up on Q1 of 2016.
In 2016 motorcycle registrations (vehicles with two or three wheels and an engine capacity of more than 50cc) for all EU markets for the full year were +13.3 percent at 1,009,529 units (891,219 in 2015). The largest market for motorcycles in Europe in 2016 was Italy, with 195,290 units registered (+13.5% on a year-on-year basis); followed by Germany +15.1 percent (174,624 units); France + 6.6 percent (163,335 units); Spain + 17 percent (155,003 units) and the UK + 13.4 percent (119,889 units).
In total Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) terms, 2016 full-year registrations were +9.1 percent at 1,307,206 units, with the moped market still soft at -3.5 percent (327,786 units).

Spanish new motorcycle registrations

Spanish new motorcycle registrations -13.04 percent for first four months of 2017

According to the latest data available from ANESDOR, the motorcycle industry trade association in Spain, new motorcycle registrations in April were -17.71 percent (11,198 units), having been +1.70 percent in March (10,986 units). For the first four months of 2017 the market is -13.04 percent (36,190 units).

In moped terms April was +15.67 percent (1,543 units; March was +30 percent at 1,547 units); for the year-to-date moped sales in Spain are +23.21 percent (5,521 units). In total PTW terms April was -11.91 percent (12,741 units; March was +4.51 percent, 12,533 units), with sales for the year-to-date running at -9.51 percent (41,711 percent).
General Secretary of ANESDOR Jose Maria Riano has pointed to Easter and the resulting two fewer selling days in April as making 2016 comparisons difficult, but stated that “we are confident that in the next few months the motorcycle market in Spain will resume the positive trend, once it is over the impact of the change in the European emissions regulations, Euro 4”.
As elsewhere in Europe, the new regulations becoming effective January 1st 2017 resulted in there being a high number of heavily incentivised pre-registered zero mileage Euro 3 units being on showroom floors in the first months of this year and distorting, in reality, the number of “new” machines being bought.
ANESDOR point to an underlying trend that is hidden by the registration statistics with road-going motorcycle sales actually increasing by +3.8 percent in April (4,665 units, 42 percent of April sales); scooters were -23.3 percent (56 percent of sales).
Honda is market share leader in Spain for the first four months of 2016 having sold 7,533 units for a 20.8 percent market share. Yamaha was second with 5,156 units sold for a 14.2 percent share, followed by Kymco 9.8 percent, Piaggio 8.1 percent and BMW 8.8 percent.

Polish new motorcycle registrations

Polish new motorcycle registrations reported as -21.30 percent for Q1 2017

It no doubt has a lot to do with Euro 3 carry-over inventory being pre-registered in December, but according to the latest statistics released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Poland (PZPM), the number of new motorcycles registered there in March was down by -11.73 percent (1,837 units) and are running down by -21.30 percent (2,938 units) for the year-to-date. This was the third best March in Poland in the past 10 years.

New moped registrations were up by +38.22 percent in March (2,387 units) and are +25.65 percent for the YTD (3,699 units); total new PTW registrations were +10.92 percent in March (4,224 units) and are -0.60 percent for the YTD (6,637 units).
However, new model registrations are only part of the story where the Polish market is concerned. Poland is an important market for pre-owned vehicles from elsewhere in Europe, receiving their first registration in Poland – and they provide valuable service, maintenance and PG&A income for Poland’s franchised and independent motorcycle shops and the vendors they buy from.
Used motorcycle sales were +29.04 percent in March (7,883 units) and +8.81 percent YTD (12,329 units); used moped sales were +19.46 percent in March and are -2.43 percent YTD (1,527 units); total used PTW sales were +28 percent in March (8,723 percent), but overall are running -32.36 percent YTD (8,723 units).
In total, new and used motorcycle registrations were +18.64 percent in March (9,670 units) and are +1.35 percent YTD (15,267 units); new and pre-owned mopeds in Poland were +32.56 percent in March (3,277 units) and are +15.90 percent YTD (5,226 units); total new and pre-owned PTW registrations were +21.88 percent in March (12,974 units) and were +4.70 percent overall (20,493 units) in Poland for the first three months of 2017. The record of total new and used PTW registrations in Poland for a March was in 2008 when some 11,000 new registrations were recorded.
The full year 2016 saw 25,844 new motorcycles registered in Poland, with estimates of the net of Euro 3 pre-registrations suggesting that the market was down by some 6 percent/2,500 units over 2015. New and used motorcycle registrations combined were up by +1.43 percent for 2016 at 83,298 units. The total number of new and used/first registered PTWs of all kinds, including the pre-registrations of carry-over Euro 3 inventory in Poland was down by -6.49 percent at 117,309 units for 2016. Poland is the EU’s 9th largest market for new motorcycle registrations and the 7th largest total new PTW market, according to ACEM statistics.


R nineT Scrambler luggage and protection options

German specialist SW-Motech is offering a selection of parts and accessories for BMW’s R nineT Scrambler, including a choice of side bag sets, tail and tank bags in their popular ‘Legend Gear’ soft luggage programme.

Available in a selection of capacities with model-specific mounting options and waterproof inner bags, ‘Legend Gear’ bags are constructed from coated canvas with robust, water-resistant Napalon synthetic leather for a convincing but durable vintage style look.

Also, as shown here, hard parts and protection accessories available include an aluminium engine guard, black steel crash bar, stainless steel brake cylinder guard, stepless adjustable aluminium gear lever, aluminium cylinder guard and black 66mm extensions for their BMW application mirrors. 


Valter Moto

High strength, lightweight custom options by Valter Moto

Established by Valter Esposito in 1998, Italian engineering firm Valter Moto continues to add top quality, precision-manufactured component designs for most popular makes and models.

Esposito’s speciality is high strength, light weight durable materials, with products such as rearsets, frame sliders, race and street hardware kits, licence plate supports, muffler brackets, footpegs, levers and handlebars.

At EICMA last November he displayed a 2016 SV650 that has been given the “Valter Treatment” with parts such as an aluminium headlight cover, chain cover kit, left and right exhaust system and radiator covers, durable 12-48 volt/15 watt LED spotlights, rearsets with heel protectors, folding pegs, naked handlebar with optional crossbar for improved strength and reduced vibrations (navi/smartphone support also available), handlebar ends, brake and clutch fluid reservoirs, ‘Flat’ style mirrors, license plates, fuel cap, passenger grab rails, saddlebag supports, chain adjusters, lever guards, engine protectors, muffler brackets, aluminium/nylon protectors and high strength, lightweight hardware…lots of hardware in fact, in model-matched or contrasting anodised colours.

Titanium is a specialty at Valter Moto, including the paddock stand seen here, hardware options, covers, protectors and brackets. Make-over kits and options are available for most popular sports and street bike makes and models, including the ZX 10R.



Titanium ‘Racing Line’ for TMAX

Akrapovic has extended its titanium ‘Racing Line’ to include a new system for the Yamaha TMAX. 

Described as developed from a concept first shown at EICMA in 2015, this EC/ECE type approved Euro 4 compliant system is described as a lightweight, high-grade titanium muffler outer sleeve and stainless steel header, “with an imprinted design relief that blends in with the handmade carbon fibre end cap, giving a visual impact that is the ideal finishing touch to this stylish system”.
The use of race-proven materials has “produced an exhaust system that weighs 42% less than the stock version, delivering a power increase throughout the entire rpm range, but most importantly at the lower end of the revs”.
It is a simple plug-and-play installation with no remapping necessary, according to the company.


Shark Helmets

Shark Helmets adds new models and graphics

French manufacturer Shark Helmets has updated its 2017 programme with new models and graphics.
The Spartan Carbon full face, which was launched in 2016 and weighs in at an impressively light 1,290g, has been updated with 11 new colour schemes added to the original three.

The Spartan is now available in a multiaxial fibreglass version

The Spartan name has been extended to include a new 21-colourway Spartan line, which retains all the Carbon’s features and specifications except the shell composition - swapping the Carbon/Aramide outer shell structure for a standard multi-axial composite.

The Ridill is the latest addition to the Pulse helmet line

Brand new for 2017 is the ‘Ridill’, an injected thermoplastic resin shell featuring a 2.2mm flexible and scratch resistant Pinlock compatible visor and micro-lock buckle system.
Said to have been developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the ventilation of the helmet has been optimised and a glove-friendly, slider operated sunshield integrated. A removable and washable lining, Shark’s “Easy Fit” glasses system and a 5-year warranty make ‘Ridill’ a feature- rich option at the price.

D-Skwal has been “designed with both racing and performance in mind”

Also new for 2017, the D-Skwal is based on their popular Skwal with its characteristic integrated LED lights. Made in an injected thermoplastic resin shell with CFD optimised ventilation, features include an integrated sun visor, anti-scratch Pinlock ready visor and micro-lock buckle system. It also has Shark’s ‘Autoseal’ system, which flattens the visor onto the helmet – protecting against water, cold and wind noise – and a removable and washable liner that is compatible with the company’s ‘SharkTooth’ communications systems.
Their established Race-R Pro, Skwal, EVO-ONE and EvoLine ranges have also had new colour schemes and graphics added. The Shark range is available from distributors throughout Europe, including Nevis Marketing in the UK.



Piaggio I-Get compatible cold start engine oil

Scooter Forza 4T SAE 0W/30 from Motorex is a fully synthetic engine oil for scooters and maxi-scooters that meets or exceeds all manufacturer specifications.
“Scooters like the Piaggio Liberty and the Piaggio Medley’s short range use in a lot of stop-and-go traffic can be hard on the powerplant. At Motorex we counter the increased wear caused by frequent cold starts with a fully synthetic Scooter Forza 4T four-stroke engine oil formula that is now available as an SAE 0W/30, as well as our standard 5W/40 scooter viscosity.
“The new formulation complies with the stringent Piaggio oil specifications for their liquid-cooled I-Get engines with multi-valve cylinder heads. Even at the lowest start cycle temperatures, Motorex Scooter Forza 4T SAE 0W/30 forms a perfect lubricating film, minimising wear in the warm-up phase, and increasing the durability of highly stressed four-stroke scooter engines”. The new lubricant is available in the Swiss company’s award-winning 1-litre bottle with integral spout.



‘Sport Evo’ all-weather 3-layer combi with Gore-Tex

Part of Stadler’s ‘Modul EVO’ series of all-weather riding garments, this ‘Sport Evo’ jacket and pants combination “has a sporty cut and is made from an optimal material mix of leather and textile”.

Consisting of an inner jacket for summer and a watertight, windtight and a breathable outer jacket for cold or wet weather, the airy inner jacket features leather at the crash-prone areas and protectors tested according to EN-Norm 1621 at shoulders, elbows and back. Cordura Air is used for ventilation and Dynatec reflex for visibility, and the Gore-Tex 3-layer laminate means the outer jacket does not absorb water and dries quickly.
The summer inner trousers are made from a mix of robust leather and Cordura Air; an elastic waist ensures comfort and EN-Norm 1621 tested CE protectors at knees and hips provide protection. The boot-friendly outer trousers are watertight, windtight and breathable.



Italian detailing for Munich’s R 1200 GS

Italian parts and accessory manufacturer Rizoma is always quick to cast its eye over the new models as they are introduced, and following launch of accessories for the BMW R nineT Scrambler (as seen in IDN recently) and other variants such as the Cafe Racer, they have come up with a slew of options for several recent ‘Beemers’, such as the S 1000 R, R 1200 R, S 1000 RR, S 1000 XR and, as seen here, the all-conquering R 1200 GS.

Depending on the model, starting at the front Rizoma model-specific options include headlight guards, radiator screens, riser kits that raise the bars by +45mm with -25mm of pullback, handlebar crossbar, brake and clutch fluid reservoir caps, Rizoma’s excellent skid plate with integral side stand lowering position light, a side stand base, stylish exhaust guards, TUV approved ‘Rally’ style serrated rider pegs with replaceable teeth, and a heel guard kit.

Headlight guard, machined from billet aluminium and high quality Plexiglass

Stainless steel radiator guards

TUV approved 'Rally' pegs, machined from billet aluminium with replaceable steel teeth

4mm thick skid plate, equipped with a light that switches on for a minute when the side stand is lowered

Exhaust guards made from solid aluminium and featuring fine 3D processing

Additional detailing, styling and protection parts and accessories can be added with a selection from Rizoma’s ‘Universal’ programmes, including their ‘3D’ brake and clutch levers and choice of frame hole cap kits, rear hub cover and more.

Riser kit, made from billet aluminium and finished with a titanium colour. The rise is +45mm, with a pullback of -25mm


Monday, 22 May 2017

Parts Europe

Win 2 tickets to the 2017 German MotoGP

Parts Europe have teamed up with Dunlop again to give dealers the chance to win free tickets to the 2017 Motorcycle Grand Prix of Germany at the Sachsenring on the 1st/2nd of July.

Dealers who order four Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Max tires in one order from Parts Europe during the period from May 15 to June 16 will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets to the German GP.  

The lucky winner receives two tickets, access to the Dunlop VIP lounge right above the Start-Finish area, access to the pit lane and the opportunity to visit the paddock. The prize also includes one night in a hotel close to the race circuit, and dinner on the 1st of July 2017.

German new motorcycle registrations

German new motorcycle registrations -10.84 percent for the first four months of 2017

The latest statistics released by the German motorcycle industry trade association (IVM) for the period to the end of April 2017 are still showing evidence of the effects of the rush to pre-register Euro 3 inventory before the December 31st 2016 deadline. 

In motorcycle registration terms the market is said to be down by -25.29 percent compared to April 2016 (13,674 units from 18,303); that said, March is put at being +8.74 percent at 21,109 units (compared to 21,109 in March 2016), so the cycle may also have been affected by the serious weather that plagued most of Germany for some 10 days or so.
For the year to date the German market is put at -10.84 percent (41,956 units) for the first four months, with total PTW registrations YTD at -14.71 percent (53,357 units).
As usual these days, BMW’s R 1200 GS is the top seller in Germany so far in 2017 (4,061 units sold), with their R nineT variants second (1,392 units), the Kawasaki Z 650 third (1,181 units), Honda’s CRF 1000 Africa Twin fourth (1,181 units) and Yamaha’s MT-07 fifth (1,096 units).
With 10 models in the top 20 selling list, it is again no surprise that BMW is market share leader so far this year in Germany, with 11,976 units sold so far in total for a 28.54 percent market share and 4.21 percent unit gain over the 11,492 units they sold in the first four months of 2016.
Honda is second with 5,082 units sold so far for a 12.11 percent market share; Kawasaki is third (12.08 percent share, 5,070 units sold); Yamaha are fourth (10.01 percent share, 4,199 units) and Harley-Davidson continue to hold off KTM for fifth spot (7.92 percent share, 3,324 units).
Though distorted by the rush to pre-register Euro 3 inventory towards the end of the year, 2016 saw new motorcycle registrations in Germany up by +15.01 percent at 117,587 units – the best annual market performance in Germany since before 2008. In total Powered Two-Wheeler terms (PTW), the German market was +14.81 percent for 2016 at 172,846 units – also the best German market performance since before 2008.

Italian new motorcycle registrations

Italy – new motorcycle registrations +0.11 percent for first four months of 2017

According to the latest data released by ANCMA (the Milan based motorcycle industry trade association for Italy), new motorcycle registrations were approximately “flat” for April 2017 at +0.13 percent (9,928 units) and are running at +0.11 percent for the year-to-date at 30,989 units.

Allowing for mopeds and low cc scooters, total PTW registrations in Italy were -9.85 percent in April (21,494 units) and are running at -2.01 percent (66,889 units) for the first four months of the year.
For March, motorcycles were +14.29 percent (10,775 units), with total PTW’s +2.17 percent (45,383 units).
The top selling motorcycles in Italy so far in 2017 are BMW’s R 1200 GS (1,381 units); Honda’s CRF 1000 ‘Africa Twin’ (1,269 units); Yamaha’s MT-09 ‘Tracer’ (1,019 units); BMW’s R 1200 GS ‘Adventure (1,006 units); Honda’s NC 750 X (979 units); the Ducati Scrambler 800 (913 units); and Yamaha’s MT-09 (739 units).
In sector growth terms the Touring (+13.14 percent, 5,004 units) and ‘Naked’, the largest sector by style (+10.36 percent, 11,083) markets, are showing the strongest growth; Enduro models were -11.89 percent (9,708 units) for the year-to-date.
The top selling Scooters in Italy so far in 2017 are Honda’s SH 10, 300 and 125 variants (3,832, 3,242 and 3,067 units respectively) and Piaggio’s Beverly 300 ABS and 300 non-ABS (2,273 and 1,447 units).
The 126-200cc sector has seen strongest growth in power-band terms so far this year at +17.76 percent (8,580 units); with all other sectors down except for the 751-1000cc market (+3.12 percent, 10,384 units) and over 1000cc market (+1.73 percent, 9,114 units). The biggest market in Italy in displacement terms remains the 251-500cc market (15,248 units, down -2.92 percent YTD).
For 2016, motorcycle registrations in Italy were +21.49 percent at 75,936 units, a third straight year of growth; total PTW registrations were +13.26 percent for the full year at 193,814 units – also a third straight year of growth (the Italian market having fallen to a low of 153,933 total PTW registrations in 2013). Scooter registrations were +117.88 percent for 2016 at 117,814 units.


AirFlex elbow guard
Leatt limb protection range with Armourgel
Leatt has expanded its range of protective gear with these premium AirFlex limb protectors, incorporating Armourgel – described as “an energy-absorbing solution that stiffens upon impact”.
3DF AirFlex knee guard
 Designed for “comfortable, high performance knee and elbow protection and world-class CE Level 1 certified impact protection, Armourgel is flexible in its natural state, but when it stiffens upon impact it absorbs energy to offer protection in critical protection points.
“Silicone printed, cupped knee or elbow grip and a pre-curved 3D design deliver added comfort, with the overall fit and function eliminating the need for Velcro straps - these pads do not slip, not even on long rides. Using a fabric mix of MoistureCool and AirMesh for the sleeves’ construction, sweat is wicked and odour controlled, with the perforations in the Armourgel padding increasing ventilation”.
Leatt is offering a range of three AirFlex pads - a knee guard (250g), a Pro version with additional side protection panels (300g), and the AirFlex elbow guards (240g).
Leatt has also expanded its range of off-road hydration backpacks with the brand new GPX Cargo 3.0. Their unique harness concept (no hip strap) remains the same on the new backpacks, but they feature increased storage capacity, bladder size and protection level.
The Cargo 3.0. offers a 13-litre capacity, comprising of a 10-litre storage and an additional 3-litre bladder. A large number of outer and inner compartments, as well as an included tool storage card, enables easy structuring of essentials. The revised back protection panel is made of soft 3DF impact foam that instantly hardens upon impact and is now certified to CE level 2. It has a removable back protector and the back is made of AirLine mesh for ventilation.
The Race HF 2.0, Trail WP 2.0 and 4.5 Hydra were launched in 2016, but are now fitted with brand new features, including revised over the shoulder hydration tube routing as well as under either arm.

GPX 4.5 Hydra chest protector
Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0

Hydration GPX Trail WP 2.0

The 4.5 Hydra with integrated chest protector and removable back protector has a 2-litre bladder, 10-litre luggage capacity and Level 2 back and chest protection. The Trail WP 2.0 has a 2-litre bladder, 5-litre luggage capacity and a fully welded, waterproof outer shell, whereas the Race HF Lite is a slimmer, lighter pack with a 2-litre bladder and 1-litre luggage capacity.



‘Mask’ vintage helmet

New for 2017 from Premier, the ‘Mask’ is a vintage helmet with added goggles and protective mask.
With foam lined inner rims, the Lexan goggle lenses are securely attached directly to the shell (elastic bands and buttons) while the thermoplastic mask has a net fabric interior for dust protection - the mask is connected with the goggles by interlocking plastic buttons.
The helmet shell has three metal buttons to allow attachment of the included classic peak; the three-button visor is available as an optional accessory. The outer shell is moulded in tri-composite DCA fibres (Dyneema, carbon and aramid fibres) with two sizes of variable density internal EPS liner.
The anti-allergic, sanitised treated internal lining is completely removable and washable; the sides of the cheeks are covered with red leatherette. Equipped with micro-adjustable buckle quick release, the ‘Mask’ conforms to ECE 22-05 homologation.

PMR S.r.l.


Zetec waterproof jacket


Zetec Lady

New in French manufacturer IXON's winter 2017 collection, the Zetec waterproof and breathable jacket is available for men and women and features an integrated Drymesh membrane. Additional features include zipped vents on front and rear, fully removable winter lining, reflective print on the back as well as tightening on arms, cuffs, collar and bottom. There is zipped front fastening with a protection flap, various useful pockets and a connection with a small zip on the back.



‘Ghibli’ style mufflers for Guzzi V7 and V9

Italian exhaust manufacturer MIVV has released short ‘Ghibli’ style exhausts for the Moto Guzzi V7 and V9, two wonderful Italian motorcycles, which are enormously popular.
Described as fully compatible with the stock manifolds, the slip-ons are said to be an easy precision fit and available in brushed/sheen or matt black painted.

For the V7 the kit includes a specially designed heat shield; for the V9 the factory heat shield is retained. Said to weigh less than half of the originals (3.6kg down from 8.8kg for the pair), these street legal exhausts are compliant with the current legislation regarding noise emissions and, by means of the removable KAT (available as an optional extra), are also gas emissions compliant.
MIVV’s test bench data is said to have shown “significant performance improvements compared to the OE system. The V7 system with dB Killer (CE approved) has shown a maximum power increase of + 1.2 hp at 3,500 rpm; maximum torque of +3.1 Nm at 4,000 rpm. For the V9 with dB Killer MIVV say they have seen +1.7 hp at 4,000 rpm and +3.1 Nm at 4,800 rpm.



MT-10 fork upgrades

British suspension component manufacturer K-Tech has a range of upgrades available to replace the factory items on Yamaha’s well received, but suspension-challenged MT-10.
Their 251DS front fork cartridges are a complete replacement independent damping system designed to fit into and bring 30 clicks of external compression adjustment to the original equipment front forks.

Designed and manufactured in-house at K-Tech’s Derbyshire, UK facility, the company says it uses “the highest grade aluminium, which is hard anodised to improve performance and service internals”. These cartridges also have 30 clicks of independent rebound adjustment, 18mm pre-load adjustment, increased stroke and choice of available spring rates.
Also seen here, K-Tech say that their DDS ‘Lite’ shock absorber has been designed “as an entry level product for the customer who demands a high level of performance at a competitive price. Sharing all the same high quality components as the DDS ‘Pro’ version, the DDS ‘Lite’ performs to the same high level without the hydraulic spring pre-load adjustment or the ‘unique’ bypass valve adjustment, but can be updated to the ‘Pro’ version at a later date.
It is 4-way adjustable with 32 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment, length and manual spring pre-load adjustment, features K-Tech’s DDS (Direct Damping System) technology and has a wide range of spring rates available.
K-Tech also offer optional fork spring upgrades for their standard forks, manufactured from the “highest grade Chrome Silicone wire”, with each spring cold coiled, heat treated, pre-set and ground to length before being polishing, matching optional rate springs for their standard shock (manufactured to DIN 2095 grade 1) and service parts, such as NOK direct replacement front fork seals.