Monday, 21 October 2013

Puig R12000 GS parts

Puig parts for the R12000 GS

PUIG has created a line of parts for use on the 2013 liquid-cooled BMW R12000GS, which  includes a taller than stock screen.
The Puig Touring screen is 11.5cm higher than the OEM fitting, and made from 3mm thick High Impact acrylic. The screen, which fits using the stock hardware, is said to improve windblast protection. To protect the underseat area of the latest GS, Puig is producing a rear fender, which is available in a choice of matt black or carbon look finishes. Completing the range of new parts from Puig are engine guards, which are laser-cut for a precise fit and then powdercoated.
Tel: +34 938 490633

BC Battery's universal charger

Duetto universal charger from
BC Battery Controller

BC Battery Controller has launched what it is claiming to be the world’s first ever universal charger for lead-acid and LiFePo4 batteries.
Lithium batteries are gaining in popularity, but it’s neither efficient nor safe to charge and maintain them with traditional lead-acid chargers (traditional or smart), as they could damage the battery and endanger the user. However, BC Battery Controller’s new BC Duetto is an all-in-one smart charger with two specific algorithms for lead-acid and LiFePO4 12V batteries.
The unit features two different charging programmes, lead-acid mode and LiFePO4 mode. The programme selection is easy and intuitive with an innovative ‘Easy Plug-in System’, which just requires the user to put the clamps together and to connect the device to the power supply to switch from lead-acid mode to LiFePO4 mode or vice versa. The active charging mode is shown on a LED bar, and the last selected option will always be held in memory for later usage.
The lead-acid charging mode features an automatic eight-step charging and testing programme, which allows it to recover deeply discharged batteries (starting from 1.5V), recharge, desulfate and maintain all kinds of lead-acid 12V batteries (including sealed, VRLA, AGM and gel batteries) and even to recognize defective batteries, which are no longer able to retain the charge.
As a LiFePO4 charger, BC Duetto executes a seven-step algorithm which allows a fast and efficient charging of lithium-ironphosphate batteries, and charge balancing between the battery cells and maintenance of an optimum state of charge even for long periods.
Batteries are monitored by the internal microprocessor during the whole charging process, allowing the user to keep the device always connected, even for long periods.
Tel: +39 02 90385059



KOELNMESSE has released its exhibitor prospectus for next year’s INTERMOT expo (the ‘Cologne’ Show), with the dates confirmed as October 1st – 5th, with Tuesday 30th September as the press day. Being branded as the International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike fair, INTERMOT is promising further enhancement to its dealer/trade Business-to-Business (B2B) facilities and services with an expanded “business district” and exclusive invitational programme for international importers/distributors.
In 2012, INTERMOT say they attracted over 203,000 visitors from 117 countries to see 1,022 companies from 37 countries present 1,437 brands, and see more than 200 events, taking some 18,000 test rides. Research suggests that 76 percent of INTERMOT’s trade visitors said that they had “achieved the objectives of their visit”, with 82 percent of visiting consumers equally satisfied with their exhibition experience.
Described by Jürgen Naue,  Managing Director of Kawasaki in Germany, as a “real driver for the entire industry”, the expo programme for 2014 promises even higher investment in consumer attractions such as races, test-tracks and stunt shows, with speciality indoor exhibition zones highlighting motorcycle sport, customizing and touring.
Full exhibitor, visitor and schedule details (plus newsletter sign-up) are available at:


Schuberth has new owner

MAGDEBURG, Germany based helmet manufacturer Schuberth has new ownership, with the Munich and Guernsey based Perusa Fund acquiring a majority stake from the former owner, an affiliate of Susquehanna International Group (SIG), a privately owned Philadelphia based investment and trading group SIG retains a minority stake in Schuberth.
Perusa, also a privately owned “portfolio” investment fund, was founded in 2007 to make what it
describes long-term investments that “stand for capital and substance”. Dr. Hanno Schmidt-Gothan,
Managing Director of Perusa GmbH, and an adviser to the Perusa 2 Fund that has undertaken the investment, said that “Schuberth is a technologically strong company with a long history in head protection [Schuberth was founded in 1922 and introduced its first motorcycle helmet in 1954]. We believe that the Perusa approach [to ownership] of active involvement in the growth and development of portfolio companies will benefit Schuberth in every way - from internationalisation and innovation to productivity improvements and financing structure.”
Both Schuberth and their new owners are clearly looking to the future, and in particular at how the brand can apply its “Made in Germany” engineering pedigree to growth opportunities in 'emerging'
international markets with “further optimisation” of their “ultra modern production processes” and expansion of “our technological competitive edge” as clear priorities given their objectives.
Peter Heine, COO at Schuberth GmbH, said that “to be able to prevail in international competition as a German company, particularly when up against mass production in Asian low-wage countries, requires absolutely top-class quality. In this respect Schuberth occupies a unique key position. In collaboration with Perusa we are now creating a stable framework that will enable us to
implement our long-term growth strategy rigorously.”