Thursday, 20 November 2014

Oset Bikes

Oset launches MX-10 Motocross bike

OSET Bikes, a company well known for its range of trials bikes, has entered a new market with the launch of its first motocross machine – the MX-10. The MX-10 is a new groun- up design created from careful analysis of the ideal off-road geometry for children aged 4-7 and complemented with components and systems to achieve optimum performance for riders in that age range.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of Oset Bikes, said: “We knew what we wanted when we started the project, and the team is confident that the MX-10 delivers on every aspect – we’re incredibly proud of the bike we’ve produced.”
Unlike other starter motocross machines, which are petrol 50cc engine powered, the MX-10 utilises a 48V electric drive system (complete with three-dial adjustability). On traditional petrol powered bikes young riders can struggle with power delivery due to most of the power being at the top of the rev range, where many youngsters are afraid to go. Smith explains: “The MX-10 resolves that issue. The power, throttle response and top speed can all be easily altered to suit the rider. The very youngest riders can build confidence and speed safely. The linear electric power is easy for children to master and allows for parental control.
“And we’re not finished there! Electric power means no kick start – which means no more running across a track to help get the bike restarted. It also means no hot exhaust, so no one is going to be scorched accidentally. And the weight means when they inevitably slide off, they can pick the bike up relatively easy and get started on their own,” concludes Smith.

The MX-10 also features an adjustable seat height, giving even the smallest riders more confidence as they can touch the ground. When lowering the bike, the geometry alters to provide more stability for beginners. The front forks, rear shock and brakes are all designed to suit the bike and young riders. The MX-10 features a custom upside down fork built to Oset’s specifications and an adjustable oil shock at the rear. Hydraulic disc brakes, with reach-adjustable levers for small hands, provide plenty of stopping power.

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