Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Erik Buell Racing

EBR introduces new 1190SX ‘Superfighter’ sportbike

FOLLOWING the successful launch of the acclaimed 1190RX superbike, Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has introduced the EBR 1190SX, described by the company as "a true naked streetfighter-style sportbike with uncompromised Superbike race-bred performance and handling".

Sharing the 1190RX’s V-twin engine (rated at 185 crankshaft horsepower and more than 136 Nm of torque) the 1190SX is said to deliver "the highest performance available in the streetfighter category".
EBR founder and Chief Technical Officer Erik Buell is described as being no stranger to streetfighter-style sportbikes, having defined the category in production manufacturer terms with the introduction of the S1 Lightning in 1995.


In what may be a sideswipe at the recent unveiling of a 'Roadster' design concept by BMW, Buell says that “the streetfighter classification, which was so revolutionary when we first came to market, is now being used by marketing people for all sorts of motorcycles, including some thinly-disguised standard bikes that have de-tuned or obsolete powertrains. So, perhaps the appropriate new name for a bike like the 1190SX is ‘Superfighter’."

The company goes on to say that "with so many components carried over from the EBR 1190RX Superbike, the 1190SX is a genuine high-performance motorcycle with a racing heritage. True to its ‘streetfighter’ designation, however, the 1190SX is designed to be a dominating street machine.


"Featuring an athletic upright riding position and wider handlebars for nimble handling, and minimalist bodywork for lower weight, the 1190SX is equally at home carving canyons on the open road or taking on the concrete canyons of the city. As with all EBR sportbikes, the 1190SX features many Erik Buell signature innovations to optimize handling and performance, such as fuel in the frame for lower weight and centralized mass, hubless wheels and perimeter brake rotors for lower unsprung weight, and EBR’s proprietary Controlled Swirl Induction (CSI), which improves power and fuel economy, while lowering exhaust emissions".

Kawasaki Motors Europe

New MD for Kawasaki Europe

Kawasaki Motors Europe (KME) has a new Managing Director – Masanori Inoue (51) succeeds Mr Yasushi Kawakami after his five years in the post.

Inoue already has experience of the European market, having been Liaison Manager at Kawasaki Motors UK during the 1990s. Kawasaki say that he has “considerable experience in finance and business planning and vacates his position as Senior Manager of the Business Control Department of Kawasaki’s consumer products division in Akashi, Japan, to assume his new role”.


Speaking on the subject of his new appointment, Mr. Inoue praised the work of his predecessor during a time of harsh economic pressure across Europe and outlined his ambitions for the coming years, saying: “Mr Kawakami has made great advances while at KME and he has skilfully guided the company through a challenging economic period. He makes my task of developing our business in Europe and growing our brand more achievable thanks to the solid foundations he has created.

“Of course my initial desire is to achieve our agreed business targets and to continue developing the Kawasaki brand in a clear and strategic fashion. There is much we can do and I am looking forward to working with my team at Kawasaki Motors Europe and across our many territory branches to deliver an exceptional Kawasaki experience.


“We have a strong dealer network and very enthusiastic customers, now is the time to welcome yet more people to the Kawasaki family and reward their enthusiasm and loyalty with exceptional standards of business practice”.

A motorcyclist since his early years, Masanori owned a Kawasaki Z400 when he was recruited as a young graduate by KHI and his passion for the brand has grown ever since, as he explains.

“I eventually bought my dream bike, a 750cc Z2, the brother of the famous larger capacity Z1 that has become a motorcycling and performance icon. Nowadays I see our performance credentials expressed by machines such as the ZZR1400. Motorcycles such as these define our brand exuding performance, precision engineering and a spirit that is best defined as being unique and passionate".

Japanese exports to Europe up

Japanese manufacturer motorcycle exports to Europe up in May

Statistics recently released by industry trade association JAMA, the Japanese Automotive and Motorcycle Association, show that Japanese motorcycle and PTW exports to Europe continued to improve in May this year.


Total PTW exports to Europe in May were up by 3.01 percent (8,486 units) compared to May 2013 (8,238 units) – when exports were -22.73 percent compared to May 2012.

Reflecting the pattern seen among European manufacturers of a return to growth from October last year, this means that since then, Japanese manufacturers have only shown a dip in exports to their European dealers in one month (-1.86 percent in April).

Within these figures 250cc+ motorcycle unit exports have now been up for 8 months straight months, with growth of 8.22 percent (7.375 units) over May 2013 – a month that saw exports to Europe down by -25.92 percent over April 2012.

Japanese manufacturer 250cc+ motorcycle exports to the United States were down -28.18 percent in May, the sixth month of decline there since October 2013. For the year to date, exports to the United States are down by -2.42 percent at 53,804 units.

Worldwide Japanese 250cc+ motorcycle exports were down by -3.61 percent in May (compared to -5.28 percent in May 2013 as compared to May 2012), but for the year to date, the Japanese manufacturers are up by 12.01 percent at 167,138 units.

Worldwide total PTW exports by the Japanese manufacturers were down by -7.73 percent in May this year, but for the year to date are running at +8.73 percent (201,943 units).

National Cycle

VStream screen and rack for Ninja 300

NATIONAL Cycle’s latest addition to its range of Vstream windscreens is a series of options for the Kawasaki Ninja 300, which allows owners to use the bike as a lightweight sport tourer. 

Four new windshields have been developed for the Kawasaki, allowing for different sizes of riders and types of riding, with all of the sizes utilising the patented VStream shape, which is designed to help push the turbulent wind to the sides, reducing the pressure coming over the leading edge of the shield. This change is said to reduce helmet buffeting to a minimum, and lessens wind blast to the torso when riding.
The new windshields are made from tough hard-coated polycarbonate and feature a three-year warranty against breakage.  Even if a bike falls over while parked, National Cycle will replace the screen if it breaks.
Screen options are the Sport in light or dark tints with a choice of 25.4cm or 43.5cm heights and a top width of 35.5cm, the Mid light tint at 33cm or 52.1cm high and 40.6cm wide, or the Tall clear, which is 45.7cm wide and offered in 40.6cm or 61.6cm heights.
It is not just a selection of screens that National Cycle has developed for the Ninja 300, there is also the option of a luggage rack with multiple tie-down locations. The lightweight aluminium rack mounts via a steel mount bracket that is concealed under the tail of the motorcycle. The rack is finished in a textured black powdercoat to provide extra grip for carrying loads. 

Maywood, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 708 343 0400

Polini Motori

Hi-Speed TMax variator

POLINI has released a new version of its Hi-Speed variator, for use on the Yamaha TMax.
Featuring eight rollers and a patented lubrication system (to allow improved acceleration), the bush is made of special case-hardened tempered and ground chromed-nickel steel. 

A large internal pocket contains the grease, and inside this is a special spring that allows constant distribution of the grease onto the pin, even during hard use.
The inside area of the roller sliding surfaces have a new polishing treatment to improve sliding, and the rollers themselves have a new nylon and aramidic fibre mix coating.
Each kit includes two sets of rollers; 15g for touring riding and 13g for sports riding. The rollers can be mixed for varied riding using four of each weight. 

Alzano Lombardo (BG), ITALY
Tel: +39 035 2275 111


Rizoma ‘Accessory Line’

ITALIAN parts and accessory manufacturer Rizoma continues to add to its popular and stylish range with detailing accessories for Yamaha’s MT-09/07.

Products include brake and clutch levers, grips, passenger pegs, headlight fairings, licence plate supports, engine and fairing guards, passenger peg bracket kits, homologated taillights, covers and caps and mirror adapters.

Ferno (VA), ITALY
Tel. +39 0331 242020
Fax +39 0331 242021

UFO Plast

Italian made ‘Interceptor’

FULLY manufactured in Italy, ‘Interceptor’ is the latest helmet from offroad and motocross specialist UFO Plast.


Equipped with their sophisticated M.V.S. ventilation system, the Interceptor was designed to match popular neck braces. Particular attention was paid to “internal comfort, the aggressive and aerodynamic design and to weight reduction”, according to the company.

The exterior shell is available in two different sizes for optimal fit and made from a multi-material composite that includes carbon, aramidic, fibreglass and polyester resin layered and woven together at specific spots inside the helmet to guarantee maximum protection with minimum weight.

Bientina (PI), ITALY
Tel. +39 0587 488012

Scorpion Sports Europe

Scorpion Exo 1000 Air ‘Airline’

SCORPION has refreshed its range-topping Exo 1000 Air helmet with the launch of the Airline version, which features new graphics for 2014.

The Exo 1000 Airline features thermo-dynamical composite technology in the shell, which is made in two sizes, and is said to deform progressively to absorb a greater amount of energy in the event of an accident. It has an EPS composite liner made up of two levels of density. Covering the EPS are three layers of foam and Kwikwick2 fabric, which is said to be breathable and hypoallergenic. The lining is removable and machine washable.
The visor, which can be removed without tools, is supplied with a Pinlock insert and can be locked to three different positions, closed, open, or slightly open. The helmet also has an internal retractable sun visor behind the main visor.
The Airline helmet is available in a choice of red/white/blue or black/white in sizes XS to XXL.

Strasbourg-Schiltigheim, FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0)3 90 22 22 99