Friday, 5 December 2014

Spanish motorcycle market

Spanish recovery continues

THE strong recovery seen in the Spanish motorcycle market so far this year continued in November, with the latest data from ANESDOR, the motorcycle industry trade association in Spain, showing new motorcycle registrations up by +25.4 percent (7,813 units) compared to November 2013.


For the year to date, the Spanish market is +19.3 percent compared to the first eleven months of 2013, at 104,331 units (compared to 87,150 for the year-ago period).
In moped (small cc) terms, the Spanish market remains weak, with sales down 11.7 percent in November on sales of just 978 units; -4.3 percent for the year to date (13,607 units).
According to Jose Maria Riano, Secretary General of ANESDOR, the November figure is one that "exceeds our best estimates" and "a decisive factor was the mild weather, unusual for this time of year.
"The climate does not explain everything of course. The improving economic situation is critical, as are the advantages of two wheels in terms of mobility.
"However, as mentioned previously, it is not all good news following the announcement of the next stage in the fleet renewal plans (PIMA 7 and PIVE 4) with two-wheelers still excluded despite the average age of the motorcycle fleet in Spain exceeding 14 years.
"For us, this makes no sense on practical or economic grounds. Motorcycles reduce travel time and parking overhead, consume less resources and produce fewer emissions, therefore including two-wheelers in the incentives and initiatives designed to encourage the replacement of older bikes would have a positive environmental, lifestyle and state revenue impact".


Kellermann Bullet 1000 indicator - "classic meets high tech"

KELLERMANN used INTERMOT to debut their new turn signal – the Bullet 1000. The new light is an indicator that has classic bullet styling in combination with the latest LED technology.

Kellermann, who are well known for their production of small and compact turn signals, have introduced the Bullet 1000 in response to customer requests for an indicator that could be used on cruisers and large touring machines. The result is a light that not only has a turn signal function, but also has an illuminated outer ring. At the rear this acts as a brake light or additional brake light, and at the front it is a marker light or a full indicator. 

Kellermann is making the Bullet 1000 available in chrome or black finish options.
Guido Kellermann told IDN: "We have reinterpreted the classic bullet shape in exactly the right size to create an accessory that is a real visual statement.
"It flashes or shines very strongly and can be seen from a distance, with the ring effectively accentuating braking or directional changes in all conditions.
"Safety and functionality are the hallmarks of our design thinking, and quality is the driving force behind our engineering. The Bullet 1000 is pure craftsmanship without any compromises, and even when not in operation, people are drawn to the design, wanting to touch its form and enjoy the feeling of quality.
"Our motto for the Bullet 1000 is “classic meets high tech".

Aachen, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)241 938 080


MAXIA 4 top case by Givi

MAXIA is the most popular Monokey top case by Givi, and during more than two decades it has undergone a number of redesigns.


Presented at INTERMOT as a 4th generation project, Givi say that this top case has been the number one choice of equipment for every kind of motorcycle or scooter and dates back to 1991, updated in 2000 and again in 2008.

The technical and aesthetic changes made by the GIVI R&D department are numerous and include essentially all the main components of this large top case. These include a newly designed ABS cover, internally strengthened outer edge, covers available in plastic and aluminium, new outer bands, new optical reflectors/unit, with small reflector on the outer band and a 56 litre capacity.

Flero (BS), ITALY
Tel. +39 030 3580518

HP Corse

HP Corse Evoxtreme

HP Corse’s newest line of exhausts – the Evoxtreme - was launched during EICMA. Designed for racing use, the new range includes silencers in stainless steel (black or silver) or titanium, all fitted with a carbon fibre end cap with a slash-cut finish. 

The irregular shape of the silencer comes from extensive dyno and track testing to create an exhaust with the least possible restriction. It is being made available in lengths from 260mm to 310mm and with a removable db killer.

Budrio (Bologna), ITALY
Tel: +39 051 802334

Leatt Corporation

Leatt GPX helmet

LEATT has become well known for its range of protective support braces for off-road riders, and it has now expanded its range further with the introduction of the brand new GPX helmet.
Leatt’s GPX helmet is a ground-up design that integrates a host of new innovations in helmet design, which the company states makes it one of the safest helmets on the market. The changes from conventional design include the shell itself, which is available in a choice of carbon fibre or composite materials and meets ECE2205/DOT, ACU Gold, AS/NZS 1698-2006 standards. For the GPX, Leatt has reduced the volume of the outer. This change is said to reduce momentum and rotation to the head and brain, as well as transferred neck forces. By bringing the volume down by 20 percent, Leatt says it can reduce the momentum and the rotational energy to the head, brain and neck in the event of an accident by up to 40 percent.

Inside the shell of the GPX, rather than the more usual foam impact protection, Leatt uses its own 3D in-moulded V-foam, which is multiple density and is said to offer greater protection during medium- and high-energy impacts.
To help protect the wearer in the event of low-energy impacts, the final innovation used in the GPX is the Leatt 360-degree Turbine technology. The 360-degree Turbines are small polymer discs placed around the inside of the helmet that deform on impact to absorb energy at concussion level and improve protection

against multiple impacts. Leatt states that initial laboratory testing of the Turbine technology has shown a 30-50 percent reduction in energy transfer to the head at concussion level, and that the turbine design allows movement of the outer shell during impact, limiting the rotational forces to the skull and brain by up to 20 percent.
Given that Leatt specialises in braces to protect the rider, the GPX helmet features an optimised rear cut for correct clearance, a rear hyperextension impact platform and unique helmet rim contour to match the company’s neck braces.
An additional feature of the GPX is the inclusion of fittings for a hydration system, and Leatt has an optional internal hydration hands-free kit available.

The use of 360-degree Turbine technology is a new innovation in the Leatt GPX helmet that is said to reduce energy transfer to the rider’s head in accidents, reducing injury risk

Durbanville, SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 (0)21 557 7257


CB650F tail tidy by Evotech

THE latest product developed in Evotech's advanced prototyping centre is this tail tidy for the Honda CBCB650F.
Laser-cut from aluminium and then anodised black, it is fully adjustable and features a techno-polymer material with an anti-vibration system to reduce the rattling of the license plate. 

The kit also includes supports for mounting aftermarket turn signals, or Evotech’s own LED indicators.
Noted for their stylish and ergonomic design, use of advanced high strength, low weight material and in-house precision CNC machining capabilities, the Evotech programme includes race-bred high performance replacement and upgrade parts, accessories and hardware for most current popular sports and hypersports models.

Villa Agnedo (TN), ITALY
Tel: +39 0461 780184

CNC Racing

Ducati 'cush-drive' hub flange and ring gear

CNC Racing is continuing to expand its line of aftermarket billet aluminium parts for Ducati models with the introduction of an Ergal ring gear with a six-hole ring gear flange, which has been designed as a quick and low cost replacement for original ring gear teeth.
The kit includes the hard anodised Ergal ring gear, six screws, and six light alloy nuts treated with surface colour anodising.

The kit can be used as a replacement for the original ring gear, or with different pitch and teeth, in addition to replacing the torque limiter and the nuts with a lighter part.
The ring gear can only be supplied in black, due to the hard deep anodising treatment it is subjected to, which ensures long lasting endurance. The ring gear holder and nuts are available in three standard colours: black, gold and red. The colours of the torque limiter and the nuts can be selected individually.

Arezzo (AR), ITALY
Tel: +39 0575 342010


Chester full grain leather sneaker

STYLMARTIN used INTERMOT to introduce a new sneaker from their Urban Collection range. Chester is a full grain water repellent leather sneaker with a breathable and waterproof lining, PU internal protectors on both sides, two-colour laces and a rear silver fluo reflective insert.

It features an anatomical, removable and breathable, micro-perforated footbed, and the sole is a two-colour (grey and black) anti-slip rubber.
Chester is a versatile, modern, unisex sneaker and comes in sizes 39 to 46 and black only.


Montebelluna (TV), ITALY
Tel. +39 0423 603033