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IDN EICMA Extra 2015

IDN EICMA Extra 2015

IDN's first ever "Digital Only" edition is now available to read online - our "EICMA Extra", featuring a selection of exhibitor company and product news from EICMA. For our advertisers this is another first - an extra bonus appearance for their current marketing messages as a thank you for their support this year ...

Spanish motorcycle registrations

Spanish motorcycle registrations +18.64 percent for 11 months to November 2015

According to the latest data released by the motorcycle trade association in Spain (ANESDOR), the motorcycle market there was up by +9.28 percent (8,540 units) and is running at +18.64 percent for the first 11 months of the year (123,147 units). 

In moped terms the Spanish market was +14.23 percent in November and is +7.34 percent for the year-to-date (14,605 units); in total PTW terms the market was 9.83 percent in November and is +17.15 percent for the year-to-date (137,752 units).
ANESDOR say that the market growth in Spain in 2015 had already exceeded the total 12-month market performance in 2014 after just 10-months of 2015 (110,396 motorcycle registrations in the full year 2014, 124,593 total PTW registrations).
Jose Maria Riano, the General Secretary of ANEDOR, has repeated his call for greater government support for the sector, especially in terms of VAT incentives and in licensing/driver permit costs, which he says would help address the issue of the aging bike park in Spain.
Honda lead the way in Spain in market share terms (20,403 units year-to-date), followed by Yamaha, Kymco, Piaggio and Suzuki. The top selling model in Spain so far this year is Kymco's Agility City 125, followed by their Super Dink 125 and Honda's SH 125.

Japanese manufacturer motorcycle exports

Japanese manufacturer motorcycle exports to Europe down by over 6 percent for first 10 months of 2015

According to the latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Japan (JAMA), Japanese motorcycle manufacturer exports to Europe declined again in October, down by -16.51 percent (9,545 units), and stand at 116,483 units for the first 10 months of the year (-6.57 percent).

In total PTW terms exports to Europe were -7.60 percent in October (11,956 units) and are down at -4.57 percent for the first 10 months of 2015 (132,641 units).
The picture continues to be bad for Japanese made motorcycle exports to the United States, with October down at -37.74 percent (7,190 units) compared to October 2014, and down by -30.21 percent for the first 10 months (65,776 units).
The increasing number of units being made by the Japanese brands elsewhere in Asia, the US and South/Central America goes some way to explaining the data, though the majority of higher value larger displacement machines are still made in Japan with their overseas factories primarily engaged in making and selling scooters and smaller cc units in 'emerging' markets where import tariffs are high, and making ATV/UTV units - especially in the United States.
Total worldwide Japanese manufacturer motorcycle production is on the increase though, with this year's annual total expected to be higher than the 597,058 units produced by them in 2014 (563,309 units in 2013). However, in 2007 (for example), prior to the global economic downturn, the Japanese manufacturers were producing more than double that figure - 1,676,097 units worldwide.

German motorcycle registrations

German motorcycle registrations +5.53 percent for first ten months of 2015

According to the latest data released by the motorcycle industry trade association in Germany (IVM, Essen) new motorcycle registrations in October were down by -9.52 percent (-1.81 percent in September) on low volumes (3,469 units), but remain at +5.53 percent for the year-to-date (97,579 units - the best first nine month market performance in Germany since 2008).

In total PTW terms, the German market was down by -10.12 percent in October (5,931 units) and is running at +6.15 percent for the year-to-date (142,164 units - also the highest for the first nine months of the year since 2008).
Last year the German market saw 96,823 new motorcycles registered for the full 12 months (140,609 total PTWs), and as predicted by MotoWEEK last month, the growth in the German market has resulted in the 2014 market performance being bettered, with two months to spare.


eCall system for motorcycles - IDN's New Product of the Year

This year's EICMA saw many new products making their exclusive world premieres at the show, but the one that really caught our attention here at International Dealer News and MotoWEEK is what is believed to be the first ever commercially available off-the-shelf automatic eCall system for motorcycles.

The kit involves two primary components - the data processor and communications unit, and the inclination, acceleration and movement sensor; Digades also recommend the optional handlebar eCall button. An app is available to monitor system status and provide warning and GPS alert if the motorcycle is moved or stolen. The 'dguard' system is believed to be the first aftermarket "off-the-shelf" e-Call product.

Founded in Germany in 1991 as a service provider for electronics manufacturing and development, Digades GmbH evolved into a system supplier in the automotive, building and infrastructure industries.
Their specialist knowledge in radio transmission systems, miniaturisation and energy efficient electronics design took them into developing eCall technology for the automotive sector - customers include the likes of Audi, Bentley, BMW, Daimler and VW to name a few - and now the company has launched "dguard", an automatic eCall system designed specifically for motorcycles.

The dguard components fit neatly beneath the seat - here seen installed on a BMW R1200 RT

The system processes data from several sensors that monitor values like inclination, acceleration and movement, and when all the system sensors report the parameters that mean an accident has taken place, it automatically connects the rider to the country’s emergency call centre.
The system only needs two primary components to be operational - the communication unit itself and the dguard eCall sensor. A third component, the "dguard" eCall button, fits on the handlebar and gives the rider control of the system - including override function and non-detected incident report option; a "dguard" app is available to monitor the status and correct installation of the system.

CEO Lutz Berger started the business in 1991

If the rider is incapacitated and unable to communicate directly with the emergency response team at the call centre themselves, then the call centre will automatically send an ambulance to the GPS coordinates of the accident, with nominated family/friends also automatically notified of the incident.
Shown at EICMA installed on a BMW R 1200 RT, where the system components fit easily in the space under the seat, and on a KTM 300 EXC they had been using as a test platform, the unit sells as a self-contained complete kit - once installed all that is required is for the rider to then register the device for the service provided by Digades. The service fee for the first 2 years is included in the recommended retail price.

Digades employ 150 plus people at their 4,000 sq m facility near the Czech and Polish borders in Germany. Heavy investors in R&D, they are low energy, high power radio transmission specialists who provide electronic systems and assemblies for several blue chip automotive manufacturers

By 2018 all new production cars sold in the EU will have to have such systems fitted as standard, with the required infrastructure available in Europe in 2017. However, so far, not much attention has been paid to the needs of motorcyclists.
This new "dguard" system also does double-duty as a motorcycle tracker, informing the rider if the bike is being moved without his or her consent.
However, in recognition of them being the first to have such a system available for riders now, in an extension of the HOT100 new product awards that it has been making to selected aftermarket parts, accessory and apparel product manufacturers and designers for some three years already, International Dealer News is awarding the "dguard" its first annual International Motorcycle Industry New Product of the Year Award.


Marolo Test

Space saving versatility

Leading French workshop equipment manufacturer Marolo Test has added to its Modu-Lift programme with the ergonomic new EXTRA FLAT hydraulic lift version at EICMA this year - with a user-friendly, super low 75mm (3 inch) ground-to-deck height for improved workshop ergonomics, making it ideal where space is limited or for machines where ground clearance is an issue.

It is a heavy-duty CE certified design rated at 600kg/1,320lbs lift capacity with unique front wheel lock sensor in the retractable front wheel stop for genuine one-person operation.
Using twin rams and valves for safety and a large automatic run-up ramp, in many workshops it will eliminate the need to dig a ground pit. It features a full 1,200mm deck height when raised, with a 2,300mm deck length and 750mm width.



Kawasaki Z800 accessories

SHAD offers accessories for this naked bike that include the SH39 top case or the new semi-rigid E-04 and E-48 bags, as well as a new SHAD Style seat.

Spanish manufacturer SHAD's new 40 - 58 litre capacity E-48 extendable semi-rigid panniers attach to the Z800 with a new side bag holder, or can be held with Velcro straps, and have rings that allow the use of a heat protector (insulation thermal pad).
Described as "sporty, elegant and practical", their SH39 top case is said to be the lightest in its class, as both the base and the cover are designed with high-strength but minimum thickness material that has good impact and scratch resistance. The optimised internal volume allows maximum space use and offers a capacity of up to 39 litres. It has an airtight pressure closure and includes plate and screw set.
The E-04, also shown here, is a small semi-rigid bag with crystal touch screen and an upper compartment to use with 5.5" smartphones which is attached to the bike with a universal tank base. Capacity is 3 litres and it comes with a universal USB motorcycle adapter.

The SHAD Style seat was specifically designed for the Z800 and increases the contact surface for both rider and passenger. The use of 3D MESH technology offers prolonged use without losing shape as it absorbs vibration, dampens rebound, does not deform over time, nor is it sensitive to temperature changes. The seat is said to be 100% waterproof and water-resistant thanks to its thermo-sealed seams.
SHAD also has a heated version available for the Z800, featuring a management console that includes temperature level selection (36 - 42°), automatic stop/start to regulate a stable temperature, one-minute fast warm-up, a thermal map designed to distribute the heat uniformly and a versatile mounting system which links directly to the battery or through the ignition key.
This is the latest in a range of heated seat options by SHAD that includes fitments for models such as Piaggio's Mp3, the Honda NC700x/NC750X, NC700S/750S, CBF600/1000 and Integra 750, Suzuki's V-Strom and the Yamaha T-MAX and Yamaha MT09.


NEXX Helmets

X.Garage helmet range

Part of the new 2016 X.Garage retro style range from NEXX are these two helmet styles, the X.G 100 full-face and the XG.10, a classic three-quarter helmet. Some of the helmets were designed in collaboration with lifestyle and fashion house Maria Riding Company, and the colour schemes hark back to the 60s and 70s, with pinstripes and high-gloss graphics and Special Maria versions, lending a personal touch.

All X.Garage helmets feature very light outer shells made with a new X-Matrix technology, a process that combines multiaxial fibreglass, 3D organic fibres, special aramid fibres and carbon reinforcement. The result is described as a "super strong and lightweight shell that is 35% stronger than normal fibreglass for extension and bending resistance". The interiors are fully lined with X.Mart Dry, which is a skin-friendly, anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial performance fabric that keeps the interiors cool and dry.
To complete the authentic styling and allow riders to customise their helmet, an extensive inventory-friendly line of accessories is available, including three different colour peaks (suitable for both helmets) and six differently tinted shields tailored with optic leather bands and subtle branding for X.G 100 versions.



Anniversary edition valve cover

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, this limited edition "special” from German BMW parts and accessory specialist Siebenrock is a "classic look" valve cover for all 2-valve BMW Boxers from 1969 and up. With "many detail improvements" and 30th anniversary logo, it is available in black powder-coat with polished edges.
Siebenrock, Germany;


Three Sparks for the Scrambler

Spark, the Italian exhaust manufacturer, has always offered a large range of aftermarket exhaust solutions for Ducati models - now they have unveiled three options for the Ducati Scrambler.  

The slip-on CLASSIC is EU approved and fitted with a removable catalytic converter, approved according to European legislation, in a design described as being "taken from the past, with the muffler outlets being reminiscent of classic design lines but extremely short, so the swingarm and rear wheel can be seen clearly".
The EU approved EVO5 is available in carbon, dark style, titanium and stainless steel; the third, the "very extreme version", is a 103 dB racing configuration, a short slip-on designed in collaboration with Pepo of XTR fame in Spain.