Monday, 18 September 2017

BC Battery Controller

BC lithium batteries

Italian battery charger and accessories manufacturer Forelettronica has broadened its range of BC Battery Controller lithium ultralight starting batteries, claiming they provide “less weight, more duration and excellent performance.”

The BC LiFePO4 range now covers 95 percent of motorcycles on the market, including the new KTM motorcycles and all models from Harley-Davidson. Claimed to be up to 80% lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries, they “guarantee a higher cranking performance and an increased lifespan, both during storage (thanks to their zero self-discharge) and during regular usage.”
The batteries feature an embedded battery management system, ideal for everyday use and for sport applications. They are equipped with supports and adhesive adapters for a “safe and stable” battery mounting on board. They do not contain acids or heavy metals and are not flammable nor explosive.
The BC range also includes several battery chargers, including universal models for all kind of lead-acid and lithium starting batteries.