Friday, 8 September 2017

Techno Motor Veghel (TMV)

TMV celebrating 40 years
of MX market service

Dutch specialist off-road and MX hard parts distributor Techno Motor Veghel (TMV) is celebrating 40 years in business in 2017.

Founded in 1977, TMV is an international distribution company, specialised in products for the off-road motorcycle market only, selling exclusively through dedicated retail stores.
“Our aim is to supply retail outlets throughout Europe with a vast array of top products from hard parts to apparel,” says Managing Director Herman Zijerveld.

“TMV is 100 percent about supporting bona fide motorcycle shops. We offer top-selling brands available from inventory – brands such as Twin Air filters for off-road and adventure sport models (Twin Air recently launched foam filters for ADV models, including for Honda’s popular ‘Africa Twin’); Renthal sprockets and handlebars; EVS neck braces, knee protectors, roosters, under garments and ballistic jerseys; Polisport factory replacement colour match plastics kits and protective custom fenders and covers; innovative 6D helmets;  Motomaster MX brake rotors and calipers, and more.
“Our dealers can depend on our quality customer service and support at all times. Backed by 40 years of genuine MX experience, we are not a distributor that competes for their dealers’ customers, we are here to help them find and create happy customers who will return to their stores again and again.”

Managing Director Herman Zijerveld: "Our aim is to leverage our 40 years off-road experience to supply retail outlets throughout Europe with a vast array of top products from hard parts to apparel"

Other brands offered include the likes of award-winning Maxima Racing Oils; Matrix bike stands and workshop/race accessories; All Balls bearing and service kits; seat covers and graphics kits from Blackbird in Italy; Athena pistons, gaskets and components; Gibson specialty off-road tyres; sought after RipNRol MX goggles and TMV own brand products, including many hard to source items for off-roaders such as model-specific hardware kits, forged aluminium OEM replacement shift levers with colour matched pegs and folding brake and clutch levers.
Operating from the Netherlands, TMV is able to supply dealers around Europe in just a few days.


Kawasaki to start making large cc Ninjas in India

Further evidence that the Indian motorcycle market is poised to embrace larger cc motorcycles comes with Kawasaki announcing that it is to increase its manufacturing capacity there and commence local production of high-displacement Ninja 1000s.
It is planned for the new production lines to go into operation around September, following the introduction of production equipment – this is additional to the 250–650 cc models currently being manufactured by India Kawasaki Motors (IKM) in India.
India is now the largest motorcycle market worldwide, with FY 2016 sales reaching approximately 17.6 million units, among which about 680,000 were medium and large displacement motorcycles with engine displacements of 250cc or higher. As the Indian economy grows, Kawasaki says it expects to see continued expansion of the market for medium and high displacement leisure-use motorcycles.
Kawasaki initially established IKM in 2010 inside the Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL) Akurdi plant facilities in Pune, contracting out production of Kawasaki brand motorcycles and utilising BAL's sales network to sell products. In 2013, IKM began its own production of Kawasaki products and established an independent sales and after-sales service network in India, steadily laying the foundations for its motorcycle business in the domestic Indian market.
Following the start of operations at the new IKM plant (production capacity 16,000 units/year), operations will cease at the former plant (production capacity 5,000 units/year) and all production activities will be relocated to the new facility on a 10,300 sqm site.

Swedish motorcycle sales

Swedish motorcycle sales -6.79 percent January to April 2017

The latest data from McRF, the Swedish motorcycle industry trade association, shows new motorcycle registrations at -3.24 percent in June at 1,256 units (+12.77 percent in May at 1,554 units) and are running -2.10 percent for the year to date (6,586 units January to June 2017).

In total PTW terms June saw 3,830 new machines registered (+14.33 percent), but for the year-to-date (January to June 2017) the total number of new PTWs registered in Sweden is down by -9.39 percent at 11,860 units.
However, moped sales appear to be up by +23.36 percent for the period January to June 2017 at 7,848 units.
Sweden is Europe’s largest ATV market – registrations are +26.4 percent for the period January to June 2017 at 2,483 units.
In 2016 Sweden recorded +8.00 percent growth in new motorcycle registrations for the full year at 10,178 units; total PTW registrations were +10.18 percent at 21,347 units in total.
Next year’s MC Massan Swedish motorcycle show will be staged at Gothenburg from 25 – 28 January 2018.

Swiss motorcycle registrations

Swiss motorcycle registrations
+2.53 percent YTD

The latest new total PTW registrations data released by Swiss industry association MotoSuisse shows overall new PTW registrations at +3.32 percent for June (6,290 units) and broadly “flat” YTD at +0.38 percent (28,923 units for the first six months of 2017).

In motorcycle terms registrations were +6.49 percent (3,755 units) for June and are +2.53 percent at 18,463 units for the first six months of 2017.
Motorcycle registrations for the 2016 full year were -3.4 percent (26,391 units) after being +17 percent in 2015. In total PTW terms the market in Switzerland was down by -6.21 percent at 45,897 units for the full year 2016.
In motorcycle market share terms Yamaha had top spot, having sold 3,406 units YTD, with BMW second (2,886 units), Kawasaki third (2,092 units), Harley-Davidson fourth (1,941 units) and Honda fifth (1,853 units).
 Vespa is the top-selling Scooter brand, having sold 2,215 units in the first six months of 2017.

Omnia Racing

‘Magma’ Cordura tyre warmers

These new, durable ‘Magma’ Cordura high abrasion and tear resistant tyre warmers by Omnia Racing in Italy feature a large lateral extension for a quick and efficient heating of the shoulder of the tyre and rim, with fire-retardant Nomex and Kevlar on the interior.

The high strength, precision made 2.5mm thick chrome-nickel heating is silicone coated for durability; the U.S.A. made thermostat delivers a steady and reliable temperature of up to 80 degrees C and features temperature fluctuation sensitive “Heat Protector” technology, a dual temperature indicator, warming red and ready green indicators with temperature recording.
The easy tyre fit construction delivers a good seal to keep heat in the tyre, with all fabric cut and seemed and pre-formed to ensure maximum adherence to the tyre and the blanket to ensure a rapid and optimal heating. ‘Magma’ tyre warmers comply with EC regulations, are available in black in a choice of three 12“ sizes: 120/160/165, 120/180/185/190 and 120/190/195/200.
Omnia say they reach the maximum operating temperature (80° C) in just 19 minutes, leading to over 60° C (measured by thermographic analysis) in the tyre itself, and that after 30 minutes the results of the uniform heating “are amazing, right up to the recommended 60 minutes, to get a perfect temperature, even for the rim itself.
“During operation, the thermostatic “Heat Protector” technology prevents temperature fluctuations, ensuring a constant and precise temperature of 80° C. The insulation lining in the aluminised blanket allows the same heat retention for several minutes after turning off the power supply.”



Colour-match ‘Featherlight’
cables for KTMs

Motorcycle controls specialist Venhill has developed replacement ‘Featherlight’ throttle cables for the latest generation of KTM’s motocross and enduro models.
Available for the ‘16-’17 model year 250, 350, 450 and 500cc machines, the new cables are direct replacements for the factory fitted items and are designed to deliver improved performance and durability along with smoother action.

Each set features Venhill’s high quality ‘Featherlight’ cabling, marine-grade stainless steel wire rope for durability running through a Teflon liner for minimum friction and a lighter action. This specification does not require lubrication – a real plus when riding off-road.
The cables are also ‘Bird-caged’ – a special process applied to the end of the inner wire, which allows solder to penetrate the weave of the cable, making the bond with the nipple much stronger.
The process adds extra strength and durability, and helps reducing cable breakage when put under repeated stress, again, adding real peace of mind when tackling rough, off-road courses.
They are available in black and a selection of colours, including orange, to match KTM’s signature colour.


Andreani Group

Italian made ‘Misano’ fork cartridge upgrade kits for Naked style and Customs

Internationally recognised Italian suspension specialist Andreani Group’s award-winning ‘Misano’ front fork cartridge kit is an established and leading upgrade option, “created as a result of the technology we developed resulting from our 30 years of experience in the suspension world,” says Giuseppe Andreani.

“Our group R&D department has more than 25 years of suspension tuning and engineering experience, and the ‘Misano’ line is popular the world over for the improvements it provides to the stability and hold of the front wheel.”

“The Andreani Group has 22 employees at its 1,500 sq m (16,000 sq ft) premises at Pesaro on Italy’s Adriatic coast, 150 km south east of Bologna, the spiritual heartland of Italy’s motorcycle industry. The company has over 40,000 product numbers in its offer and exports to over 60 countries worldwide”

Former racer Giuseppe Andreani: “Our group R&D department has more than 25 years of suspension tuning and engineering experience. The engineering and technology developed for the ‘Misano’ line of front suspension upgrades improves the stability and hold of the front wheel, resulting in greater comfort and better handling”

‘Misano’ is an easy install replacement and has 20 mm pistons with increased oil passages to substantially upgrade the original forks on most naked style street bikes and many custom applications. The ‘Misano’ is available for most applications with 39 and 49 mm forks.
Andreani test, calibrate and tune their ‘Misano’ forks on their own developed Suspension Dyno – a

It has adjustable compression, extension and spring preload and a sophisticated hydraulic system that is said to guarantee excellent performance and improved handling in sport, urban and touring style riding.



Suspension upgrades for 2017 Honda X-ADV 750 and TMax 530

Seen here for the new Honda X-ADV 750, the “Scooter Enduro”, Italian specialist Matris is offering model-specific suspension upgrades with dedicated hydraulic setting and springs, based on the weight of the driver, for better set-up and performance.

Model-specific suspension upgrades with dedicated hydraulic setting and springs for the new Honda X-ADV 750

Their M46KD rear monoshock is multi-adjustable for rebound, length and spring preload (standard or hydraulic type).
For the front forks, their FKS and FRK, or F12S kit, gives the X-ADV 750 a multi-adjustable hydraulic cartridge (adjustable for compression, rebound and preload) without any modification of the original fork to assemble the kits.

Also seen here, for Yamaha’s top-selling 2017 TMax 530 maxi-scooter, Matris have a complete and model-specific range of products available to customise and improve the suspension settings and performance.

Suspension upgrades for Yamaha’s top-selling 2017 TMax 530 maxi-scooter

Their M46KD and M46KF shock series offers multi-adjustment for compression, rebound, length and spring preload (hydraulic preload option also available) and their front fork FKS and FRK kits and F12S are also available for the TMax, meaning multi-adjustable hydraulic cartridge technology for Yamaha’s urban riders.