Thursday, 20 October 2016


Fine-tuning the ride with Matris suspension upgrades

Founded in 1980, Italian suspension specialist Matris is known for its advanced manufacturing techniques and use of advanced, high strength, light weight materials.
Seen here, the adjustable, hydraulic M40KC “Black Edition” twin shocks, ideal for Classic and Custom bikes as well as for touring and sport use, are fully re-buildable and re-valveable with easy adjustment, allowing the road rider to get the right set-up.
The combination of materials and precision machining are said to have produced a design that reduces friction for improved sliding and high temperature stability; precision damping adjustment is said to ensure confidence with every click, delivering a perceptible difference to the setting.
Two-way hydraulic adjustment is by separate and independent rebound and compression controls, and the design includes a separate pressurised expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2) with fully floating 40mm piston (with 16mm hard chrome coated shaft) with flow dynamics specially designed for better control of the suspension dynamics.

Also seen here, their F15K fork cartridge kits are said to “set a new benchmark for the technical excellence and quality standards available on the market”.

The kit changes a conventional, non-adjustable standard fork “into one with sporty characteristics, fully adjustable in spring preload, compression and rebound functions, allowing greater and more precise set-up customisation and calibration for every kind of rider, making the fork more precise, more adjustable and easier to use.
“The fork kit is totally reversible; the installation requires no modification to the original fork and can be completely overhauled and maintained”.

Finally, their F25SA hydraulic cartridge sealed fork kit completely replaces all the internal components of an original equipment fork, turning it into a new set-up with fully adjustable spring preload and asymmetric compression and rebound damping functions.

It allows a high level of upgrade of the original fork, improves performance by increasing the damping coefficient, and is said to eliminate the risk of cavitation. The kit is supplied “ready to fit” and the installation requires no modification of the original fork. Matris say it is particularly suitable for use in high performance, sports and racing applications.