Friday, 28 October 2016


Motoz Super Mousse

Australian off-road tyre specialist Motoz “likes making products for riders who like to experiment”, according to owner Rick Atkinson, so “we’ve made our mousse in a large size range and with a durable formula that allows riders to mix and match to achieve different levels of simulated tyre pressure.  

“We haven’t necessarily focussed on making mousse to fit only our tyres, but we’ve made them to appeal to users of most tyre brands”, Rick told IDN.
He says that the price is pitched below the major brands, to increase the retail attraction, and that monthly production ensures regular supply for lower distributor inventory levels while maintaining retail availability. 
Rick went on to explain that “lube is critical to mousse life, and ours comes with a generous 75ml tube, where most others only come with 50ml.  Our lube has been specifically formulated to be tacky and to remain distributed throughout the tyre cavity without the need for gimmicks”.

MOTOZ Pty Ltd.