Friday, 28 October 2016


Companero World2 riding suit

It is already five years since Touratech presented its first in-house developed touring suit - the Companero Worldwide. It featured an All-Weather Add waterproof and breathable outer layer worn over the lightweight inner "summer suit", into which the protectors are integrated, with the outer jacket making an excellent casual as well as riding jacket.

With their new Companero World2 Touratech has built on this tried and tested principle, one which has stood up to the rigours of all imaginable climate zones, with an updated design with a new improved air-flow fabric in the ventilated zones - Cordura Air.
The inner summer suit is now even airier, yet at the same time more resilient. Cordura 500 is used as the base material, while the additional shoulder and elbow layers are made of even stronger Cordura 2000, with another new material, incorporating woven reflective threads, used for the reflective areas.

The over-jacket of the All-Weather Add has also received a textile makeover, with an even lighter, extremely rugged three-layer laminate by W.L. Gore now used. The over-jacket features two air vents on the front and has YKK Aquaseal zippers. A zip-close air outlet opening is located on the back at shoulder blade height, and several tailoring details have been modified to enhance fit.
All protectors meet the latest Level 2 standard, but Touratech say that the most significant change is in how the All-Weather Add is stored. Instead of a zip-on pocket, it now comes in a slender backpack with expanding zippers. The backpack straps ensure optimum weight distribution and can be discreetly concealed when not in use. Because the zips on the Companero World2 are identical to those on the previous model, jackets and trousers from both suits can be combined.
Available in black/grey/yellow or all-black, the new version continues Touratech’s collaboration with German manufacturer Stadler.