Friday, 28 April 2017


Handguard LEDs boost visibility

New from the originators of the popular ‘Storm’ handguard, Australian specialist Barkbusters, are these auxiliary LED lights. Designed to be fitted to its handguards, either as white running lights or amber turn signals (or both in the case of their VPS and Storm handguard designs), they are said to add to safety by increasing the visible distance to the bike midpoint, resulting in a significant improvement of the rider’s visibility to other road users.

Available in both white and amber for fitment to JET, VPS and STORM plastic handguards, they maximise visibility to approaching vehicles and provide additional running and/or signal lighting to motorcycles.
Sold in E-marked pairs, each indicator or auxiliary light consists of 15 super-bright LEDs that offer outstanding visibility in traffic while keeping power consumption low. Sporting a sleek and innovative design, the lights allow parallel mounting functionality so that both indicator and position lights can be mounted together on one handguard.
An optional resistor (load equaliser) is also available for use with the indicator lights to correct the flash rate if necessary. The long life span LEDs only draw 0.4 amp per indicator light and 0.2 amp per running light.