Wednesday, 19 April 2017


New Honda R&D centre for ‘Cooperative Intelligence’ systems

Honda has announced the establishment of a new research and development unit with responsibility for commercialising ‘new value’ areas that include robotics, artificial intelligence, connected mobility systems and energy management. 

Honda Riding Assist

Named ‘R&D Centre X’, the unit will have a particular focus on the developing of new products driven by the convergence of these areas.
R&D Centre X will “harness Honda’s expertise in manufacturing inherently reliable hardware and its passion for helping people to realise their hopes and dreams. The remit of the new unit is distinct from Honda’s existing R&D operations that focus on specific business areas such as automobiles, motorcycles, power products and aircraft engines.
“Central to the development of innovations in the fields of robotics and advanced mobility is the goal of creating systems with ‘Cooperative Intelligence’ – artificial intelligence that can relate to and work cooperatively with people. Honda envisages a ‘truly human-centred intelligent robotics society’ in which robotics can empower, gain experience from and empathise with human beings”.

Centre X will combine core strengths with the latest advancements in data and artificial intelligence

Since its foundation, Honda says it has “realised the expanding possibility to create new value from rapidly-advancing digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and ‘big data’. Responding to such changes, Honda will empower R&D Centre X to combine its core strengths with the latest advancements in data and artificial intelligence to continue to create products and experiences that can improve the quality of people’s lives”.