Friday, 28 April 2017


LighTech partners with Bihr for France

Leading Italian parts and accessory manufacturer LighTech (based near Venice) has announced an exclusive distribution agreement for France with Bartenheim based Bihr S.A.S.

LighTech finalised their deal with Bihr to distribute their products in France at the Bartenheim based distributor’s recent Paris sales meeting

A division of the Belgian Moteo Group since 2010, Bihr was founded in 1975 by Cyrille Bihr, and has grown to be one of Europe’s largest motorcycle parts and accessories distributor with sales offices in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia (Duells) and Spain.
With some 12,000 dealers supplied from a state-of-the-art 30,000 sq m headquarters warehouse at Bartenheim near the Swiss and German borders in north-eastern France (along with 12,600 sq m at Totana, Spain, and 20,000 sq m near Stockholm, Sweden), the company says it achieves a 95.8 percent fill rate, with some 160,000 part numbers available (30,000 added in 2016), covering 350 brands.

Best known for custom parts for street bikes and sportbike models, LighTech has also added a touch of elegance to the TMAX 530

Bihr has been involved with LighTech for several years already. Pichard of Switzerland, which became Bihr Switzerland, was already selling LighTech products, so adding France is an extension of an established programme.
Bihr is currently working to build a large inventory for its French platform in order to be able to deliver LighTech’s products in one day for approximately 80 percent of the programme. The remaining items can be special-ordered. LighTech’s 2017 catalogue edition will be available for Bihr’s French dealers soon, and the whole range for the TMAX is already available and introduced in Bihr’s Scooter product-specific catalogue.

Alex Gelbcke, Bihr CEO, said: “We are confident that there is a strong interest for LighTech on the French market, mainly because of the quality of their products and the brand’s reputation. Mixed with Bihr’s know-how, this should be the beginning of an excellent partnership between our two companies for the coming years”.
Bihr says it has approximately 2 million individual products in stock at any one time, and effective immediately that will include the full LighTech range of stylish, high quality replacement and upgrade parts for many of the most popular current motorcycle models.
LighTech was founded by Fabrizio Furlan in 1997 as an extension of his family’s specialist metalwork business, which means it can draw on three decades of precision-manufacturing experience and an ISO 9001 accreditation backed reputation for quality and innovation that has its origins on the racetrack – having worked closely with elite teams in the WSB, 125GP and 250GP championships.
That quality and experience is evident in the range of technologically advanced motorcycle performance parts and accessories for road bikes that LighTech’s 2,500 authorised dealers can choose from - with over 7,000 Ergal products available in six different colourways, over 400 titanium products and a host of other accessories.