Thursday, 6 April 2017

MV Agusta

MV Agusta receives court approval for “Industrial Plan”

MV Agusta CEO Giovanni Castiglioni has announced that the company has received approval from the Court of Varese, Italy, for the industrial plan put forward with the backing of international investment company Black Ocean Group on 17 November 2016.
The plan included a binding agreement made for a capital increase in the Italian motorcycle maker with the aim of consolidating MV’s leadership in the production of high-end motorcycles.
Black Ocean, which is part of the international holding Ocean Group, is an investment group with offices in New York, London and Luxembourg. The company has invested and built a diverse group of businesses spanning technology investments, private aviation, real estate, agriculture and now one of the world’s most iconic motorcycle brands.
“In the last 12 months, the implemented measures have brought MV Agusta back into positive cash- flow generation, allowing the company to accomplish the targets set in its plan and to consistently support product development and consolidation of our main markets”, Castiglioni said.

CEO Giovanni Castiglioni: “In the last 12 months, the implemented measures have brought MV Agusta back into positive cash-flow generation, allowing the company to accomplish the targets set in its plan”

“MV Agusta has a completely new product line, born from five years of heavy investments that, along with our iconic brand, represent the key elements to support our growth and our clients’ demand”.
In other news, MV Agusta announced in January that it would be represented in the United States by a new import business that is an extension to their existing business relationship with Australian importer Joseph Elasmar’s Urban Motor Group Pty Ltd.
MV Agusta USA Llc, the existing vehicle for the sales of MV Agusta motorcycles in the US market, is now being led by Urban through a specific and dedicated business unit being managed directly by Elasmar, who will run the USA team to develop and reinforce the MV Agusta brand position in USA.
In Australia, Urban Motor Imports is the distributor for a number of motorcycle brands in addition to MV Agusta, including Royal Enfield, Bimota, Benelli, Confederate Motorcycles and the now defunct EBR (Erik Buell Racing).
On March 18 MV Agusta USA supported riders Taylor Knapp (18th) and Christian Cronin (61st/DNF) in the 76th Daytona 200 race on-board MV Agusta F3 675s; privateer Alex Arango finished 33rd, also on an F3 675.

BMW Motorrad

BMW “Machined Parts”

BMW Motorrad has extended the design programme of its original BMW Motorrad Accessories to include the “Machined” range of customising parts for the 5-model 2017 R nineT line-up.
“Elaborately produced in high quality aluminium, their extravagant design is mainly intended to lend expression to an individual passion for fine, premium-grade motorcycle technology. The unique design was created in collaboration with Roland Sands, the well-known customiser based in USA/California. 

“A special manufacturing technique ensures a surface quality with attractive contrasts between glossy black and aluminium. The parts are CNC-machined from forged aluminium blanks, hand-polished and then black-coated before the final “Contrast Cut” machining pass gives them the custom look pioneered by RSD and others that is currently so popular in the Harley parts and accessory aftermarket. 

With more designs to be added regularly, the initial offer includes cylinder head covers, oil filler neck lid and belt, headlight, handlebar end, rear axle, bevel gear bearing and swinging-arm pivot mount covers.

The new “Machined Parts” line is offered in addition to the existing BMW Motorrad Accessories design programme range that includes items such as the choice of hand-made, manually brushed “boutique manufacturing” grade aluminium fuel tank options designed and offered for the “classic and refined appearance” of the R nineT, R nineT Pure and the R nineT Scrambler.

Ducati Corse

Intelligent MotoGP race bikes build new optimised virtual testing database

Ducati Corse is working with Accenture to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence technologies into the testing of its MotoGP racing bikes.
Ducati Corse wants to make testing its race bikes faster, cheaper and more effective. Accenture Analytics, already an Official Digital Partner to the Ducati Team in the MotoGP World Championship, has lately been working with them to create an intelligent testing approach with a bespoke analytics engine. 

“There are 18 MotoGP tracks, and to make sure our bikes perform to their limit, we need to test as many configurations and scenarios as possible”, said Luigi Dall’Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager

Integrated Machine Learning technologies mean that the more data that enters the system, the more configurations are available for testing with increasingly accurate performance predictions. Data visualisation tools designed for an intuitive user experience will allow testing engineers to interact with insights, tweaking them at any point to create a new perspective on configurations and race times.
This will provide more results from fewer on-track testing sessions, saving the time, money and effort previously required for testing, and creating bikes that become smarter with every test run. 

Thanks for coming in Andrea, you see, it’s like this - the Boss has got some new software and, well, not sure how to break the news really, but we won’t need you again until race day I’m afraid!

“There are 18 MotoGP tracks, and to make sure our bikes perform to their limit, we need to test as many configurations and scenarios as possible”, said Luigi Dall’Igna, Ducati Corse General Manager. “So far, we’ve seen excellent results in the lab with the Accenture solution. The ability to use existing and new testing data will help us choose the optimal configuration for our bikes. This innovative tool will make our testing a more intelligent process, helping us get the best performance from our bikes, whatever the weather or the track”.

Using data from up to 100 IoT sensors on the bikes and existing testing data, the Accenture solution will allow team engineers to create new perspectives by simulating and assessing bike performance under a range of conditions. By applying advanced analytics and machine learning techniques, simulated results based on data from previous tests run on real-world tracks will allow engineers to learn from and act on the data to optimise bike configurations for any MotoGP race.
All of this intelligence is delivered at new speeds through an intuitive dashboard, enabling new dialogues and collaboration across the team. More potential configurations than ever before can then be tested, maximising the benefits of on-track testing and gaining competitive advantage for race day. 

“With this solution, Ducati Corse can operate an intelligent testing programme to help deliver better race results”, said Marco Vernocchi, EALA Lead of Accenture Analytics, part of Accenture Digital. “By simulating and monitoring a motorbike’s performance under a vast array of track and weather conditions, we’ve been able to apply machine learning integrated with IoT sensor data, to help minimise the time, expense and effort of traditional on-track testing. Ultimately, we hope this innovative solution will help the Ducati Team stay ahead in every race they compete in”.
To date, around 4,000 sectors of race tracks and more than 30 different racing scenarios have been analysed, with a wider roll-out of the solution expected. In testing, data such as engine running parameters, speed, revs and tyre and brake temperatures are collected, and the Ducati Team will use this to plan to prepare and test for MotoGP races.
Marcello Tamietti, Connected Transport Lead in Accenture Digital’s IoT practice, noted: “Early results of this solution are extremely promising. The power of collating data from the bikes and earlier races allows us to compute dozens, or even hundreds or thousands, of potential outcomes per setting, starting a new dialogue about how to get the smartest, fastest bike on the track. Test engineers can use real insight to alter bike configurations according to conditions, which could transform the way the Ducati Team operates its entire testing apparatus, adding new value to on-track, intelligent testing”.


Bonneville T120 parts

Italian accessory specialist GIVI has turned its attention to the Triumph T120 with a model-specific range that includes luggage racks, mounting systems for side bags and cases, ‘Race Café’ style mounting kits and engine guards. GIVI’s model-specific component designs can be added to with selections from their extensive ranges of universal fit accessories, tankbags and saddlebags.

Their SR6410 rack, in black anodised steel, is designed to match the shape and finish of the stock grab rail; the PL6410 is a gloss black sidecase holder for Monokey cases (aluminium Dolomiti DLM30 side cases pictured); and the TMT6410 is a model-specific mounting frame for a pair of MT501 vertical load Metro-T line thermoformed sidebags utilising the new ‘Multilock’ branded mounting system. 

Also available is a T120 specific kit for mounting a bag above the round headlight of GIVI’s Bonneville ‘Race Café’ screen - available in natural colour, anodised aluminium or anodised black, and a 25mm T120 specific engine guard in black anodised steel to protect the engine cylinders.
Bags can also be attached to the tank, saddle or rear rack, and GIVI recommends their Metro-T line MT504 5-litre thermoformed magnet-mount bag and MT502 30-litre bag/backpack.

GIVI S.r.l.

Rainers Sports

999 GP carbon design boot

Founded in 1988, Rainers Sports in Spain is best known for their riding boots, with “more competition riders using Rainers boots than any other leading brand”, according to the company.

This new high-tech 999 GP carbon design features an internal Kevlar lining, carbon detailing and a closing zip that is protected against external damage - the upper fit-system ensures proper attachment to the rider’s suit, preventing track debris getting inside the suit legs.
Rainer’s proprietary ‘Ergo Flex’ system ensures articulation, stability and protection.



Touring screen with lift-up supports

Spanish manufacturer Puig has launched a new touring screen for the 2016/17 Honda Africa Twin CBRF1000L with brand new optional lift-up supports.

The windshield is 90 mm higher than stock - the lift-up supports can increase this by a further 80 mm (as seen here). Designed using Puig’s virtual wind tunnel technology, it is said to “offer a 75% improved aerodynamic wind protection compared to the OEM item”. Manufactured in “resistant and durable” 3 mm “high impact” acrylic, it is TÜV approved and available in dark smoke, light smoke, black and clear versions.


BC Battery Controller

Updated universal lead-acid/lithium battery charger

Italian manufacturer BC Battery Controller says it has updated its flagship motorcycle charger with the new BC K900 EVO+, claimed to be the only CAN-Bus compatible battery charger for any battery, traditional lead-acid or lithium.

International Sales Manager Andrea Capelli told IDN that “our new design is even more compact and functional than previous versions. The device is 100% Made in Italy and features two separate charging algorithms for lead-acid (wet, sealed, AGM or gel) and lithium batteries.
“Thanks to a buttonless software selection system, the user can easily choose among different charging programmes according to the battery type (lead-acid or lithium). Being CAN-Bus compatible, the programme’s “Lead-Acid CAN-Bus” and “Lithium CAN-Bus” allows connection of the charger directly to the DIN socket of BMW motorcycles”.
The BC K900 EVO+ can stay connected to the battery when the motorcycle is not in use, even for the whole winter, because it runs an 8-step fully automatic charging algorithm that allows for efficient battery recovery, charging, desulfation (lead-acid only) and maintenance, with a very low energy consumption. A battery analysis and an equalisation cycle are periodically performed during long- term maintenance.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, its LED indicators show the active charging programme, the charging step and any operating errors. It comes in interactive packaging with QR code, allowing the manual, data sheet and video instructions to be download, and the kit includes a cable with eyelets, insulated clamps and universal 12V/BMW adapter. An integrated wall mounting system allows it to be hung horizontally or vertically.


LS2 helmets

LS2 ‘Arrow Evo’ racing full face

LS2’s flagship ‘Arrow FF323’ racing full face helmet has evolved – the ‘Arrow Evo’ features four sizes of aerodynamic ‘Long Oval’ external shell. The ‘C’-version in carbon weighs in at 1,300 ± 50g, with the ‘R’ in HPFC (High Performance Fiberglass Composite), a special three-mix composite of glass fibre, aramid fibres and carbon, which is combined with an organic resin, weighs in at 1,390g. Both models are certified to ECE 22.05.
These two shells are said to be light yet strong and highly resistant to impact, dispersing impact energy quickly and effectively.
The four sizes of varied density EPS internal shell are said to “guarantee the best absorption of impact energy” and constructed using 3D Laser Cut Foam technology; the structure of each shell is said to maximise the field of vision.
The visor mechanism is integrated in the shell line to reduce air resistance; the visor of the ‘Arrow Evo’ has anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment and is coated with special polymeric compounds that give it impact resistance, durability and 3D optically correct technology that helps minimise optical distortion.
Both versions are equipped with Pinlock 70 Max Vision; the visor is fitted with the external tear-off visor (optional in C version). Push button visor operation and advanced ventilation add to the rider conveniences built into the ‘Arrow Evo’.
The hypoallergenic and transpiring interiors are completely removable (magnetic attachment system) and washable, with quick lateral padding Emergency Release System.


Mitas adds to on and off-road ranges

One year on from their acquisition by Swedish conglomerate Trelleborg (returning to the motorcycle tyre market after a 25-year absence), Czech tyre maker Mitas (itself owner, since 2012, of the now largely retired Slovenian Savatech brand) unveiled extensions to its on and off-road tyre ranges at EICMA.
Two new sizes were added to its adventure tyre range by adding two new sizes to its TERRA FORCE-R and E-10 tread patterns. In addition, TERRA FORCE-R now features their all new Optimum Steel Cord Technology (OSCT), which “ensures optimal contact area between the tyre and the surface in all driving conditions”.
Ksenija Bitenc, Director of Motorcycle Tires and Tubes at Mitas, said “our aim is to strengthen Mitas in the adventure segment by offering riders a complete range of tyre sizes. The extension of the TERRA FORCE-R and E-10 tread patterns demonstrates this strategy.  

Ksenija Bitenc, Director of Motorcycle Tires and Tubes at Mitas, said “our aim is to strengthen Mitas in the adventure segment by offering riders a complete range of tyre sizes”

“We have also undertaken many development activities in the off-road and on-road segments. Improved SPORT FORCE+ and three new sizes of MC 50 are available worldwide. In the off-road range, Mitas is offering new sizes for all three versions of C-19 and a new carcass construction of trial racing tyre, ET-01 X-PRO”.
The dual-purpose tyre TERRA FORCE-R is designed for maxi enduro and trail motorbikes for use 90% on-road and 10% off-road. The tyre is the ideal choice for commuters as well as adventurers who love longer rides with a passenger and luggage.
Mitas TERRA FORCE-R is currently available in one front size (110/80R19) and two rear sizes (140/80R17 and 150/70R17). Another two sizes, 120/70R19 and 170/60R17, will be available in the second quarter of 2017.
The entirely new Mitas-developed “Optimum Steel Cord Technology” means the tyre is “ideally balanced with optimal contact in all driving conditions, especially at greater lean angles and higher speeds”. 

The E-10 tread pattern is designed to be used 30% on-road and 70% off-road. It is developed as a universal adventure tyre with “excellent self-cleaning properties and superb directional control on soft and hard surfaces. The E-10 aggressive tread pattern is suitable for use on asphalt roads, poorly maintained tracks and light off-road terrain. On bends and corners, the E-10 gives a gentle turn-in and a stable follow-through with optimum directional control”.
New sizes 120/70B19 and 170/60B17 of E-10 for big adventure motorbikes were tested during 2016 in various conditions in Europe, USA and South Africa. Based on the results, the optimal construction of carcass and tread compound were prepared. New sizes will be available in February 2017.
The new MC 50 sizes (80/100-17, 100/90-17 and 130/80-17) are classified as high-speed bias ply tyres and are engineered for young riders and motorbikes of low and mid-range capacity – “their tread pattern ends before the edge of the tyre shoulder to facilitate an optimum contact area at maximum lean angles. 
“The final goal in developing the compounds for the tyres was to ensure the maximum grip in all weather conditions and give optimum life. They therefore incorporate recently developed raw materials, such as S-SBR elastomers and highly active fillers”. All new sizes are currently available worldwide. 
Three versions of new 90/100-21 size C-19 tread pattern tyres for larger displacement motocross and enduro motorbikes are also being launched - the new tyres will have the same tread pattern but differ in the weight and compound; the ET-01 X-PRO trial racing tyre features a new construction of carcass and an extra soft tread compound.
Finally, and based on their experiences gained in cooperation with MXGP sponsored teams I fly JK Racing and 62 Motosport Klemen Gercar, Mitas say they have improved the quality of the tread compound used for its motocross competition fitments  - the new formula of tread compound has a higher resistance to the softening caused by heating during operation.
Mitas has manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic, Serbia and the United States and sells through distributors worldwide.



TRAX ADV top case system

German specialist SW-Motech’s TRAX ADV top case system is an all-in-one system solution that includes all the products needed to mount a top case - a TRAX ADV top case, a bike-specific ALU-RACK, adapter plate and TRAX lock cylinder set.
The easy to handle premium aluminium top case with a wall thickness of 1.5 millimetres offers durability and seal tightness against water and dust. The bike-specific ALU-RACK and adapter plate provide safe mount of the top case by simply sliding it on the adapter plate and fixing it with a latch. The system is available with silver or black TRAX ADV top case.

TRAX ADV 38 litre top case in 1.5mm aluminium, finished in anodised silver or powder-coated black, with ALU-RACK system

Top case features include fibre-reinforced plastic corners, stable welded body, robot welding and punch riveting, which guarantee the water-resistant seal, anodised silver or powder-coated black finish protects against oxidation and abrasion, lid with quick release fastener and lid limiter, stainless steel latches, anodised aluminium handles, 4 tie-down points integrated into the lid corners, exchangeable sealing gasket and lock cylinder set with two matching locks and two keys included. Capacity is 38 litres; dimensions: 41 x 34 x 33 cm; weight: 4.8 kg.

This 70 litre tail bag addition to the SW-Motech range is made from durable, waterproof, welded tarpaulin

The laser-cut and CNC-machined, high strength and lightweight aluminium ALU-RACK is said to be “elegantly designed to perfectly integrate into the appearance of the bike”.
Also seen here, this 15 litre TRAX M/L expansion bag for their own other brands of aluminium cases are said to be a waterproof, tough and flexible solution to creating extra space. Featuring a padded interior and all-round zipper, they are made from robust and easy-to-clean tarpaulin with reflective detailing; tough handle and 8 mounting D-rings for versatility and four straps are included.

TRAX M/L expansion bag for SW-Motech and other brands of aluminium top case

Finally, the Drybag 700 tail bag is a versatile 70-litre waterproof and dust resistant addition to their popular Drybag range featuring integrated adapters for safe mount of further Drybags. A large opening allows easy loading and unpacking, it has safe 4-point strap mounting and is for universal use with almost all motorcycles. Made in easy to clean, tough waterproof welded tarpaulin, it weighs 1,850 g and measures 76 x 75 x 30 cm.