Thursday, 13 April 2017


ACEM elects new top management

The Brussels based European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) has elected a new leadership team during its 2017 Spring Congress held in Berlin.
Mr Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM AG, will become President of ACEM as of 1 July 2017. He will succeed Mr Stephan Schaller, President of BMW Motorrad, who will start serving as Vice President of ACEM on the same date. 

Left to right: Stephan Schaller, BMW Motorrad President; Stefan Pierer, KTM CEO; Michele Colaninno, member of the Piaggio Board of Directors and CEO/COO of the Immsi Group

The European Association will also have a new Vice President: Mr Michele Colaninno, who is member of Piaggio & C. SpA’s board of directors as well as CEO and COO of the Immsi Group, which controls the Piaggio Group and also holds investments in a number of important Italian industrial groups.
Stephan Schaller said: “I am delighted to announce that Mr Pierer will become the President of our European association. He is a widely respected business leader with substantial global experience and an excellent choice by our General Assembly to continue leading ACEM”.
Stefan Pierer said: “Mr Schaller has done an excellent job at positioning ACEM for the future. I know I speak for the whole European motorcycle community in stating how much this work is appreciated. I look forward to start my term as President and to work for a stronger association that promotes motorcycling across Europe”.
Michele Colaninno said: “The Presidium will work to ensure that issues such as free trade, road safety and environmental protection remain at the core of the work done at ACEM, taking into account the strategic directions adopted by the European institutions”.


Energica MY 2017 updated with increased power

Modena, Italy based high performance E-bike manufacturer Energica has achieved the European Euro 4 homologation and announced new, increased specs for its 2017 Ego and Eva models as a result of the tests.

Energica Ego Lunar White (Photo: Damiano Fiorentini)

Energica Ego, the electric sportsbike, now offers a higher power output of 145 hp, and Energica Eva, the electric streetfighter, revealed 108 hp.
The maximum power of the Ego is now reaching 107 kW (constant maximum power at 6.000 rpm), while Eva has now 80 kW (constant maximum power at 6.000 rpm).
The value of the maximum torque is increased too - for the Ego it goes from 195 to 200 Nm, while for Eva from 170 to 180 Nm.
The MY 2017 range is already available through the official Energica sales network with prices held at 2016 levels. The company is offering a “VP - Value Promotion” formula through June 30, which gives customers the choice between trade-in value plus bonus reward of € 6.000 on the purchase of a new Energica motorcycle within 24 months from customer’s vehicle delivery date, or extended term battery warranty. The limited warranty on a customer’s vehicle battery will be extended to 5 years or 100,000 km instead of the normal duration of 3 years or 50,000 km.
Energica says that with the Euro 4 homologation, the new Energica 2017 model year will have the OBD diagnostics (on board diagnostics). According to European regulations, the Energica motorcycles will have standard software that will communicate with a universal diagnostics tool, so any workshop will be able to get access to the data.

Venhill Engineering

Brass cable ends for reconditioned classic instruments

British specialist Venhill Engineering has upgraded its range of replacement speedometer and tachometer cables with new brass drive ends.

Traditionally the inner cable would be “squared-off” in a press, so that it fits into the drive behind the clock. However, many owners of classic European and Japanese motorcycles have the original clocks reconditioned, because genuine parts are no longer available. The reconditioned units often have different tolerances on the square drive compared to the original, so the traditional squared ends of those cables no longer fit.
Venhill’s elegantly simple solution is to use brass ends that match the newly reconditioned clocks more accurately, for a precise and tidier fit. Two sizes of speedo drive are produced - one for traditional British bikes (3mm across the flats) and one for Japanese models (2.5mm across the flats).
Some customers fit Japanese sized clocks to their classic British bikes – with Venhill’s new system they can produce cables with different size drives at either end.



Africa Twin colours for Xtrace helmet

Caberg has added to its Xtrace polycarbonate helmet line-up with ‘Africa Twin’ colours. The Xtrace was introduced in 2015, and is also available in two solid colours (matt black and white), and in the Lux design with a matt black base and yellow fluo graphics. It is available in two shell sizes.

Equipped with the easy to use DVT (Double Visor Tech) system with integrated sun shade visor, ventilation in the Xtrace is guaranteed by three wide, glove-friendly air vents. The lining is completely removable and washable and made with transpiring fabrics; there is also a removable wind stop and breath guard. Homologated to ECE 22.05 it weighs 1,500 to 1,550 g (+/- 50 g), depending on shell size.


Barnett Clutches & Cables

Barnett billet clutch baskets

Established in 1948, Californian specialist manufacturer Barnett’s clutch baskets are CNC precision- machined from the most durable aluminium and feature replaceable stainless steel inserts to prevent grooving of the basket where the clutch plate tabs make contact.

Oil passage windows are machined into the basket to increase oil flow to the clutch plates, resulting in cooler operating temperatures and a longer clutch life.
Grade 8 quality fasteners are included, and the backing plate is also included where applicable. Select applications come with the centre kicker gear already installed. These baskets are available for popular 80cc and up off-road motorcycles and sport ATVs.


Rainers Sports

‘S-80’ short boot with waterproof membrane

Founded in 1988, Rainers Sports in Spain is best known for their riding boots, with an “ever growing number of competition riders also choosing our high-quality Spanish designed and made boots”, according to the company.

Following on from the 999 GP carbon design boot that was seen in the last edition of IDN, this is their new ‘S-80’ short riding boot, featuring a Velcro and zipper fastening, a waterproof membrane, reflective insert on the back and ventilated TPU heel protector.
The padded and robust construction ensures safety and comfort, with non-slip all-surface sole and reinforced toe. Designed from much of the same technology Rainers developed for their 783 XRS and 879 TXT fully featured riding boots, the all new ‘S-80’ presents a more “relaxed” casual alternative.



Touratech R 1200 GS Rambler

Not content with developing adventure parts, accessories, suspensions, luggage, lights, boots, jackets and, well, just about everything you could imagine for the well dressed, well equipped 21st century adventure tourer, the only thing left for German specialist Touratech was to take the final step from conversion parts and kits to a whole bike make-over …

German specialist Touratech says their new R 1200 GS Rambler interpretation “takes it to the extreme” - well, extremely ambitious, yes - and, as far as the reaction from the notoriously hard to impress off-road media industry is concerned, they have managed to pull it off, and did so extremely successfully.

“A super-lightweight 1200 cc adventure bike with excellent enduro characteristics, high performance potential and fantastic suspension”. Well, that just about says it all really. And with a liquid-cooled boxer weighing in at less than 200 kilos that “bounds nimbly over rough terrain”, Touratech’s R 1200 GS Rambler conversion is “good to go”.
With a target weight of 199 kilos, their ‘K 199’ has got to be one of the lightest R 1200 GS conversions ever…a modern interpretation of the BMW HP2 – a motorcycle that not only looks like a sporty bike, but also rides like one. A bike that shows just how closely the touring and off-road sports product divisions at Touratech are interlinked.
Touratech CEO Herbert Schwarz had the pleasure of putting their K 199 to the test in the Azores (dirty work, but someone had to do it, right?), and his verdict has clearly been a positive “thumbs up” to his R&D team.
Touratech developed the Rambler in coordination with BMW Motorrad and built two prototypes, differing only in colour - one in the black-grey-yellow Touratech design, and the other in classic BMW Motorsport white, blue and red. Design implementation with clay model construction and prototyping were carried out at TT-3D in Murnau, while the technical components were developed and manufactured at Touratech in Niedereschach.
Touratech got clever by combining the engine-gearbox unit from the R 1200 R Roadster model with the shaft drive from the GS. This gives the Rambler a directly responsive, high-torque drive system with 125 PS that benefits from the Roadster’s stock tele fork.
With suspension tuned by Touratech Suspension, the boxer is extremely stable, even at high speeds. The use of modern materials and technologies, fairing sections made from super-lightweight aluminium tube in conjunction with carbon fibre, a titanium exhaust system, and a powerful but less heavy replacement lithium-ion battery, all help to bring the overall weight down. Compared to the standard model, the Rambler has shed nearly 50 kilos - making it incredibly agile, according to Herbert Schwarz.
Once the motorcycle was stripped of its fairing and all unnecessary mounting brackets, the frame was reinforced for hard off-road use. The original fairing was ditched to make way for the custom airbox with a fairing made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), and adapted protection bars.
Behind this is a self-supporting 16.2 litre aluminium tank, which also forms the subframe. Together with a separate plastic tank (1.8 litres) housing the fuel pump, the total tank capacity is 18 litres. The extremely slim seat, developed in a new process by TT-3D, does not require a base plate and is therefore extremely light.
Another unique feature on the Rambler is the front brake - a lightweight single-disc brake, as found on sports enduros, but with ABS. A CFRP engine guard panel protects the crankcase and sump. 

Tech Spec
• Airbox: carbon fibre reinforced plastic with original air filter (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Fairing: aluminium tube construction (Touratech)
• Tank: aluminium, lowered side walls, capacity approx. 16.2 l (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Fuel pump: in separate plastic tank (1.8 l) beneath the main tank
• Seat: enduro rally seat made from PU foam (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Frame: unnecessary mounting brackets removed
• Rear frame: aluminium with partially load-bearing function (Touratech)
• Handlebar & fittings: Magura TX handlebar, very light high-performance radial pump master cylinders for clutch and brake (Magura HC3)
• Triple clamp: custom-made by XTRIG
• Stem: aluminium tube construction (Touratech)
• Brakes: front 1 x brake disc Ø 300 mm; rear 1 x brake disc Ø 276 mm
• Brake lines: braided steel hose (Stahlflex)
• Bracket fork protector / brake hose guide: aluminium (Touratech)
• Bracket for number plate, rear light / indicators: plastic parts (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Rear light: BMW R nineT kit
• Main headlight: BMW G 450 X kit
• Indicators: BMW R 1200 GS
• Enduro exhaust system: titanium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic, custom-made by Akrapovic
• Rear silencer bracket: aluminium (Touratech)
• Battery: lithium-ion 12 V, 4.6 Ah
• Rear fairing: carbon fibre reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Wheels: rugged Haan Excel rims (custom-made) with Metzeler Karoo 3 tyres; front  21 x 2.15 with 90/90 R21, rear 17 x 4.24 with 150/70 R17.
• Skid plate: carbon fibre reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Sport mudguard: carbon fibre reinforced plastic (Touratech / TT-3D)
• Suspension: rear shock absorber custom-made by Touratech Suspension (Extreme type with 200 mm spring travel)
• Forks: original BMW F 800 GS Adventure fork with Touratech Suspension Extreme cartridge kit (230 mm spring travel)
• Footpeg assembly: titanium footpegs, aluminium bracket and heel guard

New Touratech catalogue 2017/18

“Streamlined, revised, updated, with a new format (16.5 x 21 cm), a fresh design and 1,576 pages, the Touratech catalogue 2017/18 presents a host of new ideas and innovative products for all adventures big and small on two wheels”, says the company.

The range comprises accessories for around 40 motorcycle models, including the 2017 version of the BMW R 1200 GS, accompanied by brilliant impressions from the “Red Continent” test ride with this motorbike. 150,000 copies have been printed in five different languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish).



Hyperpro BMW ESA shock absorber

Dutch suspension specialist Hyperpro has introduced a brand new BMW ESA shock absorber design for all BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure models (up to 2013) that are equipped with the BMW ESA system – for both WP and Showa applications.

Export sales director and co-owner of Hyperpro Jan Belder told IDN that “as these motorcycles get older, the OEM shock absorbers will show some signs of needing a replacement. There could be issues such as non-functioning ESA adjustment as a result of a damaged adjustment motor, the springs becoming too soft with hard miles, a lack of damping or other functional issues that compromise the riding experience.
“We can help put life back into one of the most important parts of any motorcycle. Our shocks are very serviceable, very tunable, robust front and/or rear shock designs that are built to last. Using the 460-emulsion damper as a basis, the shocks are equipped with a stronger ESA stepper motor, waterproof connectors, an improved damping setting, a progressive black or purple spring and, importantly, are a true “plug and play” connection to the BMW ESA system”. 

The Hyperpro ESA shocks make use of the original preload adjustment, offering the rider a better balanced bike which is more stable and comfortable to ride as a solo or two-up rider, with or without luggage.