Friday, 23 February 2018


Small and powerful Atto rear and brake light

German premium lights and accessories specialist Kellermann has added to its popular ‘Atto’ mini lights programme with the Atto RB - “probably the world’s smallest street legal rear and break light for motorcycles”.

The Atto Dark and the new Atto RB “define a completely new category of indicators: sensationally small and spectacularly bright. The new Atto RB rear and break light is a dual function marvel of miniaturisation and ultra-bright, market-leading LED technology”.
Kellermann CEO Dr. Stefan Wöste says that “with the Atto RB we take the saying “to see red” to the maximum with an intense red point of light delivering safety and clean design lines, all in one small package.

“The brake light of the Atto RB warns with an intensity that is second to none on the market. It keeps the following traffic at a distance with its incredible illuminating power. As with all our Atto series indicators, the optimised light channelling is managed through a smart system of lenses and reflectors. This is a result of the EXtranz - Extreme Optical Transparency - and our exclusive high-power LED technology.”
The complete electronics of the Bullet Atto are in the casing, and the indicator can be plugged into the 12 volt net directly. Features include IC operated 330 khz Long Life Protection Guard.