Sunday, 4 February 2018


Leatt GPX 4.5

Off-road specialist Leatt, best known as originators of the award-winning ‘Leatt-Brace’ have “stepped up their game for 2018, launching a new entry-level helmet”.
The Leatt GPX 4.5 helmet is described as “bringing Leatt’s proven safety technology to your local track at a very attractive price point”.
It is equipped with 360º Turbine Technology, which is said to help reduce the risk of concussion-level head impact by up to 30% and rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. 

Eleven turbines, made of an energy-absorbing material which hardens on impact, are strategically placed inside the helmet. The multi-density, V-shaped impact foam moulded directly to the outer shell does not only reduce its volume by 10%, but is also said to transfer up to 20% less rotational forces to the neck, head and the brain.
“This triple-density construction (dual density V-Foam plus 360° turbines) dampens all kinds of harmful forces – from low impact to high speed”. Certified and tested for both ECE 2205 or DOT, the weight of the ECE helmet is from 1,150 g (the DOT version is from 1,300 g/2.86 lbs).