Sunday, 4 February 2018


Enduro strut-handlebar

By popular demand, LSL has reintroduced the classic Enduro handlebar with strut, a handlebar of the 70s, then obligatory on a XT or XL of that time.

Similar in form to their naked bike handlebar, this design also suits a street bike and has the same ABE certificate. Traditionally made from steel tubing, and with 22 mm tube dimension, the MX 2 is also perfect for all BMW Boxer models of the 80s and 90s and is offered either black powder-coated or in chrome. 

If the handlebar already exists, but a different look is wanted, then the LSL strut is available on its own, and far from just being an optical accessory, it adds genuine reinforcement to 22mm handlebars, especially for riders of Superbikes like the GSX 1400 or XJR 1300, improving stability, even at speeds of over 200 kmh. The strut also fits the most popular conical handlebars and serves as a clear optical improvement. Made from aluminium with a 13mm diameter; clamps CNC-machined and black anodised.