Thursday, 1 March 2018

Italian new motorcycle registrations

Italy – new motorcycle registrations +8.53 percent for 2017

According to the latest data released by ANCMA (the Milan based motorcycle industry trade association for Italy), the Italian motorcycle market is bucking the trend seen in much of Europe, despite suffering the same Euro 3 crossover inventory effects as elsewhere, with new motorcycle registrations up by +8.53 percent for 2017 at 82,475 units.

This is up from the 75,996 units cited for 2016 despite the boost to final quarter registrations by the rush to pre-register Euro 3 inventory, and substantially up from the 62,506 registrations recorded for 2015.
Allowing for mopeds and scooters over 50cc, overall PTW registrations in Italy were +5.41 percent in 2017 at 204,406 units (193,913 units in 2016). Scooters were up +3.4 percent at 121,931 units.
Honda’s SH 150/300/125 variants are the top-sellers (30,637 units sold in 2017between them); followed by Piaggio’s Beverly 300 ABS (7,384 units), the Yamaha XMax 300 (5289 units) and the Kymco Agility 125 R16 (4,451 units).
The top-selling motorcycle was the BMW R 1200 GS (3,755 units), followed by Honda’s Africa Twin (3,216 units) and their NC 750 X (2,454 units). The Yamaha Tracer 900 sold 2,296 units; the Ducati Scrambler 800 sold 2,241 units.
June was the biggest month for sales in Italy in 2017; followed by May, July, March and April. Of the total of 204,406 motorcycles and scooters sold, the biggest sector was the 251 to 500cc market (52,413 units); followed by the sub 125cc market (50,340 units), 126 to 200cc (25,255), 751 to 1000cc (24,684), over 1000cc (22,259) and 601 to 750cc (20,976 units).
In motorcycle terms the largest sector in Italy is Naked style bikes (30,973 units in 2017), followed by Enduro machines (26,402) and Touring bikes (11,505 units).


Stefano Chiozzotto - Bultaco Regional Manager for Europe

Spanish ‘comeback’ Bultaco continues to implement its ambitious development plan with the appointment of Stefano Chiozzotto as Regional Manager for Europe.

Jorge Bonilla, left, says new European Regional manager Stefano Chiozzotto will “add value to the implementation and expansion of the Bultaco brand in Europe”

Reporting to Jorge Bonilla, the Director General and Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Chiozzotto will be responsible for the development of Bultaco’s growing dealer network in Europe, as well as the management and supervision of sales, post-sales and marketing activities.

A dual Italian and Spanish national, Milan born Chiozzotto is a graduate of Luigi Bocconi University, the University of Economics in Vienna, the IMD Business School in Lausanne, and Franklin Covey in Milan. He boasts more than 20 years of professional experience in multi-national settings in different European countries.
An expert in business development and opening up new international markets, he has held various executive positions at IVECO in Spain, Portugal, Romania and its subsidiaries in the Balkans. He has been the Export Sales Manager for Beta Utensili in Milan, as well as serving in general management for sales and marketing consultancies.

Bultaco’s ‘Brinco’ in action

“The addition of Stefano Chiozzotto to our structure as the new Regional Manager for Europe will be of extraordinary value for the implantation and expansion of our brand here. With demand and opportunity driving us forward it is essential to have the very best team, and Stefano Chiozzotto is going to be a vital part of it,” said Jorge Bonilla.
Commenting on his appointment, Chiozzotto said “I undertake this new role with great enthusiasm. This is an exciting time to be joining a legendary brand such as Bultaco and there is no question that there is a great future ahead for us.”
The company was founded on May 17, 1958 by Don Paco Bultó. Over the course of its history Bultaco has marketed legendary models like the Sherpa, Matador, Metralla and Frontera, and won countless Spanish and international championships, with renowned racers like Ángel Nieto, Jorge Martínez Aspar, Sammy Miller and Barry Sheene.

The Bultaco of the 21st century is based on advanced contemporary technology with its proprietary electric propulsion system, energy regeneration and storage solutions to achieve “hitherto unknown battery life, high-level components, and the use of ultra-light materials,” says Bonilla.
“The new Bultaco Motors team continues to uphold the “Thumb-up” brand’s spirit, being true to the traditional values that drove its success - passion, innovation and competition. It has drawn inspiration from the names of its legendary motorcycles, and is proud of its heritage, but does not dwell in the past, always looking ahead.”


BMW continues to challenge the challenges

“Innovations that reach far beyond the conventional vehicle context” That is how BMW describe their ongoing future transport solution envelope stretching endeavours, as they look at ideas to address the “individual and sustainable mobility” challenges the world’s conurbations face.

Their latest speculative contribution to the debate appears to owe a debt to Fritz Lang’s 1920’s vision the future of urban transport, with their “Research, New Technologies, Innovations” division offering a unique vision of how the world’s population can remain mobile in the face of increasing urbanisation.
“Our goal is to link sustainable and efficient mobility with a high quality of living in cities. We use new technologies as well as our creativity in order to create innovative approaches, such as the BMW Vision E³ Way”, explained Dr. Gerd Schuster, Senior Vice President Research, New Technologies and Innovations.
“The “BMW Group Technology Offices” in Mountain View (CA), Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul guarantee proximity to the world’s technological hotspots, while a central department for trend and technology scouting collates and supplements the insights acquired in the field. Once challenges and needs have been identified, they are then fed into concrete research projects”.
Developed at the BMW Group Technology Office China in Shanghai, the BMW Vision E³ Way project shows a radical mobility concept that is “designed not just to specifically address the challenges faced by megacities – such as traffic congestion and air pollution – but to provide a solution that is both simple and effective”.
It consists of an elevated road concept for electrically powered two-wheel vehicles which links key traffic hubs in urban conurbations. The three E’s stand for “elevated”, “electric” and “efficient” – “the concept’s defining properties. The use of roadways that are elevated above existing roads means the project generates additional traffic capacity. The BMW Vision E³ Way is “explicitly conceived for locally emission-free single-track mobility concepts only (“electric”), such as e-bikes, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link and the recently presented BMW Motorrad X2 City – another concept developed by the “Research, New Technologies, Innovations” division.
“The elevated road is simple and modular in design, economical to build as a result, and provides a fast, direct link between key traffic hubs, making it the perfect alternative for commuters travelling up to 15 km. This makes use of the elevated road very efficient - not only in terms of cost but also as regards travel time (“efficient”).
“The BMW Vision E³ Way opens up a whole new dimension of mobility in overcrowded conurbations – efficient, convenient and safe. It works by simply creating space for two-wheel zero-emissions traffic,” explains Dr. Markus Seidel, Director BMW Group Technology Office China. “In China, more than a billion people will be living in cities by 2050. The country will become the global incubator for numerous mobility innovations such as the BMW Vision E³ Way “ Seidel adds.
Ramps and sluice systems are used to connect the BMW Vision E³ Way to the regular road network, underground stations, other traffic hubs, and even shopping malls. By shifting single-track mobility to its own spatial level, “the BMW Vision E³ Way makes daily commuting not just faster but safer, too. The fact that is used solely by electrically powered two-wheel vehicles means that collisions with cars are ruled out. The general risk of accidents is further reduced by means of an automatic speed limit of 25 km/h. In addition, there is an elaborate system of lanes that separates filtering traffic from flowing traffic: not until travel speed has been reached do the two merge.
“The BMW Vision E³ Way is not just fast and safe to use, but convenient. Those who do not already own a vehicle approved for the E³ Way can still use the facility spontaneously by means of a sharing scheme that provides rental vehicles at each access point. The elevated road is largely roofed over, ensuring protection from rain and heat. A cooling system with purified rainwater creates pleasant temperatures: this can also be used to clean the road surface at night.
“The outstanding feature of the E³ Way concept is that it takes existing emission-free mobility solutions on two wheels such as e-bikes and the BMW Motorrad X2 City and places them on a new traffic level: this means the vision can be realised quickly and without the need for additional space. Initial feasibility studies demonstrate that a concept such as this can significantly reduce congestion, emissions, travel time and the risk of accidents. Traffic flow is permanently optimised by means of automated video surveillance systems and artificial intelligence as well as through the integration of smart city ecosystems. And the best thing is that its modular design and free scalability make the concept essentially suitable for use in any megacity”.
BMW say that the E³ Way is just “one possible solution to the question “What will move us (forward) in the future?” At the same time, it exemplifies the innovative spirit of the BMW Group – its capacity to produce concepts such as this that extend far beyond the conventional vehicle context. Our aspiration in the future will continue to be innovation and technology leadership at the premium level,” explained Dr. Rainer Daude, Project Director Special Projects and Mobility Concepts.
“The very meaning of the term ‘premium’ will change in the future too, of course. Attributes such as ‘straightforward’, ‘convenient’, ‘efficient’, ‘safe’ and ‘emission-free’ are becoming increasingly important. In concrete terms, this means being able to offer solutions that meet all mobility needs, with the capacity to make better use of travel time and/or to cover distances in less time – offering the highest possible level of safety, convenience and efficiency.”


Yamaha MT, XSR and Tracer series suspensions

Italian specialist Matris has new model-specific set-up and tuned suspension products available to “improve performance and driving comfort” on Yamaha’s popular MT, XSR and Tracer family.

For the ‘13-’16 and 2017 MT-09, Tracer 900 and XSR 900, the company’s M46KD and M46KF multi-adjustable rear monoshock is available with hydraulic spring preload in their “DarkSeries” design “for a perfect look and aesthetic combination”; SDK and SDR steering damper kits for improved sports and fast/sport riding stability; F20K series complete multi-adjustable hydraulic cartridge kit; and “entry level” FKS and FRK series spring and hydraulic kits - all with dedicated settings and springs that can be installed without modifications to the original fork.
For the MT-07/Tracer 700/XSR 700, Matris has its M46KD series rear monoshock - multi-adjustable in rebound, length and spring preload (standard or hydraulic) with dedicated springs for custom configuration.
On the front, their innovative F15K hydraulic cartridge, multi-adjustable in compression-rebound-spring preload, transforms the original non-adjustable fork into a fully adjustable suspension, plus their “entry level” FKE and FSE fork sets. These easy to install kits do not require any modification to the original fork.

MT-03 specific products to improve set-up and performance include their fully adjustable M46KD and M46KF series hydraulic shock absorbers with on demand hydraulic spring preload adjustment; “entry level” FKE and FSE fork kit series, and new multi-adjustable F15K hydraulic cartridge with driver weight-specific dedicated spring option.
For Yamaha’s “flagship” MT-10 maxi naked style bike, the Matris M46KD, M46K and M46R series monoshocks are multi-adjustable in compression, rebound, length and spring preload with new IK (Integrated Knob adjustment) option - available in ‘Dark and ‘Shadow’ style versions; also available is their F12R fork kit – a “classic” multi-adjustable hydraulic cartridge - and new “sealed” F25SA hydraulic cartridge.


Techno Motor Veghel (TMV)

Replacement cylinders for most popular MX motorcycles

Dutch off-road specialist Techno Motor Veghel (TMV) now has European made Airsal replacement cylinders available for selected 50, 65 and 250cc Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and Kawasaki motocross models, in some cases from as far back as 2001 right up to 2017.

Airsal has been one of the best-known names for small displacement cylinders for years, offering dimensionally stable excellent quality solutions that are cheaper than re-plating, offering improved durability and resistance to heat and wear, optimum friction properties and excellent lubrication.
Founded in 1986, Airsal manufacture some 15,000 to 16,000 cylinders a month at the 3,000 sqm Centelles, Barcelona facility they moved to in 1999, and export to more than 30 countries worldwide.
Their cylinders are made in aluminium with Scanimet interior coating - an extremely hard, durable and heat resistant, high performance nickel-silicon carbide (carborundum) proprietary technology.
Also seen here, and demonstrating the diversity of the TMV offer for its dealers, this EVS TUG Underwear short compression impact protection features breathable form moulded EVA pads at the hip, thigh and tailbone for protection in any riding situation.

The advanced features and technology that EVS builds into its products include active compression to muscles decreasing lactic acid build up, moisture wicking padded synthetic chamois crotch pad, breathable moisture wicking fabric and removable EVA tailbone pad insert.



H-Full back armour

Designed for the rear pocket of Hevik’s jackets, this first spinal protector introduced as part of the new collection is said to be “one of the latest generation of protectors - level 2 approved, it is highly technical without compromising the comfort or fit of any Hevik jacket”.

This is the first time the Italian brand has entered the safety products sector and created a full back protector with CE FB level 2 approval, which, according to EN 1621-2:2014, is the highest accreditation.
The Hevik H-Full back armour is a multi-layer product made from memory foam with a multi-layer construction – the layers can slide independently of each other to efficiently distribute the energy, reducing the energy that is transmitted to the spinal area, even in an impact occurring at an adverse angle.

“Nothing has been left to chance, and even the central seams have been designed to provide maximum structural support, ensuring that any distortion is immediately corrected with the protector returning to its original shape. Safety was obviously the priority during the design process. The comfort, ventilation and flexibility are outstanding, but were all engineered to ensure safety remained maximised,” says Hevik.
H-Full back armour is made of Italian materials and available in three sizes, in 44 to 52 cm lengths.

HEVIK S.r.l.


Protection for MT-07

Czech manufacturer RDmoto was founded in 2001 with the intention to “build and offer the widest range of tuning and protective accessories”.

Within 3 years the company was already offering crash protectors for more than 100 models and had started to produce crash frames for tourers and a growing range of luggage and accessory mounting racks.
Owned by Martin Drasnar, with Petr Holoubek driving the fast-growing export sales programmes, the company has expanded to offer clutch and brake levers, handlebar ends, swingarm stand supports, oil caps, frame sliders, spindle protectors and tuning accessories.

Seen here for Yamaha’s popular MT-07 eight-valve dohc 700 cc Twin roadster, RDmoto is offering spindle (axle) protectors, engine crash frames in steel, large impact zone frame sliders, brake and clutch levers in standard and short lengths and handlebar ends.
All RDmoto products are available in a selection of model colour match and custom colours.


Moto One

Vert 360 – an all-season all-in-one

Italian specialist Moto One’s Vert 360 is a 4-season “smart, all in one” jacket for men and women. 

Made in 520 D Cordura nylon with polyester 600D ACT D6 inserts, it has a detachable 3M Theromolite inner and separately wearable, detachable and 100 percent waterproof membrane.
Protection is with removable CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows with antishock protector at the back. There are large ventilation apertures on the chest, arms and back; front pockets with WP zip and Velcro; cargo pocket on the back with WP zip and Velcro; double adjustment buttons on the arm with a triple setting “Ergoneck” with micrometric adjustment settings and protection for the Adam’s apple.

A micrometric adjustment belt at the waist and adjustment zip at the sides make for adjustable fitting and comfort; there is a trouser connection zip, 3M reflex insert on the back, battery powered safety LED Hi Viz “U-SAFE” on left shoulder, movable 3M hi viz band on the left arm and an optional CE approved back protector is available.