Friday, 6 December 2013

INTERMOT Trade Visitor Day

INTERMOT launches a special
Trade Visitor Day

For the first time at INTERMOT 2014, a Trade Visitor Day, a preview day exclusively for
the trade and motorcycle industry, will take place on the Wednesday, October 1, 2014, the day after the Tuesday Press Day.

Designed to place the focus on the trade visitor, the day will offer exhibitors and visitors the unique opportunity to completely concentrate on contact making and trade business discussions for one full day.

The trade visitor day is reserved exclusively for trade visitors, importers and premium visitors.
INTERMOT Project Manager, Ingo Riedeberger

"It enables exhibitors and visitors to precisely plan activities and deploy staff effectively during the fair", says INTERMOT Project Manager Ingo Riedeberger. "It also provides a platform for more in-depth exchange with other visiting experts as well as the opportunity to fully concentrate on business with no outside event programme on that day".

Being branded as the International Motorcycle, Scooter and E-Bike fair, INTERMOT is promising further enhancements to its dealer/trade Business-to-Business (B2B) facilities and services with an expanded “business district” and exclusive invitational programme for international importers/distributors.

The exhibitor prospectus for next year's INTERMOT expo in Germany (October 1st - 5th) was released four weeks ago. Many of the major vehicle manufacturers as well as producers of components and clothing have already confirmed their registration for INTERMOT 2014, Riedeberger says.

INTERMOT 2012 attracted over 203,000 visitors from 117 countries. Those visitors were able to see 1,022 companies (from 37 countries) presenting 1,437 brands. Visitors were able to select from more than 200 events, and took some 18,000 test rides. According to Riedeberger "Research suggests that 76 percent of INTERMOT’s trade visitors said that they had “achieved the objectives of their visit”, with 82 percent of visiting consumers equally satisfied with their exhibition experience".

The expo programme for 2014 promises an even higher investment in consumer attractions such as races, test-tracks and stunt shows, with speciality indoor exhibition zones highlighting motorcycle sport, customising and touring.

Full exhibitor, visitor and schedule details (plus newsletter sign-up) are available at:

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Aliant litium batteries

Aliant ‘YLP’ lithium batteries feature improved cold start power, reduced weight and space saving design

Imola based Italian battery technology specialist Aliant has introduced a new ‘YLP’ range of ultra light weight and ultra compact lithium starter batteries.
The company says that this family of Italian designed, engineered and assembled batteries has been specifically designed for motorcycle use, with exclusive features such as an average 20% weight and 30-40% size saving compared to other lithium batteries.
Project Manager Davide Dal Pozzo told IDN that “the embedded BMS (Battery Management System) is a cell-optimising, microprocessor-controlled electronic board that has been designed especially for starter applications, to extend battery life, and make the batteries compatible with some lead acid chargers - a very important and convenient feature for workshops and riders.
“These batteries can deliver up to 12,000 starts and some 3,000 or more complete charging cycles, and are compatible with many of the most popular chargers and maintainers on the market. However they can also be quick-charged in less than 2 minutes with our own design of dedicated 10Amp charger.”
Davide told IDN that the motorcycle starter battery project started in 2009 and in that time the company has already progressed to a third generation of Lithium Iron design, based on LiFe P04 technology.
“ The company has really focused its efforts on low temperature performance and durability. These latest Lithium Iron Phosphate cells have been improved to supply high cranking current, right down to -10°C here in Europe, especially in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and especially on large displacement motorcycles. This is a major factor that, in our view, other Lithium battery designs simply are not addressing as effectively as we believe we are.
“We can be a reliable long-term partner for importers/distributors and their dealers because we have control over the product design and specifications; this means our customers can be assured that we will always be working hard to keep our products ahead and be able to offer them state-of-the-art solutions.”
The YLP series features five models that replace all the lead acid batteries from 4 to 18Ah.
Davide told IDN that the company is looking for international importer/distributor partners as well as  dealers.
Aliant 'YLP' Project Manager Davide Dal Pozzo : "Ever since we started the YLP programme, we have continually refined and developed it. We design, engineer and assemble our products here in in Italy so we have control over what our customers get. Our promise to our distributors and dealers is that we will always work hard to offer them the best Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology”.

October sales improvements

Some markets showing
sales improvements in October

After declining in August and September, motorcycle registrations in Germany were up by 4.62 percent in October this year, at 3.235 units, compared to 3.092 in October 2012.
For the year-to-date this means the seventh month of (sometimes modest) growth in Germany, with sales up by 2.34 percent for the ten months to end of October at 84.410 units compared to 82.482 at the same stage last year.
Registrations for all PTWs were up by 9.11 percent in October in Germany (5.496 units compared to 5.037 in October 2012) with year-to-date total PTW registrations for the first ten months of this year standing at 124.410 units from 123.146 units (up by +1.09 percent).
Meanwhile better news out of Spain too - where October saw a +25.6 percent rise in motorcycle registrations to 9.660 units, following a +13.3 percent rise in September (8.499 units) to improve the year-to-date picture to -8.09 percent at 80.979 units.
Spanish trade association ANESDOR said that the October rise was due to a mix of factors, from the effects of VAT rate and schedule changes to warm weather and, speak it softly, the first hints of a new-found consumer confidence.
After the massive percentage falls in sales in the recent months and years  September in Italy saw motorcycle registrations down by a reassuringly small -1.23 percent at 12.382 units, bringing total registrations for the first nine months of the year to 132.755 percent, which is -27.53 percent down from the 183.184 registrations seen in Italy for the first nine months of 2012.
In the UK motorcycle year-to-date registrations are showing growth for the first time this year - the 73.323 registrations mean the market in the UK is up by +0.34 percent for the first ten months. In fact October saw registrations up by +10.87 percent at 5.995. Total PTW registrations for the year-to-date in the UK remain sluggish, down by -2.53 percent at 82.732 percent; but September and October had seen growth in total PTW terms, at +8.03 (11.866 units) and +6.71 percent (6.554 units) respectively.

Caterham E-Bikes

British sports car maker unveils motorcycle design prototypes

CATERHAM Group, the company behind the historic Caterham Cars brand, used the EICMA show in Milan to launch a line-up of three prototype motorcycle designs.
The Brutus 750 (described by the company as the ‘SUV of motorcycles’), Classic E-Bike (an electric bike with retro styling) and the Carbon E-Bike (an electric bike inspired by F1 technology) are said to be  "a key part of the Group’s strategy of growth through partnerships".
Malaysian entrepreneur Tony Fernandes, Co-Chairman of Caterham Group, said: “Our vision for Caterham Group which includes the Caterham (formerly Lotus) Formula 1 team, and who is also owner of Air Asia and London based English football club Queens Park Rangers, has taken another step forward with the launch of Caterham Bikes.
"Expanding our interests into the two-wheeled market is another natural progression for us and is a good opportunity to showcase the breadth of knowledge, experience and creativity we have at our disposal across the Group, now in the two wheeled world in addition to all of our other automotive, technology and innovation interests".
Production of the three designs is targeted to begin in spring 2014, with the Brutus 750 the first to be built, followed by the two electric bikes later in the year.
The Brutus 750 is said to be capable of being used as a street bike, off-road machine or even a snowmobile (with a conversion that is said to be possible in less than four hours).
The first of the two electric bikes will be the Classic E-Bike, which features retro styling and has an expected range of 40-80km, and does not require the rider to have a license in the EU.
The Carbon E-Bike has modern styling inspired by F1 technology, and a limited edition version featuring exclusive F1 input and materials is currently being worked on.

With production slated to start for all three models in mid-2014, the ‘Brutus’, based on a 750cc Dili single, is being assembled in Taiwan with the European production of the two E-Bikes planned for the UK. Caterham is describing the ‘Brutus’ as the “SUV of motorcycles” according to Chief Designer Alessandro Tartarini, the son of Italjet founder Leopoldo Tartarini and designer of the well-received ‘Velocifero’. Alessandro is seen here on the right, on their EICMA booth with Caterham Bikes’ General Manager of Sales and Distribution Andrea Leuthe - a former 500cc Grand Prix privateer, motorcycle importer and Italjet export manager.

Mitas branding

Mitas branding to replace Sava trademark

EICMA was the venue chosen for the first official presentation of the newly created Mitas Motorcycle Business Unit.
Development of the new operation began in October 2012, when Savatech was acquired by ČGS Holding a.s., the parent company of Mitas, which produces and distributes a wide range of Mitas-branded industrial and motorcycle tyres.

As a result of the acquisition, Savatech’s and Mitas’ motorcycle tyres units were integrated into the Mitas Motorcycle Business Unit, and Savatech-made tyres will now be re-branded as Mitas. The first product of Mitas Moto is the newly launched Sport Force motorcycle radial tyre for sport, naked and touring motorcycles. 
“The Mitas Motorcycle Business Unit will offer the widest possible range of two-wheel tyres under one brand,” said Ksenija Bitenc, Managing Director Mitas Moto. “The Sava trademark will be gradually replaced by the Mitas brand. Mitas Moto is a reliable and flexible partner that takes care of customer needs. We provide riders with high-quality two-wheel tyres that allow them to enjoy their ultimate motorcycling adventure.“
Managing Director Ksenija Bitenc says that "the Sava trademark will be gradually replaced by the Mitas brand. The Mitas Business Unit will offer the widest possible range of two-wheel tyres under one brand"

National Cycle Screens

Polycarbonate VStream screens for V-Strom

NATIONAL Cycle has created a range of versions of its VStream windshield to fit the Suzuki V-Strom 650 2012 onwards.
The taller and wider VStream windshield mounts to the stock bracket using the supplied included hardware, and is claimed to reduce buffeting for both the rider and the passenger.
National Cycle claims that the 4.5mm polycarbonate construction with FMR hardcoating makes its VStream windshield the toughest, most scratch resistant windshield available.
Three sizes are available to fit the V-Strom; Sport, Sport-Touring, and Touring. The Sport is 48cm high and 45cm wide, the Sport-Touring is 56.6cm tall and 45cm wide, and the tallest screen is the Touring at 65.5cm high and 45cm wide.

(Pic caption) -  National Cycle's International Aftermarket Sales Manager Paul Gomez says that "test after test has proven that the materials science, engineering, design and quality control that goes into every National Cycle windshield make them the undisputed number one choice for safety and durability"

Tel: +1 708 343 0400

CTEK acquires charging business

CTEK acquires charging business from Inelco Group

SWEDISH battery charger specialist CTEK Group has acquired the battery charging business from the Inelco Group.
CTEK states that the acquisition of the battery charging business from Inelco A/S will strengthen its business and increase its competitiveness mainly within the professional and industrial segments. Currently, CTEK develops, markets and sells lead acid and lithium ion battery chargers, and claims to have been the first company in the world to introduce switch-mode technology based battery charging.

Vikmanshyttan, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 (0)225 351 80

Voxan unveils new e-bike

Voxan unveils world’s most powerful electric motorcycle at Paris Show

Re-launched with the intention of establishing itself as a premium electric motorcycle manufacturer, Voxan Motors gave their new 200Nm torque, 200 bhp equivalent ‘Wattman’ e-bike a World Premiere debut at the Paris Motorcycle Show this week.
Claimed to be the most powerful electric motorcycle in the world, the Sacha Lakic designed ‘Wattman’ is being well received as marking an impressive comeback for the Voxan brand.

Said to be good for a top speed of 170 kph, and capable of accelerating to 100 kph in just 3.4 seconds, the 12.8k Wh battery is said to give the ‘Wattman’ a range of 180km, and to charge to 80 percent of capacity in less than 30 minutes using a DC Combo 2 connector fast-charger.
Lakic is quoted as saying that “the idea is to make electric technology sexy. It is used here as a source of fun. This machine is built for bikers, and above all else it is built for driving.”
It won’t be available for some two more years or so, and each model will be built to order - no pricing has been revealed yet though.
Based in Luxembourg, one of the first motorcycle designs that brought Lakic to prominence was the Alan Carre collaboration for Yamaha in 1986 - the Yamaha Axis. Since then he has done project design work for former Yamaha subsidiary MBK, on scooters and bicycles, and for the likes of Piaggio and Bimota, and for the original incarnation of Voxan on the now highly collectable 2004 ‘Black Magic’ 1000cc v-twin roadster.
Voxan finally ceased production in 2009 and was eventually bought from bankruptcy a year later by the then new owners of Venturi Automobiles.
Originally established in 1984 to compete against the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari and Porsche in the “Grand Tourisme” market Venturi itself emerged from a year 2000 bankruptcy with new owners aiming to pitch the brand as a top-end electric car maker, with Sacha Lakic contributing to the design of the Venturi ‘Fetish’ and ‘Volage’ prototypes.
This year saw Venturi making a frustrating Bonneville debut at the rain-cancelled speed week in September with the 3,000 hp VBB-3 streamliner - said to be the most powerful electric car ever built; so there is clearly no doubting Voxan’s new owner’s determination to ‘own’ the top-end of the two and four wheel electric power market.