Thursday, 19 December 2013

ACEM announces international focus

ACEM announces international focus at annual Brussels conference in January

At EICMA, Compagne threw Europe a 'curve-ball' - suggesting the principle of mutual recognition as an alternate barrier-reduction strategy to harmonisation of standards

BRUSSELS based international motorcycle industry trade association ACEM has announced that its annual conference will take place on January 29th 2014.
The theme will be "A Global Vision for the Powered Two-Wheeler Market". ACEM say that "while the economic crisis is putting pressure on the entire EU motorcycle sector, new markets have sprung up in emerging countries, due to improving living conditions and growing mobility needs worldwide, the appeal of our iconic brands and our industry's high quality innovation".
ACEM are pointing to Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam as among the most promising new markets for its
members. However, they are saying that European businesses face all sorts of obstacles in foreign markets, as governments enforce rules that hinder fair competition.
It is against this backdrop that ACEM says the EU must "strive to remove existing barriers and other regulatory obstacles, thereby creating the conditions for a level
playing field".
ACEM claims that the lack of harmonisation where standards and technical specifications are concerned generates "trade disruptive environments. The creation of globally harmonised markets would benefit motorcycle production, comprising a large variety of engine capacities, styles and categories.
"A worldwide regulatory framework would increase the competitiveness of the European motorcycle sector, reducing costs, improving economies of scale, boosting export opportunities in markets across the globe, and help manufacturers roll out new technologies more quickly. It would bring considerable efficiencies with more accessible products and go hand in hand with the removal of barriers based on national requirements".
At this, the 10th ACEM conference, manufacturers and EU institutions will debate whether the way to recovery lies in creating favourable conditions for developing
manufacturing and creating jobs in Europe, or if the solution resides in exporting production facilities to third countries.

To register for the conference, visit the ACEM website

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

German market stats

More growth for German Market

Reiner Brendicke, General Manager of the IVM in Germany

The trend of market stabilisation (and even modest growth) continues in Germany where November saw a +7.8 percent growth in motorcycle registrations (at 1,739 units from 1,621 in 2012).
This brings the 11-month year-to-date motorcycle registration number to +2.43 percent at 86,149 units (from 84,103 in 2012).

In total PTW terms (Powered Two Wheelers) November registrations were +3.92 percent (at 2,862 from 2,752 in November 2012); making +1.15 percent for the eleven months of the year-to-date (at 127,352 units from 125,900 in 2012).
Reiner Brendicke, General Manager of the German motorcycle industry trade association, the Industrie-Verband Motorrad Deutschland eV (IVM), and IVM President Heiner Faust (VP Sales & marketing at BMW Motorrad) have followed up their October call for continued recognition that the industry sells to a market of millions of individuals rather than 'cookie-cutter' buyers by pointing to the importance of a "Grand Coalition" to support and promote the interests of the industry.
Taking their cue from the outcome of the German Federal elections in September, the IVM is pointing to the shared interests that motorcycle manufacturers, their dealers and the industry's commercial partners and participants, and the consumers who ride the products made and sold, have with society in general.
The IVM is suggesting that with economic stability finally on the horizon, a united voice will continue to influence policy making and generate increased support for the unique mix of social, transport, economic and leisure advantages that the PTW industry represents for the 21st century.

Brembo EICMA booth

EICMA booth of the year?

Brembo, booth of the year? It probably was, and in the case of Brembo, the designer loveliness is backed up by unrivalled design and engineering prowess.
Recent new product introductions from the Italian manufacturer include an extension to their range of GP4-RX radial brake calipers with a 100 mm fixing version for European Supersport bikes to complement the standard radial fork fitment version sold for Japanese maxisport bikes.

KMC Chain seeking importers/distributors

KMC Chain seeking importers/distributors

Calvin Lee, International Sales Director, KMC Chain

Taiwan based KMC Chain is looking for additional importers/distributors in Europe and elsewhere for its technology-rich range of motorcycle chain products.
Calvin Lee, the International Sales Director for Taiwan based KMC Chain, told IDN that KMC’s new premier AM brand chain comes in three grades with their 520 EX TP Cross-Ring chain offering improved rust resistance and durability due to its Triple Plating chemical coating process.
Also seen here is a new three-function cutting, riveting and O-Ring/Cross-Ring press fit link.

Bel-Ray Oil has new owner

Bel-Ray oils has new owner

Bel-Ray Oils has been sold to Calumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P., a NASDAQ quoted producer of "specialty hydrocarbon and fuel products" who, as of 2012, became the owner of Royal Purple Lubricants.
Founded in 1946 by William Kiefer, management of the business was taken over by his daughter Daryl Bronson when he retired in 1995. Bel-Ray sells in several specialty commercial and industrial sectors, in addition to the Powersports industry, and says that its products are sold in more than 100 countries across six continents.
The company owns and operates a 32-acre manufacturing facility in New Jersey, which gives convenient access to ports in New York, Newark and Philadelphia for export purposes - and this, along with the capacity for a diversity of production that the site represents, appears to have been of the reasons why the new owners found Bel-Ray an attractive proposition.

"This transaction signals our ongoing commitment to growing a global specialty products business," stated Jennifer Straumins, President and COO of Calumet Specialty Products Partners. "Bel-Ray will join an existing portfolio of market-leading specialty products brands that include our Royal Purple line of high-performance synthetic lubricants and our Penreco line of FDA-registered food-grade products."
"Bel-Ray's New Jersey-based manufacturing plant will provide us with an East Coast facility capable of serving both domestic and export markets," continued Straumins. "This facility, which currently produces lubricating oils and greases, has ample capacity to supply incremental customer demand for our products."
Bryan Yourdon, President of Royal Purple, and Calumet's Vice President of Branded and Packaged Products, is quoted as saying: "As a globally recognized specialty lubricants brand, Bel-Ray provides us with an entry point into new customers and geographies where we will have an opportunity to cross-sell our existing lines of products.
"Over time, we will seek to pursue the acquisition of additional branded specialty product lines that help us to further achieve profitable growth on a global scale."

BMW November sales

BMW outperforms previous year’s sales figures as of November

FOLLOWING on from the launches of the new R nineT and S 1000 R models, BMW Motorrad has announced figures that show an increase in vehicle sales of 8.8 percent in November compared to the corresponding month of the previous year.
The all-time high in term of vehicle sales for November is the result of 7,342 vehicles (previous year: 6,749 units) being supplied to customers worldwide. The total number of vehicles sold so far this year is now 108,872 motorcycles and maxi scooters (previous year: 100,289), which puts the company ahead of its sales figure
for the previous year by more than 2,500 vehicles, with one month of the year remaining.
Heiner Faust, BMW Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “We have surpassed our sales figure for the previous year one month before the end of the year, supplying more than 108,000 vehicles to our customers worldwide. This excellent result has been made possible by healthy sales in the USA and Asia and – and despite difficult
market conditions - in the European markets, too. The level of incoming orders in November was significantly higher than that of the previous year.
New BMW Motorrad products presented by us a few weeks ago at EICMA are already in demand. We have expanded our product portfolio with two new products in the roadster segment, the BMW R nineT and the S 1000 R. The successors to the volume models R 1200 RT and R 1200 GS Adventure will also go on the market next spring. As does the new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive with six-cylinder power and highly impressive specification.
“We also enter the market for single-track electro mobility next year with the innovative maxi scooter BMW C evolution. “Demand for the water-cooled BMW R 1200 GS remains at a pleasingly high level. We have already sold over 25,000 of them to customers worldwide as of November.”

The Motorcycle Trade Expo 2014

GB Dealer Expo in January is Europe's oldest and largest trade show

The Motorcycle Trade Expo at the UK's National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, every January, is said to be Europe's largest 100 percent pure dealer and 'industry' trade expo.
Now headed into its 19th year, some 200 or so exhibiting companies are expected to attract over 4,000 trade visitors from more than 2,000 dealerships, importers/distributors and other professional motorcycle businesses.

The Expo is being held on Sunday January 19th through to Tuesday 21st 2014.
Last year an impressive 78 percent of attending visitors said they did business there, with 83 percent of visitors being company owners, directors or managers, according to organiser British Dealer News.
Their visitor research also suggests that visitors are very loyal to the show, with 69 percent saying they attend every year; however, the event still attracts new visitors every year, with 20 percent saying they were 'first-timers' at the show in 2013.
As at ten days before Christmas BDN announced that only a final few exhibit booths were still available; with 81 percent of 2013 exhibitors saying they achieved "at least the same or better orders than the year before". Whether it is for booth or visitor information and registration, visit the expo on-line now at:

Robert Brinkmark joins Ohlins

Brinkmark joins Ohlins

Respected Swedish suspension manufacturer Ohlins has hired Robert Brinkmark as a Product Manager for their motorcycle, off-road, aftermarket, street and racing product lines.

Brinkmark joins Ohlins after a meteoric rise up the management ladder to being General Manager at UK based MAG Europe (Vance & Hines, Performance Machine, KuryAkyn, Progressive Suspension etc).
Brinkmark first joined MAG (the California headquartered Motorsport Aftermarket Group) when the European operation was initially based in Sweden, and was part of the management team that established the UK based European warehouse.
Making his 'public' debut for Ohlins at EICMA, Robert told IDN "this is an exciting opportunity. Ohlins has a fantastic reputation for its quality and technology, and this is an excellent time to get back into a hands-on product role in the industry. As a market leading manufacturer we have very exciting plans for the future, and I am looking forward to being involved".