Friday, 25 May 2018


Andreani adds Misano Cartridge applications for 2018 models

Italian suspension specialist Andreani is well known for its top-selling Misano Cartridge programme. Developed as a result of the work they do in the paddock with top-level race teams and riders, the Andreani Group’s respected R&D department has developed a series of designs and components that are said to have made their Misano Cartridges “among the most reliable, responsive and durable on the market”.

“We use a series of technical components and details that result in enhanced handling, comfort, precision and performances for all bikes, with an excellent value for money”, the company says.
The Andreani Group produces cartridges for more than 250 models - almost all the scooters, the naked and the street motorcycles in general, and, in 2018, they have increased the fitment list to include applications as diverse as the popular Honda X-ADV, KYMCO AK 550 and Kawasaki Versys 1000.
Equipped with 20 mm diameter pistons with expanded oil passages, a sophisticated hydraulic system is said to “guarantee exceptional performance in cornering and braking, improving the stability and the hold of the front wheel.
“Adjustable in compression, rebound and spring preload with springs that can be customised for rider weight, luggage load and riding style and conditions, our exclusive cartridge design makes stock OEM replacement in the original forks quick and easy”.