Friday, 11 May 2018


Matris Scrambler suspension options

Italian suspension specialist Matris has released a series of products for the popular Ducati Scrambler series, “a wide and complete line of model-specific products that improve performance and driving comfort”, according to the company.
For the Scrambler 400 Sixty2 and 800, the company’s M46KD is a rebound, length and spring pre-load multi-adjustable shock absorber, which is also available with Matris’ latest IK knob hydraulic spring pre-load, specifically designed for these models. The “Dark Series” black spring is also available as an option to enhance the aesthetics of the installation.

Scrambler Cafe Racer

For the front suspension a complete multi-adjustable hydraulic cartridge kit is offered, using the company’s newest “quad valve” fully adjustable F20K for the 800 model, and the best-selling F15K for the 400 model. As an entry level option Matris also offers their standard spring and hydraulic kits.

Scrambler Desert Sled

For the Scrambler Cafe Racer the multi-adjustable hydraulic rear shock M46KD and M46K-F series are equipped with the Matris “Flex-Knob” hydraulic spring preload unit for easy and fast settings changes; “Dark Series” springs also available.
For the front, their newest “quad valve” F20K, fully adjustable hydraulic cartridge kit is a fully adjustable replacement for all the OEM front suspension internals. Entry level FKS spring kit and FRK hydraulic kit also available.

Scrambler 800

Finally, for the off-road version of the Scrambler Desert Sled, choices include a top of the range model-specific M46R multi-adjustable hydraulic rear shock, mid-point M46K and entry level M46KD -  equipped with standard or hydraulic spring preload, with ‘Shadow’ and ‘Dark Version’ special edition spring options.
For the front fork, options include the fully compression-rebound-preload F20K adjustable hydraulic cartridge and the entry level FRK hydraulic valve and spring kit.
All Matris fork kits are ready to fit without any modification to the original fork and are 100% reversible installs. Dedicated setting and spring rates are available on front fork kits and rear shocks, based on the driver weight.