Thursday, 3 May 2018

DT1 Racing Europe

DT-1 cage and air filters for
Yamaha YZF 450

Belgian manufacturer DT1 Racing Europe has developed a factory airpower kit for the 2018 Yamaha 450 YZF. Distributor Parts Europe says that “it offers the best protection for the engine, giving the maximum airflow and a better throttle response in the toughest conditions”. 

“Tested and approved in the deep sand of the Lommel off-road race track in Belgium”, the DT-1 aluminium cage is a high-quality replacement for the stock plastic design, eliminating the need to have a backfire screen when used with DT-1 flame retardant pre-oiled air filters.
DT-1 has been manufacturing foam filters for over 30 years and are “used by factory teams worldwide. The screenless cage with our pre-oiled air filters is sure to give the bike a healthy increase in horsepower”.
All DT-1 filters are handmade; the super-seal base is said to create the cleanest and best seal on the market, providing critical engine protection; a special airbox cover guarantees a perfect seal when cleaning the bike; standard and pre-oiled filters available – the oil used is said to be bio-degradable.