Friday, 25 May 2018


Going Green

Matching the iconic Kawasaki colour, this new lime “illuminated” windscreen from GIVI “exploits a photosensitive pigment”, as adopted by GIVI on their ICE windshields, to illuminate the outer edge of the screen bright green.

The well-known Kawasaki green colour is obtained by mixing 10% of blue and 90% yellow, and it first appeared in Daytona in 1968 on the livery of the A1R bike ridden by Walt Fulton (the rider chose green on purpose to “discredit” the superstition that green was unlucky for racing).
In addition to the mechanical compatibility (it bends seamlessly with the front contours of the bikes it is available for) and the aerodynamic protection it provides, the outline becomes bright green when illuminated by oncoming vehicle lights. To date the “Lime Shield” is available for three ‘17-’18 Kawasaki models, the Z650, the Z900 and the Versys-X300 and will be available for the new Ninja H2 SX soon.
The A4117GR, size 28x33 cm (HxL), is specific for the Z650; A4118GR, size 37x32 cm, for the Z900 and the D4121GR, size 48x40 cm, for the Versys-X 300.

Also seen here, GIVI’s new universal handlebar bag is equipped with an internal compartment complete with a transparent window for smartphones. Lightweight and easy to open (two integrated magnets), it mounts with two side straps with a double-D ring system with additional quick-release strap. Made of UV-resistant 1200D W/R polyester, features include large mesh pocket with zip closure, elasticated straps and reflective inserts. Can be waist belt carried when off-bike.