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Spainish motorcycle registrations

Spanish motorcycle registrations see positive start to 2014

Following a strong January, data released by Spanish motorcycle industry association ANESDOR shows that the positive trend of motorcycle registrations in Spain continued in February.

5,974 motorcycles were registered in February, up 15.9 percent from 5,135 units in 2013.  January also saw growth of 11.6 percent, with 6,117 motorcycles registered (up from 5,461 units in 2013).
This brings the total motorcycle registrations for the year to date to 12,087, up 13.8 percent on the year-ago period (with 10,596 units registered).
Although 2013 saw an overall fall of -6 percent after a dismal start to the year, the Spanish market has now seen growth for the past 6 months.  Industry analysts will be watching carefully to see if modest growth can be sustained throughout the key summer selling months.
To put this growth in perspective, the Spanish motorcycle market hit its peak in 2007, with 269,489 new units registered. Just 92,185 motorcycles were registered in 2013.

Brammo's new electric motorcycle

Brammo launches "world's fastest serial production" electric motorcycle

BRAMMO has launched what it claims to be the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production with the introduction of the 2014 Empulse and Empulse R.
The 2014 Empulse is an evolution of the 2013 model and retains a unique water-cooled motor, six-speed gearbox and integrated J1772 rapid charging. With a claimed top speed of 110mph and a 3kW onboard charger means the Brammo Empulse is the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production, both riding and charging.

Brian Wismann, Head of Product Development at Brammo, said: “The 2014 Empulse represents a huge effort by the engineering team at Brammo to further refine and reduce the platform’s weight for the bike’s second model year. We’ve ensured that the bike is ready for its European launch with additional testing and certifications required for the EU market. All the hard work will be worth it when the first customer in Europe twists the throttle and gets their first ’EV grin.’”
Changes to the Empulse for 2014 include battery brackets that secure the Brammo Power 15/90 battery packs being redesigned and nickel plated. There is a redesigned LCD dash, which displays a wide range of riding metrics including: battery SOC (State-of-Charge), road speed, motor speed, odometer, energy use, gear position, battery status, estimated range, and system status.

The 2014 Empulse has changed to a tapered aluminium handlebar with oversized clamp diameter, manufactured by Accossato in Italy specifically for the Empulse R, and there is a change of tyres to Continental SportAttack 2.
Two new colours are being introduced, standard for the Empulse R and optional for the Empulse. In addition to True Blood Red and Eclipsed Black, customers can now select Maillot Jaune Yellow and Neodymium Silver Metallic, while the lower body panel now sports a white Brammo logo to make identification even easier.
During 2014 the Empulse and Empulse R will become available in the United States, Canada, Europe (including the United Kingdom), and in Asia.

Burgkirchen, GERMANY
Tel: +49 (0)86799 16700

Bike Systems heads-up display

Bike HUD motorcycle heads-up display

BIKE HUD is a new motorcycle heads-up display, brought to market by UK business Bike Systems, that shows speed, engine revs, gear selection, turn indicators and more using graphics, colour and sound on a display mounted in the rider’s helmet. Designed to be fitted to any motorcycle, the in-helmet display fits full-face and most flip-front helmets.
“Bike HUD is intended to work in the rider’s peripheral field of view and make riding safer”, said Bike System’s Managing Director Dave Vout. “In a high pressure environment an average person can only absorb three sets of information at any one time. Bike HUD typically shows three main data sets, for example speed, gear and engine revs.

“Bike HUD’s display and alerts provide the rider with important information without causing a distraction from the road and traffic conditions. Of course, if the rider wants to read the numbers on the display he or she can; the optics place the image at infinity so there is no need to re-focus when reading the display”.
Bike HUD offers three riding modes: commuting/leisure riding, touring and track day racing. Commuting mode shows gear selection, indicators, speed and engine speed, while touring mode adds GPS coordinates and mileage countdown. In track day mode, Bike HUD tells the rider if the last lap was faster or slower than the preceding one – it also gives faster/slower indication for user-defined sectors of the track.
When a GPS navigator app is installed on a smartphone, it can be configured to work with the Bike HUD heads-up display. Once connected, via Bluetooth, it can work in miles and yards or kilometres and metres depending on location. The overall route and overall progress is displayed, together with the ability to change route, taking in additional points of interest along the way.
If the rider is already a Bike HUD owner, he or she can get this sooner on the Bike HUD Tester Scheme, which is free to join.

An additional feature offered on Bike HUD as a monthly subscription is the ‘Bike Systems Safety’, which alerts users to the location of roadside safety cameras. More than 38 countries will be supported by the system, which will be updated on a monthly basis to ensure all fixed, temporary, red-light and mobile cameras are accounted for. It will also provide speed sensitive alerts; the faster the rider is travelling the earlier they will be alerted of a potential safety issue through either audio and/or visual prompts. Either or both types of alert can be turned on or off for each camera type.
Bike Systems is also currently working with a leading US radar/laser expert to modify Bike HUB (Bike HUD's on-board computer) to display laser/radar alerts on Bike HUD. By re-configuring two of Bike HUD's inputs, Bike Systems says it will be able to alert the rider of any detection of radar/laser speed traps and potential safety issues developing on the road ahead.
There are three components to Bike HUD: the in-helmet display, the controller (Bike HUB) and a handlebar mounted control panel. The in-helmet display can be moved between helmets. The Bike HUB controller is the size of a smart phone, it and the control panel can be installed on the motorcycle by any competent mechanic or auto-electrician.

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, UK
Tel: +44 01782 815 818

Motorcycle Taiwan

Motorcycle Taiwan

The 9th annual Taiwan International Motorcycle Show is being staged at the Taipei World Trade Center from Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th April 2014.

Promoted by TAITRA, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Motorcycle Taiwan is staged alongside the Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show and two auto parts and electronics expos.

Motorcycle Taiwan is a motorcycle, scooter and ATV trade expo (as opposed to a consumer motorcycle show) for which advance pre-registration is recommended. Currently some 150 plus parts, accessory and component manufacturers are being listed on the event website, and historically some 24 percent of visitors who attend the show are from Japan, 13 percent from mainland China. 


Here is a selection of additional upcoming shows that may be of interest, taken from IDN’s respected specialist international motorcycle industry ShowZone event guide ...

Tokyo, Japan, March 28-30
Riga, Latvia, March 28-30
ExpoMoto, Batalha, Portugal, April 3-6
Moto Boom/Bikers World Custom Show, Celje, Slovenia, April 10-13
MotoMadrid, Spain, April 11-13
Bike Austria, Tulln, April 11-13
China International E-Bike & Parts Fair, Shanghai, April 13-16

Bull-It jeans and jacket

Bull-It jeans and jacket

BULL-IT Jeans is a British-based motorcycle clothing manufacturer offering CE EN 13595-1 Level 2 approved jeans. The VoloCE range of jeans are fully lined with the company’s proprietary Covec +7 material to meet the CE test requirements.
Bull-it state that through using Satra material technology they are offering Covec +7 lined jeans CE tested to EN 13595-1 Level 2 for 7.97 seconds, compared to a claimed maximum of 2 seconds to those using only aramids (usually known as Kevlar) used by many other makers of lined motorcycle jeans. Covec +7 is also said to offer zero moisture regain, whereas aramids can degrade with wearing through flex fatigue or chemical moisture absorption. Sweat, detergents, bleach and sunlight are all harmful to aramids. Bull-it claim that the life of aramids can be demonstrated to see a 30 percent drop in protectiveness in six months or less.

Additional protection is offered by Bull-It jeans through the lining’s cut resistance, said to out-perform aramids three times over. Bull-it's Covec lining has been tested to 3.4 pounds per cut compared to aramids’ best of 1.1 pounds per cut.
In the VoloCE jeans the Covec +7 material is covered with a comfort mesh, which also has knee armour and hip armour as standard. Bull-it supplies its own Covec Impact protectors for the knees and hips. The jeans are available in Indy, Dirty Wash and Carbon styles for both men and women, with new designs being launched for 2014.
Bull-it also produces the Roadster, which is a Denim ‘hoodie’ style jacket featuring Covec Laser4 protection areas in the arms, shoulders and sides. The Roadster has been designed to offer protection on the bike, while also looking good off the bike. The Covec Laser 4 protection in the jacket is said to offer impact abrasion resistance in excess of six seconds when tested to CE EN 13595-1.
Covec is a unique protective material based on a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Polymer, which is claimed to offer higher abrasion, cut and impact resistance, making the Roadster jacket up to six times stronger than a normal textile motorcycle jacket.
Bull-it also includes CE armour in the shoulders and elbows along with a foam back pad. As with all Bull-it Covec lined products, the jacket provides a thermal barrier to keep the wearer warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The inner mesh layer also ensures moisture, such as sweat, is drawn away from the skin.
The Roadster jacket features belt loops in the lower inside back, allowing it to be securely fastened to any pair of jeans.

Cobham, Surrey, UK
Tel: +44 (0)7808 789766

Moto Italia - Exhausts Pro-Guide

Moto Italia - Exhausts Pro-Guide

MIVV exhausts for Ninja 300

KAWASAKI’S Ninja 300 is the latest bike to be able to benefit from the increased performance offered by MIVV exhaust systems.
Two designs are being made available; the Tondo GP and Suono. The Tondo GP is a full system, which includes a silencer in a choice of carbon fibre, black steel or titanium. The Suono is also available in black steel, as well as the option of stainless steel.

Arrow exhausts for CRF 450 R
ARROW has redesigned its exhaust options for the Honda CRF 450 R to allow them to work with the 2014 model of the motorbike. The changes to the exhausts include the collectors now having a resonating chamber, said to give better results in terms of torque release and in keeping noise under control with no side-effects on performance.
Exhausts options in the range include the Thunder silencers (left and right) in titanium with carbon end cap, fitting both original and Arrow collectors; Thunder silencers (left and right) in aluminium with stainless steel end caps, to fit both original and Arrow collectors; Thunder silencers (left and right) in aluminium with carbon end cap to fit both original and Arrow collectors; a titanium collector to fit both Arrow and original silencers; and a stainless steel collector to fit both Arrow and original silencers.

GPR exhausts for CB500 F
GPR has launched a range of pipes for Honda’s 2013 CB 500 F. The range includes several slip-on options and a full exhaust system.
Slip-on options include the GPE Evo and Sportcan, while full systems are the Deeptome, Fastcan and Powercross and the Thunderslash line with a dual exit. All lines except Thunderslash are provided with European Homologation for road use and all silencers have a dual removable db killer system for racing use.

Giannelli KTM 1190 exhaust
GIANNELLI now has a replacement performance exhaust available for KTM’s 1190 Adventure and Adventure R models. The new silencers are offered in a choice of aluminium or titanium, with both versions featuring a carbon end cap. Giannelli also has a stainless steel collector available, which will work with both the OE exhaust and its own performance options.

Givi XSTREAM Evo soft bags

XSTREAM Evo soft bags

GIVI'S top of the range soft bags line has been extended by eight new products, and all the materials used are made according to Reach regulations, which is a major EU regulation, which concerns the management of chemicals through an integrated system of registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals. The purpose of this system is to improve and protect the health and the environment while maintaining the competitiveness and enhancing the spirit of innovation in the European chemical industry.
GIVI is among the first manufacturers of motorcycle accessories to comply with the new European legislation.
The fabric is treated for UV protection, and other innovations have been included, adding to the strength and durability of these bags, making them suitable for heavy usage.
The range now includes two new tank bags with magnets, a roomy bag for the passenger seat, a compact pouch that fits the tail of many sports bikes, a pair of medium size side bags and a tunnel bag for scooters.
All products are equipped with universal mounting straps. A large and multi-compartment rucksack has also been added, as well as a multipocket tool bag for the BMW R1200GS.

The XS313 seat bag is a new design of saddlebag and tail bag, expandable up to a maximum capacity of 20 litres, made of Guzy 600D Polyester with PVC inserts.

The XS316 seat bag is a spacious universal bag designed for the rear seat of touring bikes that can effortlessly contain a modular helmet. Comes in 35 or 60 l capacity.

The XS317 rucksack is a true 30 litre multifunction cargo backpack in Guzy Polyester 1200D/600D with PVC inserts and thermoformed shell cover.

The XS315 multi-pocket tool bag specifically for the BMW R1200GS 2013 is a set of bags connected to each other and fixed under the standard BMW rear bike back. The central bag can hold small objects or the puncture repair kit, the two side detachable bags are designed for the transportation of tools.

Flero (BS), ITALY
Fax +39 030 3580518

Knox Handroid glove

Knox Handroid gain CE approval
KNOX describes its Handroid as the world’s most advanced motorcycle glove, and the design has now gained full CE approval for 2014.
Independently tested and certified to the latest European standard prEN13594 2012, the Handroid is one of a small number of gloves that meet the testing standards. In order to get the certification the Handroid passed 15 different tests, including abrasion resistance, cut resistance, tear strength, seam strength and impact resistance.

The gloves were also tested for dexterity, to ensure riders can still operate controls easily while wearing them, as well as restraint, so they won’t come off in an accident. Made from Japanese leather, with Kangaroo palms and the additional benefit of Knox SPS ‘sliders’, both the Handroid and short-cuff Handroid Pod passed all the tests.
“There are many gloves appearing with CE labels, but hardly any that meet the toughest standard for motorcycle riders. Being approved to EN13594 proves that Handroid not only have the most advanced specification, but also offer real protection too,” said Knox founder Geoff Travell. Handroid gloves are available in black, black/white or white/black in sizes S-XXL.

Cockermouth, Cumbria, UK
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Friday, 21 March 2014

German Market Up in 2014

German market motorcycle registrations up over 50% for first two months of 2014

Following a strong January on low volumes, data released by German motorcycle industry association IVM shows that the positive trend of motorcycle and total PTW registrations in Germany continued in February.
Total PTW sales in Germany were up +52.5 percent in February (+24.3 percent in January), leaving the market up +46.5 percent cumulatively for the first two months of 2014. 

Total PTW registrations in January were 3,947 with 9,126 in February, making 13,073 in total for the year to date.
Of those registrations, 6,748 in February were motorcycles (2,728 in January), meaning that the German market has so far been worth 9,476 new motorcycle registrations for the year to date, which is up +52.2 percent over the first two months of 2013 (6,225).
For the full twelve months of 2013, 87,423 new motorcycle registrations left the market up +2.7 percent, with total PTWs up +1.3 percent at 129,357. February 2013 represents the eighth straight month of total PTW registration growth in Germany, with 15 of the past 26 months (since January 2012) showing increases.
In motorcycle terms, February this year represented the 11th straight month of growth, with 20 of the 26 months being positive.
With the crucial March and April sales months now well underway, industry analysts are watching closely to see if the positive trend continues.
Last year, March and April were worth 32,715 new motorcycle registrations, which was over 37 percent of the annual total.

Showzone - March 2014

Hungary, Japan, Latvia

Peak season for the annual international motorcycle industry show cycle continues on the final weekend of March, with at least 15 events worldwide that we here at International Dealer News are aware of through our industry leading ‘ShowZone’ service. 

Three noteworthy highlights include…
Budapest Motor Festival, HUNGEXPO, 21st – 23rd March
 Hungary’s primary motorcycle expo is staged at the same time as their Auto-Motor-Tuning show, the Budapest tattoo expo and the Hungarian stunt riding championship.

Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Tokyo Big Sight, March 28th - 30th
This is the 41st staging of this important international event. Conceptual sponsors include the Nippon Motorcycle Association (NMCA), the Japan Motorcycle Accessories Association (JMCA), the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ).

Motorcycle Riga, Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, Riga, Latvia, March 28th - 30th
This is the 15th International Motorcycle and Riding Accessories fair to be held in the Latvian capital, and is staged on a weekend where the expo centre also hosts trade fairs aimed at the recreation and sport markets, the outdoor, hunting and fishing markets and the Baltic Boat Show.

Italian PTW registrations up

Italian PTW registrations up for first time in 18 months

For the first time in 18 months, and only the third time since January 2012, total PTW registrations in Italy were up by +10.3 percent in February 2014 at 9,670 units, according to figures released by the Italian motorcycle trade association ANCMA.
After a disappointing January (-8 percent / 8,620 units), this means that the Italian market is up for the two months of the year to date by 0.8 percent over the same period last year, at 18,290 units.

For the full 12 months of 2013, total PTW registrations were down by -25.5 percent (153,853 units), compared to 2012, which itself saw a decline of -19.04 percent on the previous year (306,522 units compared to the 255,102 registrations seen in 2011).
As elsewhere in Europe, the largest months for sales in Italy are traditionally March, April, May and June, and with the peak sales period already well underway, industry analysts are hoping that March doesn’t see a repeat of the -47.6 percent collapse in sales seen in March 2013.

Mitas Sport Force radial tyres

Mitas Sport Force radials available in May

Mitas is extending its range of Sport Force radial motorcycle tyres for riders of sport and touring motorcycles with one new rear and two new front tyres.

Mitas first introduced their Sport Force in September 2013 and currently offers three rear sizes and one front size.

Ksenija Bitenc, Managing Director Mitas Moto, said that “the Mitas Sport Force tyre line are the first radial motorcycle tyres made by Mitas. It is the result of four years of in-house development work. They are produced at the Savatech plant in Slovenia”.  

Mitas has added new sizes to the Sport Force radial range that it launched last year

Savatech was acquired by ČGS HOLDING a.s., the parent company of Mitas, in October 2012. Savatech and Mitas brand tyres were integrated into the Mitas Motorcycle Business Unit, and Savatech-made tyres will be gradually re-branded as Mitas. The first product of the combined business is the Sport Force radial tyre programme. 

Sport Force radial tyres are said to incorporate "several important techniques and technologies", such as 3-D Optimum Groove Technology, which is said to reduce overheating of tread compounds, Strong Carcass Technology to maintain carcass rigidity, and Finite Element Analysis to deliver an optimum tyre construction combining high levels of grip with sufficient rigidity to achieve driving stability.

UK market hit by bad weather

UK market hit by bad weather in February

The latest new PTW and motorcycle registration data released by British motorcycle industry trade association MCIA shows that despite a promising start to the year in January sales were down in February, and in a parallel to wider consumer purchasing data for the UK, this is being attributed to the extremely wet and stormy weather seen there.
Total PTW sales in February were -3.6 percent (at 3,527 units), after having been up by 10.4 percent (4,517 units) in January. That leaves the UK market up 3.8 percent for the year to date at 8,044 units. 

In motorcycle terms, February was down by -11 percent (2,692 units) after having been up +13.3 percent in January (3,893 units). For the year to date, the UK motorcycle market is up +6.1 percent (6,855 units) compared to the first two months of 2013.
In the 26 months since January 2012, new motorcycle registrations in the UK have been positive for 15 months, with total new PTW registrations up in only 12 of those months.

Motodays expo

Motodays, Rome, sets new attendance record

The organisers of the sixth annual Motodays expo in Rome (March 6th-9th) say that the event attracted a record attendance this year, with some 143,800 visitors for what, for the first time this year, was a motorcycle only show.

Exhibition Manager Mauro Giustibelli said that “we gave the public four days full of excitement with the chance to see and try many of the latest models from most of the leading motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, including the first appearance in Italy of the recently unveiled new Ducati Diavel and the first motorcycle appearance anywhere outside of the United States of the new Eric Buell Racing EBR 1190”.

New Ducati Diavel model

New Ducati Diavel model unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

The brand new Ducati Diavel made its first public appearance at a special preview presentation in Geneva, during the prestigious Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of the 84th Geneva International Motor Show.

Claudio Domenicali (CEO of Ducati Motor Holding) unveiled the new model - completing Ducati's 2014 development plan of introducing one completely new model (the Monster 1200) and three ‘family-extension’ models - the 899 Panigale, the exclusive 1199 “Superleggera” and now the new Diavel.

This new version of its sport cruiser model features the latest version of the Testastretta 11° DS (Dual Spark) engine, a new exhaust system and latest technological elements such as the new full LED headlight.

Ducati say that the new Diavel "follows our “Performance Redefined” philosophy, using cutting-edge innovation and technology to provide a smoother, safer and more rider-friendly experience, enabling easier access for the ever-increasing number of people who desire the unique thrill of riding a Ducati.

"The new machine remains in a class of its own, unique, innovative and bold and a benchmark that continues to attract motorcyclists around the world. Built to have a commanding presence, though lightweight and characteristically agile in keeping with brand values, the new Diavel takes the rider/motorcycle relationship to another level in absolute comfort."

With new styling and additional features such as ABS, and Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Riding Modes "to deliver a confidence-inspiring superiority", the new Diavel is said to deliver 162hp through a "specially engineered" 240 section rear tyre, and weigh just 205kg (452lb).

Merging the worlds of power and style is now achieved with convincing precision. A specially engineered 240 section rear tyre combined with Ducati chassis technology serves up mind-blowing handling and lean angles which defy the laws of physics, whether carving through curves or simply cruising the boulevards.

Available in two models, the "Dark Stealth" livery features a black trellis frame and black wheels; the Diavel Carbon offers the choice of traditional Ducati Red over Matte Carbon with red frame, or the new Star White over Matte Carbon with white frame. Both feature black forged wheels by Marchesini, turned and milled to expose the natural aluminium. Both models are slated to start arriving at dealerships from April 2014 onwards.

ABM multiClip

ABM multiClip adjustable handlebar kits


DUE to the high demand for their innovative multiClip handlebars, the range and extent of the kits has now been enlarged.
After the development of the three handlebar versions multiClip Tour, multiClip Sport and raceClip,  depending on make and model, matching special kits have now been developed to comprise steelflex brake hoses, clutch and gas pulls, fairings and various holders.

Tel. +49 (0)7667 9446-0

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SHOWZone 2014

International Show Schedule

- MotoBike, Kiev postponed to June 13-15

- MotoCykel, Bratislava, March 13-16
- MotoPassion, Belgrade, March 14-23
- InaBike, Jakarta, March 19-22

The planned 10th annual MotoBike expo at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev, Ukraine, has been postponed by three months, for understandable reasons. Originally planned for March 14-16, the show is now slated for June 13-15.
Last year the show attracted some 30,000 visitors to see over 160 exhibitors, with many of the major OEs represented one way or another.

The 14th annual MOTOCYKEL expo will be held at the Incheba Expo facility in the Slovakian capital Bratislava from March 13-16.
According to ACEM data the Slovakian market was worth some 3,355 total new PTW registrations in 2013, over 80 percent of which were motorcycles. Though the market has declined from a peak of 6,161 annual registrations in 2007, prior to that it had doubled in size in just three years.
Spread among a total population of 5.41m (4.3m of which are believed to be of riding age) it is reported that the total 'Bike Park' in Slovakia is some 68,063 total PTWs (2012).
Backed by the Slovakian automotive industry association (ZAP) and Slovakian Motorcyclists Federation (SMF), most of the major OEs are represented one way or another, with last year's show attracting some 51,000 visitors to see around 140 exhibitors in a 12,000 sqm show.

The 8th annual International Motorcycle show at Belgrade, the Serbian capital, opens on March 14th and, according to the event website, runs through to March 23rd.
The organisers say that MotoPassion is a "specialised fair event, including manufacturers and importers of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, related industry, spare parts and equipment. In addition to this, this event affirms and promotes motorcycle racing". Exhibitors will include motorcycle and scooter manufacturers and importers, spare parts, equipment and accessory distributors and related industry, trade organisations, associations, clubs, media, etc.

The 4th annual joint motorcycle and bicycle Indonesia International Bike, Parts and accessories Exhibition is being staged at the JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia, from March 19-22.
The organisers say that "Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia and the largest island country in the world. With an overall population of more than 240 million, there is a huge sales potential in this emerging market. Indonesia is also recognised as the largest economy in the ASEAN economic zone.
"Trends indicate that the Indonesian motorcycle market is growing very fast. According to industry observers, over the last three years the Indonesian motorcycle market increased at a yearly rate of 20%. The industry is prepared and ready for future growth. Indonesia is the world’s third largest motorcycle market after China and India. In total ASEAN zone terms, motorcycle growth will reach 10 million this year, with the largest percentage of that being in Indonesia".

This being the busiest time of the year for motorcycle shows, further selected upcoming international motorcycle industry events include:

Budapest Motorbike Festival, Hungary, March 22-24 (
Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Japan, March 28-30 (
Motorcycle Riga, Latvia, March 28-30 (
Berliner Motorrad Tage (BMT), Germany, March 28-30 (
ExpoMoto, Batalha, Portugal, April 3-6 (
Motorcycle Taiwan, April 9-12 (
Moto Boom Fair, Celje, Slovenia, 10-13 April (
MotoMadrid, Spain, April 11-13 (
Bike-Austria, Tulln, Austria, April 11-13 (