Friday, 27 April 2018

Baas Bike Parts

Baas battery switch

South Germany based motorcycle electronics component manufacturer Baas Bike Parts was founded in 2001 to specialise in “the development and distribution of innovative and universal motorcycle accessories”.

All its products are manufactured to “our own high-quality standards, and we target to produce as much as possible here in Germany - our ‘Made in Germany’ content is currently around 50 percent.
“Our mission is to develop specialty components and kits for all aspects of the electrics on a motorcycle – replacement parts and accessories that are difficult to source or simply not available elsewhere as individual items”.

A classic example of the Baas Bike Parts programme is this BA18 battery switch - a fully insulated battery master switch for bikes, scooters and quads max. 160A – 12V for 10 sec. It allows dealers, their workshop technicians and motorcycle owners to disconnect the onboard electronics of the battery during long periods in order to reduce battery drain by onboard systems such as the ECU computer, clock, USB sockets etc.
The battery separation can also be an additional theft protection measure - the enclosed bridge cable (200 mm) means it has versatile mounting options anywhere between the battery negative (-) terminal and the vehicle electrics.