Friday, 27 April 2018

Parts Europe

ICON ‘Airflite’

Founded in 2002, ICON apparel, helmets and motorcycle gear are designed and developed in Portland, USA, with the brand known for its designs and one-of-a-kind solutions.
The new ICON ‘Airflite’ is said to draw its inspiration from the bubble shields and MX helmets of the past, but with its “retro cues” taken in a new direction with “future tech” contemporary standards of materials and comfort.

The ‘FliteShield’ that covers the chin bar gives an “aggressive look - especially if a tinted shield is installed – and is equipped with a drop-down sun shield which is easy to operate and change. A large chin vent, dual intake forehead vents and dual rear exhaust vents add to the helmet’s comfort. The sculpted neckroll reduces drag and fatigue. 

Described as also being perfect for touring, there’s space for a Bluetooth device underneath the cheek pads and earplug stash pockets at the bottom of the cheek pads.

The shell is constructed of polycarbonate and comes in three shell sizes with the large weighing 1,690 g. The ‘Airflite’ meets DOT FMSVSS 218 (US) and ECE 22-05 (Europe) helmet safety standards and it is available in size XS-3XL.