Friday, 6 April 2018


Surflex T-Max high performance OE replacement clutch kit

Italian clutch specialist Surflex has released a new clutch disc kit for the various patterns of Yamaha’s T-Max maxi scooter.

“This kit can satisfy the demands of all users who require a perfectly effective clutch, and of all riders who take part in maxi scooter competitions on the circuit and desire to have an agile, reliable set-up - a clutch that is reliable and agile on the street, but powerful and responsive enough to be a winner on the circuit”.
The trimmed discs have a die-cast aluminium plate with model and application specific friction material coating formulation specified for very particular demands of T-Max applications. The friction material mix is composed of “ecologically friendly” fibres with the latest high-tech, durable resins to deliver all the engine power to the rear wheel by being able to handle the high temperatures generated without ever getting “bulges”.
“This kit means you can have both burning starts and modular clutches, keeping the power delivery constant even when the clutch is subject to long duration heavy stress cycles. The kit is a straight replacement for the OE clutch and is sold complete (all discs), or with trimmed discs only”.