Friday, 27 April 2018

BS Battery

‘Plug & Play’ SLA batteries

French specialist BS Battery has launched the ‘SLA’ battery range - a “comprehensive line of sealed, activated and ready to start batteries that are the right solution for dealers and their customers,” says General Manager Benjamin Sebban.

“With no more acid to handle during the initial battery activation procedure, the ‘SLA’ concept is the ultimate user-friendly motorcycle battery solution – true “Plug & Play”.
Featuring AGM technology (Absorbed Glass Material), Benjamin says that the ‘SLA’ range is “designed for higher performance and extended life, providing premium quality and improved safety.” 

They are available in standard and heavy-duty versions - for larger capacity machines that need higher cranking amps, such as BMW and Harley-Davidson models.
BS has a full line of 50 ’SLA’ battery types, covering more than 85% of the motorcycles currently on the roads in Europe. They are 100% sealed for easier and safer transportation, handling and installation.

Proud 2018 sponsor of French MotoGP rider Johann Zarco, BS Battery also sells a wide range of lead acid batteries for powersport applications - motorcycle, scooter, ATV, snowmobile, and jet ski. The company operates in 54 countries worldwide and is an OEM as well as aftermarket vendor, supplying batteries for various major motorcycle, scooter and ATV manufacturers.