Wednesday, 13 June 2018

HP Corse

HP Corse 4TRACK, Hydroform and EvoXtreme

Italian exhaust specialist HP Corse unveiled a new exhaust aimed at the Maxi Enduro/Scooter Sport Touring/Adventure markets – their new 4TRACK. 

4TRACK, seen here in titanium

Said to have been subjected to extensive bench and street testing for over a year, HP Corse says it is able to guarantee the 4TRACK’s reliability and performance gains compared to the OEM exhausts it replaces, especially in the all-important low and medium rev range where “real world riding needs the improvements most”.
The 4TRACK is light, has an octagonal shaped, hydroformed, weld-free end silencer body with laser engraved logo in titanium, satin steel and black steel. The 4TRACK is Euro 4 approved and has a maximum length of 380 mm.

For Honda’s X-ADV HP Corse has the Euro 4 compliant EvoXtreme exhaust available in silver and black satin steel with a carbon fibre back. The standard OEM replacement version is 360 mm long, but also available in a 310 mm racing version in light or black satin, with fitting for the original manifolds and optional 40 mm db Killer.
HYDROFORM for the Kawasaki Z900

For the 2017 Kawasaki Z900 HP Corse has its Hydroform and EvoXtreme. The Hydroform exhaust has a “compact line and proportionate volume”, silencer body in stainless steel moulded by hydroforming with “extraordinary shape outlet with different internal diameters and reduced thickness, but mechanically very rigid, weighing just over 1 kg”.

The inner perforated barrel is conical and tapered so as to maintain the same shape of the silencer and “optimise the outflow of the exhaust gases”. It is equipped with removable db Killer and available in light satin and black waxed versions.
The EvoXtreme is “designed to challenge the extreme, with exceptional performance, enhancing the power and character”. The silencer body is available in steel (black or silver) with a carbon fibre end cap with a cut profile where it meets the metallic body of the exhaust. “One of the aesthetic features that makes the EvoXtreme exhaust exciting is its irregular shape that reduces its profile towards the fitting without resorting to welds.
Equipped with a removable db Killer and marked with a laser-engraved logo, the EvoXtreme exhaust (260 and 310 mm) for the Kawasaki Z900 is available in either light satin steel or black satin steel.