Friday, 1 June 2018


Newfren brake discs

In addition to its regularly updated list of brake pad applications, Italian specialist Newfren also offers a wide selection of brake disc options for all sectors of the market – racing, street, off-road, vintage, scooter, mopeds and ATV.

Not just an OEM replacement, but an upgrade that provides quality and performance that is at least equal to and usually better than the original part, Newfren brake discs are made with an AISI 4140 heat-treated steel core, anti-rust protective paint treatment and steel or Ergal hubs machined from CNC.

Available as fixed, semi or fully floating, Newfren laser cuts or uses moulds for its discs, depending on the needs of the application – the company says that their laser cutting technology also offers the opportunity to produce special application discs for one-off custom and small quantity conversion or niche applications.
Newfren’s engineering team manages every stage of design and production to ensure quality control, using advanced manufacturing and testing techniques such as finite element analysis (F.E.M.), precision production and measurement and several stages of materials and production sampling.

Founded in the 1950s by Alessandro Barbero, the company is still in family ownership with Valter Barbero at the helm and manufactures all its own products at its 6,000 sqm facility/10,000 sqm site at Cirie near Turin. Products made there include brake shoes, backing plates, clutch plates and parts, brake discs and assemblies, in addition to brake pads in a range of compounds.